USG’s Legal System Taking Advantage of Murkan Stupidity

by Ryu

The USG has found many advantages in stupifying and lowering the attention span of their subjects. Convictions are now easier to get than ever before. It is today commonplace to have body-less homicide cases and totally circumstantial convictions.


It only appears so. The scientific method depends on measurability, repeatability, and verifiability. Most forensic disciplines are not repeatable or verifiable. Two different forensic examiners can come to two different conclusions. Then what happens?

The following areas are all pseudoscientific: ballistics, fingerprints, hair/fibers, tool marks, glass, soil, shoe impressions. DNA, toxicology and serology are the only areas that are truly scientific.

In science, we need condidence levels, a number. There’s a sample and then there are probabilities assigned. How unique is that fiber? How unique are the markings on that bullet? Have all guns been tested, or even an adequate portion of them?

Fingerprints are supposed to …..….be both unique and persistant. “Each person has his own prints and they never change over time.” Yet, only a small portion of the Earth’s population has ever been printed.

Entire fingerprints do tend to be unique. But partial prints can also be used, and these CAN be similar across populations.

There was a famous case from 2004. A big turrist bombing in Spain. Investigators found a partial. This was run on international databases and matched an American.

His name was Mayfield. The FBI rounded him up and was ready to convict him on the partial alone. They would have won too and he’d have gotten life without parole.

Eventually Mayfield was exonerated. Spanish authorities found a partial with more detail and the two partials did not match. Forensic evidence has put many innocent Americans in prison, more than any other country on Earth.


There is a riddle in criminalistics:

If forensic technology is so good, why is the homicide clearance rate going down?

In 1960, it was 95%. Today, it is around 66%.

Crimes are solved because people talk. Crimes have been solved for thousands of years before modern forensics.

I would say the primary value of forensics is as a bluff-out. “Well, we found your blood at the scene…how do you explain that? Now, if you cooperate with us, we PROMISE to tell the prosecuter that you were honest….”

Right and wrong don’t matter. The USA is already a police state, and has been so since at least 1975. We have the most prisons, the most laws, the most police brutality, and longest sentances.

America wants to increase its prison occupancy rate and make more money for its private prison system. America’s legal just-us system is a giant vaccum and a terrific money maker for them. Just as no-fault divorce was a bonanza for the lawyers, modern forensics is a bonanza for law enforcement. Don’t expect it to go away anytime soon.

13 Comments to “USG’s Legal System Taking Advantage of Murkan Stupidity”

  1. Good luck in explaining this to the TV and CSI watching public.
    Just the word DNA is almost like a magic chant that says guilty.

    But it is funny how you have people serving life for weed, even Breivik only got 21 years.
    In one part of the country weed is legal, in another people are serving life because of it.

    Your post reminded me of this story:
    FBI admits flaws in hair analysis over decades

    “The Justice Department and FBI have formally acknowledged that nearly every examiner in an elite FBI forensic unit gave flawed testimony in almost all trials in which they offered evidence against criminal defendants over more than a two-decade period before 2000.”

    Flaw is slightly understating it…

    • Excellent. I brought up the hair analysis story to an evidence tech. They had never even heard of it.

      They know that much of forensics is a fraud. They ***try*** to show the few who will see, in very subtle ways. Of course most students as passed by. American law enforcement tries to show its students the truth, but it does so in very sneaky ways.

  2. Murkan government is a strange BEAST.
    Even back when it was America, the Bill of Rights and that individual Liberty via Limited Government thing made it unique – made it exceptional. It was exceptional…in its past. Today, it is Socialist – but a Socialism based on MINOrights. Even that is unique.

    America/Murka was has always been a difficult nation for foreigners to understand; it is really not difficult, it is merely a nation of extremes, living amidst great material bounty.

    Both the American/Murkan justice institutions work(ed) by getting and consuming vast amounts of money. The goal is to convict – everyone. In that way, The System acquires even more cash with the ultimate goal of incarceration. If no conviction happens, the bloated court system still got its cut with the lucrative trial. The Sleeple forget The Court is above all, a falange of BIGov. They forget – even more assuredly – BIGovSkool is also an evil finger of government.

    Our nation’s laws were drafted by Thomas Jefferson, John Adams and James Madison – all lawyers. Rich ones. Jefferson, for example, is depicted by Whites as The Perfect Man, but by coloreds as Mr. #1 Evil Lady-Slave Raper. Again, extremes.

    Such men did not intend for the closest nation ever to perfection to decay into Murka, but their (truly) great intentions nonetheless held unrealized biases. That was their mistake. It was a “sin of omission.” Like sculptors so enamored of a massive marble statue of a horse & rider they fall in love with its graceful beauty…but they sculpt some legs too fragile and time topples the whole endeavor. It’s the Colossus of Rhodes., an Aesop’s Fable and a Greek Tragedy all in one. It is the ultimate tragedy for Mankind, for when its dead shell falls, the Ideal is dead and the entire world plunges back to what it was before The Great Nation existed: Monarcy/dictator-style tyrannies of the Caligula/King Henry VIII and Ivan the Terrible type.

    • And now it’s all about the guns in the “right hands” versus the “wrong hands.”

      • You may be pleased to know I have made some discoveries in WS, TD.

        The answer is in sport and film. One can plainly see supremacy in those areas. Words are cumbersome in some cases. And a moment of perfection costs many years of work.

        Seeing Van Damme in Bloodsport is what I would consider white supremacy. That movie could have not been more perfect.

      • guns in the “right hands” versus the “wrong

        History shows clearly, many “good” sides lost to evil.
        Even when we had sentient Americans, most dgaf as BnC increased.

        But Now, we have millennials.
        With their mentality there is little nothing to “hope” for.
        They are the worst generation in human history AND
        …The future will reflect that. Murka will even become worse and become mrka.

      • Ryu…

        Yes… This is why the stance of the “alpha black” athletes and liberal “white” entertainers IS SO UTTERLY OBNOXIOUS… Their entire craft is THOROUGHLY ROOTED in the pursuit of Perfection, ie., objective Supremacy.

        So to be an anti-(white) Supremacist is to literally degrade the athletic and entertainment craft to less than mediocre. It is, AS WE ARE WITNESSING RIGHT NOW, a total destruction of the endeavors themselves. The devolution of athletics and entertainment DUE the anti-Supremacy of its internal charlatans IS FOR ALL TO SEE RIGHT NOW. Both corporate behemoths NOW MANDATE political stooges FIRST, second and third. Real athletes and entertainers need not apply. This is the price of radical autonomy and anti-white Supremacy.

    • Great comment, FP.

      • I agree, good enough of a comment to be posted as it’s own standalone post
        just title it “Murkan government is a strange BEAST” and copy paste the rest…

    • It’s not really surprising that Murka was and is A-Market – a business enterprise.

      A few questions to ask, and the answer is all about the bottom line, where our elites run out of the bank, like enriched bandits!

      Why do coloreds work for menial wages and then get welfare?

      Why are wites kept in a stupified lull, with bread n circuses, (or feast n fuck in GenBrandon terms)?

      Why do we import more Miggas by the year?

      Income inequality in Murka isn’t happenstance!

      • Why do coloreds work for menial wages and then get welfare?

        ghetto blacks keep NRA/Revolution Whites down and too preoccupied to revolt against UncleBEAST.

        Why are wites kept in a stupified lull, with bread n circuses?

        The SuperELITE keeps Whites down to prevent Revolution that will upset the Ca$h Cart Cartel. wites – to their own damnation – willingly participate in FFFF…

        Why do we import more Miggas by the year?

        To act as a control – a pest control – to counter colored cockroach breeding capacity.
        This creates a potential Tri-Civil War atmosphere far more manipulable for the MegaELITE than the standart two-party civil war.

        The MEGAelite have NO fear of colored looters. They live on the 76th story Penthouse; they are well guarded by ExMil Jordi thugs.
        Nor do they fear Miggers. The only thing they fear is White Revolution. Another h-h-holocaust. But that one, being the one I espouse: eradication of every vile MINO within reach.

      • The entire arrangement of Murka is now moah munny for the elites. They’ve figured out how to put wite into obsolete status, while subsidizing MINOs, to run the gravy train for them.

  3. When the cops ask what you were doing at any point in the past, say you have to talk to your lawyer before you can answer.

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