A Few Days in a Patrol Officer’s Work

by Ryu

It is good to see some WNs taking an interest in policework. The police enforce the USG’s will domestically. Soldiers enforce the USG’s will abroad. Neither is your friend.

Below are some REAL activity logs from a pig. The shift is 3-11pm. The shift starts with roll call and an equipment check. The shift ends checking the equipment again and clocking out.

Police have a queue of service calls. Someone calls dispatch and wants something. Dispatch assigns a priority. A service call may take 3 minutes or an hour to answer, depending upon……….. the priority. Time between service calls is spent writing reports, running radar, writing tickets, or patrolling the neighborhood. The more severe the crime, the more and longer the reports.

Maybe on a typical shift 10 officers are working. That depends on the department. The call goes to whoever’s closest, but sometimes by experience. Roll call takes about 15 min.


0340 – Fight

0358 – Breaking and Entering Alarm

0400 – Drug Overdose

0609 – 911 Hang Up Call

0650 – Disorderly Juveniles


0335 – 911 Hang Up Call

0400 – Hold Up Alarm

0412 – Drug Activity

0430 – Check for Runaway

0535 – Disorderly Suspects

0556 – Prisoner Transport

0636 – MDOP Report (Malicious Destruction of Property)


0340 – 911 Hang Up Call

0356 – Susipcious Vehicle

0403 – Family Trouble

0430 – Suspicous Person

0450 – Disorderly Juvenile

0659 – Assist General Public

0715 – Family Trouble

1000 – Possible Breaking and Entering of Vehicle

We are unable to find a suspect or vehicle being broken into. The was was anonymous and we have no way to follow up.


0350 – Felonious Assault

0520 – Breaking and Entering Alarm

0525 – Suspicious Person

By the time this call goes out, it is already more than an hour old. The subject is gone.

0537 – Breaking and Entering Alarm

0630 – Fight

0800 – Breaking and Entering Report

12 Comments to “A Few Days in a Patrol Officer’s Work”

  1. I dunno where you got this, but that is a dispatch log from a very small town. 10 officers in DC are working a 20 block radius, give or take. NY, DC, LA, etc. you have easily 10x that number out at night. We never (even back then) got it like that in the car. ‘911 hangup’ would never be on the screen at all. The rest would, but either way, what you posted is known as a ‘cake walk shift’. and 2 shift (your log) even in rough ass areas generally is. 3 shift is where you are gonna find your balls especially in a major metro area. 1 shift is the easiest because niggers are like vampires. Sun comes up? They are scurrying for cover generally.

    Your dispatch log in DC would have all of that but just with much higher frequency and you’d get ‘shots fired’ in more shit neighborhoods and felonious assault much more than what you too. B&E’s are a dime a dozen, so is ‘drug activity’.

    The important part and take home message is this, none of this matters anymore. I clicked the link related ‘War against cops/BLM’ and FP pretty much clinched it there. I don’t recognize the police of today. Back in the day, yeah, there were many racist cops that understood ‘the nature of the beast’. Those days are long gone. Now? He has it right, ‘us vs. them’, and if you ain’t got a badge # you are total shit. They will fuck up a white boy just as fast as a nig-nog and go have coffee 5 min. later in either case. There was a time when ‘wn’ (again, what does that mean in 2016 that is even a little relevant?) were the ones behind state authority. That ended long ago. Not trying to piss on your parade, I’m just telling you like it is because it is reality.

    • Good read, AP. It is from a smallish Rust Belt midwestern town, mostly white. Meth is a big problem there, as well as poverty/lack of jobs.

      • Research

        to dispel grand visions of the ussr. This place looks like Flint – without the nigras. Problem is, whites can make Flint/Oaklands on their own.

        Even SissiBrittis fuck it up. Research VICE Essentials: Swansea Love Story

        I’ve blogrolled Vice Magazine UK for years.

      • Already done, FP. I know about Krocodil. And the alcoholism and the decreased male lifespan.

        I accept Russia for both its vice and its virtues. The USA has many drug users too. Life is so hateful here, that the people need escape in whatever form they can find – drugs, sex, TV or even internet.

        Vice does have some fantastic docus. Very unique.

        The concept of Universal Order enters. So there is Russia; with the people using Krocodil. But I also know about trappers in Siberia. They aren’t rich, but content. Probably what American whites will have to learn.

      • Idealizing teh soviets merely bc they’re white is the same as idealizing all wites in Murka, even the LN half like Bill Clinton and miscegenating black cock fangirlz.

        The point is, wites – and even Whites – will fill the dump on their own, w/out hepp from D’Vontavious. Murkan ghettos are not exclusive to coloreds if totally White USSR has them also. Denying white trash existentialism is denying Plate Tectonics.

        Siberian trappers rule nothing. Party oligarchs and criminals rule. Flyyfarmers rule nothing here – any Teachaz Union has more power. The coloreds in the MMM are now 21st century nobility. Rural types are distant serf cows to be milked and slaughtered like LaVoy Finalcum.

        The only way to Victory is total eradication; most wites actually vote to increase their property tax millages for obvious lies like Skoolz N’ HeroCOPS. Also… most will vote Hitlery, not Ron Paul. Thus, most White People deserve slavery and eradication by both the LN and WN.

    • to dispel grand visions of the ussr. This place looks like Flint – without the nigras. Problem is, whites can make Flint/Oaklands on their own.

      I dunno man… I’m conflicted about Russia. They are literally one of the last completely non-PC unabashed ‘white places’ on Earth. For that? I’m grateful, but like you said they are majorly fucked up in many places and are the birthplace of one of the worst drug cocktails known to man the ‘Krokodil’.

      I still think however that a totally white nation especially one with a mixed population. When I say ‘mixed’ I mean Europeans/Slavs btw -nothing else- would be one of the best on earth.

      Like this—> in an alternate reality, we never imported ‘farm equipment’ here from Africa. But in their place maybe indentured servants from EE countries or Russia. How would the States look today? My guess? 100%(plus) better. It is a genetics thing really.

      • in reply to your email:

        Our views will become common as choices evaporate in Murka. While we accept them voluntarily as a future vision, others shall be forced into the light.
        Most are too stupid to ever realize the action demanded.

        next time, warn me b4 my email is bounced. i hate wasting time.

  2. Hmmm….. If you could get some sort of a bot to make “hang-up 911 calls”, you could make their day.

  3. The cops still come running in the good part of town. Every false alarm gets A1 priority. They have no idea what things are like for the rest of us. It doesnt take long to find out when you move into a mixed race apartment complex.

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