Understanding Muzz Through Rooshi

by Firepower

Once Successfully Hooked on Ryu’s Patented “Manson” Opener!

Rooishi made the news. He made Drudge! Albeit for a failure to even rally a hundred national participants to a meetup. More eyeballs show up to see Kylie Kardashian walk in a plastic surgeon’s office to laser the latest venereal wart.

Still, I learned from him. But, I learned more from muh roisshi than teh rooishi. I read neither now. I learned even more from Tyler “Owen” McDurden. Don’t read him anymore, either.

I used to correspond frequently with rooshi pre-Return of Kings when he was plain old ROOSH V on his eponymous blog and his head was 10x smaller. His humor is as dry as an Iranian Cactus (cactii sandniggerus). He takes himself way too seriously – for even a worshiped God MPUAG. As if he’s the prophet of some True Religion. Like Milli Vanilli offing hisself for …..…. getting caught lip-synching. Even that goofy lil’ Ashley Simple-ton-son wouldn’t do that.

Our online convos rapidly deteriorated due to Rooshi’s terminal case of ossified, Ingrown PC. So, it’s pretty funny watching him get buttfucked last week by the PC/LN. I warned him enough times to beware the coalition of FFOL – before I even crystallized the concept. Told him he needed allies. But no-oooo, not teh rooishi: He and His Righteous Self alone would win the Glorious Godfight against evil feminists to Right The Wrong of Men Getting Faggotized By Girls And Turned Into Wusses!™ That’s what ROK was supposed to be for. Nope. He will always fail.

(Long ago, I’ll mention I wrote a yet to be published post on Roosh and what I label “Soupstone Game.” Stay tuned.)

Rooshi is Iranian. The PC/LN that typically trips over the trail of Muzz cum-dribble oozing out their ass to DEMAND MOAR MUZZ IMMIG – NOW!!! suddenly pounced on the red meat that rooshi… is an Evil Iranian – Murka’s latest-future bombing and invasion target. Jordies – enlist NOW!  The media that screeeeems for MOAR Mosques full on hinted rooshi was an Enemy of The State and a clear and present danger.

Holy Christ!

Gathering from his history, his Iran-A-Daddy bravely abandoned his ancestral homeland to cash-in here as an insta-citizen in The Big USA•MART because he was a Super-Shah Pal. Rooshi honestly stated he lived in his pop’s basement and banged DC poon and I gave him credit for owning it. Determining his addy and his daddy’s ability to afford rooshi’s Ferris Bueller Lifestyle reveals dad was an uber-professional. If he made the nut on a lavish McMansion Mortgage in a posh DC burb as an Insta-merican, he musta been a God in Iran cashing his full salary.

Such lofty types are notoriously secular, so rooshi grew up Godless In DC… By Way of Tehran. Such hypocrisy is indicative of Western Elites who, like rooshi, mock teh Jeezis – but just can’t find the “courage” to similarly mock Muchhammadd.  Bet you $10,000 rooshi wouldn’t have the bravy-McBravery to dress as Muhummudd – with a Koran, no less – and prance about Syria. Thus, rooshi exhibits all the typical hypocrisies of the White-Western UMC. Upper Middle Class, ya tool.

The Shah of Iran was a brutal fucker who kept the nuts in headgear subjugated the way they deserved, but know fully if Mr. Shah ruled here, you’d want him killed with his evil head on a pike. Muzz are so evil they need a greater evil to control them instead of the lesser evil of some kooky Mullah. Once you understand this, you understand (fully) the “incredibly complex situation!” that are Muzz. This is only complicated – and deceptively promoted as such – to the PC MediaPROP that cannot admit, nor face, that Muzz must either be brutalized or eradicated.  It is too ugly a pragmatic fact for media-Hippie Dreamers. This is the basis of all FFOL beliefs. It is why they scream to distract you and the audience when confronted with fact. It is why you must use fact (like the stuff I write) as weapons to defeat them.

Rooshi’s failure is the reason he will always fail: His is a secular belief system from the Western viewpoint replete with its genetic jesus/dress-up form of self-deprecation; Muzz never mock themselves.  Only Westerners are warped enough to mock their “side” – their heritage. He wouldn’t mock Moohhammadd in front of the people and the place that booted-out his family from a homeland of 10,000 years, but he sure as shit mocks Jeebus in five seconds in the nation that sheltered him. Bravery in the face of Muzz runs in his fam.

Rooshi is not Muzz, but Western. He abandoned the mosque for the merchandise and imagines his futile ROK vainglorious resurrection restores What Made Men GREAT – but only in the Western sense. These are notions of Arthurian (yikes!) courtly behavior, itself based on Greek concepts – not Arab. This is where a Man is the loyal protector of Woman, if she be deserving. A woman must not be a skank or she gets no loyalty and is (rightfully) punished and ostracized.

In order to re-establish this Western Ideal in rooshi’s view, Men must be restored to leadership and Feminism, destroyed. Compare how Male leadership and female subjugation looks IRL in the Eastern/Arab Ideal …of ISISIS. Very different. Rooshi does not want ISISISIS. He wants King Arthur. Rooshi is Western.

This is why Rooshi does not bang bitches in Baghdad but instead plunders pussy in Poland. Deplorably, you see the facts of how welcoming even white eastern euro-bitches are to darkie dick. It is a grim fact. Deal. These examples show the bitches in the audience why smart Men do not auto-toss their cape over puddles – so you Lovely Ladies can go fuck the nigger across the street…

Roosh is a lousy hypocrite; they never change their spots. He’s a hypocrite on the West, religion and free speech. He screams like a stuck pig when feminazis bash and censor him without ever evaluating the truth of his message, but turns two-faced and does the same to WNs – those who’d be his best, most loyal allies. So, rooshi will always fail because with faggy wusses as an audience, they have little brains (and zero balls) and rely only on instinct to sniff out rooshi’s contortions. They don’t have the intellect and therefore, cannot use it for Truth. As stupid as deer are, they naturally smell suspicion. Rooishi is guilty of cultivating The SpearHead Effect. Welmer’s Disease. By denying the totality of the allied forces of FFOL arrayed against them, they fall, as if sitting on a chair with only two and a half legs.

Rooshi has failed because he deliberately and arrogantly ignores his ineffable “dream” re-establishing The Western Ideal (with his model, even) will fail. This is because he expects his adoring flock of coloreds, Miggers and wussy-wite hipsters to identically rebuild what only White Men built in the glorious past. In this aspect, Rooshi suffers from terminal Price’s Disease*: A pretend movement fails when made of PC wusses. Compare rooshi to rooshisisis. ISIS scares the living Christfuck out of even the Manhattan Masters in their penthouse suites. They scare both sides from Trump to Obongo. THAT’S HOW you win a war. It is how you win, period.

For you see, you shall never get Camelot again – not with niggers, Miggers and wussy hipsters on your team while you ban the very White Men criticizing you online…You get whatcha already have right now: Murka.

*see Willie Price, toiler of a billion churnin’ SpearHead Werdz…all for nothing

40 Comments to “Understanding Muzz Through Rooshi”

  1. Very good, FP.

    Good read on Rushi’s daddy. Yes, he must have been a heavy guy if he could get a phat job here. If he was just another immigrant, he would have been doing laundry or mowing lawns.

    I like much of Roosh’s material. It is old for WNs, but fascinating to watch a mino “almost” become a WN. Someone who does not fully share our struggle cannot fully understand our info.

    Shall we take up bets, FP – will Roosh ever salute Osama and KSM?

    I do not think he will. For him, WN is an interesting diversion. He is a hedonist at heart, not a revolutionary.

    • Shall we take up bets, FP

      teh roooshy is more liable than Wimpy~William to endure. Price was a puh-puh-poosy for wimping out like he did. wp always mewled over his daughter spawn. Blech. That frank WN Talk scared him was the prime indicator to his State of Wussism.

      rooooshi was trained since toddlerville – by PC fat feminist wite BIGovSckool Teachaz – to recognize his privileged MINO status as dusky perzsh camel-jockey so he runs back to it whenever he feels the heat. He totally identifies with the LN; it creates conflict in his intellect when the diverse falanges of the FFOL turn around and stab him in the back.

      He foolishly expects “Freeee Speeeech wah!!!!” to be enforced – because he is an LN and one of them. He is MAD about it now but will not accept the ugly truth. That means he is a child. Probably from papa’s pampering.

      I do not exclude ro0ishy bc he’s a filthy sandnigger: I despise him bc he’s a filthy censoring hypocrite son-of-a-dead-cunt. I’m not even banned at ROK. I welcome pershes and a-rabs: Especially Pershzes bc they are caucasian; not a-rabs.

      There is a scant – very scant – hope teh rooshzy awakens to the LN and FFOL.
      Furd the turd can’t even see it. They deny it. They want to deny it. They neeeed to.
      He always has is MPUAG “semz” to see him thru.

      My expectation is he’ll sell out, as I have on the front page countdown.

      • Rooshy is a blue pill PUA dinosaur, but his wealthy background is the reason — for not awakening to LN and the FFOL. He’s a hedonist all around, just like many young witeBrandons in their LN towns. — Why do you expect him to change, when feast n fuck has been his long habit, which he’ll have to give up without ease?

    • Ryu: Most Iranians in Murka are well to do, especially if they are living in LA, DC or NY.

      Rooshy is just another wealthy “White” guy living on pop’s money, a guy with a pseudo professional career — not too different from all the GenBrandons I see all the time.

      • Why’d you make your site private, JS?
        [ed note: WN is so popular now, it’s sweeping the nation. even on Eradica, we have so many irl disciples, Firepower limits the commentariat so they don’t overwhelm the server] 🙂

        And have you heard about a drone over NYC? I hear there’s a drone like 20,000 feet above NYC all the time, just like the Americans do in the Stan.

      • Jesus Christ he is NOT White. WTF????

      • It’s bizarro that Roosh even rates discussion. Umm we don’t need jews or muzlims taking up for us.

        the guy looks like Jebus and goes around ruining European Virgins. I’d kill him if I had half a chance.

        [ed note: dontcha have his address?]

      • It’s bizarro that Roosh even rates discussion.

        Tell me why rooshi does not warrant discussion.

      • Because he is NOT WHITE. He does not even belong in our company. He is genetically unable to create anything at all, much less help US preserve our culture.

        He a vulture. He cannot be trusted.

        [ed note: so because he is a colored, I must not discuss him. and by extension, I mustn’t discuss coloreds at all. that really makes sense to you?]

      • God’s both a nigger and a kike – and wns discuss His Majissty all the time. esp TD

      • I don’t trust Rooshi, Erin. But I can still learn from him. Vultures have many purposes.

      • Have you forgotten the “republican” Colin Powell who not only voted for Obama but proudly ANNOUNCED IT to the world. That should have been an eye opener but I guess you were too busy helping your relatives file their taxes to take heed.

        [ed note: …and i think you reason with your uterus – as do most girls. you were too busy to do your taxes – becasue you were shopping for tampons]

  2. What Roosh and Forney REALLY REPRESENT are a 100% mortality rate in multiplying* and the ubiquity of radical “white” female liberationists!!! They ARE A FALSIFICATION of female hypergamy… They are proof that modern “white” female USES the likes of Roosh and Forney for their own sexually degenerate desires. Literally, those two are proof of “white” females’ willingness to crawl through the mud and muck. TO WHICH, the likes of Roosh and Forney IMAGINE is proof of female hypergamy.

    *What is more contemptible? Hundreds of “white” female liberationists to your name and NO spawn OR no lays whatsoever WITH the exact, ie., EQUAL, end result?

  3. Off topic, hey RYU, let this friendly hemp sweater wearing satanist explain you why carpet bag corporate plutocracy is not capitalism

    • He’s good, guest. And he is right. But perception is reality.

      America is perceived as the great capitalist utopia. I do not know what capitalism is, nor has any living American seen it.

      He is an interesting man. He seems to be from the same type as Boyd Rice and Nick Schreck. I wonder why he still believes in voting and democracy.

  4. I should let you know. Most Persians or Iranians who make it to the United States of Murka are actually Jewish. Rooshy is a jew as is Roissy. Real muzzies rape little girls. Jews think big time…they encourage White men to hate White women. See Henry Makow for instance. Thats how you help genocide the European genotype.

  5. Roosh loves feminism in the west because it gives him sex with lits of women.

    What has happened is, PU is getting tired. His blog visitors have probably dwindled which means less money for him. He needed a new schtick. He picked “alt right”. He’s a complete phoney and you shouldn’t be surprised.

    • Online hucksters are chameleons who change to follow the buck. It’s a story as old as man.

      rooishi’s adaption to The ALT Right follows the same predictable trend as MRA: They foolishly fixate on just one falange of the FFOL and it beats the snot out of them, while another falange they stupidly ignored plunges a dagger in their back. They respond by accelerating the “hate-bloggin'” against most of – but fatally, not all – the rest of the FFOL.

      roooishy’s fatal flaw is he only fights at most, three FFOL falanges. To win, The Right must unite and combat every component of the Leftist FIST.

      The way the FFOL united its diverse camps to beat Ruling White Men.

  6. Thedailystormer.com/the-jews-of-the-pickup-artist-industry/

    Just found this old article. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

    [ed note: give a working link]

      • From the article: “jews do their utmost best to poison absolutely every aspect of the society. First they poison the women with feminism, then they offer their PUA merchandise to the men frustrated by arrogant feminists.”

        Which reminded me of this picture with all the female jewish founders of feminism, one of them even has a beard!

        And the bearded jewish lady in return reminded me of The Predator movie:
        Dutch: [the Predator pulls off his mask] You’re one… *ugly* motherfucker!

        It truly is a circus show, feminism, every which way.

      • with all the female jewish founders of feminism

        To that list add Gloria Steinem & Naomi Wolf.
        Yet, if this 1.3% of the population espouse feminism, are not their immediate enemy jewish males of their household?

      • Feminism has reduced the jewish birthrate also. One has to note that.

        I watched a good docu on Israel recently, FP. Palestinians do their mig work, like construction. So these guys are living in tents and sneaking around, stealing shit to live on and eat. It was “9 Star Hotel.” These Palestinian men remind of what white men in the future will be like.

      • For a “thing” to be “feminism,” it MUST BE feminine proper. In this, “we” have nothing of the sort when “we” speak of “feminism.” The devout dyke ethos found so prominently amongst Jewish female “intellectuals” is a direct result of the lineal matriarchy of ethnic Jewishness THAT ULTIMATELY SERVES as a TAUNT to all who contemplate annihilating an insatiably parasitic mindset. This lineal matriarchy COMBINED with an “any means necessary” psychology means all who are threatened by the hegemony of Jewish anti-white Supremacy MUST annihilate the whole lot… Man, woman and child. This lineal matriarchy is the ethnic Jewish male’s most contemptible “concession” to “feminism.” The Jewish female, a literal made-for-defense human shield.

      • Well, that is another doublethink American word, TD. There is nothing feminine in feminism, and little supreme in most white supremacism.

  7. Fp re: your last comment. Beta men will put up with a lot of crap in order to get laid once in a while. Also, most fembots are Lezboes.

    • Fp re: your last comment.

      tickled you like me again.
      yet… when i do not take your crap, you flip your lid

      ah, girls
      Not sure if Ryu knows, but MMs flaw – and Roissy’s – is the blind insistence Wimmin LUV Alpha over all. Wimmin will sacrifice materialism for Alpha.

      “5 minutes of alpha’s worth 5 years of beta!”

      Nope. Just a phony bitch line itself to keep the seminar cash jewelry comin’.
      irl, if an alpha looked like me and was poor, even a 7 would dump him for a wussy Vetrinarian. Seen it many times.

      Angelina’s PW’d Bradd since day one and she still chooses him.
      Wimmin, females, girls – and even ladies – prefer a wallet that takes orders.

      • This is very true… This trope that “women” are all about “hypergamy” is another one of those barely credible half-truths that is relentlessly propagated for the purpose of hiding a more unsavory truth. Namely, there is no real “game” when ALL PLAYERS are radical liberationists. It’s merely a degenerate orgy amongst radical sexual autonomists. In fact, this PUA/HBD-derived notion of female “hypergamy” is really a sort of reverse psychology THAT IS WORKING WONDERS in real life. In other words, the relentless idea pushed into young female head is that her desire to upgrade her man is actually degenerate CAUSING said female over time to choose something lesser instead in an act of psychological “repentance.” It’s nerd play 101. And the reality is a growing class of “white” female WITH NO HYPERGAMOUS instinct to speak of either because it has been shamed out of them or their only real expectation is of a male liberationist lesser than herself.

      • Hmm. I’ve suspected that, FP, but it is good to hear someone else say it.

        Yes, I do reckon women like money more than sex, or more than alphas. I’ve seen many surveys in Cosmo where they say they’d rather shop than screw.

        That is revolutionary idea. It would help PUA a lot. It explains much.

      • That is revolutionary idea. It would help PUA a lot. It explains much.

        pua is reliant on money. Promoting the “idea” that study, practice and hard work is like…
        …spewing the same shit about making it in Hollywood – if you’re not Clooney or Pitt.
        Like saying “work hard and study and you’ll be rich in Amurrrika!!!”

        PUA could* have given greater than its best, 15% good chance at acquiring hb8+ poon, BUT – dillennial bitches are rotted money-maggots, and dillennial dildoeDudes are boychildren fixated on notch count.

        Together, they spell doom – as dills do everything they touch.

        IF* the females were virtuous and the males noble, it would* have been a better outcome.

      • There’s something I often see that I find confusing, FP.

        Many apartment ads say “woman only.” Is this some kind of angle to get the renter some poon?

        [ed note: maybe 35% idiot fantasists. the rest are wizened genders who’ve realized one sex is responsible for the most alkies, druggies and convicts]

  8. Roosh V made the mistake of rattling Montreal’s feminist culture, when there isn’t any. Now the mayor of the city decided to ban him from entering there. The boy who cried wolf when there isn’t any, or better, the boy who cried wolf in the wrong place.

    Montreal is more pro-White than any place else in North America. When was the last time, Bahston celebrated anything, besides the Red Sux?

    Furthermore, a society with a large beta male majority like Canada is not a problem. Coloreds are DA problem. Murka has 40 million coloreds and counting…

    No city in America has recovered from any colored infestation, besides Manhattan and SF.

    • The mayor can’t ban anyone from the city, that’s illegal. THis isn’t the middle ages with the exile penalty.

      What’s the punishment if Roosh visits Montreal? 10 lashes? Beheading? Sounds like the mayor is a fag.

      • The police state is everywhere. A person might spot him in public and report him to the authorities. Again, I didn’t understand his intentions to initially start trouble up in Canada. It mind boggles me. It’s like me going into Spain and complaining about the immigrants.

      • Wow! That was a good article, FP.

        It doesn’t take anything to piss people off today. Seems to take less and less all the time.

  9. Rooshie’s Iranian cousins tried to stop the Dancing with Stars last night. You know them, the show that promotes degeneracy and colored mixing at the dancing floor:

  10. I went to mine. I was tasked with running it. No one showed, but me. I had to hide in plan sight from the cops. This was three days after I had an incident with them. Id say less than 1% of the cuckosphere and its splinter groups has the ability to put a dent into reality. What they lack is the discipline and courage to fight back as a group. Im surprised one of the big tits hasnt staged a Meet up and gone through with it. For all the prostyltzing they do about being financially independent alphas you’d think they would have succeeded in the final endeavor.

    • You had your own Koran burning? And only you showed up.

      It must have been disappointing. That is a hard thing to learn. Working in groups is no good today, when the USA is a police state. If the police saw you burning a book, that would have been noted by them.

      WN is full of leaders but no followers, in real life. Of course, many sites have readers. But to plan and do in real life is a different skill.

      Any serious group over 2 gets infiltrated. That is why some advocate working totally alone – it is safer and you work with someone you can rely upon.

      I am sorry you had to learn those things. The modern police state/snitch state is a very unnatural environment. There ARE trustworthy white men alive today. They are uncommon.

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