Murkan Legal Institutions

by Firepower

Murkan government is a strange BEAST.
Even back when it was America, the Bill of Rights and that individual Liberty via Limited Government thing made it unique – made it exceptional. It was exceptional…in its past. Today it is Socialist – but of a Socialism based upon MINO-rights. Even that is unique.

America/Murka was has always been a difficult nation for foreigners to understand; it is actually not difficult at all, it is merely a nation of extremes living amid great material bounty.

Both American and Murkan justice institutions work(ed) by grabbing and consuming vast amounts of money. The goal is to convict – everyone. In both nations, Money=Power=Ultimate. In that way, The System acquires even more cash with an ultimate goal of….… incarceration. If the unexpected acquittal occurs, the bloated court system still got its win/win cut with lucrative trials. The Sleeple forget The Court is above all, a falange of BIGov. They forget – even more assuredly – BIGovSkool is also an evil finger of government. So are HEROCops!™ and HEROFiremen!™  Don’t forget HEROJordies. That’s all another article. Everybody is BIGov… now.

Our nation’s laws were drafted by Thomas Jefferson, John Adams and James Madison – all lawyers. Rich ones. Jefferson, for example, is depicted by Whites as The Perfect Man, but by coloreds as Mr. #1 Evil Lady-Slave Rapist Massa! Again, extremes.

Such men did not intend for the closest nation ever to perfection to decay into Murka, but their (truly) great intentions nonetheless held unrealized biases. That was their mistake. It was a “sin of omission.” Like sculptors so enamored of a massive marble statue of a horse & rider they fall in love with its graceful beauty…but then sculpt one leg too fragile and time topples the whole endeavor. It’s the Colossus of Rhodes., an Aesop’s Fable and a Greek Tragedy all in one. (I wish you knew what even one of those examples means).

It is the ultimate tragedy for Mankind, for when its dead shell falls, the Ideal is dead and the entire world plunges back to what it was before The Great Nation existed: Monarchy/dictator-style tyrannies of the Caligula/King Henry VIII and Ivan the Terrible type.

For it is no longer an FDR American Government illuminating and inspiring the world with its “freedoms” – BIGov is now UncleBEAST and (relatively) as great a tyrant as the USSR. A nation spouting a century of platitudes on “liberty” that IRS’s the TeaParty is full of its own shit.

No, it is only the armed American SO76 Whites standing between true Liberty and the darkness now.

Once they are eradicated by the womb and Miggerization, then turned into an ambiguous brown MINOMob without the Heritage of Liberty, they’ll turn in their guns for Kanye songs and Kardashian dreams.

18 Comments to “Murkan Legal Institutions”

  1. “The most puzzling development in politics during the last decade is the apparent determination of Western European leaders to re-create the Soviet Union in Western Europe.”

    ― Mikhail Gorbachev

    You seem to be saying the same thing about Murica – FP

    • Indeed, Colin. I like that Snowden has to go to Russia today for political freedom. He could not say or do those things in the West any longer. Russia is freer than the USA today.

      [ed note: nope. Snowdi is only alive bc he’s useful to Vladdie. You cannot think he’d live long if he KGB’d Puti the way he NSA’d Obozo…]

    • Perhaps Gorbi condemns the ussr as hopeless to explain his failure at ruling it.

      I am nearly convinced democracies all degenerate into tyranny. Some collapse, like germany and the ussr while others go on, as the ChiComs. But…they’ve only been around since 1949 and have time to fall.

      Murka hasn’t been a free or good nation since our Civil War. For such a beacon of virtue, even a slight betrayal of Liberty is the same as Auschwitzies or a Waterloo.

  2. Nice girl, FP.

    Ideals can be dangerous things. They blind one. The USG relies upon that “hope” to great effect. White Murkans “hope” that things will change instead of making things happen.

    That ideal is now holding whites back. They think the constitution matters. They think their rulers care about their feelings and needs.

    A new honesty is needed. Even the FFers understood the primacy of force. But they were too merciful. They didn’t exterminate the blacks and injuns when they could have, with no trouble. They didn’t keep the land they took in Mexico.

    I understand Caligula now. I don’t think he was crazy. He was just proving his power. It is very hard to do something on Earth that lasts – wipe out a people, enact a system, it all goes away.

    You must give up that hope of liberty. It no longer exists. Only the struggle for power, in all its forms. Child against parent, employee against boss, citizen against cop. Power and liberty are something one takes for himself. It is never given.

    • Can’t remember who said

      hope makes prisoners of us all

      Good people (not necessarily smart ones) believe Trump will…foster hope and change; their version of H & C.
      Yet, is now seems more of the usual political fantasy.

      Careful analysis shows Killery has the votes: All MINO, Feminazi, Migger & Millennials who really do outnumber the Angry White Males. White males created America, then gave it away to the MINO/FFOL so it could devolve into Murka. It is no one else’s fault. What simpleton blames a chimp for “stealing” a wallet and a pile of nanners left outside the Safari tent.

      I’m only now beginning to wonder what comes out of a Murka ruled by her – and populated by 43% supremely pissed-off Trumpites.

      • Every election, a more people seem to wake up that this voting thing is a scam. It is a progression that leads directly to where Eradica is today. Though it may take the public 20 years to reach where we are now.

        In my opinion, the older generations don’t have what it takes. The ghost of what America was lives too strongly in them.

        The nihilism of young whites is a good sign, an advancement from the older ones being pro-Murkan. The swastika doesn’t scare them anymore. Communism is unreal to them.

      • tho i’ve not seen Hunger Games Part 2 Mockingjay
        nor part one

        Then it appears the author’s main lesson is: do not challenge the Establishment – if it is liberal. But, if you do challenge, be sure to fight “rightists” – have a blast while you do it and be sure to look hot.

      • One of the most interest legal cases I’ve seen was the Rampart LAPD scandal.

        At the time, there was an attempt to use RICO against the PD. That would have been something. Certainly the police can be a criminal conspiracy.

        I found an interesting criminal book once, FP.

        The man said that in the end, all the money a criminal makes ends up in the legal system’s pocket. Usually to lawyers, but also to corrupt cops or judges. A good defense is really expensive. Everytime I’ve seen a suspect who can afford a true defense, like OJ, the forensics is mostly thrown out.

    • Ideals are the “things” that pull you when you tire of life pushing you around.

      The reality is that the white race has lost all conception of Perfection.

      • Which is actually worse than losing all concept of Perfection.

      • That is a good one, TD. I shall steal it.

        One comes to perfection after the quest for freedom. One has to be willing to take it all the way. The greatest freedom is the ability to take a human life, just like the government can. Once whites take that freedom for themselves, then they may consider perfection, but no before.

  3. This just made it in the news and pertinent to FP’s post. The Murkan Legal Institution involving a Manhattan vampire (moneyed elite).

    America once loved money coming from blood, sweat and tears. Murka today loves fiat from parasitism from all the richness that America once accumulated. Essentially the lust for glut, not greed, is what drives this nation to the ground.

    • also, the two biggest bigshots at Wounded Warriors were arrested for …
      swindling Jordeez.
      FUXNews, of course, mentioned it for 5 seconds before the money-grubbing commercials made it back on air after skulking in the shadow for 3 days time-out.

      • More for those who dislike NYC Hymies in their religious attire:

        The FBI raided their premises, because they misused Federal welfare money intended for internet access. But these types of Hymies, believe the internet is a jerk-off pavilion for their boys.

        Religious Jews in NYC are the biggest welfare scammers of any demographic.

        They vote for politicos where the Murkan gov’t treats them as above the law.

        But Murkan is a strange place indeed. Unlike religious kikes, coloreds abuse welfare to keep their innate pleasure-inducing outlet satiated. UncleBeast implements different set of rules for different groups.

    • I’m not sure most Americans are into the glut and greed. There’s a reason print magazines are going out of business. Thinking White men know they are full of lies and corruption.

      Sadly, a lot of Whites still leave their TVs on night and day mostly as background. At the very least we need decent internet radio news programs for people to listen to. WN has a handful of them but lacking money, the lack the professionalism folks have come to expect.

  4. OT, Ryu you will like this documentary from RT:
    Occupation of the American Mind, Israel’s Public Relations War in the US

    A few quoted documents:
    Israel’s Public Image Problems and Remedies
    Pro-Israel PACs

    I failed to find the Pro-White PAC category…

    It’s always funny to watch American media use phrases coined by Israeli think tanks.
    The news is now mostly PR, ad hominem, PR, straw man, PR, native advertising, PR…

    The groveling down before AIPAC is especially appalling.

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