Be Careful with Holsters

by Ryu

Guns are dangerous. Not just for the person being shot, but the shooter also.

Guns can leave alot of evidence. Registration, caliber, gunshot residue, prints, DNA, blowback and blood spatter. Even the ammunition and having the same lot in your possession.

I heard of an interesting case. A man was thought to have two guns of the same caliber. Wits had seen him with a second gun. But how to prove it?

So the police seized his holster. Their reasoning was that impression evidence must have been left by the missing gun.

The holster was taken apart by the stitching. There were 2 sets of gun impressions; one from the known gun, and one from the unknown.

Firearms units have reference collections with many guns. They can get virtually any gun manufactured. They simply got a copy of the gun in question and compared the marks. They got a hit, and used the match to imply that the suspect has placed the missing gun in that holster.

3 Comments to “Be Careful with Holsters”

  1. The cops will stop investigating fifty black on white crimes to solve one white on black crime.

  2. I see where leather holsters are traceable, but what of polymer ones?

    • There is in forensics a saying “every touch leaves a trace.”

      One has to be very careful. Dirt has been used to tie a criminal to a scene. So, can we trace a gun to being placed into a polymer holster?

      Maybe the gun has some marks on it, that then impress the holster. It is a matter of leaving no traces. If someone slams in it, every time, there could be marks left. Leather is more impressionable than polymer.

      Take a look and see. A real tech would use a microscope or magnifying class. This is a sub-specialty of forensic toolmark analysis.

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