Putin’s Pussies

by Firepower

Da! Bucket 0′ Extra Crispy Toddler Head!

Disgruntled wn often look to Mother Russia as The Saviour who shall rescue Murka so they don’t have to. Wrong.

Russia is a backward, warped 2nd World shithole contaminated by generations of subjugation and such pernicious corruption, it makes DC look like a Promise Sleepers rally.

If russki so tuff, how does a Muzz bitch could walk around Moscow for one hour with a severed white toddler’s head? What do you think would have happened in Mr. Hitler’s Deutschland if a BurkaMuzz did it whilst screaming “Allahhu Ahkbarrrrr?”

Case proven.

7 Comments to “Putin’s Pussies”

  1. false flag.

    [ed note: explain this accusation]

    • Russia has the second largest number of whites, after the USA. They must not be discounted FP. Of all white nations, the Soviet bloc is the least affected by multikult and American consumerism.

      [ed note: then explain this white nation ignoring a fat Muzz bitch in a burkha screaming for an hour on Moscow streets with a white girls decapitated head]

      I’ve received nothing but kindness and respect from our Russian comrades. The electronic surveillance state is far weaker there, and they can actually form groups.
      [irrelevant to the topic…i’ve had MINOs be nice to me, too]

      You must not allow the dead ghosts of America whisper in your ear. Russia is white. America is becoming non-white. America is largely lost. I’d like to write that is already lost, but that would be pessimistic.

      Freedom is dead. Putin is indeed a dictator, but he is a white one. The American experiment failed. A new, pragmatic sort of WN must be born.

      Kievsky gave me this movie years back to watch. It taught me much about Russia.

      • Russians have an inefficient police force, FP. That is why the Muzz woman was free for one hour.
        That is what allows nationalism to flourish there.

        People in Russia are more welcoming to WNs. Many, including myself, have found this. It doesn’t even shock them. Our site wouldn’t surprise any Russian nationalist.

  2. I read the article and immediately thought about My Life as a Turkey. The documentary made me laugh so hard I was actually crying. It’s not always so funny when it happens to humans though.

    Spoiler Alert: Man thinks turkeys are his friends, learns they are not. Basically, turkeys go through different life stages and it seems sudden to us, as if a switch were flipped and they act differently than we expect. In Hutto’s case, he is attacked at the end, by his last remaining turkey “friend”. And I laughed. Domestic turkeys become total dicks at 16 weeks. I knew what was coming.

    Anyone who has hired muzz help is an idiot at this point.

    Friend is a car dealer. He asked his muzz colleague if he’d muzz up the place one day. Surprisingly, he received an honest answer: “Maybe”. See, it all depends on whether he needs to make up for sins. Muzz ain’t saved by grace.

    I don’t believe this is false flag at all.

    • A wild turkey attacked me once, Doomie. It was like defending its babies. They’re pretty aggressive. It flew around me in circles, screaming.

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