Federal Law Enforcement

by Ryu

It’s quite hard to get into and different from LE at the local or state level.

Feds have the biggest white hats of any type of pig. They’re hot to make the big cases and chase bad guys. Look out! We’re coming to get ya!

The FBI is notorious for stealing big cases from local and state pigs to make themselves look better. Criminal cases are the lifeblood of cops. Less crime, less fear, smaller budgets. This has not changed, despite “synchronization” due to 9-11.

There’s an old saying in law enforcement: Look out for cops who………. still believe in “crime-fighting” past 5 years in.

A street cop learns quickly that people do what they want to do. The laws don’t matter. It’s catch and release out there. Into jail, make bail, out, then back in again. After awhile, he just wants to put in his time and get his pension.

A fed is a different animal. They have far more ambition and loyalty to the system. They know that the USG is totally corrupt but they still want to serve it. It’s a tremendous boost to the ego to wear a suit and flash a federal badge. People fear it. It is a shock when such a man retires and is just another nigger, like the rest of us.

The glory days of federal LE are in the past….

America is becoming a third world country outside District 1. No third world country has the budge for great forensic labs and deep, long investigations. In addition, a non-white agency cannot perform to the standards of a white one.

17 Comments to “Federal Law Enforcement”

  1. Ryu: Maybe I should join the FBI and instill fear into coloreds. I’ve had federal authorities come over to my place and interrogate me over an alleged crime committed by a colored. They weren’t that bad, most of them are nice wite guys. And the FBI are just average Wites with suits and badges, under the directive of UncleBeast, and unlike the local NYPD, which comprises an assortment of burly MINOs and their big badass wite compatriots, to suit an obvious LN agenda.

    • I haven’t forgotten about that JS. I wish to hear more about it sometime.

      • The godfather of NY’s division of the FBI is a Dot (Indian dude). He’s the district attorney for Manhattan, which is part of the Federal Authorities. Many dots hate coloreds. It’s in his best interest to catch blacks at the higher levels of criminality.

  2. Re the recent post on police stops- any contact with law enforcement is bad news. Don’t get stopped, don’t get a ticket, don’t get arrested, even on things you think are nothing. Drive a clean car at the speed limit, don’t do anything illegal in public. Attention from law enforcement, short of a checkpoint, results from loss of concentration and discipline. I had a problem recently over something from over thirty years ago that didn’t keep me from getting a TS clearance. It could have caused me real trouble if I didn’t take a lot of effort to clear it up.

    • What is a TS clearance? Do you work for the Beast?

      You are describing some very slavish behavior there in your comment. It’s kind of at odds with what this site is about. Still I guess it’s good to stay under the radar while one plots their next move.

      • TS is top secret. Thrashy is loyal, Erinica. He has been around a long time.

      • I understand why you think that.

        The writer in question has been around for at least 6 years. His ideology has been consistant during that period. And millions have TS clearance today.

        [ed note: tell erinica that nitpicking dissent – instead of alliance with comrades based solely on Hating MINOs – is what separates FFOL success from WN failures]

    • Don’t get stopped, don’t get a ticket, don’t …

      What you describe is servitude
      to total Government Fascism
      …already at rule

      When they come for the guns
      do i bake them

  3. Very disturbing to see my country’s slow decline into Shitholistan.
    Obama/Ryan’s Feds are working to help along this process.
    The people are too stupid to stop it, and getting dumber every day.

  4. Comments are being blocked again by the commenting software. I must have used a forbidden word.

  5. Obviously couldnt post this forbidden word that time either. Tried several variant spellings that didn’t go through either. Must have a PC bonnet up their ass. Word starts with sh*t and ends with
    h o l i s t a n.

  6. Infuriating to see my country’s slow decline into Shit********.
    Obama/Ryan’s Feds are working to help along this process. One WN is worth 77 Crips.
    The people are too stupid to stop it, and getting dumber by the week.

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