More Detective Tricks

by Ryu

– Detectives are chosen for their white hat and obsession. They have no lives outside of work. Divorce and alienation from children is common. This is an on-call job that can range from 40-120 hours per week. They may work 48 hours straight if necessary.

“We do God’s work” – printed on the walls of most homicide squad rooms.

– There are two types of detectives. One is the action-type, who enjoys the thrill of the hunt. He tends to be young and emotional, a real law and order type. He rushes his cases and charges hard in the interrogation room.

The other type develops his case more slowly, checking off all the angles before bringing a suspect in. He works his cases with an eye to the trial afterward. He will hold off questioning someone until he has all the information.

– One can’t work homicide for many years. It tends to be a young man’s game, because the hours are so varied and long. About 55 is the oldest detective working a real schedule. Youngest detectives tend to be about 25.

Often, when the hours get too hectic and homicide…..…… detectives want a 9-5, they ask to be transferred to fraud or robbery investigation.

– A general rule is that while sitting in the interrogation room, a guilty suspect will sit calmly or even sleep. The innocent will pace or look nervous. Yes, cops do sit there and watch before the questioner even enters the room.

The theory is that the innocent are wanting to prove their innocence. The guilty know why they are there, and are more patient. No necessarily true, but this is how “the normal response” is gauged.

– There are three ways to document a crime scene: videotape, sketch, or photography.

A little trick, when one has a witness statement, is to take a picture from where they said they were at the time. The picture will show that perspective.

– Four areas are magnets for evidence: the home, car, computer, and cell phone. That’s why cops go for these first.

Cell phone evidence is huge today. Where you were, who you called, how long, how many calls. Its a bonanza for investigators.

– The photo lineup has been a stable in LE for many years. They almost always put their favorite suspect in a certain position. Number 5. The configuration is

[ ] [ ] [ ]
1 2 3

[ ] [ ] [ ]
4 5 6

Number 5 is the closest to the viewer and its the one the eye falls to. This is of course illegal but it is their way of suggesting a certain suspect.

7 Comments to “More Detective Tricks”

  1. Incredible! This is cutting edge stuff Ryu.

  2. Suit SWATZIs tolerate the grind for that intoxicating, immense power of The State.
    FAAAAT Pension. Badge Bunnies. Retirement at 50.

    They are whores. Like an actual whore, sometimes they “do good”.
    Does anybody really care if some nigra goes to jail for offing another?

  3. “Does anybody really care if some nigra goes to jail for offing another?”

    Of course I care. One less problem.

  4. I remember watching the first cops show .The 1 cop kinda ratty italin looking got busted by the third show for stealing drugs and money .You could tell the guy was sht faced

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