Establicrats & The Republishment: Queen Hillary

by Firepower

She was once guaranteed ascendancy to the Imperial Throne of Murka. She was the obvious choice for the next winning hand in PC Poker. The LN had to up The Hyphenization-Game after electing a Colored Commie. What tops that? Since 1984, Murkans are always stupider than previously, so they elect the lowest common denominator.

Nobody expected such an evil, Machiavellian conspirator to be so stupid to fall to a homebrew server in her Royal Bath.  (Her body servant forgot to unplug it). But, hubris is well-documented even back to Plato’s days: I wish you all knew the definition of hubris. Ohwellmy.

Trumpists gloat over his rise, but that’s just because he sells ads – both on FUXNooz and the New jew York Times. There’s scant hope he becomes Prezz.

With new and rapidly developing politics, we need …..……cogent analysis from what once was called media; that won’t happen in the Murkan Age. Those skills are long lost – like trying to find a virtuous, marriage-seeking 24-year-old girl who knows how to cook Pot Roast.

We need diagnosis of how many delegates Killary bought in the past – whether by favor – or force. I’m sure Bill has pics of most of them with a 14-year-old callboy at the moment of buttfuckery ecstasy.

Like Trumpet, The Bern makes good copy – and money. That is jewPROP’s motivation. Proper diagnosis is: Can The Bern implement his Brooklyn-to-Vermont jew Socialism as Ruler, or does Killary already have the fix in…

Apparently Trumpy will eke out a nomination, but he still must face a Democratic Government-Ruling Class candidate.

Despite typical bitch-bitching, everything with a vagina will Vote Killary when it comes down to it. But if it’s Boiny, his ludicrous, RED “free college, bubbie!” call to MillennialMORONS will re-re-re-play Obongo’s empty (but successful, victorious) promises.

Remember a few of The Christ of Christs’ huge lies?

  1. Hope
  2. Change!
  3. Most Open Administration in History!!
  4. Close GITMO
  5. I won’t cum up in yo ass!!!

Boinie can be elected by re-re-appealing to Millennial’s dull greed. MOAR busloads of coloreds and Dillennials will make the sojourn to the polls to cast their vote for the New Ruler. And, he’ll actually be worse.

Hitlery will be elected because LNs will hold their nose (for a change) and vote for their lesser of two evils the way Republican’ts voted for shit-sandwiches like McStain, McRomney, Pantload Bushi – and his Wimpi~Poppi.

Couple that with the LN Party replacement for the assassinated Justice Scalia and the starting gun’s shot rings out to those who hear it.



16 Comments to “Establicrats & The Republishment: Queen Hillary”

  1. The whole thing is a circus this time around( even more so than usual.) Everytime I see any of the coverage of these “presidential” proceedings I feel like I’m watching the Jerry Springer Show. In the past they at least tried to make it look respectable and serious even though everyone knew it was a corrupt farce underneath. Now they don’t even try. It’s like the rest of Amerika now, just a freak show. So sit back and relax because we all have front row seats and season passes.

    [ed note: increased chaos is nothing but the expected result as Murkan Decay accelerates…]

  2. The funniest thing is how a NY rich goy is destroying the NeoCohens, Bill Kikristol will create a 3rd Party so Killary can be the new Queen.

    • The jew must maintain control over the colored and LN Mob.
      What you see now is their response to a threat from their position of accustomed control. The jew has ruled Murka for decades and they expect – demand – total rule. They always get it.
      In the past, they tolerated some threats because they were weaker. Now that they’ve held absolute power for so long, this “crazed” response of theirs is what you see manifest.

      Imagine in 20 years when their total power is threatened – not by intellectuals & revolutionaries – but by poverty-stricken serfs resembling Africa and Brazil. These serfs will be armed in mass numbers…

      • FP: I don’t understand you sometimes. Really!

        You hint us that Jews are threatened by restive coloreds in the near future, meanwhile, a post of yours, indicating that Manhattan luxury forts will be ensuring their safety.

        Manhattan’s backbone is no longer a wite majority, but MINO enforced, and this is reminiscent of Murka as a whole in the coming future. If Obongo is prez, most certainly a colored will be that guy who manages your fecal elimination.

        Hedon happy witeBrandon and witeBritney, especially those with daddy’s munny are equally useless, as Tyrone in the hood.

        [ed note: threatened does not mean captured, or even defeated. I am very specific in the meaning my word choices.]

      • The system the jews are using is delicate JS, like a balancing act.

        They NEED colored to scare the whites. But too many coloreds destroys order, which they need to make the $$$. So they need to balance the mino aggression and white serf class very closely.

        It really is magnificent how they do it. It takes such “touch” and sensitivity. I’d like to meet the man behind it. I’m sure that someone of FP’s caliber works for them.

        I don’t think they expect to hold it all forever. I think they expect to lose some pieces.

        You NEVER want to back someone into a corner and take all hope from them. That is one they fight the fiercest. The jewish weakness is their greed and hubris.

        Watch – the next power or internet outage you see. That’s how delicate their control is. I’ve seen it myself.

      • Ryu: Currently, many wites in Murka are no different from coloreds. Essentially, they are parasitical, lazy and hedonistic. Jews are parasites, but they are not lazy or pleasure inducing. They love money, and they get it. Jews as a group produce nothing of worthiness. Think Wall St and Hollywood. Then you have the higher class of wites, who emulate Jews, with their pursuit of money and crass materialism. Manhattan wites signifies the money junkie habits, reflective of Jews.

        Do you blame the Miggas for taking over Murka, because a gardener eventually eradicates pests and parasites that interferes with his crops?

      • A civilization falls and becomes invaded, when an out group comes in to fill void or dirty work that the lazy natives are unwilling. Rome hired foreign mercenaries for its protection. Even the Muzzie empire fell, because pleasure induced muzzies were replaced with hardened muzzies from other tribes who eventually killed them and took over. The nature of man.

  3. The stupidity, propaganda and bullshit of the establishment on both sides of the Atlantic seem to be increasing at an exponential rate at the moment. My guess is its a reaction to the perception of being hated.

    Nice “shop” of Hills btw.

    • The stupidity, propaganda and bullshit of the establishment on both sides of the Atlanti

      As I relate to all my Tranz~Atlantic SuperFriends!, it is not the convenient, stupid Giant’s sole fault: It is no longer Murka that’s to blame for the fall of The West, but all member nations composing the entire Western Civilization.

      • Australia, despite being a far away land from civilization — invites non-Whites of all sorts. wogs, gookas, muzz and others.

        Murka deserves the first fall, because the cesspool toxin is clearly the most potent, then the other Anglo domains ending with Scandinavia.

        [ed note: like William Munny said: Deserve’s got nuthin’ to do with it. Murka is by far the wealthiest western nation. Like Manhattan, its wealth almost guarantees it shall fall last. Poorer wyte western euronations will fall first]

      • The Anglo bitches will fall first, given their out of control MINO infestation.

        Immense wealth of a few in Murka, does not make it the wealthiest. The average wite in trailer land does not live well.

      • The Swedes were beating you lot shitless, in the degeneracy stakes years ago m8. You were just too dumb to realise…

        And now that the Germans are on the job, Europe is producing stupidity at a rate and quality you can never even hope to emulate. So go on, just keep on churning out you cheap plebian crap.

        Even your nigger king has to do homage to the deranged Angela and her Stepford shoveldicks.

        [ed note: you must have me confused for an LN who gaf about hippie issues, either that or your a droonkin foocken’ oirishmun]

    • Colin — I’ve come across a few expats in French Canuckistan from your corners of the world. Scot-Irish-Brit-Wales. Then there’s Aussielanders and my fellow Murkans: I hate them all….Anglophony turds.

      • No bother JS.
        I’m the sort of Anglo who doesn’t give a shit about what wogs think about me. It merely demonstrates that we are doing something right (somehow).

      • Colin — Watch this video and tell me what is wrong with witey Murkans.

        I tell you what I think. Many White Murkans have essentially run their course of usefulness. Typical big city witey works in the office cubicle, doing nothing of significance, just fake office work. Creative director, wine tasting director, marketing director, BS advertising diretor…etc…Heavy lifting/real work is done by our enemies. Most of our construction workers are non-white. Tell me why Murka is doomed and why wite is set to fall, invaded by a large contingent of MINOs. It happened to Rome, and it will happen in the Anglosphere.

  4. Like Manhattan, its wealth almost guarantees it shall fall last. Poorer wyte western euronations will fall first

    FP, you might have a point about the enchanted isle. Manhattan attracts miggas because of its money, and niggas are on their way out, because coloreds are essentially obsolete slaves of yesteryear, no long relevant in our 21st economy.

    You might hate Miggas, but they know how to exploit witeBrandon for a buck, the same way LN and Jews exploit the pleasure loving black savage to their own advantage.

    Why are Muzzies setting up their falafel businesses in neighborhoods of the infidels, known for their drunken revelry and feast n fuck?

    The same reason why wite becomes a LEO pig, serving the fascist LN state. $$$$$

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