Lee Kuan Yew: “Multiculturalism will destroy America”

by Joe Rebel

I’m sorry that I missed this article. – Joe Rebel

With the question of “do you make the Hispanics Anglo-Saxons in culture or do they make you more Latin American in culture?”, most of those with alt-right, traditionalist, and ethno-nationalist outlooks already know that the latter is certainly the most likely to happen. As more third world colonization continues to increase, they will try to carve out chunks of the North American continent and make them look more like their former countries.

A Singaporean politician correctly states that which many Western leaders and politicians simply refuse to grasp:….

From Forbes

Both in the United States and abroad, many influential observers argue that the U.S. is in systemic decline.  Not so, says Lee Kuan Yew, the sage of Singapore.  Lee is not only a student of the rise and fall of nations.  He is also the founder of modern Singapore.  As prime minister from 1959 to 1990, he led its rise from a poor, small, corrupt port to a first-world city-state in just one generation.

Today, Singapore’s six million citizens have incomes higher than those of Americans.  He has served as a mentor to every leader of China since Deng Xiaoping initiated China’s march to the market, and every American president since Richard Nixon has sought his counsel about the U.S. role in Asia.  In the pages of Forbes and elsewhere, he has consistently emphasized America’s resilience.  Here is how he summarized that judgment to us when we interviewed him in May 2011:

America will not be reduced to second-rate status.  Historically, the U.S. has demonstrated a great capacity for renewal and revival.  America’s strengths include an ability to range widely, imaginatively, and pragmatically; a diversity of centers of excellence that compete in inventing and embracing new ideas and new technologies; a society that attracts talent from around the world and assimilates them comfortably as Americans; and a language that the lingua franca of those who rise to the top of their own societies around the world.

Lee cites America’s “can-do approach,” “entrepreneurial culture,” and “great urge to start new enterprises and create wealth.”  He notes the primacy that Americans accord to the “individual’s interest,” which makes them “more aggressively competitive.”  Uniquely among analysts of national competitive advantages, perhaps because he speaks both English and Mandarin, he gives great weight to the comparative ease of learning English rather than Chinese.  Indeed, he boldly suggested to one of China’s leaders that China adopt English, rather than Chinese, as its first language—as Singapore has done.

In Lee’s assessment, demographics are also an increasingly important factor.  Noting that America’s total fertility rate of 2.0 exceeds that of most western European countries as well as that of its chief challenger, China, he recently observed that “the U.S. could become the slowly aging leader of a rapidly aging world” this century.  Thus, he believes that “America will remain the sole superpower” for at least two to three more decades.

Nonetheless, Lee is frank in describing what he considers to be fundamental problems with U.S. government and culture.  It has been unable to tackle its exploding debt, he asserts, because presidents do not get “reelected if they give a hard dose of medicine to their people.”  In a social-media-fueled era of 24/7 news, furthermore, those who prevail in elections are not necessarily those who are most capable in governing, but those who can present themselves and their ideas “in a polished way.”  He doubts that such contests “in packaging and advertising” can produce leaders in the mold of “a Churchill, a Roosevelt, or a de Gaulle.”  Instead, he laments conditions in which “to win votes you have to give more and more.  And to beat your opponent in the next election, you have to promise to give more away.”

Lee warns about the growing risk of America’s losing its “self-help culture” and going “the ideological direction of Europe.”  If it continues that slide, he says bluntly, “the U.S. will be done for.”  He also gives U.S. immigration practices a failing grade, declaring that “multiculturalism will destroy America.”  The key question is: “do you make the Hispanics Anglo-Saxons in culture or do they make you more Latin American in culture?”

Lee sees the 21st century as a “contest for supremacy in the Pacific” between the U.S. and China. In his view, “America’s core interest requires that it remains the superior power” there.  But he worries about America’s ability to sustain its strategic focus.  About the Obama administration’s much-touted, recent “pivot” toward Asia, this observation of his comes to mind: Americans think of international relations like a movie, imagining that we can hit the “pause” button when we focus elsewhere and push “play” when we return to Asia.  But “it does not work like that.  If the United States wants to substantially affect the strategic evolution of Asia, it cannot come and go.”

Weighing all of the pros and cons, Lee is still not selling America short.  He is betting that despite seemingly overwhelming current economic challenges, “America’s creativity, resilience, and innovative spirit will allow it to confront its core problems, overcome them, and regain competitiveness.”

Graham Allison is director of the Harvard Kennedy School’s Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, Robert D. Blackwill is Henry A. Kissinger senior fellow for U.S. foreign policy at the Council on Foreign Relations, and Ali Wyne is an associate of the Belfer Center and a contributing analyst at Wikistrat.  They are coauthors of Lee Kuan Yew: The Grand Master’s Insights on China, the United States, and the World, published Feb. 1 by MIT Press.


One must always remember is that whenever to foreigner comes to another country, they do not just bring themselves over. They bring their culture as well. To expect millions of third worlders to just give up their own traditions and folkish beliefs in exchange for one that is completely alien to them is beyond ridiculous.

Why should they? Especially if one comes from a country which likes to brag about how its based on “individualism” as opposed to racial/ethnic groups who as Jared Taylor put it “have sharper elbows and a firmer sense of their own peoplehood”. For them, to assimilate is to lose themselves and decrease their populace. They’re not stupid enough to do that.

My only disagreement with this article is that I don’t ever see the US ever regaining any type of greatness that it was once had. As to whether or not America will remain “the sole superpower” that will last for about two or three more decades (more or less), I think that remains to be seen. I have my doubts, but then again, I’m not a political prophet.

I for one hope that it dissolves much much sooner.

17 Comments to “Lee Kuan Yew: “Multiculturalism will destroy America””

  1. Our managerial elites, both in the EU and US, believe in magic dirt:

    “For the unaware, Magic Dirt Theory claims that the soil alters behavior. Place a bunch of Bantus in Paris and they magically transform into Frenchmen. Round up residents of your typical inner city, set them up in suburbia and they become the Cleavers (the family from Leave It to Beaver), just without all the honky-ism and white privilege. They will quit gang-banging, get jobs, pay taxes and join the Rotary Club.

    The beauty of Magic Dirt Theory is it reinforces the magic of race. If the whites raise an objection to having their neighbors owning pitbulls or having loud parties on week nights, it is just proof that the horrible bad whites are trying to deny blacks access to the magic dirt. The only solution is to redouble efforts to transplant more blacks into places like Ferguson Missouri. If the magic dirt does not take, then it just shows how powerful the magic of racism really is and why the good thinkers must never quit trying to beat back the bad thinkers.

    Magic Dirt Theory is what’s behind the push to export troublesome populations out to the suburbs. Through the use of Section 8 housing vouchers, the oppressed can be sent out into the burbs to live in apartments built on the magic dirt that makes the suburbs so attractive to white people. In no time, those troublesome populations will magically transform into highly productive, self-actualizing citizens, contributing to the wonderfulness of suburban life.

    Magic Dirt Theory. The cause of and cure for all that ails the Progressive mind.”
    To quote The Z Man once again.

    That’s the argument of the pro immigration crowd in the EU as well.

    My reply is magic? Don’t be silly, when we all know it’s a curse.
    Africa? The middle east? All cursed by the pharaohs…

    When they opened King Tuts tomb back in 1922 they unleashed the curse of the pharaohs over the region. See, it’s again all SCIENCE. If we only re-sealed Tutankhamuns tomb, put all the looted artifacts back, the curse would be lifted, we would finally have peace in the middle east, the migrants would march back… the solution is simple Egyptology!

    • “For the unaware, Magic Dirt Theory claims that

      Good points. Where did you hear of mdt? Provide a link.

      Most Nationalists are loners w/out one friend. I recommend you use mdt as a conversational weapon, but avoid over-complicating it.
      When attacking LNs, do not rely on ‘logic’ to combat magic: Use your own BS of Magic against them i.e. the White Man is chosen by the Evolution of The superior being to rule all races – that’s why cities like Detroit & LA fell when The White Man left, etc.

      This theory couples with Magic Negro Theory, as depicted in Shawshank Redemption, etc. I postulate mnt is the variant of Magic Injun Theory – as concocted by jewPROP to punish Whites for killin’ injun vermin. Once the Hollywood jew saw great success with MIT from the 1940s onward, they copied the formula and modified it to fit mnt.

      For the ignorant, mit itself evolved from MPT – Magic Paddy Theory – one of the original pre-Silent Movie Era propagandas. This goes back to Vaudeville, even, where the then unprecedented wave of micks from Ireland invaded the usa and social liberals (not jewish, yet) did their ‘xtian duty’ to help These poor Pooor.

      Provide a link to mdt or take credit for yourself. It is wise.

      • I believe “magic dirt” was coined by Vox Day: http://voxday.blogspot.com
        “Who coined the term? Depends on the context. In the immigration sense, I did.” -VD

        “It’s the idea that geographical relocation from one place to another somehow transforms the character, culture, and DNA of an individual or a people.”

        Then John Derbyshire picked it up:
        On Why Race Realism Makes More Sense Than Magic Dirt Theory
        Follow up: Economist Watch: A Sighting Of Magic Dirt Theory

        And what i quoted above in the previous comment was from The Z Man:

        Impractical Magic http://thezman.com/wordpress/?p=5746
        The Cult of Magic http://thezman.com/wordpress/?p=1010

        But the Egypt joke, that was all me! 🙂

      • I have heard the basic premise of MDT in the 90’s although it didn’t have a name then and I’m not sure of its original origin. (I think it came from the anti-immigration folks , but I know, link or it didn’t happen.) I can attest to the fact that is quite fun to accuse the Pro-immigration crowd (left or right) of believing in magic. Their look of astonishment is priceless. They are used to defending against economic or other arguments but to accuse them of believing in magic leaves them totally speechless ( quite a rare occurrence for a LN.) Nothing works better than ridicule.

    • The way you make “magic dirt” appear to work is you take away the safety net from the productive population, so they have to work like hell. You keep a safety net in place for the “disadvantaged” population, either welfare or affirmative action, or apparent race-neutral policies that subsidize the black “family” structure (can’t find daddy, so the state has to raise the kids) with much more money. Voila, like magic, it works!

  2. Chong Lee makes many good points.

    Of course, he is the president of a police state. So his people are rich, but not free. Singapore is not a free country. It is very possible to have a rich and “safe” (from criminals, not from police) state.

    A camera on every corner….the way to liberty!

    [ed note: war is peace, freedom is slavery…]

  3. ” It is very possible to have a rich and “safe” (from criminals, not from police) state. ”

    The US, up until about 1970.

  4. And another from today: The Z Man Magic Honky Theory

    As in “Stand close enough to the white guys and you start to act white.”

    I guess MDT is more EU, a reason to get em in, and when they are already in the country, like your dindus, they switch to the Magic Honky spin off-theory. Now let’s integrate, by hook or by crook, because SCIENCE!

    Z Man mentions how “Fire departments are sued for discriminating against whites, while also being sued for not discriminating against whites. The inherent truth revealed in these contradictions is ignored.”

    Which reminded me of Adam Carolla, who wanted to join the LA fire department, and was told point blank to get lost because he is White. They even have a National Association of Hispanic Firefighters, and L.A.’s fire chief is of course a beaner…

    The inherent truth revealed in these contradictions is ignored, how true.

    • btw. in solidarity with my murkan comrades I’m boycotting Mexican restaurants, i have yet to go to one!

      I also joke that there should be an open fire order for anyone wearing a sombrero at the border :).

      Like in the eighties, when they mowed down anyone trying to approach the border from Romania, no refugee crisis then…

      • Guest, if you don’t mind, what is your racist origin story? How did you become a racist…and how did you arrive here?

    • Z Man mentions how “Fire departments are sued for discriminating against whites

      eh. Remember that HEROFireGODS are…BIGov employees who pay nothing in lawsuits. Coloreds want cushy do-nothing jobs wit PHAT retirement pensions at age 45. Coloreds expect BIGov jobs bc Affirmative Action is the LN/MMM Assembly Line to world domination.

      No colored ever sued to get a job in a metal coating plant.

      • The other day I contacted NYC’s Local Tax Dept, and I got a colored on the phone, munching on food and answering my questions with her ebonics.

        This is Murka in a nutshell.

        Then there’s your Federal Internal Revenue, Jew You, not to mention, the countless inane, byzantine state tax laws, which varies from Alabama to Wyoming, with their redundant and useless departments that manages them.

        This is another Murkan nutshell, a big bureaucratic parasite that dies off, if witey host dies off.

      • Ha. I’ve heard that many of these companies outsource to the South. The min wage there is like 7 bucks an hour.

      • Ryu: It’s more like the govt employees are all coloreds in District 1.

        NYC has the highest taxes in the nation. Of course, it needs a large revenue source to pay for its countless gubmint workers, most of them whom are coloreds, and the donut munchers and Fire farts.

  5. There is no origin story, it’s not like i was bitten by freulein Helga and turned.

    Remember that federal Yugoslavia had two dozen ethnic groups, and was all about diversity, the official slogan of the state was even “brotherhood and unity” (the EU slogan is now “united in diversity”). The propaganda was essentially the same as now in Obamas America, it all feels eery familiar, like a horrible Deja Vu. Yet all that kumbaya ended in several bloody civil wars, which saw the largest battles in Europe since WW2. There were bullet holes in every god damn house for hundreds of miles down the coast.

    Now every time i hear “diversity”, i wanna reflexively reach for a weapon!

    People who lived, and survived, the Balkan wars, certainly DO NOT want more diversity.
    As far we are concerned, multiculturalism is a failed experiment, and proven so…

    So it’s mere recognizing open hostility as such, a self preserving sort or racism.

    And to quote some random Stormfront commenter:
    “If you are White and your blood is not boiling over what is going on, then you are either asleep or part of the problem.”

    How can someone read about the Rotherham rape story in England, and not end up racist?

    • It is something I find interesting, G. Every WN has a unique story. Eventually, we like to develop a system for recruiting, and take away the random chance.

      Very few of us Murkan WNs were born into a racist family. Throwing a white kid into a diverse school seems to work wonders.

      Your case is quite interesting. You’ve seen both the beginning and the end. And still, nothing was solved. 10 years peace and the EU wants to keep bringing in miggers for you. It seems there is no final solution.

      I imagine that after the Yugo wars, the people were tired. The enemy fled for a time. But he is coming back.

  6. “Historically, the U.S. has demonstrated a great capacity for renewal and revival.”

    True, but….


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