Muzz Escapes After Israeli Kill

by Firepower

Mr. Abbdabb Al-Ackhbarrr Mhbdulla!!!

Even in the world’s 2nd most protected Haven For Hebes, it is actually really totally completely possible to make a hit – and escape – while the jackbooted Government SWATZIs show up way too late and show off their $78,305 per-soldier gear.

Cameras? No diff. Witnesses? No matter, either. Will is the difference. And a pair of disposable glasses…

2 Comments to “Muzz Escapes After Israeli Kill”

  1. This case includes something I wish to talk to you about, FP.

    In virtually case I study today in America, more than one person involved, the criminal gets burned. The snitch society is real. The heavier the work, the more alone one must be.

    I checked, that Muzz is still free. But the heat is on.

    Police follow a particular strategy at this time. I’d call it “drawing the mistake.” They sit on the family, friends, and associates. They get intel on him by interviewing all those people. Maybe tap the phones, watch the email addresses. They send BOLOs to border areas, and transportation hubs.

    To be on the run is not an easy thing. He needs money. He needs identification. He needs to avoid anything having to do with his old life.

    3 months on a case like this, I’m not impressed yet. He is I believe 23 yo. And his own father made the ID! Whew. Probably most of his family is against him. Turn yourself in.

    This is slop, FP. He got real lucky. This is not a good demonstration of skill and planning.

    There is a discipline called “case triage.” The police spend their resources on crimes that are solvable.

  2. Problem is that people are crazy. An active shooter escaping through a shopping mall? Someone is bound to follow him from a distance.

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