Hollywood Elites

by Firepower

REALLY WON’T Fuck You – For Even $1,000,000,000!

Both successfully brainwashed billions. Just 3% of a small minority control it all. That means everybody else – including wites – are fucking stupid for allowing it to happen – and not only grow, but continue and flourish.

Alter that 3% minority with the dose that half of them are under 9 and over 90 and 1.5% of a population that got here post-1945 fucks your ass daily.

Think of all the movies that promote colored men sexing hot white model-quality poon. All the movies where coloreds are noble, god-like innocents and every white is a brutal racist – like me.

You might not have the balls to point out to……. a Jordie in his wheelchair that this is what they actually fight for – but I do, all the time.

But oh, how they live

“once again a blend of fabulous, fun and functional items meant to thrill and pamper those who may have everything money can buy but still savor the simple joy of a gift.”

• A 10-day, first-class trip to Israel ($55,000)
• A year’s worth of unlimited Audi car rentals from Silvercar ($45,000)
• A 15-day walking tour of Japan ($45,000)
• 3 private training sessions with “celebrity wellness expert” and star of ABC’s My Diet Is Better Than Yours, Jay Cardiello ($1,400)
• Ultherapy—a laser skin-tightening procedure courtesy of 740 Park MD ($5,530)
• A Lifetime supply of skin creams from Lizora ($31,200)
• A Fit Club TV “Ultimate Fitness Package” in a private villa ($6,250)
• A Haze Dual V3 Vaporizer valued at $249.99 (At least Leonardo DiCaprio will be happy)


19 Comments to “Hollywood Elites”

  1. i can’t help wondering if Whites are used to being screwed over. Historically, European civilization was mostly ruled over by Aristocracies or Dictatorships and very rarely did any of these elites give a flying fig about the general populace. Hell, the church regularly screwed over the people as well, sucking up whatever money the government didn’t take. Cathedrals didn’t just appear outta nowhere. They rarely rebelled then (except when the abuse went really over the top) so why should things change now? The only thing new now is that the elite is trying to actively murder us while robbing us blind. To the vast majority of people, they probably haven’t noticed the difference because it feels about the same.

    • In many cultures religion has been used to keep people “humble” and looking to the next world for happiness. I’m sure the elites laugh up their sleeves at the naivety of the common man.

      Letting go off one’s superstitions and religions is a necessary first step to personal power. Otherwise you and up enabling the purveyors of annilation and paying taxes to people who want to destroy your bloodline whilst calling yourself a White Supremacist.

      • You have it exactly backwards… A healthy-minded individual SHOULD BE PETRIFIED at the realization that not only is he immersed in a sea of human “beings” with no regard for their final fate, BUT ALSO “led” by an “elite” WITH THE VERY SAME psyche! For a healthy-minded white man to realize that he is TOTALLY ENVELOPED by this “equality” of radical autonomy… Absolutely encapsulated by a critical mass of human “beings” gleefully INDIFFERENT to their annihilation… This realization IS THE KIND OF KNOWLEDGE that CAN turn a healthy mind very sick. And that “laugh” you hear from a “default elite” for those “fools” who ponder their final fate is the “laugh” of the madman… A psychotic creature DEMANDING eradication. Yet, the white Supremacist must ponder his final fate as well.

    • I agree with much of that.

      Still, investigate further the Spanish and English Civil Wars and the aftermath of the French Revolution – up until they embraced the dictator Napoleon.

      A great part of Europe’s upheavals was religion.
      With that component now totally absent from factions in Murka, something else brews.

      Despite hippie Boomers’ insanity and Millennials then witnessing their parents bow to UncleBEAST in the privacy of their own home over ending “vicious spankings”…

      The fault is with Millennial’s lemming embrace of the Socialist/totalitarian Party.
      That is why I coined “Liberal nazism” as the New Directive for little GovBots educated in BIGovSkools.

      BIGFed got Brandon N’ Britnee out of spankings
      ergo, BIGov is Goo0o0ode

      • It’s a sad state of affairs that Bernie is even allowed on stage!

        Tho Barry O wasn’t any different, every family members, teacher… of his was a commie.
        He had actual mentors who were contact men for Cuban intelligence, let that sink in.

        If someone had to vet Bernie or Bamma in the sixties the two would be arrested on the spot.

        Whatever happened to better dead than red…
        [ed note: Old America is dead. the LN/MMM now are the establishment]

  2. Think of all the movies that promote colored men sexing hot white model-quality poon. All the movies where coloreds are noble, god-like innocents and every white is a brutal racist – like me.

    I’ve been seeing a lot in the media featuring coloreds acting like the New White Nobility, and wite act like ignorant puss wuss.

    The first is distortion of reality, and the second is true to the core.

    • I’m working on an article on in-depth, secondary plans for the Colorization of Murka vis a vis the Eradication of whites.

      The LN/MMM seeks to limit the destructive chimp through breeding with “brainy” and docile wites. This Hybird is hoped to have all the best athletic/physical attributes of coloreds and the intelligence of whites – without each comparative tendency to either march n’ loot or go full NRA-Promise Sleeper.

      Coloreds are portrayed with their new regal bearing by hollywood jewPROP because coloreds now rule: Call it The Obama Effect or the Holder/Lynch Effect. You’ve seen my articles proving the MMM’s Ruling FFOL Races.

      Coloreds are established. White harem girls of Margot Robbie & Nicole Kidman quality are expected by the New Colored Lords; they find willing white girls most easily.

      It is no distortion: hollywood jewPROP propagandizes not for the moment, but what it plans for the future.

      • Anglo-Sphere sluts and Gerhoneys are the most susceptible to colored mud mixing. These western entities deserve what they get. Primitives also make bad fathers, they just fuck and leave their children for another fuck fest.

        [ed note: the LN State is callous toward dead picaninnies bc they know the bucks & broodsows fuck out 3 in a day to replace the dead one]

      • LN/MMM also import Miggas to stave off the problem of the restive coloreds. All Miggas hate coloreds and are more willing to eradicate them, because they are a buffer zone to the problem. Only witey sheep believe otherwise, with his clueless colored pandering.

      • Fun fact FP, “Black slaves would be sought directly from Africa, so that there lack of English language ability—and ability to understand one another’s tribal languages—might prevent their conspiring with each other and white slaves to turn on their mutual oppressors” to quote James LaFond.

        That’s why the whole reparations is so silly, there was white slavery as well, even more of it in the early colonies, at one point in time half of all Irishmen were enslaved to the Americas, so why shouldn’t they get reparations as well? And the center of early slave trade wasn’t even the south, it was New England!

        I don’t think Barry O even got the irony when he visited Ireland and went on and on about guilt.

        Even the is word slave “is derived from the ethic term Slavic, indicating that the Arabs had the same taste in slave girls as the Ancient Persians and Greeks, blonde and red-headed girls from Eastern Europe. The Arabic term slave will slowly spread over the period under study, until, in the early 1800s it is the usual term for un-free people in the United States.” to quote LaFon once more.

        Nevertheless, i am FOR reparations, but it would cancel out your American citizenship
        I mean, you can’t you can’t have your cake and eat it too!

        It would be a check on one side, and a ticket back home to Liberia on the other.

        James LaFond First Slaves in America
        at the bottom is a slave articles Index

        Although the more appropriate and correct term for transfer payments to blacks would be danegeld, which was a tax raised to pay tribute to the Vikings, to prevent the land from being ravaged.

        Because that’s why you pay, negrogeld, so they don’t loot and burn down cities.

        To quote La Fond for the third time:

        “Urban crime is not about poverty, need or hunger, but entitlement, greed and anger.

        All of these people make more money than I do just for declining to work, and I’m not looting.

        The only real variable is opportunity—can it be done without getting shot or locked up?

        What will happen, if EBTs go down, or the grid does down, is that the Police and National Guard will force suburbanites to feed, clothe and house the inner city refugees, emptying home larders at community depots and redistributing the food while the oppressed are assigned quarters in the houses of the privileged.

        Bet on it.”

        If the EBT System Went Down, A Man Question for the Ghetto Grocer

      • Dissertations on US Slavery are redundant when 405,063,684 books are already written.

        Clearer understanding of Our Colored Problem is simplicity itself in a Final Solution: MINOs must simply be eradicated. Period.

        There, the muddled, murky world of Endless Debate on
        Big Things is stifled…
        Replaced, instead, with purpose.

      • Maybe books about kunta kinte are a dime a dozen,
        but books about White slavery, few and far between.

        And we need those, to fight white guilt, or to cite myself:
        “White guilt is the main reactor of the FFFOL Death Star!”

        What do you say FP, best quote ever? It sums it up for me.

        The average shitizen doesn’t know about White slaves at all!

        People also think The Martian was based on a true story
        and that Judge Judy sits on the supreme court, but still…

      • You’d be happy to know that LNs have taken their Machiavellian politics seriously. They ruthlessly eliminate and stop their enemies with impunity, meanwhile Cuckservatives are just dumbo dims, who only nigkikespicing.

  3. Longbowmen had it best. Downhill since then…

    [ed note: pithy]

  4. Can’t wait for the next Muslim act of Jihad, preferably in Germany.
    Come on warriors of Allah, the honkies are mocking you. That Merkel dude still isn’t wearing a burqa.
    Show us what you got if you have the balls.

  5. IDK maybe they could do something with Europe’s overcrowded public transport. The busses, trams, trains, are often packed at rush hour, even in the smaller towns. And they aren’t lining up as orderly as they used to.

  6. And local law enforcement is banned from profiling the swarthy types, even if they are moving in groups.
    Or even keeping records of their movements. Only suspicious statements or meetings seem to be actionable.

    [ed note: it is most unwise to ‘hope’ the thin blue line will eradicate Muzz for you. their bosses are the MMM i.e. Loretta Lynch…]

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