Murka’s Legal Bluffs: The Holy Tetrad

by Ryu

Assaulting an officer.
Disobeying a direct order.
Resisting arrest.
Disorderly conduct.

Anyone who doesn’t immediately “submit” to American police gets a plate of spaghetti thrown at them. The Murkan legal system throws it and sees what sticks. It’s their most common bluff.

Insiders understand what the public does not: there are no speedy trials in the US today.

They know that motions, appeals, postponements can all add up to years and thousands of dollars. A “normal” person just wants to handle the mess and move on. The cops and lawyers have all the time in world – this is how they make their $$$. In fact, the more convoluted the system, the greater their security and paychecks.

They’ll throw “the usual” at you, then plead it on down. They always have to win, one way or another.

The police are not your friends. Our predecessors said “the boys in blue work for the jew.” Remember it well.

23 Comments to “Murka’s Legal Bluffs: The Holy Tetrad”

  1. The idea is to slowly expand the airport rules of conduct over society as a whole…
    Imagine when interacting with any gov worker will be like interacting with the tsa.

    And why not, just look at how well it’s working, pure, admitted theater, zero resistance.

    • The idea is to slowly expand the airport rules of conduct over society as a whole…

      Brilliant observation.

      The most discouraging lesson I’ve learned in 5 years is Murkans will not revolt – it’s quite the opposite: They cannot revolt after 35-hour PlayStation marathons while eating pizza, obsessing over Kylie Jenner’s latest colored boytoyz.

      The Tyranny Trail follows approximately to where the UK is today, then to Sovietland.

      The Goal of Socialism is Communism. – Vladimir Lenin

      Murka is today where Britain was in the 20’s. Britain today is where Soviet Russia was in the 20s.
      Each lags approx. a century behind the previous state of tyrannical rule. Orwell wrote of its expansion.

      Where there is Socialism, Communism surely follows – Firepower

      Unlike backwards, agri-shitholes like RusskiLand…
      [Fuck you, Eradican. You whiny, cowardly commie-loving cunt.]
      … Murka’s is a tyranny based totally on Bread & Circus…
      Until FutureJARED gives all the gunz away-eee!

      The purpose of all MediaPROP (and both jewPROPs) is to replace duty with the lullaby of money and sex.

      • What is your beef with Communism, FP?

        The USSR was white. Russian skins have a free hand that WNs cannot dream of. Communism is the natural antidote to Murkan capitalism. Only the commie nations stand against the American empire.

        Cuba’s gonna learn that. Their islands is going to become just another tourist stop for old gringos. They’ll beg for Castro to rule again.

        In Russia, the skins do what minos do here:

      • FP, have you heard of Stanley Bing or read any of his work?

        Bing writes upon the real world of Corporate Murka. He reminds me of you. You may profit from adding his work to your own.

        [ed note: wow, i have heard of him and read some of his work. good call]

      • What is your beef with Communism, FP?

        Good question. Had Eradicunt asked like an adult, instead of huffing off like the typical Millennial Bitch, he mighta still been here.

        Communism is dictatorship; do not lie to yourself. Any Oligarchy or Monarchy – or any other totalitarian State – can get the same results as Nazism. Only members of the Ruling Party do well. In that aspect, it is no different than Capitalism. Connections matter.

        If every form of government be a dictatorship to varying degrees, then I’ll pick the one with the most Liberty: My Ideal Age was America, 1775-1855.

        If you and I – and Lil’ Eraddie – were teleported to Today’s Soviet Russia, the very things we did on Eradica would prompt our swift arrest and unpleasant interrogation. If we then used our same ideology against Putin, he’d have us killed. Don’t kid yourself.

        You cannot rely upon suicidal old White Men, WTC Muzz, Miggers or REDS to save the American White Man by doing his dirty work for him.

      • I admit all governments are based upon force. Some are more clever in how they deploy it.

        You must admit by ejecting Eradican, that you too use force and power. This is the nature of things. I understand it well.

        The Americans had to destroy their revolution as soon as it succeeded. The Whiskey Rebellion immediately followed the American Revolution. I like how Washington used an army of 13000 men to arrest 12 people. It reminds me of modern USG techniques.

        I admire America’s conquest of the West. But I also admire many Soviet accomplishments, especially in sport and STEM. Governments do not give liberty, the people take it. Governments are only as good as the people demand they be. And that takes guns and violence. The FFs knew that best of all.

      • The WR Feds apparently “justified” their use of force in needing a whisky tax to repay Revolutionary War debt. I suspect the lenders were Friends of Hymie.

        Still, money was borrowed. Lenders do not lend for free, even Jentle Jews and it must be repayed.
        Washington’s justification was the taxes were for repayment of American debt and the funds under administration of American government men working for freely elected American officials.

        Not in the pre-Rev days where the tax ca$h was extracted by Americans by appointed Britishers 5000 miles away – and the money going into British coffers.

        There’s a big difference.
        There’s also a difference in the eradican incident. I did not eject eradican. They left their post on their own. Why keep a deserter on the rolls? I’m not a Bergdahl-ian Boss eager for PC/PR demonstrating how “nice” I am.

      • I’m sorry, FP. I thought you were mean 😦 and fired Eradican.

      • Nope. I don’t use a shotgun to kill a SpED Kid.
        Millennials – including concklobar et al – are a silly race of inferior slugs. They are subhumans w/out integrity or ambition. They are all Diva.

        Thus, they’ve proven they have little to offer of service – even on their preferred, artificial “online realm,” which is why they can’t ever do Jackshit IRL. Nevermind with an actual musket at a rampart.

        They are Sunshine Patriots. LIUFY

      • Ryu…

        Your concepts of “capitalism” and communism are rooted in materialist “meta-physics” AND ARE THUS stunted conceptions.

        ALL healthy-minded white men desire greater credibility both within and without, ie., desire greater Capital. To HAVE greater credibility JUST IS to have more Capital. Thus, Capital is, in its essence, intangible and indestructible. The proper economic order is the man with the most credibility is the man with the most Capital and vice versa. Communism IS THE ATTEMPTED usurpation of this proper economic order… Anti-Capitalism… Credit where credit IS NOT DUE. A mad ideological effort to re-distribute “capital” to the least credible.

        So the idea that Russian or Cuban or Chinese communism stands in contradiction to MRKN “capitalism” is an idea that doesn’t account for the fact that ALL OPERATE under an economic disorder politically, ideologically and legally mandating that “capital,” both tangible and intangible, flow to the least worthy of individuals and investments FOR THE VERY PURPOSE of its destruction… Anti-Capitalism… Here… In Russia… In China… Everywhere.

    • Good stuff. I just read this story today – US Marshalls collecting on student loan debt.

    • And the “airport rules…”

      To condition a populace of white males to a de facto homo fondling.

      [ed note: the central motivation of TSA fondling is…not homoerotic PDAs…it’s MOAR sinister]

      • I agree it’s more sinister… It’s the kind of sinister that conditions an entire “white” male mass to be PUBLICY tolerant of homo-sexual harassment INEVITABLY LEADING to a mass self-annihilation.

  2. Like I was saying- avoid all contact with the police. With discipline it can be done.

    • Do you see that strategy working
      Even if they seek to
      Contact you?

      wites are profiled more than MINOs:
      wites have the sweeeet SpeedTrap Fund$ cops need to fund governments.

      Coloreds cost money to contact.
      wites are sheep to be shorn

      • wites are too civilized, obedient, full of fluff and predictable, and fall trap to LN victimization. Worse, many of them are completely brainwashed, and are essentially dead in free thought. This also applies to wealthy ManhattanBrandon: his demise is more pleasant, since he is insulated from wealth.

        Colored vermin are essentially destructive, yet beneficial to the current LN paradigm. A rival food producer could use pests to destroy his competitors’ crops — but here’s the catch, pests are invasive, even in the most secured environment.

        Miggas are another invasive species, to combat the colored vermin, where farmers would introduce one kind of life form to counteract the other. Miggas are on the offensive, singular — a trait wite could learn.

    • I also do that, Thrashy. It is hard for a white man with pride to do, but it makes things go smoother.

      [ed note: just bc “we” obey The MMM’s every petty driving decree, plus obsequiously “dot every i and cross every T” and have Our Papers In Order…does not mean the MMM will not search you]

      • I don’t expect any “just-us” anymore, FP. Murkan cops today are much like 3rd world pigs. Just like being a prisoner really.

        Who is that girl in the Worm post?

        [ed note: unclear; only ‘worm’ post shows some niggorilla?]

  3. Ryu: That colored deadbeat, Paul Acker, was arrested, because of that: Most coloreds are simply deadbeats, they live for the moment, and have no sense of money management. I think his story is made up, meaning his past obligations were mostly paid. That’s why the authorities clamped down on him.

  4. You can beat the rap, but can you beat the ride?

  5. And one needs to understand that the diversity mantra espoused by our LNs, is about shoving the nigga presence for witey. niggas are the most deviant and dysfunctional of all the non-whites. Sadly, now many GenBrandons/more so GenBritneys are nigga worshippers, hence, a destruction is on the way….

  6. yet Hillary still walks free

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