The War Against Cops/Black Lives Matter

by Ryu

In many mino areas of the USA, the police act as an occupying army. Naturally, if the police declare war against the citizens, the citizens declare war on the police.

Redcoats are a special prey. Their communications equipment makes the time to discovery or TTD very short. As in 2-4 minutes. This makes getting away with it very hard, and there are few modern examples of cop-killers going free.

Most PDs offer 3 shifts. Day shift from 7-3, night shift from 3-11, and graveyard from 11-7. Day shift has the most officers and supervisors assigned. It is the “hottest” time of the day with the most service calls. Night shift is also busy, as people are still awake.

***All**** graveyard cops sleep for an hour or two on their shifts. They’ll find a quiet spot to pull over to do it. If asked by supervisors, they’ll respond that they were filling out reports.

The most successful attacks attack when the police are in…….. their cars. A man sitting in his car can’t move much. That’s why the police insist that you remain in your car during a traffic stop – the seat locks you into facing forward. That’s also why they stand near the blind spot on the driver’s left, so you can’t see them. That’s where the best attackers hit from.

There is another factor.

Many criminals shoot at cops when being apprehended. They try shooting as they run away, which does not work. Few can shoot accurately while running. The cop just sits behinds cover and lines up his shot. Most of those criminals are caught or killed.

Rare is the man who actually hunts cops, without running away. No one on Earth can do two things like escaping and shooting at once. The killer who goes in with the expectation of killing a cop or being killed himself does better than the escapee. Few cops survive such encounters.


A good example was the issisis-man in Philidelphia. He attacked when the cop was sitting in his car. Being right handed, the cop had little room to pull out his gun and respond.

If the sissisis-guy had waited until he got close, kept shooting and had not tried to run away while shooting, he would have killed that officer without a response. He would also have had a longer TTD, as there would have been no call to dispatch.

24 Comments to “The War Against Cops/Black Lives Matter”

  1. All WN inspired types should tread the path of the Migga — determined, pragmatic, singular, and low profile – strike when ready.

    Pablo and his beaners are slowly eroding Murka with their presence — they don’t care for our politicos, and most certainly, they don’t care for our Hollywood LN diatribe or obsolescence kookyservative speak.

    Musa the Muzzy, planning his next jihadist move, doesn’t strike when you’re looking.

    Coloreds are just random rousers, who get taken down by our police state.

    witeBrandons/Britneys, delusional sheep who thinks Murka is a never ending show of funnyfuckland.

    • JS, do you know what Andorra is? Who lives there – the Spanish and French elite?

    • I would compliment the Mex on many things, JS. The “working” portion of them are chasing the Murkan dream. I do see the Injun-hyrids quite often, with their endless cost cutting and jewing. Most just don’t seem to be that radical. They work, reproduce, and are winning. Their kids chase out the blacks.

      • Migga gangs are the real deal. They are our contemporary mafiosos with their lucrative narcotics, and they also eradicate coloreds, because they are a poor investment.

      • But the realities don’t lie… Join a real migger gang and KNOW your life expectancy has just dropped 20+ years AND NOW one has dramatically increased his chances of being offed by one of his very own… In other words, to join a migger gang IS TO DESIRE self-annihilation.

  2. Ryu…

    This info is good as stand-alone knowledge in regards to a bona fide “police state.” Memetically, you should set forth something like, “you know you’re in a police state when…?”


    You have a twisted frame. When LNs war with the radical “black” collective and the RBC wars back…

    IT IS NOT OUR STANCE to take one side over the other. “We” are not to be foolishly entangled in a completely arbitrary cheerleading session representing “blue lives matter” on one side and/or “black lives matter” on the other.

    “We” only care when LNs and radical “blacks” kill ours. Where they slit each other’s throats, they do so being heavily subsidized by the white masses through a carefully crafted media perception. This subsidizing needs to crease by all means necessary.

  3. Any of you follow the indictment of this gooka cop in NYC, who killed a colored at a stairwell in a public housing complex, now a subject to a tribalism paradigm, leading to an infighting of the FFLNs? My gut feelin…wite will be caught in this conflict.

    This alone shows why Murka is now officially a toxic cesspool of incompatible elements, and is clearly no longer functional.

    • JS…

      This is exactly what I’m talking about. And if one is a white or Asian cop KNOWINGLY taking work within a predominately “black” community THEN when events like this go in this manner, “we” ALREADY NOW KNOW that it was ENTIRELY predictable. This is a nightmarish déjà vu and any white or Asian “officer of the law” that puts himself smack-dab in the middle of policing the radical “black” collective IS A FOOL in need of being devoured to the silent dismissal of all heathy-minded white men. Even those cops that seek out the radical “black” collective for purposes of eradication cannot expect a cheerleading squad if or when their true motivations come to light through an event like the one above. The quickest path to the annihilation of the radical “black” collective IS THE REMOVAL and separation OF ALL non-black entities from said collective. Segregation is self-annihilation for the “black” nation.

      • Interestingly, this indicted gooker LEO’s partner is a Kike cop, who sold him down the river, telling everybody he should be guilty for shooting an “innocent” colored. Jews in law enforcement is like a weasel running away from the scene.

      • TD: What’s really important about this matter is that delusional LNs still have not understood the concept of race realism in Murka: That all MINOs and the FFOL dislike one another and will turn on each other if given the opportunity. Niggas hate Miggas, and they hate the Gookas, and vice versa. And they all share one thing in common: A pernicious disdain for White males.

      • LNs have no need for race realism. The only niggers they know never made less than $250,000.

        Marx stated Revolution is impossible until the Proletariat awakens to Class Consciousness.
        I’ve stated Murkans will not embrace Sweet Overdue Revolution until they develop Race Consciousness.

      • Miggas, Gookas, and coloreds are all racially conscious. The falange of the FFOL are racially conscious. They all hate each other. However, only wite drinks the LN coolie aid of rainbow equality!

        [ed note: if accurate, then wites truly deserve eradication by the FFOL]

    • The “crime” of segregation is “black” self-annihilation.

  4. Cops will never be SUPERFriends of WN! as some blue-clad exterminators ridding Murka of coloreds or Miggers. Wns expecting them to be another Santa Claus eradicating nests 0′ niggers while they sit on the couch better put down their dicks.

    Cops need colored filth for action-entertainment and that all-important job security.
    Cops are NUMBER 1: BIGov Employees. The lowest rank of enforcer for the LN. Thus, they are more prepared to exterminate NRA Whites than BLM bums.

    Cops fear lone bicyclists. No license to track. Easily stolen mode of transportation even more easily disposed and wiped.

    • Why do you insist miggas of being an immediate danger? — when in fact, wite has given their fate, entirely to coloreds, and worse, they are now pandering to them.

      NRA wites are willing to threaten jihadi John from overseas, but won’t budge an inch, if Tyrone becomes their neighbor. This is the problem,and the only problem.

      • Why do you insist miggas of being an immediate danger?

        Major Murkan Metro areas.
        All you see is Manhattan. It is not the same. It is most certainly not LA & Detroit.
        Most of Murka’s ethnic problem is clear in its totality – if you travel.
        Manhattan once was the destination for PRs. They were gentrified out. Go hang around NYC’s colored dumping ground – NJ.

      • I’m half PR, but wite enough — they were once a present danger, but not anymore. The same with guineas and irish mc-westies. Loser PRs breed with coloreds, and it’s for same low down witey and miggas in general.

        You bring up Manhattan — and interestingly, 99% of the violent crimes on the enchanted isle – are colored crimes! Clearly, niggas deserve immediate eradication.

      • You must take great care, JS. Blacks may be a problem in NYC, but they are no issue out west.

        There are scary things happening in California. Look into the grade school and one sees very few white kids. I’d bet that Cali is already 60% Mex. SoCal is probably 70% Mex right now.

      • Coloreds are so dysfunctional everywhere, that they are a problem in an elite stronghold like Manhattan. Why does that tell you about them in lesser areas? FP’s eradication paradigm has a grain of truth, when it even doesn’t apply.

        Miggas, especially beaners, are doing what FP wants. They eradicate coloreds and take what they think are theirs. No fluff talk, no LN equality speak and kookservative circle jerk – we need to make Murka great again!

      • Ryu: In Manhattan, beaners are just servers for wealthy wite people. The guy who makes your pizza, makes your food and coffee. Perhaps I can make a case that Miggas in NYC offer their services to witeBrandon, and thus are different from their invasive bros out in California. coloreds out here, however, are completely useless on the enchanted isle, and their livelihood depends entirely on LNs and BIGbusiness. the best they can do is work for Whole Foods, which is a LN company. Beaners work for pricey small businesses or anybody else.

  5. Any of you guys been following the news about UBER, the seedy cab company founded by a Kike and a WASP that exploits coloreds for a dime, and now hires lunatics to drive for them?

    That’s MURKA in a nutshell!

    [ed note: i am taught to fish, so i eat every day, with no need to TDO the NAJ. here’s another Firepower Creation 4ya: Jewber. one jewber jewing jew-owned cab co.s is immaterial to me, for I expect it. let the jew, eat the jew]

    • I have seen it, JS. I like it.

      A WN must learn to love the chaos. That is a part of the process. Spree killers are returning. A revolutionary movement needs criminals. How do you expect whites to fight back when they are so easily caught?

      Try to love crime and criminals, JS. You will profit from this.

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