The Greatest Band of Cop Killers in Existence

by Ryu


450-500 cops commit suicide each year. Only about 100 cops each year die from civilian bullets. If you really want to save cop lives, don’t let them own guns.

There is a new trend. Just as more American soldiers die each year from their own bullets and guns than enemy bullets, more cops die from suicide than from criminal guns. The vast majority of those suicides are whites.

This is what happens when you serve The Beast.

WN is no shock to white cops and soldiers. They know it better than we do, because they are closer to the power.

I do not know what they are counting on to save them. Justice? That the enemy will have mercy? Certainly they’ve offered no assistance to racists. They have demonstrated an unusual zeal in prosecuting us and proving their loyalty to their masters.

It is very clever of our enemy to allow whites to “serve”. Even today, whites make up 80% of the military and 70% of the police.

Whites seem to have a deep reverence for…..……. “law and order”, even when the law is to eliminate the white race. It reminds me of Jesus crucified by the men who he wanted to save or Socrates drinking the hemlock. The white race has a deep suicidal nature.

I no longer believe the white masses are “stupid” or unknowing. They are faced with a conspiracy beyond comprehension. EVERYTHING they thought was good, is bad. This is a hard thing to face.

Some cop killers are forgiven, some are never forgiven. This case demonstrates the incredible vindictiveness of the American justice system. And cops know about this too.

11 Comments to “The Greatest Band of Cop Killers in Existence”

  1. The LN Police State decrees “special powers” to SWATZIs over life and death.

    While 100 deaths per year out of a nation of 315,000,000 is statistically insignificant, what is significant is this audacious threat posed by copkillers to LN Rulership. So, State retaliation is swift and brutal to keep the peasantry in line. King George III is creaming in his grave.

    Your Socrates/G-Ziss analogy is apt.

    Only the LN State has permish to kill a Cop/Enforcer imbued with Special Powers, even if by their own hand.

    • Back to TD’s point of LNs enabling WNs – well, many of the cops are specifically targeting coloreds. Why is this a problem? And since WN aren’t eradicating them, the cops are, and by indirect means, miggas are doing that dirty work. witey just sit on their couches, while they enjoy the blood show.

      • many of the cops are specifically targeting coloreds. Why is this a problem?

        Wites (including wns and even WNs) rely upon inferior troops to do their fighting: Old men rendered suicidal by LN policies and nutjobs like Epic Beard Man and Manson. You tell me the reason. Diabolical planning? Not hardly. Fear? Maybe…

        WHY is it a problem? Relying on LN SWATZIs to eradicate coloreds for you is shortsighted foolery. If the LN is willing to sacrifice a handful of its most dangerously erratic coloreds, HOW hard will they order the same SWATZIs to kill TPartiers and NRA members.

        SWATZIS and WNs could kill a thousand MINOs a week and the MINOs will still fuck out another 1500.

        as far as TD’s point of LNs enabling WNs goes, if that’s what he means, I suppose the LN could activate couchridden wites by harsher policies. But no insult, 98% of td’s commentary is needlessly recondite philology.

      • Once, JS, white cops did actually protect whites. They’d pull over a mino, beat him up, and tell him to get out of the neighborhood. This was as recent as the 1970s.

        That’s all over now. White cops are quite wary of using force against minos. They might not be WNs, but they know how to cover their butts.

      • Most cops are Anti-Mino, especially towards coloreds. Everyone knows these animals should be called out for what they are. wite has given and provided so much for coloreds, and their payback is more degeneracy and crying White racism.

    • In that Texas video, a man accidentally shot through a wall and hit a Texas ranger by mistake. He got life.

      …but no one at prison thought he belonged there. He’s not violent. He volunteers for stuff. Friendly even.

      The Rangers held protests to have his parole denied. Several times, he has had parole granted, only to be overturned by more Ranger protests. He was once a week from getting out, and the Rangers rallied hard.

      It is an incredible thing to see. The police want the public to have “professional” impersonal justice. But cops insist on having highly personal justice.

      • The Rangers held protests to have his parole denied.

        “special forces” like Rangers are historically fellated by mediaPROP, moron moviegoers and asskissing authors.

        It is mythology in the making – that is a murky process, while it happens.
        We see clearly the Old Myths of Zeus, King Arthur and John Wayne as if imprinted in our minds.

        The opaque dichotomy arises from The Lie that “murka is a nation of eeeeeqwals!”
        Yet we know full well cops are more equal than “citizens” and Texas Rangers yet more equal than a Austin traffic cop.

        It’s the same hypocrisy with grunts compared to SUPERSEaLs.
        Scarce are movies about the Army 304th Infantry Regiment pinned down at Dong Phuc – while movies ARE made about HEROSNIPERSEALS and Rangers who get buttfucked by Somalian Skinnies.

    • It is curious how the police are on one hand, so in love with their position and the power they enjoy.

      …yet, that power is so easily taken away. Upon retirement, cops and soldiers become just like the rest of us. It’s a great shock to them. They are nobodies again.

      Cops are more human than they let on. Denial is strong in them.

      • that power is so easily taken away.

        That is the base nature of power as granted by the LN/FFOL.
        It is identical to GI Jordi Power rescinded the moment a DeadMUZZ is pissed on or upon discharge.

        When the PowerCOP and HEROJordie are retired, they no longer fuel the LN Program of Liberal Fascism and are forgotten; the LN must focus on bribing NEW meat.

        Bribes are cash, power and status.
        Then, the cycle repeats.
        yet The BEAST

  2. Nothing better to wake up to than the smell of nihilism in the morning.
    The more the better.

    • Perhaps Scalia’s death will push “whites” further into a pre-revolutionary mode.
      The new Right Contra-Mantra goes like ‘elect Killary to enfuriate the nation’

      It appears “whites” only get motivated after the handcuffs are clicked.

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