3 Types of Cop. Which Are You?

by Ryu

Whatever skills or knowledge a person obtains, sits on top of their basic personality. That personality doesn’t change from childhood.

The person you are doesn’t change. It’s just like basic training from the military – once you graduate, you turn into what you were before. 12 weeks of pushups and DI screaming cannot change years of habits.


“Woo! I have to get me some ACTION! Like a true crime fighter. I can’t wait to run down alleys, scale the walls, and chase criminals. I’m an amazing warrior-cop defending the homeland from the forces of evil.”

This one is in for a shock. Police-work has alot of paperwork and reports. 25-33% of an officer’s time is filling them out. It’s a job with 99% boredom and 1% action. In many ways, a cop is just someone out there collecting money from people in the form of citations and legal fees.


“I want to serve and….….. protect my community from the bad guys. I want to positively affect the lives of others and inspire little children. I want to be a good role model.

What evil monsters criminals are. How DARE they break the noble laws of our great country! Elect me chief and I’ll get tough on crime.”

These are your state and federal agents, the ones who are all hot to advance. They’ve got that big white hat on and want to play the hero.

These are the most dangerous cops, because they actually believe their own lies. Cops lie MORE than the average citizen. They know this too, and hold it back on purpose.


“I just want a steady job that has good benefits and a nice pension. I’m not going to take big risks like chasing suspects on foot or clearing buildings by myself. I just want to put in my time and collect the pension.”

This type has the clearest view of the police. They are selfish and not-risk takers. They view law enforcement as just another job, like a garbage man or street sweeper. It’s not a “calling”, it’s not God’s work. It’s just a way to make money.

Beware those who still believe in fighting crime.

You can’t fight crime; you can only control it. People do what they want to do. We can lock them up, fine them, beat them up or even shoot them. But second we leave, they’ll go back to doing what they were before.

One Comment to “3 Types of Cop. Which Are You?”

  1. This shit society thrives on and praises smug self-righteousness.

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