FFOL Squabbles

by Firepower

I Een UR Borders, Stealin UR Besos – an Pesos!!!

The FFOL thrives because it is united against a common enemy. Their One True Enemy (TOTE) is Whites. This is what keeps their coalition tight – until wites, whites and Whites learn the same strategy they are doomed. Perhaps all whites are doomed.

One chink in the armor are the historical hatreds in between hispanix. Cubans hate mex who hate PRs who hate Guats who hate…and on and on. This same hatred-dynamic applies to orientals.

So, it must manifest and form like a zit in how mexi-miggers now are jealous over special treatment for Cubans. The future will not be merely Struggling-Hispanic-Americanos but….……. the additional Struggling-Hispanic-Mexicanos-Americanos and the soon to follow Struggling-Hispanic-Americanos and – when they intermingle and fuck – spawning Struggling-Hispanic-Mexicano/Cubano-Americanos.

Firepower Sayeth:  By This Alone Shalt The MINO Learneth The Horrors of Affirmative Action”

“Preferential Treatment” is the basis of Affirmative Action – the euphemism for Legalized Discrimination and Reverse Jim Crow – and one of the central diseases that destroyed America, transforming it into Murka.

UncleBEAST’S BIGov federal printing office will delight in the overtime from the flux, printing the daily job apps. MOAR BIGTaxBuck$ for the few remaining white employees; who the hell else knows how to run printing presses.

This article is from no FUXNooz-type conservatards. It’s a LN rag from an LN Fortress Feudal-City that blesses BIGov School Teachaz instructing rap and MLK movies as eduPROP as be learnin’ an shit.

As always, a quote from the ubiquitous LN Stooge is tragically ironic:

No doubt El Gabbios saw hard combat in the gritty Iraq streets while on his cruise with plush taxpayer-paid Four Meal Navy Plan Buffet.

Gabie hates Cubans but he’ll take every MS-13 vermin from El Sallllllvadorrrrrrrr. He knows what he FawtFur. Often, the best source of uncovering evil (and therefore, long-hidden) LN Doctrine are its very own PC-Fascist mediaPROP sources.

Señor Llllllllopêz ignores he fought for Saudi Bitches in the color guard – with the long-established Mbutus. When a nation’s ruling class and warrior class changes into what it never was, the end has come. Not coming – but already here. This happened in rome when no more Romans stocked the Ruling Political Parties, Emperors and Army; it was Goths, Spaniards and Slavs.

As I have long stated, eventually Miggers of all colores will fight over the dwindling mrkn taco pile. You’re seeing it already. Coloreds will then be the most pissed at every sort of Migger. All race-based MINOs will fight gender-based ones like FemiNazis and FaggaNazis in command of the giant DC MMM.

This is the one greatest weakness of the LN/FFOL. Once most whites are eradicated by the womb, the Elites will hole-up in their Penthouse Guard Towers. When the jewElite are exposed, this illiterate mass of brown savagery will wash them away.

Strange Days have found us.
Strange days have tracked us down.

They’re going to
Destroy ourCasual joy.

We shall go on playing
…or find a new town…

2 Comments to “FFOL Squabbles”

  1. Perpetuating self-annihilation, ie., RADICAL autonomy, is the “operating paradigm” of the masses WHICH THEN NECESSARILY MANIFESTS a “default elite,” ie., a truly non-elite “elite.”

    [ed note: then, with your prodigious drive, you must circumvent it]

  2. Well, it’s good and bad, FP.

    The white boogieman is a myth that had to die. The KKK is not waiting in the bushes with a gun. Those days are over with. Whitey lost. That’s the bad.

    The good is, less heat on us. Let the gays fight the feminists fight the blacks for their BigFed $$$$. The white man has no voice in the system right now. That lets us stay in the shadows and grow stronger.

    This is the nature of the world. Problems create distortions, which create their own solutions. Then solutions create their own problems.

    There is a lot of competition in the migger department. You are right, the Guats don’t like the Salvadorians, don’t like Costa Ricans, and so on. That’ll get stronger.

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