A Cop’s Direct Action: The White Wolf

by Ryu

It seems that the rarest thing of all actually happened once – one of the government’s servants rebelled against the master.

We have go to back to South Africa in 1988. His name was Barend Hendrick Strydom. In the system’s language, he was a racist spree killer.

One day, he just snapped. He went into a busy area with a gun and shot anything black.

He was caught when a citizen played hero.

This story does not necessarily have a bad ending though. He went to……….. prison of course. A white Boer woman married him in admiration.

When Mandela took over in 1994, all political prisoners and revolutionary acts were forgiven. Strydom was set free then.

There is something else to mention. Our DAAs, unlike cops or soldiers, have to deal with the fear of imprisonment. The fear and panic one has to deal with often burns our guys out fast. Many times, after an action they have nothing left to give.

He was 23 when he did his action. That would make him today about 51 years old. One wonders what he feels today.

This is a video you’ll not forget. Baron does not apologize. He has no regrets. He must have been one of the strongest Boer who has ever lived. Fantastic.

14 Comments to “A Cop’s Direct Action: The White Wolf”

  1. Nice find, that’s the guy mentioned in Whites UNDER-REACT to Racial threats.

    Reading about South Africa always makes me wonder which country will become the first DE-facto White apartheid state, with right of return for whitey.

    I also recommend this 3 hour interview with Karin Ann Smith, an ex-pat South African now living in Texas, she has been an activist calling for world attention to the genocide of the Boer people.

  2. If all political prisoners and revolutionary acts were forgiven and Strydom was set free, then it indicates a surprising level of trust from Mandela and another missed opportunity on the road to Hell’s paving with good intentions. I actually find that admirable, because if I were Mandela – or the future Colored Murkan King – I’d burn him (and every racial enemy) – alive in a ceremony on the National Mall.

    Our DAAs, unlike cops or soldiers, have to deal with the fear of imprisonment.

    This is where Muzz win: They don’t worry about it bc they know they’ll be dead. They simply kill the Christfuck out of Xtians, French Pastry and tender Belgian Waffles.

    • I too was surprised that Strydom was released. I think I will be studying SA more closely now.

      They say 90% of the tax base in SA is white. That would explain why the gov there doesn’t destroy the remained whites there.

    • Well, the Muzz have more soldiers. We have few. A very extreme WN DAA is like an average Muzz.

  3. If you are just an every day 24 year old white male with a 95-110 IQ, the idea of almost certain death by nigger rape versus written in the history books because you struck a catastrophic blow to UncleBeast IS A NO BRAINER. You at least TRY FOR POOLSIDE FIRST!!!!


    When you are 34 and realize a small minority ACTUALLY sit poolside then what? The end result IS STILL death by nigger hate rape for that one in a million direct action hit.

    The only way out for that critical mass of white males in the thick of it is a total reframe.

    [ed note: the problem is white males from 24 to 34 – and 54 and beyond – do no DA and 100% philosophizing]

  4. I hope he does some PcPussies next. Last week was a good week but not nearly good enough.

    [ed note: youre vrw’ing if you expect others to do the eradication for you. THAT IS the main reason wytes are feeble]

    • He is unfortunately now inactive.

      Direct action, without permission, is very stressful. It burns out people fast. That one action took everything he had.

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