Feudal Murka’s Elite Towers

by Firepower

Many components of these plans exist already. They are not new, nor are they original. I *wish* you all knew what The Hanging Gardens of Babylon were.

The Elite – and the Emerging New Elites must have a safe keep when not traveling to Monaco. Elites traditionally comprised those with economic power – those that made an impact. Now, the Caste includes entertainers: Actresses; colored afleets; Kardashians. This jibes with Glubb’s thesis that….…. the Worthless Entertainer Caste thrives in the last days. Wishya knew who he was, too. Ryu does.

Helipads mimic what already exists in dangerous Sao Paolo – to prevent kidnappings – and Feudal Manhattan. Trump does not take the streets if he can avoid it – nor did Bernie Madoff.

The more Elite the Central City, the more if these it has and the more will grow. Lesser cities like Atlanta and Milwaukee will have lesser units, but even secondary cities need bankers and UncleBEAST administrators.  Yes, some of the fattest middle-class salaries come from BIGov jobsJobsJOBS. One day, there will even be a clear demarcation between GuminWelfare~PaperPusher and the filthy poor. Bureaucrats will be safe in their own classes’ forts and all us Indians outside the walls: Gwinny’s Class would never deign rub elbows with GOVclass scum – unless they reach Holder-Lynch-Lerner Status. Then, it’s – welcome to the club!

It depends on what they can do for The Monied Elite. Big People need Big Fixes.

Remember: Gwynnie’s “just a mom – like errbuddy else!” She was born to riches. She is better than you. She was taught this from inception. Her daddy was a Samoan Lapplander Hollywood jewPROP producer and mumsy the typical Shicksa gentile trophy. Thus, she only permits insemination from pop stars with fame.

Fun Fact: Blythe Danner was born in 1943 to her Banking Exec Dadsy. No doubt, he fertilized her on leave from Guadalcanal. Perhaps not, Elite Class banking executives were crucial to the “war effort”.

All Hail 2150 Murka! FavelaNATION!

46 Comments to “Feudal Murka’s Elite Towers”

  1. Historian Webster Tarpley talks about the fraud of Magna Carta (it was written for the rights of the elite only)

  2. I wish I knew who Blythe Danner was. BUT a bright spot in this modern age is it’s very easy to Google her name and find out!

    I for one think it’s fabulous when the elites gather together in just a handful of places. It all depends on how you look at it.

    • We have towers like that in my city. The security there is epic!

      Guards, cameras, sometimes retina scan or print scan to get in. CCTVs all around. Those wireless things to get through the gate.

      They are also super expensive, like 2K a month on up. We don’t lack for housing for the elite. It’s only the poor who can’t find apartments anymore.

  3. I like gitmo-nation more, it sounds better, in the morning!

    And the post reminded me of this documentary:
    Millionaire Basement Wars BBC Documentary

    “The super-rich are maximizing property value in the heart of London as never before. But they’re not building up, they’re digging down, creating mega-basements or ‘iceberg homes’ – nicknamed because there’s more square footage under the ground than above. Over the last ten years an estimated 2000 new basements have been dug in central London. Into these multi-level subterranean structures owners are building anything from cinemas, swimming pools, beauty parlours, squash courts, wine cellars and servants’ quarters.”

    Anyone in the construction biz? That’s a golden opportunity right there for the US…

    • The capitalists are already on that, Gman. They charge a lot, and the constructors keep their traps shut. The elite know that someone “should” make a move.

  4. Those towers look just like the ones in Soylent Green or Elysium. I’d bet a photo compare would be exactly the same. You just have to show the sex slave girls a-waiting in the room also…white, naturally.

    • I saw a Sunday Snews Story: Action NewsTEEM 9000!™ – reporting on The Safest City in My State!

      I predicted to my co-viewer: Pick the city with the least… niggers.
      That and – get this – it was an island with only one bridge crossing.

      Oh, and the chokepoint has BIGov cameras hooked up to local SWATZIcam computers checking EVERY license plate for warrants, theft, parole violations and ThoughtCRIME. IOW, If a garden gnome goes missing from a manse, be sure the state, local and FEDS’ll be on top of it…
      …for the next
      SUPERAction NewsTEEM 10000!™ report at eleven!!

      • Yes FP, I have noticed this also.

        In my city, EVERY exit and entrance in and out is cammed, CCTVs on all 4 corners. There’s an LPR (licence plate reader), speed photo enforcement, and CCTV. 3 cameras on each corner post.

        And I’m seeing them in other places, like city parks and the perimeter of gov buildings. I can’t imagine what Dist 1 is like.

        This is a worrying trend. I study England, because their CCTV police state is the world’s leader. It does not deter criminals. Like the UN, the pigs can just review shit after it already occurred. 75% of all homicides in UK the CCTV helps.

        Baltimore had these blue-light CCTVs for a long time now. The dealers just ignore them.

        They have CCTV on many rural roads now. Check your email later. I’ll send you a supa-secret study.

      • Do you know movies well, FP? I’m looking for movies with no special effects, no music, no bull. Only the human conditions. Any recos?

        Like this one. It takes place only in a hotel room. 3 actors.

      • Do you know movies well, FP?

        Why, WHAT a topic… for a good phone convo!
        I once knew many, but forgot examples.
        This is because most are made in Hollywood and it’s been long tainted by corrupt propaganda.
        For example, documentaries were once the standard of truth: What could be more honest than putting a camera in front of a non-actor?
        Wrong: Think Michael Moore and his leftist crap. PBS and its blatant, foolish jewPROP.

        VICE Essentials is the least offensive, but occasionally exhibits its twinges of LN slant. They seem to be partial towards fags.
        Current TV’s Vanguard https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vanguard_%28TV_series%29 was very good.

        As for movies, I use them for entertainment. You’d be surprised at the crap I watch. But, to me, it’s just for amusing entertainment like checkers, playing with a baby, and reading MAD Magazine. I’ve had a sharp focus on pragmatism for a long time and find few movie dramas worthy now.

        Shakespeare is still a good one if you can teach yourself Elizabethan English. Coriolanus w/ Ralph Fiennes makes the hair stand up on the back of my neck. Richard III w/ the Old Magneto is a razor. They are both about war and its machinations.

        If I think of more, I’ll put selections in OT comments.

      • I’ll give you some. That will jog your memory.

        The Up Series. The one that followed some Brit kids, coming back each 7 years to interview them.

        The Man from Earth. This movie takes place only in one room.

        I found a series once from the late 1980s. It was called “the forum” or something. All these famous people like Scalia, Guiliani, Cochran, would discuss a topic. There were Roman columns in the background too.

      • Right on, a story from just this month:
        Surprise! NSA data will soon routinely be used for domestic policing

        “The Obama administration is on the verge of permitting the National Security Agency to share more of the private communications it intercepts with other American intelligence agencies without first applying any privacy protections to them, according to officials familiar with the deliberations.”

        It’s only fair tho, if Israel gets those raw data streams, why shouldn’t other, murkan agencies, also?

        And related: Pentagon admits using drones to spy on Americans

        “The Department of Defense has admitted to using Predator and Reaper military drones in the US since 2006, according to an internal review. Inspectors for the Pentagon concluded that the missions were few in number and had not violated any laws.”

        I guess the dry run, of going after people based on their metadata in the stans was successful and they are now rolling it out in the homeland… I was joking in another post that the police will have your browser history in real time on their car computer, but it looks like it will happen sooner than later.

        Warning, suspect visited eradica, threat assessment high!

        They are already doing this in China, citizens have a score based on their social media and web history.

      • Warning, suspect visited eradica

        This is why Elites and the LN must be eradicated. No lengthy artisanal online “didactics” from armchair philosopher/gurus – just simple eradication.

        If not, then they will rule forever.
        But, Sleepull prefer stalling in the playpen to the ugly blood of war, even if it means hi-tech slavery.
        This was not always so. Sacrifice (for a True Cause) was once a virtue.
        Now, virtue itself has vanished.

      • Yeah, but the suspect probably visited yahoo or drudge too. They aren’t subversive at all. Visiting them probably lowers your threat assessment score.

        It’s not a virtue to appear to be a neutered baby. The height of ability is to max out your ability while hiding it. It’s getting harder each day.

      • “The Chinese government is building an omnipotent “social credit” system that is meant to rate each citizen’s trustworthiness. By 2020, everyone in China will be enrolled in a vast national database that compiles fiscal and government information, including minor traffic violations, and distils it into a single number ranking each citizen. These scores will be used to determine eligibility for everything from employment and credit to various social benefits.” According to BBC News

        Related, in China, all second generation resident identification cards are enabled by HF RFID
        chips with government certified encryption. They rolled out a billion plus resident ID cards which represented one of the largest RFID projects in the world at that time.

        So not only will citizens have a number, your id will beam it out for anyone to see.
        With that they can do fun things like segregation, based on the number of the beast.

        Neighborhoods will have rfid scanners and if a low number enters the hounds will be released automatically!

        [ed note: Due to the impact of ww2, now the hi-tech Fascist State learns from the low-tech Communist State and vice versa – until both meld into One State]

      • Guest, how is the surveillance in your country? Do you have cameras everywhere?

  5. Turner Diaries laid out back in the ’70s, the elite power structure is Manhattan, Hollywood, South Florida, Las Vegas, Chicago.

    We need to hit them, and hit them hard.

    [ed note: Nope. Manhattan only, with Frisco a ‘lil Hymie henchman giving orders to Hollywood to spread the Manhattan Message]

    • I love TD also. But is all over for that style.

      Pierce wrote it in 1978. At the time, there WERE 2000-400 members willing to do those things.

      That was almost 40 years ago. We’d be lucky to find 50 today in the whole USA.

      We’re screwed in the US now. The last real chance for revolution was 1975-85. The police state is too strong now. We’ll have to wait for it to crack.

    • A word of caution — 9-11 made the elites wealthier, more powerful, and Manhattan more expensive and elite.

      One needs to think deeper why a terrorist attack on an elite enclave, suddenly becomes a perverse-inverse objective.

      Most humans need comfort and protection under stress, and there is a$$$king price in our capitalistic society.

      Post 9-11, High priced restaurants became packed, and the feast n fuck revelry came out in droves to pleasure themselves. Furthermore, the police force offering security to protect those who can afford it and the wealthy, became a lucrative entity.

  6. Ryu: Giuliani is now a pimp, just like most elites in Murka. They only want moolah. No elitist in Murka does anything patriotic w/o benefits.

  7. Cameras aren’t really that big a deal. There were some robberies in storage units in my city. There is film footage showing the crooks climbing over the block walls surrounding the units BUT they can’t tell who the thieves were because, get this, they were wearing hoodies! Real high tech stuff huh? And by the way, the only thing they stole was WEAPONS so I’m sure the po po want to find these guys.

    Lesson: Don’t let the gov mindfook you. They aren’t as omnipresent as they’d like you to think.

    • Lesson: Don’t let the gov mindfook you. They aren’t as omnipresent as they’d like you to think.

      I agree.
      ISISISIS surely know more of CCTV than most, yet their actions are not hindered in their conquering of the entire West.
      They do not view precautions as subliminal excuses to sit idle in the face of Tyranny.

      • They sacrifice their pawns. We try to keep ours alive. It is a completely different style. One can get away with a lot if he doesn’t mind dying. We have virtually no soldiers.

        The style we promote is not getting caught. It is far more demanding.

        Those robbers will be caught in the long term. The weapons they stole have serial numbers. When they are pawned, the owner will note the numbers. The police routinely visit pawn shops for this purpose.

      • We have virtually no soldiers.

        Then whites will lose. Wars are won with soldiers, not audiences.

        When they are pawned, the owner will note the numbers.

        If this is the jiggaboo-tractor smasnNgrab in the news, perhaps no sale to retail is involved. No doubt the niggras sold the stolen arms cache to white nationalists who won’t plan selling them.

        movies with no special effects, no music, no bull

        The Bicycle Thief aka Bicycle Thieves

      • Thanks, FP. I will watch it.

      • I want to confirm for you that your exponential model is good, FP.

        I have seen it now. Area with no minos, then a few, then it just explodes. This happens very fast.

        [ed note: the rapidity of niggerizing neighbaz is due to the faster fleeing of chickenshit wytes who flee, not fight]

      • There are a number of ways to niggerize a city. You can build more multi-unit housing(ie. HUD housing). You can put negroes into motel rooms on various pretenses. You can stand at the ready as Whites lose their homes to foreclosure, then rent them to HUDNEGROES. The possibilities are endless when you have an endless money supply.

        I’m frustrated too FP but you can’t expect people to take on our oppressors via their Negroes alone. Until we stop squabbling and until we start helping each other in real life, we are not going to get anywhere.

      • I’m frustrated too FP but you can’t expect people to take on our oppressors via

        Good points, all.
        Our oppressors come in many forms – and colors. Yet with so many targets, all remain safe and fat.
        Whites are going to lose. If they keep on the same path, they will be outbred by a the Brownish Mob.

        You see, MINOs are a multiple of groups, but with a solitary enemy.
        Whites are one group with many enemies. This makes them hard to unite, while the many groups/falanges in the MINO are easy to unite. Simple people require simple boogeymen.

        This is why it is impossible to unite poor wites – and even harder to have them act.

        For example: ISISIS has one enemy even a raghead goatfucker comprehends – Non-Muzz. This is embodied in Murkans and the jew, whom the Muzz see as the same thing. It’s a recruiting poster/bumper sticker mentality.

        Wites, OTOH have plenty of Simple People – but all they do is sext, Pizza & GameBoi.

        Each successive wave of White Generation is inferior to the previous.

      • Boomers are inferior to The Greatest Gen who had them.
      • Boomers begat GenX, who are inferior to Boomers.
      • Generation X begat Millennials…who are inferior to everything but the scum they will bear
      • That trend model shows a process of death. Where today’s muzz are equally stupid, Futurewyte has no unifying cause like an Allah.

  • Ah, you are too black and white, FP.

    How about this – whites become less important after awhile. The enemy has “won.”

    The heat gets less. The FFOL splinters as they fight over America’s corpse. With less attention on them, whites grow stronger and can even form groups again. They stay in the shadows and under the radar until they are strong enough.

    I have absolutely no prob with sisisis. One can be a WN and a Muzz at the same time. I admire them very much.

    No victory or defeat in this world is ever permenant. The vanquished rise up, the conquerers fail.

    Things can change very fast. We went from Blaxploitation films in the 70s to what we have now. It doesn’t take much. Remember what China was only 20 years ago.

  • With less attention on them, whites grow stronger

    I am unconvinced wites grow stronger w/ each successive gen being feebler AND MOAR stoopid. Like expecting Wishy Mcwishing? a senile grampa to run a marathon.

  • I find great hope in the next generations.

    Our predecessors were smarter, in a fashion. But they were blind to what was happening, and they thought their $$$ would offer protection. They were mostly indifferent to the plight of the white race.

    Raiders need a certain mindset, a certain lack of intellect and conscience. They need a hunger for land, fine women, and money…without “earning it.” They are getting there.

    [ed note: you are depending on inferior material to win with a greater “enlightenment” on misery. it’s like keeping a junk hand in Hold ‘Em, “wishing” for the two cards you need…]

  • I found a story you may enjoy, FP. I did.

    It seems our Jordies are quite merciless. If only they worked for us. It is pleasing to see that the public just slightly starting to see this reality.

  • FP, there’s something I wish to ask you.

    Do you remember when Britain handed Hong Kong over to China in 1999? When the USA gave the canal to the Panamanians? What significance to you give these events?

  • FP, there’s something I wish to ask you.

    Britain acted out of its habitual Appeasement Mode bc they wisely feared New REDChina. Like PM Neville Chamberlain appeasing nazis.

    pres. Carter gave away Panama bc he was a liberal nazi sot, drunk on feelgood politics the way a governor of a state buys votes with hand out freebies to coloreds he won’t live within 40 miles of.

    the signif was/is these acts showed a declining, weakening West as it grows feeble.
    The same way Your Puti kicked isisisisass in a month w/out ground troops – then left – while both Pantload & Obozo didn’t do shit but lose in a quagmire over an apporaching two decades.

    Like I told ya: Better to be a raider. Just raid. Do not control territory or population w/ garrisons. Nuke ’em and leave the ashtray.

  • ISISISIS is also successful because they are a branch of FEDGOV/The NWO and as such, the gov doesn’t really go after them like they do a TRUE dissident.

    Same goes for Negroes during the “civil rights movement”. They had the commies, many of whom had infiltrated FEDGOV, behind them. Even lil “ole Saint Rosa Parks was a commie.

  • ISISISIS is also successful because

    I can see isissis as a long term elite plan to subjugate NRA Whites – but cannot yet commit to it totally: I do not see the murkan jew and israelite encouraging an isiss that could nuke them. Perhaps The Cabal is willing to take a hit. After all, most of the victims of isisis up to now are wyte hillbilly jordies and other muzz.

    As for Civil Rights coloreds, I do not accept a 1950 – 60s scenario of Cullerd Commies fighting commies in BIGFed. Not with a COINTELPRO FBI proving itself the main enemy of 60s colored and hippie groups. The FBI was the enemy of all liberal groups back then and only an ally for The Elite. No way J.Edgar Hoover sided with them. Today, however, I can see this. I even expect it.

  • That’s funny because I’m pretty sure THIS happened while Hoover was in office. (In 1957)


    Perhaps the “opposition” was just for show. They certainly made an example of that southern school didn’t they just as they made an example of the religious bits in Waco and the other religious extremists (a Mormon sect) a few years ago where the scooped up all their children. I think this sort of thing is a form of psy ops-a psychological operation. It sticks in people’s minds.

  • That’s funny because I’m pretty sure THIS happened while Hoover was in office. (In 1957)

    Jedgar was an appointee installed by Presidents. His blackmail control over them is what made his longevity.
    Super Eisenhower was the fool that used BIGFed Power to force coloreds on decent Whites.

    The fbi is not even mentioned in the article.
    Blame Ike

  • Regarding the rapidly niggrifying of neighborhoods.

    Manhattan doesn’t become truly elite, when you have coloreds robbing stores in wealthy witey neighborhoods.
    [ed note: how MUCH robbery? one, by a homeless nut or 1000 by Crips? there are more jews in nyc than coloreds]

    Worse, many wites are still in denial of the colored vermin, when they start invading their homes.

    What would any of you have done in this situation?

    • What happens when you have a resentful MINO workforce that despises and resents their wealthy wite masters? Manhattan’s backbone is increasingly colored.

      This isn’t the era where a misbehaved slave backs off when he gets whipped. Coloreds are on the offensive in Obongo’s Congo.

      • What happens when you have a resentful MINO workforce

        This is the future course set by the elite and the jew. Increasing MINOization of the population means more service jobs. Elites have servants shop for them that = MINO 2 MINO interactions.

        That minor issue aside, all you need do is see how CHIComs handle coloreds in Africa. Look to Nigeria, where REDChina buys oil.

      • Who doesn’t resent their job in the USA? The long moneys keep us in line. Again, hope. One has to kill hope.

        People can take a lot of abuse. The accounts of Hollywood and Congressional interns are amazing. They get shit all over.

        I don’t think FP or I wrote many posts on them yet. But the information is out there. Those closest to power are TRUE slaves.

        [ed note: yech. what a dismal enterprise. slogging away in a septic tank so you can kiss asses for fame]

    • Not quite right:

      2 million niggas reside in NYC. That’s a large slave force or welfare target.

      [ed note: again, I REPEAT. Manhattan is an Elite Fortress. I dgaf about nyc or brooklyn. EVERY COLORED crossing brooklyn bridge is photoed and recorded. no matter HOW MANY times you try to make manhattan out as Detroit or Mexico it is not…]

  • Ryu: You missed my point.

    Coloreds resent wites with their seething anger, due to own inherent inferiority and self inflicted disenfranchisement.

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