Murka’s Urban Descent

by Firepower

It’s not over yet, nor finished, simply because you are “aware”. Today will be the Goode Olde Dayes to your children who’ll live in dangerous filth you refuse to dare imagine.

Major cities LA and Detroit descend into ever-deeper colored hell for decades. Cities decay into Prairie in Gary… Indiana. Entire square miles are as livable as a forest 200 miles away.

When coloreds destroy enough structures to support their population and accelerated breeding rate, there is no place for them to roost. Then, they migrate to available houses in the suburbs, paid for by BIGov to continue their planned Dewhiting Program.

Indicators are more ….….suburbs on the list and further descent of already colored cities.

When snow was plowed sixty years ago, but not today because “things got worse” you should* know that code means basic elements of civilization are fallen. It’s more than “a feeling” that shit’s gone wrong when it’s quantifiably compared to similar events in an old newspaper.

Murkans demand services both public and private they take for granted. When they fall because the budget only allows feeding pickaninnies and their black breeding sow mammies, civilization is stripped away, revealing the 3rd world grows not just in foreign colored nations, but here in our domestic colored Murka.

Murkanz pop 20x more pills than anybody for pizza-clogged arteries, adult ADD, depression, fat-bloated fugly bitches and limp dicks, but now even the sacred drugs are increasingly seeing shortages. Try and foresee what level of chimpout Ty’Vequious & Shaquida – and their fo’teen siblin’s – will throw when their 40-year-old, 285 lb granmamma in DeeeTroit don’t be gettin’ dat diabeats pill an sheet.

Whites care about “constitutionally protected 2nd Am grazing rights for BundyGunz whatever” so you’ll never see a colored in one of those type of groups. Coloreds care about new BigFED Section 8 Housing vouchers in their new grazing ground of the suburbs, not the Bill of Rights or 1776.

24 Comments to “Murka’s Urban Descent”

  1. Descent is good, as it MUST get much darker before it can get brighter.
    Because every crack in the system will be along it’s racial fault lines…

    Off topic, i asked LaFon about the EBT System going down:

    “Urban crime is not about poverty, need or hunger, but entitlement, greed and anger.

    All of these people make more money than I do just for declining to work, and I’m not looting.

    The only real variable is opportunity—can it be done without getting shot or locked up?

    What will happen, if EBTs go down, or the grid does down, is that the Police and National Guard will force suburbanites to feed, clothe and house the inner city refugees, emptying home larders at community depots and redistributing the food while the oppressed are assigned quarters in the houses of the privileged.

    Bet on it.”

    • heh. good to see you firing LaFon’s Alarmist Exaggeration Engine to full steam.

      The greatest problem prognosticators of SP Planet of The Ape-Niggers IZZA Comin’!
      …is alarmism.
      Exaggeration is dangerous. Its factual foundation provides only a half-truth and that is most dangerous of all. It still is not Truth.

      MOG is feared more than even SovietRedChiComISIS because MOG…is here already. It is so clooooose…it can touch every sniveling LN Penthouse and they know it. They just don’t broadcast their fears for the whole world to observe – like a trailerparknazi prophet.

      The MMM will move Heaven & Earth – and dismantle the US Navy and even the ENTIRE Military – before they let that MOG arise. They’ll scrape up the money somewhere. Murka is the Big Wal-Mart. For them, it’s the Big Tiffany’s even. So, they’ll juggle knives before they let their equity slip away. ONLY if they flee to Monaco, Switzerland – or my fave, Fortress Hawaii – will you see Planet O’ Them Apes. That is itself, the ultimate FappFantasy: It’ll take so long to materialize, you’ll never live to enjoy The Funn.

      Thus, the actually important answer becomes: What do YOU in the boring slog of decay, in the meantime.

      • EBT is not going down any time soon.

        I used to be a survivalist, Guest. They’ve been waiting 50 years for a collapse that never came, and never will come. The USG is in the driver’s seat now.

        Only after every, EVERY other course has been taken would a collapse occur. They will do anything to avoid it.

  2. Murkans who refuse to fight back better learn to make a lot of money and manage it properly so they can afford to keep running. That’s what Jews do. They buy vs valuables that can be sold for gtfo money.

    • jews already live in modern equivalents of stone castles – towers. They are the little piggies who built the house of stone.

      White rural types have next best houses of sticks. wites living among the black have the worst houses of straw.

      Jews live safely because they are neurotic about the damage they cause angering every race. WNs hate them. Coloreds hate them. Everybody hates them – so they respond with the sturdiest castle keeps. They’ve been rich for generations and accumulated vast treasure, which, they greedily guard…like jews.

      When it comes time for Jew Diaspora XXVI or w/e, they’ll do as they did for Hitler: All the sudden “poor” jew bread bakers will be tossing soupcans full of diamonds and gold to border guards allowing them into Monaco.

  3. I wish I could wake up more people, FP. There doesn’t seem to be any traction.

    It is a hard thing. It happened to our equivalents in Athens and Rome, during their downtimes. They had no hope of change within their lifetimes.

    It is no prize to be recognized as a hero after one’s death; historians are wrong about that. Yet time marches on.

    [ed note: yes. if The Online REVOLUTION!!! could not awaken The Masses, nothing will… except blood and death. ALL WE MUST DO IS get as many eyes on our work as we can. Then we rest.]

    • The hopelessness is something I now appreciate. Just imagine knowing in 100 AD that Rome was on the decline…with 400 years to go!

      The mind reels.

    • The problem with waking up anyone is that you are seen as a kook for even just bringing the Constitution up, which is the supreme law of the land, let alone WN, or mere N… freedom of speech, freedom of association, nigga please, people just roll their eyes. Whites can be, and are, set on fire by minos, and you are still raciss for bringing it up.

      It’s like trying to explain nuclear energy to people who think Carbon dioxide, an odorless and colorless gas, is a pollutant, good fuckin’ luck! You can only shake em out of such hysteria.

      • You know a great deal about this. How do you know so much about Murka?

      • THis might complement your upcoming Rooshi post, FP.

        It’s cute:) He’s like growing into a baby WN. I’m like a proud father.

        [ed note: it leaves a sense of crippled opportunity that ROK banned you. you musta been Bad Daddy yelling in the rental about “niggurz” and hanging up SS posters. Baby grew up and cut you out of his life, now you must watch his star rise]

      • It won’t rise far without us. He is only at the level of a medium WN now. It is very far for a Muzz to go.

        He will need someone like you or I to take him further. His current mode of thinking is WN circa 1980. We already knew the antifas and SJWs would bust up his meets. We also know how many infiltrators there already are around him.

      • He is only at the level of a medium WN

        heh. THATS bc he’s only a level of medium white.

  4. One of the saddest examples of murkas descent i saw are metal scrappers in places like Detroit and Cleveland, minos tearing down once great White towns for pocket change, the best part is how the scrapyards are full of Chinese buyers.

    They are literally building up China out of motor city rubble! Just the symbolism of that…

    • One of the saddest examples of murkas descent i saw are

      Imagine the even worse future as deterioration grows- then multiply that by every colored city occupied by the black.

      Murka’s #1 export to CHICom is scrap metal, followed by the sturdy machinery that made it, and America. MINOs made Murka; they, and wites.

      Nigras did not “kick out” wites after a great battle. wites fled like bitches and abandoned the battlefield to the black.

      TrailerparkNazis – you say UncleBEAST forced coloreds upon you? Bullshit.
      If you meekly submit to EVILgov then your wages are death.
      If BIGov is/was too powerful, then the battle is lost, so, stfu.

    • There are several facets to that picture, g.

      The poor are natural scavengers. They are like the bacteria or fungus. They break everything down to its most basic components and make use of them. I find it beautiful. It is not the rich or middle class selling metal.

      Did you think we could just rebuild a new order without destroying the old one first? It all must go: the statue of liberty, the pentagon, the Washington monument.

      Nothing in America is white anymore. Let it die. It is no longer our concern.

      • Americas founding truly was exceptional, you don’t have to throw that part out.
        Especially when your founders warned of exactly what has come to be…

        Fun fact, even in my socialist eastern block history books Americas history was admired to a degree, the frontier and all that. Ironic how current common core material shows the US in a worse light than our books did, it’s almost unbelievable.

        I always thought of Americans as hardcore better dead than red folk
        no commies, and not even red Indians either, fuck all and every red!

        Didn’t John Wane say I’ll be red when I’m dead, or was that me? 🙂

      • I get a lot of resistance on my admiration of Communism, even today. It seems to be ingrained in Murkans, even white ones, to hate it. Strange, because capitalism has its own crimes to answer for.

        American capitalism has all the vices they accuse the Soviets of having: gulags, a ruling class, bureaucracy, and stark poverty. We even invade many of the same countries, such as Korea or Afghanistan.

        Communism has taught me to have a view of the internationalist struggle. WN is not just for Murka.

  5. Communism simply doesn’t work Ryu, it never has, except the taking over by force part, there is no twisting a few knobs and making it work, it just doesn’t square with human nature, not even in theory, take this from someone who used to buy ice cream with a billion dinar bill, so many zeros and i got only one popsicle, that’s the cold reality of it, no pun intended, hyperinflation only sounds fun…

    Or how El Rushbo puts it:

    “What they want can never work. Their dreams can never even get close to reality. Their hopes can never, ever be realized. It isn’t humanly possible for liberalism to succeed. It isn’t humanly possible for the things radical leftists want to bring about the desired results that they choose. They claim they want a utopian happiness, and they are further and further away from it the more successful they are. The closest they can get to it is communism and tyranny where they have to force everybody to live the way they want. And that means they have to build walls to keep people in because after a while people want to get the heck out.”

    Communism is one of those if the mothership doesn’t arrive on time let’s wait some more things, ad infinitum, ad 100 million dead, that alone should drive the point home once and for all.

    “They are further and further away from utopia the more successful they are.”
    Bravo Rushie, bravo, that just nails it!

    I wish i could shake you out of it Ryu.

    You can fix market economies with stuff like the Glass-Steagall Act, you can’t communism.

    • That’s the sad part currently in the US, the lack of enforcing laws is blamed on capitalism.

      To quote the market-ticker:

      “The real problem? We don’t give a damn about the Rule of Law in this country and haven’t for decades, and instead of enforcing the rule of law we get to listen to the Cramers of the world cry on TeeVee, soon to be followed by your crying when we should have been jailing people.”


    • But “work” in what way, guest? How should things “work”?

      Capitalism uses force also. My favorite example is the US invasion of Panama. Of course, the USA uses the CIA to weaken other countries, then steal their resources.

      I feel the force and power behind capitalism very keenly, guest. In the US today, the rich steal from the poor. I cannot steal from the rich in return, because their hired guns are too powerful right now.

      Ex-commie countries have things I admire. Marriage, nationalism, and a common culture. The capitalists lack them. It is worth noting that all white capitalist countries are suffering from the same fate: immigration, mino-love, feminism, decadence.

    • Can you recommend some Commie movies you have found interesting, guest? Non-English is alright.

      I have seen “The Confession”. It was fantastic. It was about a Czech bureaucrat who was put into prison.

  6. FP’s entire Modus Operandi on the fall of America to 3rd world status, Murka, is the infestation of coloreds.

    Whatever gripe you may have with Murka, it all comes down to coloreds. FP is a genius.

    The taxing police state is a direct result of coloreds. Elites need to keep these animals on guard from their grounds with a well paid police force. Safe cities free from coloreds command a high price, in the case of NYC, it’s neighborhoods. Good school districts command a high price, because they are free from primitives who don’t have the capacity to learn. As a result, higher taxes, higher cost of living, and the need for a high paying job are all a direct result of Murka’s out of control colored breeding. Can’t deal with the oppression…there’s low cost towns with primitives in their backdrop.

    I’ve known people who moved out of expensive wite neighborhoods from their beloved fortress cities to decaying rotting towns of the Midwest like St Louis, Detroit, even Cleveland, and now Milwaukee, with the black mold running rampant, only to fully understand what FP has been saying on this blog for ages.

    • He was truly ahead of his time. Too back freedom of speech doesn’t work anymore.

      • There are some objective bloggers who are beginning to realize that Murka’s coloreds have no place in wite civilization, despite decades and decades of dependency on welfare subsidies — trying to turn a dirty primitive into a functioning human. That money could have been given to youths of Southern European nations where they usher a New Age Rome 3.0.

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