Muzz VS Western Whites

by Firepower

Ryu Was Once an Arab!

This battle is not between Muzz and Murka. It is not even between Muzz and the entire West = just Western Whites.

Muzz have little grievance with coloreds and not even Miggers who worship the Pope. The Holy Roman Catholic Church seems to get a pass for all that Crusade-y stuff. Odd. You do not see Muzz invading Mexico or Brazil, even though both are incredibly wealthy nations; LIUFY. Mexico is neither some dirt shithole. That’s where mediaPROP steers you, but that’s another story.

Historically, Muzz violently slaughter dangerous enemies, then mop-up defeated, fleeing warriors and kill them in…..….. gruesome ways as a warning to leave the survivors to cower in fear as they pluck the plushest pussy to plop in the hareem.

Muzz have no fear of coloreds because blacks are their allies. Muzz know coloreds are so stupid in their hunger for “racial identity” that they rush to slap on Muzz surnames – even though Muzz were one of the main marketers of colored slaves. Hell, every rich, advanced society used them for slaves. You can tell the Muzz are Hip because not once over centuries have they ever let coloreds into their own nations to breed.

Muzz feel the same for Miggers. They are no threat. Miggers are preoccupied hating witey – as are coloreds. The Most Holy of Holy Roman Catholic Church is ignored because it is a hollow whorehouse of peter-pumping paêdophiles, real estate agents, lobbyists and bankers: You might as well just mail your worshipful-McWorshippy Sunday tithe directly to Goldman-Sachs.

That leaves wites with their Space Missiles and aircraft carriers: Bingo.

Muzz achieved great success in turning back the clock, returning to the Good Olde Days of their rise to power. If you know your history (which most of you do not) it’s the same Caliphate Stuff from an eon ago: LIUFY. Muzz proved you can recreate what made you great – with added IED/WMD super-powers!

Recreating what made Whites Great is also what WN sought to do. Muzz are a type of Religious Nationalists seeking a nation of like-minded Muzz. These RN all get along for a time with Iraqi tolerating Jordanian tolerating Turk etc., the way Whites in the USA were united by Irish tolerating Italian tolerating French. Then, after they’ve no foreigners to fight, it all blows up once they start fighting domestically among themselves. A-rabs are at their best when fighting a common enemy, either the USA or israel – the way the FFOL is united in combat against White Men. WN was a coalition of Whites united against an emerging FFOL, but it caught the Aryan Bug and alienated everyone who didn’t have an Uncle in the SS – so it fragmented into what we see today.

19 Comments to “Muzz VS Western Whites”

  1. Only this part was totally new to me— “WN was a coalition of Whites united against an emerging FFOL, but it caught the Aryan Bug and alienated everyone who didn’t have an Uncle in the SS – so it fragmented into what we see today.”

    That is all I’ve ever know them to be actually. Trailer park losers, angry white dudes VERY FAR AWAY from niggers, by and large, with copies of Mein Kampf covered in sperm. Fucking sad… THIS, this is our best and brightest? NOT ON MY WATCH NIGGA. They are not the 1st up against the wall, that is reserved for liberals and ‘Eskimos’, but they would be the 2nd for polluting the gene pool, 3rd this may surprise you at is only because we must give anyone a pass that is 1 to 2 levels down the evolutionary chain. How can you -really- hate on blacks? One of your goofy ass posters here tried to call me on this I think within the last few weeks. Oh wait! No! It was because I said I respected ‘Muzz’ but the same principle applies doesn’t it thordaddy? I respect Muzz only for there complete accept of self-annihilation for a cause, but in a perfect world I don’t shit on africans too becuase it would be like going to the zoo and expect primates to write on paper or speak a language. Get fucking real…

    They’ve only been in civilization for about 400 years give or take. Prior to that they were simply the top animals on the food chain. Whites, Asians, etc. had been building actual civilization for uhh? About 2000 years prior, give or take. Japanese feudalism, Chinese dynasties, Romans, Greeks, Britons, If you were 2000 years late to a party, you would be 100% fucked up too. Where it all went south is, we decided they were human beings at same point, –THEY ARE NOT— they are Homo Habilis ( ) at the low end and perhaps Homo Erectus ( ) at the high end. Either way? Who -fucking cares-, God decided to curse this race of man-beasts with a 1.9 million to about 100,000 thousand year backlog when competing with humans. Why, why?!

    Maybe in another life they were a race of horrible conquerors who subjugated entire planets in a galactic civilization. Probably not… he just doesn’t care so gave them an evolutionary disadvantage that would last at least 1000 up to 1 million generations. OUCH.

    • “Respect” for self-annihilation is exactly what dooms “white” male to certain extinction. “Respect” for self-annihilation was made into an obscenely prophetable, technologically-advanced “art” form courtesy a colllective of de facto homo high IQ “jewhites.”

      The muzz suffer under the same de facto homo “passions” propagated by a high IQ class of Islamic preachers.

    • Perpetuating self-annihilation must be the worst kind of degradation because it is always at the behest of a cabal of the most sexually degenerate.

    • Besides the inflammatory words, which they themselves cause further and needless rift among whites, the Ugly Truth remains that wites actually no longer deserve primacy in the real world. Never mind some fantastic “supremacy”. They don’t have the toughness and certainly have no intellect on the WN, wS or wn side.

      Warriors consist of brave and foolhardy youth unaffected by their awareness of mortality. Their motivation consists of accepting and internalizing the teachings of older, wiser men of experience who also long for the battlefield. To do this, young men must have the capacity of vision.

      Muzz have this, and willingness to die if necessary to kill merely two enemies. Trailerpark nazis lack this totally. Muzzism attracts recklessly brave warrior youth as well as learned scholars, while wn attracts just those eager to slap a Swastickee on the first thing available.

      • I cannot fault Adolph, FP. He tried doing something not done for a long time – to kick out the jews and have a purely white ethnostate. He was doing great, but lost control. I know and “feel” why it happened.

        The tragedy was that he did this in Europe. Euro nationalism tends to be Pole vs German vs Russian etc. It’s not good. They are too close to one another.

        We’ve learned. Balkan and Russian WNs use the swastika too now. They’ve adapted it as our symbol. I think they forgive Hitler.

        There is a joy in the exercise of power. The greatest power on Earth is the power over life and death. Cops and soldiers are “diverse” but united by a common love of this power.

        Once someone feels that that is like, it’s hard to give up. THAT is what will make WN work. Not the intellectual stuff.

        We have a problem now. We can’t pay people yet. People can work anywhere for anyone and they’ll not conflict if the $$$ is good. We have no carrot to tempt WNs with. That’s the diff between real life and the computer.

      • 2 Ryu :

        I cannot fault Adolph, FP

        Who ordered the Battle of Britain, then ordered a withdrawal?
        Who ordered “no retreat” for German soldiers surrounded in Stalingrad?
        Who ordered the Battle of Kursk?
        Who withheld tank divisions in Normandy on June 6th, 1944?

        If ya believe teh joojies “forced” Dolfi to stand at Stalingrad…well…oh boy

        We’ve learned. Balkan and Russian WNs use the swastika too now.

        As the greatest causalities from the swastika, they have a different attitude than we.
        Still, such views stem more from legitimate aims to provoke and afflict the Establishment out of long, long deserved (but frustrated) hate.

        You must use caution in allowing your emotion to choose the flag you fly.

      • Have you ever sat at a gaming table FP and watching someone who was hot?

        It changes a man. The rules no longer apply to me. This will last forever. I cannot lose. It’s not just Hitler, I’ve felt it also strongly, at times. The only thing that helped me was some respect for statistics and STEM.

        Hitler did so much in such a little time. He came from nothing. We get greedy. Hitler was unbeatable for a brief time, and felt he could do anything. It intoxicates. I still admire him.

        And it works in both directions. A man who is hot thinks he’ll never lose. And the loser thinks he’ll never win again. WN is like that now. They think it’ll never change. In time, the average return is earned.

        Much of my style comes from gambling. The “human technology” of self control has no substitute. It is as old as the species. There’s no app for it, no electronic computer magic. Our time is not special or unique.

        [ed note: yep, Dolfi did some great things…but LOL you still didn’t answer even one question…]

      • Well, I’m American, FP:) Their politicians taught me well.

        Hitler ordered those things. But he was intoxicated with the drink of success.

        [ed note: i dunno. the pols didnt teach ya 2good to love niggers…fwiw Reagan, Bushi and Trumpster are our pals too, they’re just drunk with success. so, you must forgive them as ye forgiveth teh dolfi]

    • There is a method to control and minimize “random” chance, AP. One has to draw upon another field: gambling.

      I cannot condense years of study and practice into one paragraph. The POV is that a casino may not know what an individual spin of the dice will do. Yet they know within very close bounds, what their return ought to be.

      Try this:

    • In many ways, the blacks and miggers are of no consequence. It is the white LNs which must be eliminated. I would stop mentioning them all, but that many need to see an external enemy, not an internal one.

      It’s a large number of whites that needs to be eliminated.

      When Anders killed 200 liberal kids, many WNs were upset with him. He was ahead of his time. In many ways, we promote white genocide – for a specific portion of whites.

      The analagous situation is in the Murkan penal system. Racist white gangs have carved out a niche. AB, NLRs, PWs. Life on the outside is much like life on the inside.

      [ed note: FP Say: eradicate the enemy that is closest to your throat]

    • No offense but your perception of White Nationalists is likely mainly influenced by the Jew controlled media. Sure there are dysfunctional people everywhere. I’m over it but there are also MANY thoughful, intelligent White Nationalist/Separatists.

      You play into our enemies hands when you believe their version of who we are. They don’t want us to unite! As long as we are hating on 3ach other they can keep tightening the noose.

      Try to meet up with like-minded people. It’s easier than ever with Trump running for office. You will be be pleasantly surprised at how many doctors, attorneys, business owners etc. that are on our side.

  2. The reality…

    Muzz attacks on genuine white Supremacy: 0!

    Muzz attacks on other Muzz: untold numbers!

    A pack of perpetuating self-annihilators worthy of no respect. Deracinated to the core like the worst of the “white” liberal. And DRIVEN to self-annihilation by a degenerate sexual desire.

    Which mocker of Heaven has ever mocked a Muzz for actually believing he is rewarded with 72 virgins for eternal smashing due his “faith” in an unknowable god?

    [ed note: note that you mockMuzz 4 their gawd…the way xtian holyrollers are mockt 4theirs…]

    2nd time x[ed note: note that you mockMuzz 4 their gawd…the way xtian holyrollers are mockt 4theirs…]

    • I can’t imagine anything more degenerate than allowing yourself to be killed.

      Oh I know, he “came back to life”. If he was god he wouldn’t have to die for our “sins”. The whole story is retarded and the self sacrificing nature of christianity is why Whites are so compassionate to other races, even as our own people die faster and faster now either thru violence against them or by the Jewish run medical establishments (and other factors too numerous to list here). The liberals too are heavily influenced by christianity, as they try to out-christian the christians with THEIR compassion.

      There IS no perfection Thordaddy. You can strive for it but it doesn’t exist. Survival is MY religion. If you don’t survive, you’re fuc ked.

      • Well, I may be able to explain Jesus.

        Some would say it takes more strength to be merciful. As the son of god, Jesus certainly could have killed everyone. Instead, he allowed them to torture him, put him on the cross, and kill him. He asked that they be spared.

        This is a perspective I’ve seen. They have also said that Jesus the revolutionary eventually brought down the Roman empire.

    • Editor… That wasn’t the trade-off. There was no trade-off. You don’t know what you’re writing about…


      You have exactly pinpointed THE REAL DIVISION amongst the white race… A real division between those whites who believe in objective Supremacy, ie., white Supremacists and those “whites” who reject Perfection AS EVEN CONCEIVABLE*, ie., anti-white Supremacists.

      And so part of the Narrative is taking an individual like you, with your enhanced racial realization, and portraying you as a “white supremacist” when, in reality, you are not by your own admission and testament of fundamental belief, ie., no objective Supremacy… No Perfection… No Perfect Man… And certainly, no perfect white man. NO WHITE SUPREMACISTS. None. Not now, yesterday or in the future.

      And yet, you cannot conceive that this most “cherished” belief of the anti-white Supremacist is, in fact, the most critical step towards one’s total descent and annihilation.

      * A wide swath of the diverse mass simply cannot imbibe the equation, Perfection = objective Supremacy. They can “see” the “truth” in man = women, but only because they truly cannot conceive of the “variables” in the first equation.

  3. After 9/11 every mosque in the USA should have been seized for reparations.
    Instead liberal hipsters present their butts when they see a Muslim and make whimpering sounds.

    It MIGHT conceivably still happen if the Muslims do something extremely outrageous, like a torture basement is found, or more likely they crash a 777 into a nuclear plant and three million people have to relocate. I prefer the torture basement.

  4. I outdo them in religion. Hell is eternal, hell is eternal, hell is eternal…

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