What are Federal Agents Good For?

by Ryu

Long investigations. Feds don’t work a beat.

The FBI investigates all bank robberies. A very common event is for a wit to see a vehicle but no plates. Let’s say a green jeep.

And so, the gman will look into all green Jeep Cherokees in the area. He doesn’t work a regular beat, and he can spend that time.

He may call all local dealerships. “Hello, this is Tom Jones FBI, how ya doing today? Listen, did you sell any green jeeps in the last year? Great! Could you send me that list? My fax number is…. Thanks for your cooperation.”

The skills of an agent are not different from…..… an ordinary cop. The cases are bigger, that’s all. They chase a different class of criminal. As usual, there’s a muscle end and a brains end. The muscle likes executing. search warrants and raids, while the pure investigator works the brains side.

Because of the nature of the cases they work, feds are big on appeals to the public for information. They have the resources to chase down hundreds of tips and leads.

The feds are infamous for one thing: stealing cases.

Whoever solves the case gets the credit. They’ll listen to all the info that local PDs have to give, while offering little of their own. THIS IS TRUE EVEN TODAY, despite 911. Everybody competes for promotions and funds.

This ties into something else. There are federal, state and local prosecutors.

Everybody’s got to eat. Who do we give the case to? More cases, more convictions, more prestige and money. 3 levels of pigs eating out of the same slop-bucket.

Cops find criminals in their jurisdictions for prosecutors to charge. The American just-us system is a HUGE racket. Jails need to be built, guards hired, social workers, victim rights advocates, lawyers, appeals courts, and so on.

15 Comments to “What are Federal Agents Good For?”

  1. I love the slop bucket sentence!

  2. They are at least good with numbers and provide useful crime statistics:

    Such as: 90% Nonwhite Violent Crime Rate FBI November 2015

    “Nonwhites commit at least 90 percent of all violent crimes in America, and the least white cities are the most dangerous, an analysis of the latest Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) crime statistics has revealed.”

    That’s why the xenophobe insult is so funny; A phobia is of course an irrational fear of something that poses no actual danger. It’s like pest control asking you if you have arachnophobia, when you call to report finding a million spiders crawling around your home… to repeat myself.

    • The facts are good, but one must use them also. The FBI has that data, but does not act upon it.

      Guest, are there any nationalists in your country? What does one do when he has his ethnostate, just preserve it?

      • Ryu: There certainly are many more now after hundreds of thousands sand niggers came through last summer. Imagine the shock, in a country where every member of the national basketball team is White. But the five fingers of liberalism have a tight grip around our society here as well. They are tearing down the border between Greece and Albania as we speak, yelling something about some general akbar?

        Winter is coming, this summer! Only a short drive away from here…

        But hey, at least it’s not as bad as in Baltimore! 🙂

      • Ha. Sounds like the struggle is never over. Even if one temporarily defeats the FFOL, they keep trying to come back.

    • Nonwhites commit at least 90 percent of all violent crimes

      Explaining that remaining 10% of crimes when the Fascist MMM/FBI calls Miggers “whites” to suppress down the actual number means (even more so) that Whites are no longer violent, thus no threat to anyone.

      Whites are successfully neutered and domesticated down to wite. That assures their total eradication by the Colored Alliances. You do not send a librarian to settle 1835 Comanche Texas.

  3. Another thing your federal beach inspectors are good at is foiling their own evil plots.
    it’s hard to think of anything where the agency wasn’t involved in one form of another.

    And when they are not doing that, they going after tax evading grannies with the patriot act.

    • Yes, our gov creates their own plots to destroy. it is kind of funny. There’s not enough real turrists to justify the BigFed budgets.

      I am very surprised you know all these things, guest. You know America better than most Americans. It makes me wonder if we should just focus on foreigners.

      • It’s like with sports Ryu, where you follow your local league and the big leagues.
        Gotta know what’s going on in Rome right, because it all eventually trickles down.

        Even funnier is how there is no evidence linking OBL to 911, that’s why he was never tried in absentia for example, when he was on the most wanted list, it was for other, non 911, matters. Guess why Seal Team 6 had orders to kill, not capture. Even half the gitmo inmates are mere goat farmers sold to the US by the northern alliance, and you thought finding good help was hard… the US army paid like decades worth of Afghani wages for every single evil doer, so of course plenty of them were provided by the alliance on the spot, who knew OBL had 1000 right hands!

      • There again, perception is reality.

        If the Americans think Osama did it, then he did it. No “facts” to the contrary will sway them.

        You sound like me, guest. I was thinking of changing my avatar to a Gitmo detainee. I feel very sorry for them.

  4. Poor little Shapiro Jew.Bet he sells more books and speeches now.

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