The More Active, the More Precautions Necessary

by Ryu

Here, we reveal one of the true secrets of this world.

The longer somebody does something, the more probable extremely rare events will become. Both good events and bad ones, though the bad are always favored.

How probable is it to flip an honest coin and to get 100 heads in a row?

If you only flip coins for a short time, its unlikely. If you flip coins for a very long time, it will happen.

This lesson becomes real during action. People who are too active, without an appreciation for the probabilities of things, usually get caught. This is because they set…..….. patterns that become easier to trace. In fact, a good agent has to become more cautious as he gains experience, because more bad things become probable with a longer career.

This phenomena happens everywhere. If a cop works long enough, he sees amazing things:

A fire investigator who starts fires.

A homicide detective who kills.

Organized Crime units working for cartels and mobs.

21 Comments to “The More Active, the More Precautions Necessary”

  1. It is amazing sometimes what will finally get someone pinched. I think back to the ‘Beltway Sniper’ in 2002 and remember it well as it was going on right outside my front door. I remember one nig-nog with average military training and his sidekick homo lover shutting down the nation’s capital.

    These guys just a year after 9/11 inflicted mass terror and did it well with very little means. Driving around in a busted up beater car with two holes drilled in the trunk of it. How much more low tech can you get than that? But as we’ve seen throughout the ‘war on terror’ men with some heart who are not afraid to die will beat technology all day everyday.

    I remember people hiding behind gas pumps for fear of being randomly shot, it was surreal to witness it in front of your eyes.

    The entire wikipedia entry is here-

    But these parts are most relevant “On October 3, 2002, police in Washington, D.C. stopped the Caprice for a “minor traffic infraction”, two hours prior to the shooting of Pascal Charlot, after which witnesses reported seeing a Caprice near the scene.

    On October 8, 2002, Baltimore Police Department investigated a dark blue Chevrolet Caprice with a person sleeping inside parked near the Jones Falls Expressway at 28th St. in Baltimore. The officers were concerned that the driver’s license was from Washington state and the vehicle tag was from New Jersey. Although the vehicle was suspicious enough for them to investigate, and it fit the description of a vehicle associated with the shooting in Washington, D.C. five days earlier, the officers did not question the occupants extensively, nor did they search the vehicle.

    Authorities were quick to issue a media alert to the public to be on the lookout for a dark blue Chevrolet Caprice sedan. For the public, as well as for law enforcement agencies throughout the region, this was a major change from the mysterious “white box truck” earlier sought based upon reported sightings.”

    They let them go more than once, that is insane.

    How did this terror spree finally end? In a totally random fashion the so called ‘extremely rare event’ mentioned above. They were sleeping in their car at a rest stop on a highway pretty far away from their activity zone. The only thing that tipped anyone off is they had been there many hours which is suspicious (if only minorly so). But sometimes that is all it takes. So next—

    “The incident came to a close at 3:15 a.m. on October 24, 2002, when Muhammad and Malvo were found sleeping in their car, a blue 1990 Chevrolet Caprice (which had been dismissed earlier in the investigation), at a rest stop off of Interstate 70 near Myersville, Maryland, and arrested on federal weapons charges. Police were tipped off by Whitney Donahue, who noticed the parked car. (Four hours earlier, Montgomery County police chief Charles Moose had relayed this cryptic message to the sniper: “You have indicated that you want us to do and say certain things. You have asked us to say, ‘We have caught the sniper like a duck in a noose’. We understand that hearing us say this is important to you”.

    They had the chief of police saying whatever they wanted him to say on TV to the world, that is crazy. He would do anything to just stop the next killing at that point. Had they decided to go to a different rest stop or only sleep for an hour? Who knows how long it would have continued. Random chance is a bitch in that way, you cannot control for all situations all the time.

    The most absurd part is, these two clowns weren’t even taking very long shots. Basic rifleman in the Marines for instance should be good out way past 200 yards. Not a marksman or ‘sniper’ just a grunt. These guys were taking most of their shots below 100 yards so I found it odd that they were coined ‘DC Snipers’. Liberal blue state thing I suppose. *shrug* They had the benefit of a ‘silencer’ of sorts in that the shooter was in the trunk of the vehicle which is a natural sound suppressor.

    • The most absurd part is, these two clowns weren’t even taking very long shots.

      These guys were taking most of their shots below 100 yards

      Never ever underestimate the low quality of the black.

      • “Low quality” is a matter of perspective.

        Most police snipers shoot within 100 meters, too. They are considered pretty impressive. These are the guys who do recon on a site before SWAT comes, sit on the roofs during bank robberies or hostage situations.

        It is not the distance fired that should impress. It is the ability to move, take a successful shot, and escape without detection. THAT is the impressiveness you seek.

        As always, the gun itself is only about 1% of the whole thing. There are many skills necessary before putting a gun in someone’s hands. I would say the gun is the last thing one ought to learn.

        Someone could make a “successful” kill at 1000 meters….and be in cuffs 2 minutes later. This is not the acme of excellence.

      • swatzis at 100y operate w/in a 1/2 moa area and hit apricots in 3/4 groups, while a negro making a 12 inch group at 100 is quite a diff.

        the low quality reference is for their characteristic of being motivated for the lowest of reasons and doing that task with equally low skills.

      • A gift, AP.

        This is a docu on his wife. There is a tie in with the MRM. She offers a view on his personality, and she then cashed in on the female victimhood racket.

      • “A gift, AP.” Great link man, I remember watching this semi recently just slightly before ‘that thing’ that occurred. I remember also talking some shit at that time about how fucking dumb these guys were leaving so many clues. Different perspective now of course, which doesn’t change my overall feelings it just reminds me of something maybe even -you- do not get. You cannot, ever, fucking ever, 100% predict for random chance. I tried to illustrate this to you with the ‘going to 7-11 for a frappucino’ scenario. Not sure if you got it, but doesn’t make it any less true too.

        Like I said before hindsight is always 20/20 and anyone can be a Monday Morning Quarterback after the game went to shit over the weekend.

      • “Low quality” is a matter of perspective.

        I think, ‘think’ I get your point here which was mine. Two homeless negroids with a bone to pick against white people (VERY racist if you watch that vid you will get part of it, mostly targeted whites, but some coloreds too in a more random fashion) managed to cause a lot of damage. But I have said recently before one thing and again I must say I just DID NOT understand that this is not common whatsoever. If it had been two WHITE marines with that same intent? How much worse could it have been? Dunno, much worse, I am guessing…

        Most police snipers shoot within 100 meters, too. They are considered pretty impressive. (by liberal plebes who have never been on the business end of a rifle).

        I am -well- aware of how SWAT works, when you get caught off guard none of that matters. I’m an (slightly above) average shot, I was blessed with having an indoor rifle range nearby and a background, and a father who was a hardcore Marine dude. I can hit the ’10 ring’ (read: center mass) all day every day even in weather from 100M with ANY rifle, especially w/ optics. Fuck man, kids can do that really. So who is impressed? In the armed forces? And you need to also understand this, people SHOOT BACK, almost always. This is why even though these poor Jordies get blown apart I don’t hate on them. Police most of the time will get nothing like that. SWAT especially so. If you are not fairly accurate out to 400M give or take you ain’t gonna get a Marksman designation. 500+ for sniper to even get on the line and try to qualify. Police ‘snipers’ shoot at 100M because that is a typical distance in a populated area.

        It is not the distance fired that should impress. It is the ability to move, take a successful shot, and escape without detection. THAT is the impressiveness you seek.” Yes, tell me all about it ‘Ryu’, street fighter character. I certainly am listening having only watched videos on youtube about how to ‘move around and do stuff’ in some of the most highly restrictive places on earth. Nigga please… did I mention above? Random chance is a bitch in that way, you cannot control for all situations all the time.

    • The true “magic” of the DC area snipers was their ability to act outside of the system.

      Military or police training alone is not impressive. An 18 year old American HS student can become a marine within 12 weeks. And an average 21 yo can become a cop inside 6 months. I do not find their training particularly demanding. All that is demanded today, is obedience.

      To combine this ability of acting for oneself, with military discipline, is quite rare. Less than 1 in a million. It may be the rarest thing in the world.

      Don’t be too down on those guys, AP. There are 2 million cops and 1 million soldiers in the USA. Don’t look at the trigger pull – look at the will to do it – and the willingness to risk one’s freedom- how many of them could replicate their feat?

  2. Speaking of, from reddit on the recent Trump protest in Chicago:

    “I was listening to the police scanner throughout. Two people were shot in one of three separate shooting incidents. The cops were chasing a white dodge ram with temp tags, I’m unsure if they were able to stop the vehicle. There were multiple assaults happening everywhere. It came over the scanner that a group of black protestors were targeting and assaulting white Trump supporters. Rioters were stealing Trump signs from supporters and ripping them up. They were throwing bottles and rocks at police. They managed to climb the walls of the parking garage and up on the third floor were hitting cars with bats and hammers smashing in windows. Two police officers were taken to the hospital with serious injuries. They were blocking highways and side streets trying to prevent people from leaving so they could attack them. People were getting violent with police and when they would arrest someone other people would come over and attack the police. Two hispanic males shot at a firetruck. A black male was seen walking around with a handgun, description was white shirt black pants red shoes.

    It was insane. Even crazier was the fact that the media wasn’t reporting on any of it. You know they have scanners and the entire time I’m hearing the people on the news saying that it was a peaceful protest.”

    And another longer account:

    “I feel that I experienced today, for the first time in my life, true totalitarianism and authoritarianism, expressed laterally from citizen to citizen, in order to silence opinions from being shared. This enforcement was shared through sheer numbers and intimidation, and in a few cases, violence.”

    • a group of black protestors were targeting and assaulting white Trump supporters

      Sadly, there must be many more instances of coloreds clearly proving (by their own actions) their structural threat to the future State. Despite your witnessing true events, wites still slumber like fools. They have not developed what I term Race Consciousness. In addition – and even worse – they surely have no conscious awareness of their slavery to the MMM.

      Even crazier was the fact that the media wasn’t reporting on any of it.

      jewPROP media is entirely designed to suppress facts that will then anger wites into violently responding to colored violence. The jew knows what the colored does not: That will be a slaughter that, once ignited, cannot be contained. It will destroy the nation – not We The People, but the economic infrastructure – which is all the jew cares for.

      Once the Colored Problem is dealt with, then all MINOs might be eradicated and the current filth will disappear, resulting in an “America II” vastly different than today’s Jewmerika. It might be paradise, but it could also be a tyrannical state like Nazi Germany. Some here long for that day, but such a dictatorship is fraught with hubris that destroys it in the arrogance of Stalingrads or crazy Soviet style misappropriations of funds resulting in their collapse as well.

      • “It’s journalistic malpractice, except it’s not because it’s not journalism. It’s advocacy disguised as journalism, they are advocates for one side, but they never, ever admit that.”

        To quote El Rushbo, who correctly calls them the “drive by” media, they do hits like the mob.
        Most journalists are de-facto agents of the state at this point, propagandizing on its behalf…

      • Damn man… I -really- want to comment on this but you nailed it. Just a follow up to what you said. Yesterday for the first time in umm? Forever? Not a president, not a vice president, not an ex-president. Let this sink in like I’ve asked of you recently about other surreal shit I have told you. — A presidential nominee — was surrounded be SS agents.

        Has that ever even happened before? I’m too lazy to look it up but I 100% understand it. Today? 24 hrs later, I saw that nigga on youtube becoming EVEN MORE RADICAL. Three times during his 45min speech his security had to stop people from getting on stage to likely kill him. If you need -any- evidence of how radical the ‘Democrats’ have become, look no further. They are as bad as any regime in history has ever been about silencing or executing dissidents, especially leaders who are rich.

        So today, mid-day The Don had another rally in Ohio, remember, mid-day SLOW NEWS TIMES. NOT ONE NETWORK carried it. Not one, this should also tell you all you need to know right now. CNN, FOX, MSNBC, CBS, whatev have everything to lose, nothing to gain. He went even farther right today so much so I was fucking LOL for much of his speech. It seemed actually surreal to hear a white guy talk that way. I also realized why 3 people attempted to physically attack him again on stage after yesterday.

        What he said up there? ‘America II” and I’m skeptically hopeful about this, could actually occur. Never in my wildest imagination did I think I’d see a presidential candidate just being a European Conqueror and Ruler, because, well, we are. Always have been, and in spite of any jew propaganda from the last 100 years particularly, always will be.

        I understand FP’s other concern too, but I don’t perceive it will come to pass. Partly because we are in a ‘soft genocide / dictatorship’ for a few decades now. So that should change we hope… we hope.

      • I understand FP’s other concern too, but I don’t perceive it will come to pass.

        I’ve often stated such actions will be stupidly postponed until you are 147 years old. Perhaps you’ve been away from Eradica and missed it.

      • Radicalization… we can only dream.

      • The pendulum must swing.

    • Ah, the moment of awakening.

      But…it will take much more than just one moment. It will take him at least 5 years to put something useable together. I put no stock in this incident. The work has only begun.

      That “true” totalitarianism has been around for at least 45 years in the USA. He has just now felt it. I was stupid once also, and thought I was living in a free country.

      It takes something special to become one of us. He has miles to go.

  3. All true, but they are most likely to make a stupid blunder when just starting out.
    Even so, the odds are in their favor at first.

  4. I guess a very brilliant person would leave fake clues or create separate fake profiles for himself each time he performed a direct action.

  5. If your mind ain’t right, you can’t really fight!

    For my whole entire life, it was made known that “white supremacy” was, is and will be public enemy number one. IF you were black AND DID NOT ATTRIBUTE to “white supremacy” all the spiritual, intellectual and physical degredation suffered by the “black man” THEN one was not REALLY black in any KNOWABLE MANNER. IF you were featured in the media as an agitator against liberal progressivism from a racial angle, you were LABELED a “white supremacist.” Both the ACLU and the SPLC made their names in exposing “white supremacists.” And all the scariest collectives of white men, e.g., Nazi, Ku Klux Klan, NRA, HAs, ArBr, etc., always ended up being “white supremacist” and/or linked to “white supremacy,” BUT ALMOST NEVER appropriated the actual label for themselves… Not Rockwell, not Pierce, not Covington, not Linder, not Tanstaafl, not White, not Duke, not Tort… NONE OF THEM!

    AND EVEN NOW and a mere four years ago, “we” had a Mitt Romney and now a Donald Trump AS stealth “white supremacists!” Or,at least, “white” men of the “right” who apparently will not disavowal “white supremacist” support.

    And yet, at the top of this white racial realization are ANTI-“white supremacists.” It’s so ABSURD as to mindboggle your average white male. He literally cannot comprehend how it is that one side HATES, HATES, HATES the “white supremacist” and on the other side ARE NO SELF-PROCLAIMED “white supremacists!!!”

    So there is no other side… It’s REALLY all one side of anti-white Supremacists FORWARDING a process of mass “white” self-annihilation and screaming “genocide” as though they were putting the cherry on top.

    • Good stuff, TD. But one has to be careful telling others about being a WS today.

      [ed note: does that care also apply to liberal use of the swastika?]

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