Ivy Elite Cash Connections

by Firepower

Fry jewAll readers need do is give friends, skeptics and recruits a link to this article. I suspect such easy propaganda is asking too much as Murka slumps further into muck.

Summed up, Fosetist Style:

  • Secretive Hedge Fund That’s Generating Huge Profits for Yale!
  • titans Bill Ackman and David Einhorn each lost more than 20 percent for their investors
  • Nancy Zimmerman’s Bracebridge Capital has gone from $5.8 billion in assets to $10.3 billion
  • the largest hedge fund in the world run by a woman
  • Zimmerman, who survived a 1990s scandal involving Russia, her husband and Harvard
  • Thomas Steyer of Farallon Capital Management originally staked Zimmerman with $50 million
  • Yale’s investment is valued at $1 billion, one of the most profitable.
  • Gabriel Sunshine, Zimmerman’s partner at Bracebridge…
  • Zimmerman, 52, has a powerful network of allies, including former New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine
  • Corzine was Zimmerman’s boss at Goldman Sachs Group Inc
  • Corzine was in her top investors at Princeton University’s endowment, run by Andrew Golden.
  • Zimmerman’s husband, Harvard economist Andrei Shleifer…..
  • Neither Zimmerman nor her husband admitted wrongdoing in their Russia dealings.
  • Zimmerman attended Brown University  [ed note: an Ivy League Uni]
  • …she’s a Bostonian now [Manhattan Jr., and Land of The Kennedys and Kerry]
  • Zimmerman and Sunshine partnered with Steyer
  • Zimmerman owns most of Bracebridge, according to a 2015 filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. She and Sunshine control 12.6 percent of the assets, that’s about $1.3 billion. It’s split between her and Sunshine…

Oy vey! You can’t make this stuff up.

You don’t have to.

Nothing beats the truth – especially to a dumb wite sheep ready to fight because their Fat FeminNAZI BigGov Skool teacha brainwashed them into believing nazis=BADD jews=goooood.

I predict nobody will show this to anyone because I’ll have no no0b komment blood to eat.

8 Comments to “Ivy Elite Cash Connections”

  1. G+ ‘ed this article and link – doing my best to get your articles out to others of like mind.

  2. plenty of dumb wite sheep are also found in Manhattan. Paying thou$ands of dollars for a jew owned apartment and working for them, where the Jewlord throws them petty toys for their servitude — do you call it status or stupid?

  3. And if GenBrandon isn’t working to enrich Mr. Jew, he lives off his parents, so he can play in funnyfuckland.

    • GenBrandon isn’t working to enrich Mr. Jew

      The destructive effect of jews is the allure of making money while serving them.

      jews put blinders on races.

      • And the apathy of most wites, Whites, and WASPs – Their behavior isn’t all that different from the munny Kike. He’s only more sympathetic of primitives.

  4. This was a good find, FP. Wall Street is an open casino for the elite, and they have all the edge.

    • This was a good find, FP.

      Very often, mediaPROP – and even jewPROP – inadvertently disclose just how fucking jewish the PowerElite are. This is because they’ve ruled so long and are so immune, they’ve gotten careless.

      jews don’t care anymore if every wn – from the lowest Trailerparknazi to the pinnacle of WN – knows “the secrets of The Chosenites”. They are insulated by Pure Power – and Ignorance.

      They know Sleeple by the millions prefer reading Kim Kardashian’s online menstrual schedule and few read sites like Eradica.

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