by Ryu

This is a post about the similarity between cop and DAA burnout.

Many cops, prison guards, and feds retire and take disability at their first brush with death. When a cop is shot on duty, it shakes him up. He is now mortal too…just like everyone else.

No longer is he an invincible 20 year old fighting crime. The fear which academy tries to drive into recruits becomes real. Many can’t live with that fear, so they either retire, teach, or get light duty. This is a fear that ordinary people feel all the time. But to a cop, it is parylying.

It is similar with our DAAs.

The stress of risking one’s freedom is significant. It can cause panic, insomnia, flashbacks and worry. Even if they succeed and get away with it in the long run, there will be some hesitancy at rolling the dice again.

A DAA has to be 2-3x better than a cop or soldier. He must be able to do everything they do AND evade detection. It’s a very hard thing.

The only people I can name who got away with it are………. the Zodiac killer, the I-15 killer, and the West Mesa Killer. That’s only 3 men out of thousands of cases; the most exclusive club on Earth.

Burnout is a real thing. Anders no doubt feels it. He put so much of himself into his actions that it is doubtful he could repeat it. That “last free night” before the action must have been something to remember.

There is a “reasonable” amount of expect for our DAA heros. Even they are human. The strain of acting without government permission burns them out faster than any cop or soldier.

– Every direct action you witness is the peak experience of that man’s life. It is his masterpiece. It must be viewed and appreciated with those eyes. Years of effort…for a day of perfection. –

One Comment to “Burnout”

  1. Anders is the reason there is hope for all of us, no matter how black the future may seem.

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