Public School Trains Colored Militants

by Firepower

BlackMurka Uber Alles

Lots of LN wites (and just plain wites) accuse those who make antiblack statements as ‘nazis’ – yet the Real nazis are actually the LN.

The greatest lie the LN ever told was that only rightist white men and nationalists are nazis.

I love provoking fights (and the lesser argument) with emoLNs – then fucking them up the ass with actual proof. Preferably from a …..… LN mediaPROP mouthpiece like CBS.

Yes V’aniesha, The WHOLE system is corrupt. Your system – the LN System.

Coloreds are taught to hate Whites from an early age. Especially in their “Schools of Choice” and what passes for “colored academies” created from abandoned witeSkoolz in Murkan urban shitholes created by the black.  Errbuddy forgot

“Barack Hussein Obama – mmm, mmm…mnnhm”

And that pic is from Texas – what you don’t mess with. Looks like the state for “independent white god guts n’ gunz” bends over to every colored and presents its red rump for the next fucking. Texans are full of shit. They bragBrag how they “kick ass” but that’s mediaPROP egging them on because it renders them too ignorant to feel that yuuge LN cock up their turdcutter. This is actually what Texasissy cowboy jordies fight for: Empowering and fueling the LN/MMM with their blood & flesh.

Until every single MINO and LN is eradicated the FFOL will continue raping the corpse of America. These LN Supermen in training will rule the Murkan Future and eradicate the subhuman wite. They are 7th Graders. They are tomorrow’s Obamas, Erik Holders, Oprahs and Loretta Lynch. They are future staff of the MMM’s GESTAPO and SS. They are the modern equivalent of Hitler Youth.

26 Comments to “Public School Trains Colored Militants”

  1. Reminds me of:

    Black Activists Argue White People Should Kill Themselves to Atone for “White Privilege” at Harvard

    “This video is from an actual debate held at Harvard University that was apparently supposed to be about renewable energy but apparently turned into whether or not white people should be exterminated. Where is the “professor” in this video? According to the YouTuber who put it up, full-length unedited versions of this video have all been put on private or deleted by the debate coaches at Harvard and Standford who are trying to disappear this video because they don’t want everyone to know that these supposedly prestigious ivy league colleges are allowing student debate on whether or not white people should be exterminated.” via

    And LNs don’t accuse, they project, you can see this very clearly with Trump, where they preface how vulgar and insulting he is, only to go and vulgarly insult him, the irony is of course lost. They accuse Trump supporters to be violent, yet it’s the LNs in training (students and minos) who do the actual rioting, it’s pure cognitive dissonance.

    Like Trump or not, but he made many people realize that the establishment doesn’t hate him, they hate whitey, Trump is just a White straw man stand in, and if they hate him, a liberal New Yorker reeking of gefultefish, that much, image what they think of the average shitizen.

    • Good points, all.

      Note that the Harvard LN MINO is first born and schooled in Black Kunta-Kinte-Garden. The pickaninny’s teachers are fat white feminists or fat black racist bitches. Teachers are actually the opposite of our misnamed “best n’ brightest.” Teachers are a lie.

      Irony is only for the sentient. You cannot use irony on a monkey – or a Liberal nazi.

      As I’ve conceived, the LN’s goal is to create their version of The Master Race: Colored mixes with zero loyalty to a White Constitutional Republic that will eradicate the LN version of subhumans – white males.

      • Good article, FP. You’ve done the best work on the liberal Nazi concept.

        In many ways, whites today are like the jews were. But….who is coming to save us? A holocaust, with no USA to jump in and save them.

      • A holocaust, with no USA to jump in and save them.

        Worse yet, imagine “the” h-h-holocaust where half the jews in Germany helped Hitler’s Nazis kill the other half of the jew population – all aided by jews from across the globe in other countries.

      • FP, looks like Rooshie’s going to write a new book: Bang Europe – How to fuck white women, get free housing and food!

        [ed note: lol. how yer ears must Feel The RooshBurn after banishment]

      • FP, why did the IRA stop? Did they just get tired?

        I am puzzled. A man only has so much fight in him. The IRA was active for many decades.
        They did phenomenal things. They exceeded what the jews did during the holocaust. The conditions in their prisons was far worse.

        It is amazing what the British did. Clearly brutality has not left the white race, it has just been transformed.

      • FP, why did the IRA stop? Did they just get tired?

        Their “yoofs” became soft, then left the church so The Movement died.

        The brutality aspect is something I’ve asked Our Dear Colon without once getting an answer: Why rail sooo mooch aboot Murka and its Nigras, while Oirland couldn’t shake White Britti Vampyres off its neck for an entire millennia. Plus now, Oirland has tons of niggerz n’ Muzz…

      • wites have become like Jews — namely, not very productive or genuine. Jews once aspired to intangible or parasitic make/fake work that gave us the delusional narcissism which turned Merica into Murka. Industry was replaced with self-entitlement and ego aggrandizement. witey has followed suit.

        Ever talk to your average Jew, who could never get of hold your attention, because he only cares about what he has to say? Well, many wites have emulated this pathological nature. Furthermore, many of them aspire to the Manhattan-Hollywood life, which epitomizes this behavior. Unsurprisingly, Jews are mostly found in 2 cities, NYC and Los Angeles.

      • Ryu…

        “Whites” of today are nothing like the Jews. The Jews have cultivated the “genocide” meme to the effect of radical autonomy whereas only a small minority of “whites” push a “genocide” meme MAINLY TO OBSCURE the total apathy towards an absolute self-annihilation. So where the Jew has a “brink of annihilation” psyche CONSTANTLY PROVOKING an “any means necessary” first principle, today’s “white” DOESN’T EVEN REGISTER an existential crisis and can hardly be provoked at all. To the extent “whites” are like Jews is to the extent “whites” desire radical sexual autonomy and detest genuine white Supremacy.

      • To the extent “whites” are like Jews is to the extent “whites” desire radical sexual autonomy and detest genuine white Supremacy.

        Most Big City wites aspire to the NY-Hollywood life, essentially what one calls desiring radical autonomy.

      • You should write your own “Whites: The New Jews” article, JS.

        You’ve got all the material. You are closer to it than I am. Everyone wants that high paying desk job, wearing the suit. They want to count money while someone else does the scut-work. Once, the white race was warriors and farmers. No longer.

    • I have been to rallies like that, guest.

      The speakers really know their business. Mostly minos, white women, and herb men go there. Perhaps I’ll write a field report on it one day.

    • @RYU

      “FP, why did the IRA stop? Did they just get tired?”

      One of the things someone once mentioned is that many of the IRA leaders were bought off eventually. They got amnesty and cushy Government jobs (some sort of politicos) with all the usual perks and money. This probably went hand in hand with the ‘yoofs’ getting soft. However now that the IRA has basically stood down, there have been some incidents where the amnesty was suddenly forgotten. You can never ever make a deal with the FFOL. They will only honor a deal while you’re looking. The minute you relax its shive in the back time. The lasting lesson from the IRA should be: It’s all or nothing. You can NEVER EVER make a deal.

      • The minute you relax its shive in the back time.

        I emphasize – all Eradicans here must fully realize whites are just as deadly a threat themselves – WITHOUT the Coloreds. More whites have been killed by other whites throughout history than were killed by Coloreds and Medieval Muzz combined.

        Call it the FFOC – the Five Fingered FIST of Conservatism. WW2 German Nationalists were killed by white Americans, Russians and English, etc. – just call it something, but realize the reality.

        All too often in wn “groups” the inherent white lust for conspiracy~paranoia degenerates into the typical circular firing squad that makes Soros and his Soros-ites giggle with laughter. Perhaps Whites have degenerated into needing paranoia of others to shift the blame from their own inaction and collapse in the face of one colored moving on their street. When it’s the Trayvon/Ferguson/BLM Nexus arrayed against them, most Go Hillary! – nevermind joining Eradica. Whites would rather 4chan Trump or read roisshy rail about “blacks in the office” for the 40th time around.

        Eradica has taught me many unexpected, valuable lessons: One being there simply are not enough qualified Intelligent People to operate wn as a post office, let alone a total, fearsome organization.

      • Forming groups is not hard. It’s doing that while avoiding the Murkan police state. Getting into serious work, it is almost impossible in the US today.

        The Italian Mob couldn’t do it. I think the Russian Mob has avoided infiltration so far.

        Making WN bibo would work. That alone would eliminate 90% of our problems. We would also lose 99% of the current movement.

        Tell me you don’t already know who WN would retain or lose with that policy, FP.

      • Tell me you don’t already know who WN would retain or lose with that policy, FP.

        Yes. Verifiable BIBO would work – it always works. It must be as terrifying as possible, for Machiavelli stated correctly, it is better to be feared, than loved.

        RusMOB works for the same reasons whopMOB worked: They knew each other back in the Old Country, where no FBI existed. That means no infil. As each successive wave of miggerscum became americanized, the more easily infil they became. Which is why it appears clear to any Eradican that today’s Muzz Problem is deliberate. Millions of migger MuzzSCUM…yet nooooobody seems to be able to infil jihadis even domestically: CO-COIntelProBEAST 3.0…

        Still, if you can never form a group out of fear of UncleBEAST, than you’ve already lost, long ago.

      • Ugh. Yes, I’ve seen this with Golden Dawn also.

        They made terrific progress. Then it just stopped. As soon as a group enters the system, it pops.

  2. Racisss is now just a synonym for White, but this gives a good counter:

    What, are you racist?

    Well, racist is just another word for White, and yes, I am white, and I’m not denouncing it either, if that’s what you mean.

    It left some hipster American backpackers speechless the other day…
    Who were all, oh, we’re good Murkans, unlike those racciisss Texans.

    They were even more perplexed than the two Mormon chicks were when i started on Odin.

    • What, are you racist?

      Best to take a tip from PUA and not validate yourself; it displays anxious weakness. Don’t be tryhard in your WN. Make the LNs explain and validate themselves. Questioning another often shows inferiority – as if they have an answer you need for permission.

      Turn it around. If you must use a question, use an interrogator’s style of questioning from a position of power: Make them define what a racist is.

      Often then, they will inadvertently describe total LN BIGov examples like Hitlery, Obongo, Affirmative Action, jewPROP and multitudes of seemingly benin MMM “programs” that you swiftly use as a weapon to defeat the very argument they’ve started.

      Leave discussions of Odindin to VRW kooks still believing that Sweden and Germania is some bastion of White Viking Grndllssonmijr

  3. Shit, they can read!

  4. If “we” shall be blunt… MRKNscrewls teach blacks to be niggers, boys to be faggots, girls to be dykes and miggers to be marauders. And Jews to be separate.

  5. Eradica has taught me many unexpected, valuable lessons: One being there simply are not enough qualified Intelligent People to operate wn as a post office, let alone a total, fearsome organization.

    Yeah, just like the once fearsome Hell’s Angels, who are now a bunch of rancid farts with no relevance today. Their NYC headquarters is next to bunch of feast n fuck witeBrandons: Probably paying rent to a Jewlord, at least their attorney is a Jew. You know him FP.

    I once had a coworker who is a boomer and tells me how highly feared they were during the Rolling Stones concert. That was then. Today they can’t even pinch a colored.

    • HA’s have been successfully deracinated. No longer are they a “white racist” biker gang. They have been diversified. And it was inevitable given their truly anti-white Supremacist ethos.

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