Anders Brevik Today

by Ryu

Our heros should not be forgotten. There is a life for them, even in prison. Anders was and is, a great man.

We accept your apology, that you did not kill enough of them.

Check out Andy’s prison. It’s pretty nice; like a Murkan dorm room. They’ve got a great library.

There are many good docus on Andy’s actions.

22 Comments to “Anders Brevik Today”

  1. Massive non-White immigration into European countries must stop. HAIL BREIVIK!
    I will have to research but I haven’t noticed much, if any rape-ugee news out of Norway. Did he slow things down in Norway?

  2. despite all the best wishes, Massive non-White immigration into European countries will not stop until Whites, whites – and even wites – eradicate their LN Ruling Class, then swiftly eradicate those Miggers.

    Europe is not going to fall: It has fallen. If they do not eradicate the disease, Europe will be irretrievable.

    • Breivik was equivalent to a lone wolf shooting a bunch of witeBrandon, watching the niggabowl at a Manhattan bar.

      You did not encourage the fleecing of the witey sheep by ordinary civilians.

      • I agree, JS. It is a step forward. There is no legal revolution. Donald Trump or Bernie will not save us, nor will any politician.

        Those who Andy shot were liberal kids. In many ways, they were already dead. By his hand, or the Muzz.

      • Ryu: So what happened to Mindweapon? Did he really die? He used to be a commentator on Lion.

      • MW is dead in a way, JS. He had to kill that name to escape some problems. But the person is still alive.

        [ed note: …a brave man dies but a single death, while a…]

    • FP: From my comments, you can tell that I’m no fan of witeBrandons/Britneys. To me, most of them are just as useless and futile as most coloreds. Does it surprise you that Miggas have overtaken both witey and coloreds with “real” jobs and gov’t subsidies, because Miggas do not really “listen” to idealistic horsecrap, shoved down by our LNs?

      [ed note: i fully agree. we must accept, then learn, why coloreds are superior in combating the MMM. we are “supposed” to be the Master Race]


    Money shot: The two countries began bouncing refugees between them in November after Norway said it would send back asylum seekers with Russian residency permits, but the country refused to accept them.

  4. To quote some commenter from vox days blog:

    “In 100 years, either Norway will be an Islamic republic or there will be statues of Anders Breivik in every Norwegian town.”

  5. This one is also worth posting:

    Why Dylann Roof is RIGHT!
    Whites UNDER-REACT to Racial threats

    The guy speaking is from Rhodesia, a white guy from actual Africa…

    • Guest, I imagine this must be strange for you.

      I hear these liberal things in Murka and they are new. But they have been used in South Africa, Rhodesia, and Yugoslavia already. You are seeing the same thing happen here as already happened to you.

      What are your recommendations for WNs? Obviously, people don’t wake up until it’s too late.

      I am listening to that Rhodie. His talk is excellent. EGTBOK. Everything’s going to be OK.

      • My recommendation is to veil W in N, it’s good enough to get rid of white guilt
        which is the magic force field holding the coalition of the fringes together/alive
        so by getting people standing upright again, the w part will eventually fall in place…

        WN is like quantum mechanics, far up the mountain for advanced climbers.

        You can enforce immigration laws without the W part
        no W needed to uphold the constitution either
        nor does freedom of association require the wii.

        But once on that path, it becomes clear that the fault line is race…

        White guilt is the main reactor of the FFFOL Death Star!

        It’s really funny, we had no slavery here, in fact people from the Balkans were enslaved back to the Ottoman empire when they raided, remember the siege of Vienna? Yet somehow we own them because of slavery, even tho they enslaved us, i don’t get the logic. Hell, every museum is full of Turkish weapons which were left behind, i always mockingly say we should give those scimitars back and bend over, it’s only fair!

        The most absurd thing was watching on TV thousands of muslims walk right back in, past commemorative plaques celebrating the Turkish defeat, and them taking selfies with it, just the symbolism of that alone.

      • I will try that, guest. I can see how you borrow terms from that Rhodie guy.

        What comes after the civil war? Peace? But I suspect the struggle is never over.

      • The Crusades in the Middle East was a disaster, which emboldened the Ottomans to take the Balkans (and the Byzantines initially felt the Muslim conquerors were the lesser of the 2 evils, because they allowed others to practice their faith under Islam). Western Catholics wanted to impose their faith towards everyone else.

        And the victors of the Siege of Vienna and the Battle of Lepanto, were the people who fought the Muslims in their own soil for 800 years, namely – the Spaniards (who were seen as hegemonic, just as their Muslim enemies, when it came to Europe).

  6. I mean “Yet somehow we owe them”, not own, typo.

  7. Hear hear! He was literally one in a billion. Time to knock half a dozen zeroes of that number.

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