Criminals Aren’t “Stupid”

by Ryu

Many times, it is the Murkan Police State in action.

How many forms have you filled out in your life?

Each of them is accessible by the American police. Hotels, hospitals, banks, univerities, libraries, credit card applications. You name it, and it is saved on file somewhere. It is easy for police get these, and often they don’t need a warrant.

Receipts from grocery stores too. And then cameras from those stores. Typically, camera records are retained at the store level for one year. It is hard to appreciate how pervasive the control is until one looks at a few investigations. It’s frankly horrifying.

That’s not all though. The police ***know*** how to intimidate and also how to lie. Any case with more than two people and someone will talk. They don’t have to wait for warrants if they can scare a clerk into giving up some records.

Many of the TV shows and movies in existence today leave out crucial information. Be very careful with that stuff. I would not be shocked if producers left out information to help law enforcement. Very few people truly sympathize with criminals today.

2 Comments to “Criminals Aren’t “Stupid””

  1. The media only sympathize with black and hispanic criminals.

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