The Story of One Prison Murder

by Ryu

I found a good docu. It might be surprising how many stabs it takes to kill a man.

2 white cons ice a nigger. They should white power after they are finished. They actually show the assault in this one.

13 Comments to “The Story of One Prison Murder”

  1. 2 white cons ice a Proud-Negro-African-American!

    you post such lite bouncy-brunchy entertainment. think i’ll watch it for the 53rd time with my BeefAROnis.

    • How else shall we build an army of eradicans?

      The USM uses desensitization to train their men. Their killers are quite remorseless. In fact, many get so hooked on the power over life and death that they can’t take it when their drug is denied.

  2. Note the LNmedia HBO’s lavish use of steel guitar n’ Dobro as they pillory White inmates.

    Yep, thetthars Murka’s main problem Cooter: Not coloreds with 35 felony convictions. The problem is White Skinhead criminals.

  3. Yummy! Trailer Park Nazis!

  4. Erinica, WTF? Do you even know what prison is like, much less prison with colored types?

  5. This is a good example of what happens when a man is influenced by a broken bitch. I could’ve easily been in the same situation. At a certain point you have to realize that for whatever reasons, broken bitches choose the drama. They have to fix themselves; you can’t do it for them.

    • what happens when a man is influenced by a broken bitch.

      Tom Leykis and good PUA arm you against warpigs.

      • I prefer the way Manson deals with the system interviewers, as opposed to how Troy does.

        How long…have YOU been in prison? When will you get out? Do you feel regret for your crimes…Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan?

        He puts the system on trial. The late 1960s were actually a revolutionary time. Today is not. Manson represents his time well.

  6. Parents are supposed to arm their children. It seems like most men require at least one experience with a broken bitch to wake the fuck up.

    Hallelujah, everybody say cheese!

    • I think most American parents aren’t armed themselves, Doomie. They can’t teach something they don’t even know about.

      People seemed shocked that prison doesn’t improve prisoners. More Murkan lies. American prisons just make them worse. It’s just part of the legal system, which is a great funnel for money and power.

  7. People are very hard to kill. If it was easy the suicide rate would skyrocket.
    Technology could change this. Maybe a new family of viruses, or a mass-produced nano-drone firing tiny nerve toxin pellets.
    If so, it will be one of the last inventions.

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