Where Do the Working Poor of Martha’s Vinyard Live?

by Ryu

Affordable housing? There is none. The rich can out-bid the poor every time.

The streets? Not allowed. Scares the tourists.

Off the land? There is no public land there.


That’s where the working poor of many areas live. This is trend that began about 20 years ago. They pay by the week and a large portion of their take-home income goes to housing.

150-250/week is not uncommon. That’s 600-1000 per month, with a take home pay of perhaps 40 hours per week x $10/hour which equals about 1600 before taxes.
A “real” wage in flyover country, is ……….$7-11/hour. Big cities are not the country.

There is no magical secret the working poor have that the middle class doesn’t know already. They go without – without healthcare, dental, eye, without resturants or entertainment, often without cars.

The working poor are all around us. Nursing assistants, cashiers, stockers, gas station clerks, pizza delivery, cab drivers, lawn maintainence, waitresses, cleaners, maids. Nursing assistant sounds professional, but it is actually wiping up piss and shit, while perhaps also serving meals or dishwashing.

Slavery never disappeared from the US; it evolved.

America has a slave class, a breeding class, mercenaries, a professional and an elite ruling class. Just because one in a million goes from poor to rich does not mean the US has “social mobility.” It’s called getting lucky.

Consider the entire continental USA as one city. The rich live in certain areas. Whole states are emptied of jobs then emptied of people; the Rust Belt is like this. All the money and power concentrate. One day, the Midwest and Prarie states will be like Central Park in NYC; a park where the elite jog and walk their dogs.

And no one does anything about it.

There’s two groups of people who know what’s happening. The rich, who enact this program and the poor, who are too busy working to fix things. The middle just want to hang on to their spot; they can’t scare the rich because they want to become the rich.

This hope keep the US afloat….for now. The rich hope the poor won’t take their money. The middle hopes for stability. The poor hope to make it another month.

16 Comments to “Where Do the Working Poor of Martha’s Vinyard Live?”

  1. Most of Murkas predicament is equaly blamable on both the Elite who fucked her – and the Middle Class who stood by, eating pizza.

    • For some reason, I can’t generate any outrage with these articles on Murka’s poor. I don’t think anyone is surprised by it.
      [ed note: lol, check yer outrage: YOU wrote this post…]

      In this so-called “capitalist paradise” and “land of dream”, millions of people have to work 2 or 3 jobs just to get by. Most of the USA is not like District 1. A real wage is about 10/hour. And in many places, that’d be HIGH.

      • VRW is not necessarily a bad thing, FP. It is a stage, going from impotent rage to potent rage. It is a necessary step, on both the individual and group level. I’d wager you raged once, long ago.

        Racial knowledge is not enough. You wrote something once about adding the class and religious levels also. But you make fun of the trailerpark whites. Certainly it will not be the rich or middle class whites wanting payback. And the poor also have to overcome the faux-patriotism the USG wants them to feel so they sign up.

      • I’d wager you raged once, long ago.

        Long ago is the key phrase.
        I had no MWNG** to sensibly warn and instruct me away from the futility of timewasting endeavor.

        So, those that still choose to VRW, PP, TDO & NSK willfully decide to wallow in the safety of foolishness.
        If so, then they deserve my abandoning them and… eradication.

        Coaches across the entire pro sports spectrum do not waste time re-teaching non-hackers how to eat, not look into the Sun or take a proper shit.

        Poor Murkans – of all colors – should* be so outraged already that they’ve long gone full IED/homicide bomber on The Beast. That they have not may indicate they deserve eradication; you’ve not come to that point yet of suspecting maybe, there are entire civilizations that should go the way of Romans…
        **master white nationalist guru

      • Ryu: You and FP will shocked with what I will be telling you.

        A group of Murkan wite expats whom I’ve met in Montreal, complained about the witeness of Canuck-Land. They want to return to home sweet MINO land. Canada is too wite for them.

        [ed note: honest to khrist khardashian, wtf DO you talk about with these fegelas?]

      • They must be LNs, JS.

        Sweet minoland. Well, they’ve got plenty of that to choose from. They must like to feel the knife at their throat; there are people like that. These are the type who used to keep dangerous predators, like tigers or lions in their yard.

      • Or people from liberal cities like NYC, DC and SF, where MINOs are the work force that run these luxuriate towns. They stop seeing a nigga/migga-face who serves their food and it becomes unnatural to them.

        Ironically, without MINOs, many wealthy western centers would stop running.

      • Ryu: As mentioned before, not many Murkans of all races, are rational or even sane by any standards.

        Furthermore, Murka has 2 types of wites, both parochial and just fucking out of touch with the universe. I’ll use establishment types like Tucker Carlson from the kookyserve side, and the run in the mill LNs like Bill Maher, to highlight why wites in other parts of the world generally find Murkan witeys disgusting and repugnant.

      • And yes, FP is correct to say that Canada is Murka circa 1990s, when wite still had control of his own house.

  2. Notice how stoic the White kids are and how in their poverty they still want to help others. These are deeply engrained values and I’m not sure they are good ones! Charitable
    giving should only be done by rich people. And thevrivh WILL do it to some extent, otherwise the poor will steal more than they already do.

    Many poor people are simply formerly middle people who were unprepared. Still our ancestors survived in much bleaker conditions. It made them stronger and smarter. The weak truly are being culled from the herd whether we like it or not.

    Honestly, if you have a high enough IQ you can learn almost anything on the internet AND market yourself there too. But some people would rather wallow in self pity.

    • Yet, the trailer parks/nra towns in Murka outwardly disdain welfare, while allowing coloreds to run and breed rampant with their tax money.

  3. honest to khrist khardashian, wtf DO you talk about with these fegelas?

    The same fucking reason why many wites in Murka are lost!

    • The proof is in the pudding. See if the ACTUALLY come back. I LOL when I hear Whites saying they are going to move to another country in Trump gets elected. Not a one of them wants to go to S.America or Asia or Africa. Hahaha closet racists!

  4. This whole shitshow explains why whites choose to have so few children.
    Those that are born are often accidents.

    If only they weren’t too dumb to see what is going on.

    • If only they weren’t too dumb to see

      That is why it needs to be addressed if whytes deserve saving.

      The Whites deserve it, but there are so few as to be statistically insignificant.
      Some whites do, but most, I suspect do not.
      The wites deserve total eradication.

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