Next Stage Colorization of Murkan Workers

by Firepower

I once had kinda-friends in the tech world I warned of impending disaster. They laughed at my warning like they laughed at skilled and semi-skilled union workers – everybody that wasn’t educated. Now, Colored Miggers ended their arrogant reign.

I told them: Every job done via email = doomed. The Lords of Wall St. demand ever larger solid-gold Ferraris.

The snotty techies I knew proudly voted for Bill XXX Clinton and The BaracKhrist. They recoil in horror when I describe True Tales of Real Colored Crimes! from our nearest colored urban city; they recoiled not from colored atrocities, but that I was racist for daring tell the tales. They prided themselves on their instructed love of Diversity for each new colored, gook, dothead and chink moving on their street.

Fuck ’em: I hope they suffer…in long, horrified terror.

Think Doctor Gods shall be immune? Future check-ups will be……. with a Pillifiño speaking Pidgin to you on WebCam while you hold your booboo up to the screen. Him no gwan bonton cancer-cansa mon!

GM’s fabulous, world-beating engineers who build $51,403 Chevys where the power windows last three years will get axed for Shenzhen Gookineers making $6 an hour.  Think of other seemingly unimaginable transfers – if you are smart enough. This is an ongoing process, a dynamic process until The End comes.

The colorization of high-tech jobsjobsjobs!™ once foolishly considered protected (by their college educated credentialism) is an MMM Planned Program to strip both Whites and wites of their last remaining strength: Economic power. More MINOs mean more tax $$$s to support the ocean of preexisting illiterate Miggers on welfare. They are friendly towards the New MINO & Migger because…um, they are the MINO Master Machine. They run shit now, not you, Adolf.

What remains are on-location jobs necessary by their proximity. Pizza delivery, lawn mowing, maids and sex workers.

Be assured: Feudal Lords in the Tower Penthouse will devise ways to combine all four.

13 Comments to “Next Stage Colorization of Murkan Workers”

  1. Good article. One can see very clearly in academia how the MMM is replacing whites in academia.

    One sees a lot of women, dots and Chinese. We don’t lack for white students who want to join STEM fields; there is a deliberate effort to replace the white men there. They know it, they can see it, but for many, their “objectivity” prevents them from taking the final step.

    • they can see it, but for many, their “objectivity” prevents them from taking the final step.

      STEM jobs are a white lifeboat everybody crams to board. There’s not room for everyone, so many perish.
      WOGs & Miggers are designed as a wage weapon to reduce costs, for Manhattan Lords’ profit.

      • FP, what is the magical secret behind these gas prices?

        I saw 1.29 gas today. It was incredible! Like 1990s again.

        [ed note: the chinx & dotz ran out of poor Murkans to sell their shit to, so they closed their factories]

  2. Nice post.
    It kinda fits in well with your previous comments about ol’ Jebb’s “positive thinking”, being as meaningless as any hippie/PC fantasy.
    Another thought that extrapolates from it – we see that every day and take for granted that “the common man” is ground down by the elite.
    Maybe the elite is also squeezing itself – a bit of rationlisation, I have always imagined it to be expanding, as it needed more players – but that’s so late twentieth century.
    It does not necessarily have to be the case.

    • Colin…

      No elite is above Inertia. The “nature” of the liberating process is a self-annihilation.

      Elite –> “elite” –> anti-elite.

      What you need to “see” is anti-elite = default elite…

      Our “elite” UNDERSTAND the FINAL consequence of Liberation… They MUST BECOME anti-elite. So to remain in power, they are seeking a “default elite” status GRANTED a mass of perpetuating self-annihilators.

      So the question for any white Supremacist is not the ABSOLUTE FUTILITY in believing one could go against this inertia TO ITS UTTER REVERSAL, rather, how to go against this inertia and avoid the WORLDLY consequences due existence within a mass of self-annihilators methodically managed by a “default elite?”

  3. My favorite outsourcing story was “Electronics For Imaging” back in 2014, a company with $100 million+ yearly income, which flew in “help” from Bangalore to it’s company’s headquarters in California, where they were installing computers for just $1.21 an hour! Replacing greedy Mexicans who were making $2.66…

    Tho the best kept secret in the industry is outsourcing to prisons, many US state governments are bound by contracts guaranteeing a 95%-100% occupancy in facilities leased by private prisons, which receive a guaranteed amount of money for each prisoner, independent of what it costs to maintain each one. And why not, low occupancy is a drag on profits!

    “For the tycoons who have invested in the prison industry, it has been like finding a pot of gold. They don’t have to worry about strikes or paying unemployment insurance, vacations or comp time. All of their workers are full-time, and never arrive late or are absent because of family problems; moreover, if they don’t like the pay of 25 cents an hour and refuse to work, they are locked up in isolation cells.”

    And speaking of Disney: “When Disneyland closes, the revolution opens.” – Firepower

    What a truly foul company, they even ruined The Little Mermaid!

    • I’ve wanted to write about that, guest. I don’t feel I can do it justice.

      American prisons ARE our work-camps. Unlike the Communists or Nazis though, we are capitalists. So we pay our slaves 25 cents/hour. I have heard that California would go broke without prison labor.

      We can create more prisoners and fill the prisons as we wish. Create laws – bust the criminals – fill prison – get workers.

  4. True story: One day in 2015 there was a seminar given by a Negress at a Fortune 500 electronics company. She asked everyone who had been born before 1960 to stand up. They were all White males. She said that the company wasn’t going to look like this in the future. Imagine that, an animal with an IQ of 90 saying this to men who had BUILT that company. There were mostly engineers in this particular seminar, btw.

    [ed note: the black knows its demogrfx-logistics and plans to capitalize on them while it increasingly eradicates Whites. your story is a GREAT one – to tell to engineers – who are seemingly so stupid they do not realize A Negress issued a clear threat to their entire existence]

    • THAT is why I have a lot of hatred for so-called “logic” and “reason”. FP is one of the few living whites who seems to apply logic FOR our cause.

      Is this how “smart” people behave?

      An animal could see what’s coming. But those brilliant engineers who are so amazing dealing with electrons are so bad with people. Scientists are mostly a servant class, like the priest of the old feudal system.

      • Ryu…

        It is now a general fact that high IQ “white” males are self-annihilators. And this fact is dissimulated throughout “our” environment in a million different “freedoms” and “taboos” to which a degenerate collective will make of “freedom” all the deleterious acts and will make “taboo” all that is regenerate and truly spirited. High IQ “white” male is spiritually and intellectually dead with this nexus residing at his rejection of objective (white) Supremacy. All that is left is fashioning a most pleasurable annihilation and putting the proverbial lipstick Ina pig. The practical result of which is authoring into the Narrative a plethora of fantastically hybridized, Terminator/mad max-type apocalypsi just around that corner.

      • Indeed, TD. And in general, the smarter, the more vunerable they are to it. Most of the really high IQ whites today work for our enemies. Strange how they value the short term cash over the longer term survival.

        There is something I wish to ask you about, TD. Why do fighters kick mostly with one leg? I see many who can only use their right leg.

      • thordaddy— “Ryu…
        It is now a general fact that high IQ “white” males are self-annihilators. And this fact is dissimulated throughout “our” environment in a million different “freedoms” and “taboos” to which a degenerate collective will make of “freedom” all the deleterious acts and will make “taboo” all that is regenerate and truly spirited. High IQ “white” male is spiritually and intellectually dead with this nexus residing at his rejection of objective (white) Supremacy.”

        100 Percent This —^^^ And it is extremely true / relevant in the epicenters of business. NYC, DC, Shitcogo, LA the ‘big four’ and places in between.

        This is why when a fucking Apex Predator walks in the room (like moi) it goes tits up. I did not understand this until I had 4 select fire M4 assault rifles pointed in my face at 3:35am. Slow learner…

        1) H1B Brownies go ‘Oh shit’ and then either find a way to lie about the shit job they do for 1/3 salary and a 20 IQ point barrier or some -really smart- ones find a way to spin this into a racial attack where ‘more than willing’ 80 IQ white police men burn down anything they are pointed to, like well trained attack dogs, not realizing their own ultimate fate in doing so.

        2) These cities are full of shit-libs and cuckservatives who are more than willing to assist in this endeavor.

        3) Women generally fall into two categories with very little in the middle. They will fear you (e.g. Trump) and want to destroy you in any possible way including any amount of police, soldiering, or gub’mint enforcer willing to crush you for a paycheck, or they will kill you politically in the boardroom. The 2nd type are rare, but DO exist, they see a Neanderthal in a suit. A white male who still has intact balls, they will want your babies.

  5. It’s easier to kill a politically correct liberal shithead than to get him to say anything disrespectful about his killers.

    Liberal shitheads like the programmers in the post above think the most violent niggerbeast is a god.

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