BIGovSkool MINO Mind-Control

by Firepower

This is why formerly White students are now wite, mewling, black-cocksucking OWSers for Hitlery.

Lots of clues! Provided fweeeeee from the LN MMM itself:

the Pacific Educational Group is a San Francisco-based LNprop FFOL apparatus education consulting company…

The FFOL/MMM is now totally run by the usual winning combo hand in PC Poker: Feminists, coloreds, Colored-Feminists, faggots and Miggers. Mix n’ match. Wite males are now the reverse of what was: just tokens used to get close, infiltrate and administer the poison to their White Victims.

Like Murka’s future State, feminists first displace simpering LN wite males, then come the coloreds then wtf ever combo of lesbian faggot and degenerate.  The farticle’s ConserVagina – Republican’t author just republicant figure out that……… colored commie cunts run shit now. It just escapes ’em!

PEG’s founder and president, Glenn Singleton is a black man.

No doubt, a Proud-Empowered-African-American-Male. (Just a colored boy to me.) He didn’t do jackshit to earn his millions – unless if you call being born with a black hide an accomplishment. He jes run heem some Game…Still, it proves my theory: MINOs rule Murka now. White Men ruled America. Wite males ruled the interim and now – MINOs run the MMM.

Whites were and are susceptible to Feel GoodProp. All those horseshit lies about: “Follow your dreams! Do what you want and the Money follows!! And, Just Be Yourself!!!”destroyed the most privileged and wealthiest humans in History. For Ryu and PUAs, you recall most of Mystery’s early Game Theory revolved around unteaching all the lies males learned about Whiteknighting bitches.

The FFOL & MMM is almost finished creating their version of The Master Race: Colored mongrels of every type blotting out the White paper until SO76 and White Historical Accomplishments vanish into a statue of Christ-0-Bama in every village square. Heil Hosanna!

First fat-feminazi wite bitches displaced the typical Man Teacher. Then the male numbers dwindled futher as fat-feminazi black bitches came up the ranks and the wite bitches became Principals. Now Migger-Fem-Nazis are the troops with each previous wave of asexual man-hating dykes ascending the ladder to the pinnacle.

Whitest of White States are targeted by the MMM:

  • Lawrence, Kansas – $125,575
  • Osseo, Minnesota – $208,800
  • Bellevue, Washington – $153,600
  • Pittsburgh – $123,324
  • Baltimore County, Maryland – $138,930
  • Corvallis, Oregon – $105,055
  • St. Paul, Minnesota – $369,828

Note the construct of the MMM:

  • keynote speaker at PEG’s Summit for Courageous Conversations back in 2009 was Antonia Darder
  • Another speaker at the 2009 summit was Gloria Ladson-Billings [oic, a hyphenated-African-American-Female; lemmeguess]
  • A speaker at the 2013 PEG Summit was Soñia Niéto…[pure twofer]
  • Another speaker at the 2013 conference was educator and author Lisa Delpi
  • All four supporter of Bill Ayers, a Marxist educator of the terrorist group Weather Underground

The MINO Machine
Minority Government RULERS:


30 Comments to “BIGovSkool MINO Mind-Control”

  1. When you talk to most people (whites or miggers) they still think that the White man is still in charge. All anyone has to do is to just look around and they’ll see that that’s not true, but the perception persists. The moment that the general population realizes that Whites are no longer in charge is when things will really break lose. That is probably when a “hard” genocide will start and Whites will have to pull it together or be exterminated.

    • The MINO Machine
      Minority Government RULERS:


      The vast majority of wn is too illiterate and too ignorant to communicate even the simple list of facts in this evidentiary article. For example, the word evidentiary isn’t even in most thesauruses. They are satisfied – the key word – to Niggerspickike as PeterPanzers.

      Coloreds need wites to be “in charge” purely as a scapegoat and target for killings. It’s good strategy, having someone to hate and kill.

    • It may be awhile on that, Adit.

      South Africa’s situation is far worse than the one in the USA. But even there, the Boer are not awake yet.

      • One difference Ryu. Whites in Africa are less than 10% of the population.

        Also a lot of “Whites” in S.A. are Jews. Not the Boers though, of course. The Jews have no problem watching those hick Boers being exterminated.

      • the Boer are not awake yet.

        how long’s it been since the monkeys took over the sa zoo?
        thus, do still-sleeping wite sa’s deserve restoration?

        or death by eradication?

      • It has been at least 20 years in SA. Mandela took over in 1994, their own Obama. The smart whites left in the 80s.

        Surprisingly, one hears little from the SA WNs. One would think all would know their fate, but it seems that their LN types ignore the threat.

        Rhodesia or Zimbabwe is even worse. Mugabe took over in 87. I think there are only 30K whites left there.

        There is something strange in Zim. It seems some white rich LNs are buying land there? I don’t fully understand it yet. It is under white millionaires.

      • Rhodesia or Zimbabwe is even worse. I think there are only 30K whites left there.

        Then even worldwide, whyts answer to coloreds is to flee, regarding the Fight or Flight Response. Answer for yourself what results those will bring.

      • Have you ever seen the cover of the pig magazines, FP. Sexy! I’m gonna look for a swimsuit issue. They MUST have them.

      • LOL, i keep putting those pics in your posts. I wanna see YOUR picks.

        The 3rd Mrs. Ryu:

      • I prefer the “serious” cop look. You know – grim stare, kitted out with all black tactical shit, scopes and lasers everywhere, sunglasses, short hair cut…Fallujah: the TOUGHEST beat on Earth.

        Those pics amuse me, because they are sooo out there. That’s the biggest con there is.

        I do not like the modern female look (or modern anything.) We need more women from the 70s and 80s.

      • YOU are poolside dude. You have been for a long time. You have contributed nothing. Why don’t you start the eradication process right by eradicating your ridiculous/useless windbag self first?

      • South Africa is interesting in that it was used as a test subject on the best way to exterminate Whites. Everything that is now happening everywhere in the west appears to have been field tested there. From hundreds of years of living near Blacks they KNEW what would happen, but they did it anyway. That is some serious manipulation going on there.

        My personal perspective is that the general White population wont see the light until they’re being chased down the street by machete wielding miggers screaming “Death to all Whites!”‘ Even then I suspect 50% still won’t get it. We can only hope that enough people finally ‘get it’ so we can save ourselves. If not, then we will have failed Nature’s test and we all know what happens then.

      • South Africa is my very fav country for WN interests. I’d like to go there and see it for myself. It is one place where WN “should” just take off. Best of all, they have no police state there.

        Their homicide clearance rate is in the teens, if I remember right. They don’t have the $$$ or brains for our high tech forensics.

        The crazy thing is, they STILL have white LNs there. It blows my mind.

      • SA wites behave like MurkanWITE: they run at the first sign of niggra. They move off the block then move OUT of Durban. They took their Manolo Blahnik shoeboxes full 0′ Krugerrands and moved to Swissville.

        Murkans move out to the FlyyFarmz to suckle on Erin’s withered teat and leathery nipples.

      • is the a difference between a teat and a nipple?

        PS. Ryu I understand it is very difficult to get info from SA. This is a well known source, written by a Jewess:

      • understand it is very difficult to get info from SA.

        sa is the world’s leading producer of both the GODs of the jew: diamonds n’ gold.

        The jew fucked-up in anticipating their coup against the SAgov meant stoopid cullerdz would be easy to manipulate instead of the savvy White Boers.
        But, the culerdz are vicious and greedy, thus foiling their plans a bit. African blacks are not necessarily all stupid as the pampered, sheltered, welfare-suckled Murkan black. Africans are hard, sharp killers who know when they’re getting “jewed”

        Any “difficulty” incurred getting SA info is the deliberate blockade by jewMEDIA to benefit Manhattan jewBUX.

      • FP, I now wonder if it is necessarily bad for whites to run?

        This has happened before, to the jews. They have been chased from many nations. And yet, they survive.

        There are pure white communities in the third world. There are Aryan type Mennonites in Central America. Little mixing with the minos around them. Similar in South America.

        There are large groups of white men who can’t stand the US anymore. So they go to SEA (south east asia.) They seem to hang mostly with other expats.

        Seems like fighting is not an option. Most don’t have that instinct anymore. So retreat is the logical play.

      • This has happened before, to the jews. They have been chased from many nations. And yet, they survive.

        The jew doesn’t just merely “flee” they acquire political and monetary power from the majority. The jew plays (and wins) the win/lose zero sum game against all opponents.

        The jew is educated for dominance’s sake.
        The jew has a Winner MindSet.

        Jews do not move to Alaska in a sod hut to FlyyFarmm.

      • Thanks! I used to go there often, but had forgotten what it was called.

  2. The high IQ “jewhite” male is still in charge of… Authoring the Narrative and distributing it globally though all manner of media. And the one thing that becomes clearer and clearer is that “white supremacy” hangs over the heads of the entire globe like a dark and foreboding cloud. AND EVEN THOUGH the FFOL relentlessly and continuously cite “white supremacy” as that which stands, in principle, antithetical to “liberal progressivism” and perpetuates this phrase throughout the media, the high IQ “jewhites” of the alt-rite/Neo reaction/NS/tradcon spheres CANNOT EVEN BE BOTHERED TO NOTICE! Ergo, “they” are in on the ideologically-driven process of “white” self-annihilation. “They” are in on this DESIRE for a mass annihilation of whites BECAUSE fundamentally, “they” are anti-white Supremacy. “They” are REALLY for the HIDDEN ANNIHILATION of the genuine white Supremacist. A real enemy would cut the head off. That’s not “white” liberal. That’s white Supremacist. “White” liberals cutting EACH OTHERS’ heads off is just the “perfect” distraction.

    • Kikes are always hated, because they are both parasitic and destructive in nature, and unlike the dark africano, they contain certain mental pathologies of universal annihilation, where as the black man is self annihilating and he annihilate others in his vicinity.

  3. Jews do not move to Alaska in a sod hut to FlyyFarmm.

    Again, parasitic cunning Jewlers were never creators in the 1st place. witey was and is still the apex of civilization.

    Hence, many kikes stay in Neel Yaawk and other luxury cities to be served up like kings, by goyim who make their food and transport them around.

    • Again, parasitic cunning Jewlers were never creators in the 1st place

      know your hatreds before you speak, lest enemies brand you ignorant: From antiquity to the Renaissance, jews were goldsmiths, jewel miners, merchants, and glaziers etc. Hardly office jobs.

      • mostly parasites in wite domains.

        jews do not create cities or wonderlands that attracts them, and other destroyers of wite civilization.

        they didn’t even build nyc.

        they dictated to the goyim to build the empire state building for them and their luxuriate city.

      • manhattan jews are vastly overrepresented in parasitic industries like finance, accounting, law and propaganda-media.

        only stupid wite-Brandon becomes a chef at a five start restyrant, feeding vampires (many of whom are jews) who luxuriate on the enchanted isle.

      • so long as the jew, the Migger and every MINO blatantly parade around white cities with impunity, they will continue committing RaceCrime as openly as colored gangs in 3rd world murder and rape.

        NSK will never help you.
        All it does is propagandize The Hate as seeds to attract new recruits.

        But, that isn’t happening either, is it…

  4. Ryu: The comparison between Jews of the old world and wite in Murka is different. wite gave everything away to MINOs, hence Murka is now in shambles.

  5. FP: Pleasure inducing witey comatose – leave them alone. They need a rude awakening – only when MINOs start gang raping their daughters, wives, girlfriends.

    At the moment, they just wanna have fun!

    • leave them alone. They need a rude awakening

      This standard WN scenario always leads me to the same conclusion: If no one is capable of harming me and family and so very few whites are on my side…why not dgaf.

      I am the one more capable of doing grievous harm to enemies. I am usually the most dangerous person not only in the room, but the square mile vicinity…
      Better to die violently once than suffer a lifetime of indignities from the MMM.

      • FP: I probably need to make a trip to the south and parts of the midwest where wites are actually suffering from the indignities of MINOs and the FFOL, where I get a raw feeling of disdain.

        NYC is all witeBrandons on daddy’s dole – I see them all the time.

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