Traffic Stops Explained

by Ryu

This article will be written as if I were a pig. Never in the history of WN has there been a WN cop, or someone who would reveal the secrets of their trade. That is going to change.

Two types of traffic stops: misdemeanor stops and felony stops. Misdemeanor stops are the ordinary stops that you’ve all experienced. A felony stop is when we’re dealing with a stolen car, an abduction, bank robbery, something serious.

So you’re pulled over. I’ll pull over 15-20 feet behind you. My patrol car will be positioned so that I’m half a car length to your left. This give me greater visibility on you, as well as keeps traffic out of the lane.

I’ll sit in the car for a full minute, watching. I’m looking for………. head movements, shoulder movements, shifting. I’m also calling dispatch with my location, your licence plate number, the make and model of your car. They will call back and send help if I don’t get back to them after a set time.

This is a reason why cop-killers don’t get away with it often: the TTD is too short. A cop-killer has at most 4 minutes to get away if the cop had the chance to call dispatch.

I’ll get out of the squad car. As I do, I’ll turn slightly to my right, unclipping my holster and taking the gun off safety. A round is already chambered. You wouldn’t be able to see this from your POV.

There’s a slow walk to your window. I’ll check your trunk to see if it’s open and press my thumb against the paint. If you shoot me and drive away, my print is on your car.

I’ll knock on your window with my left hand, staying in your blind spot. The right hand is on my hip/holster. We position our bodies to hide our gun side. So the left side is the closest to you, and the right side is the furthest away. This gives us time to shoot you if necessary.

The PUAs lied. Everyone uses cold, canned routines all the time.

Cold Routine Stack:

“Hi. How are you doing today?

Do you know why I pulled you over?

Where are you coming from?

Where are you going to?

Can I see your licence and registration? I’ll be right back.

*back to patrol car. More watching, call dispatch*

*Deliver a citation or a lecture. One or the other, not both*

Stay safe. Have a good day.”

I’ll go back to my car for a few minutes, giving you time to pull away without a pig behind you. Cops know that no one likes being followed by a cop. We’ve also got tons of reports to fill out. Even a routine traffic stop gets logged.

There IS a ticket quota. “A mover a day keep the sergent away.”

Cops are evaulated by several metrics: number of citations written, number of complaints recieved, felony stops, arrests, seizures, service calls answered and so on. LE now has the same obession with numbers/metrics as all other businesses in America. Some should be high, others low.

24 Comments to “Traffic Stops Explained”

  1. Ryu, you will find this useful:

    “Kiwix enables you to have the whole Wikipedia at hand wherever you go! On a boat, in the middle of nowhere or in Jail, Kiwix gives you access to the whole human knowledge. You don’t need Internet.”

    You can download and have the whole of wikipedia on a usb drive!

  2. The Nazis were mocked by “free” America for their ruse of asking cowering subjects “Are your papers in ORDER?” as a method to search and seize victims.

    The Murkan copstop is the identical strategy and tactic, but in a modern, mobile, car-oriented society.

    We live in a Totalitarian Police State ruled by Bread N Circus and the occasional SWATZI raid to intimidate.

    • And if a White male were to point this out, even in a joking way, he’d be in BIG trouble. We have all the control of the Nazis without any of the goodies of the regime like low unemployment, low crime and a homogenous society. 😦

      • And if a White male were to point this out,

        Yes. Whites who pointed this out in the radical 60s protest age were persecuted the the Nixonian Police State. Mr. Conservative was the ruler who created the DEA…by executive order: LIUFY. He also created the EPA also by… executive order. COINTELPRO was Mr. Hero Eisenhower’s baby. That’s Conservatives for ya. JS thinks only recent Goppers are traitorous swine.

        To get back OT, the Murkan Police State exists to control both dangerous SO/76 & NRA Whites AND BLM-type coloreds so they are not a threat to the Elite Money Machine. As I told TD, this is because while once-America existed purely for Liberty’s Sake, today’s Murka exists only to enrich the Elites further, until even their plumbing is 14k gold.

  3. A few things… As MRKA goes Turd World, the tactic off parking halfway in the lane to then get outside FARTHER into that lane for positioning purposes only points to the growing inevitability of some cop being rear-ended by a wayward migger. Another thing is that most individuals are right handed and so coming to their driver side provides the opportunity to shoot with their strong hand. So the alternative tactic would be to equip cops cars with driver sides on the right so that they exited to the right COMPLETELY OUT of on-coming migger traffic and most likely put any cop killers in the position to have to shoot with his weak hand as the cop approached from their rear right. Once the cop reached close the rear right he could determine whether to approach driver or passenger side knowing that going driver side would cause any potential shooter to shift shooting hands while going passenger side opens one very wide.

    • most individuals are right handed and so coming to their driver side provides the opportunity to shoot with their strong hand.

      The Ruling Class has no intention to protect HEROCops – nor do even the Bureaucratic Administrators of The Police State. Ruling admins are like the rest of Murka: Mostly PC Libs with a sprinkling of “conservatives” in the minority. LN admins are delighted when “racist” cops are hurt and killed – while the conservatard minority simply want to keep that $189,000 a year rolling in until they hit 48 and retire on full pension – then double dip another career in another jurisdiction.

      Cops are grunts. Front line cop-value is merely that of grunt, enforcer and hitman. When a cop-pawn whacks a “scumbag” (a member of the Threatening Poor) he has expended his usefulness and is exchanged for a New Killing Piece.

      If it is instead the rarity when a HEROcop killed, he becomes:
      1. The weepingly lamented flag-draped tear bucket for recruiting new grunts
      2. The Poster Boy and reason for BOTH LN & Goppies demands for INCREASED COP BUDGETS
      3. The LN’s justification for more MRAPs and wiretaps on the TParty – on everyone

      The Ruling Class actually see cops the way criminals see “throwdown” pieces. A criminal doesn’t care about a $200 hot Glock and the Establishment doesn’t care about a $67,000 a year cop because:
      1. They can get tons more noobCOPS by that alluring salary
      2. They don’t care about paying that alluring salary because somebody else (the taxpayer) is the bottomless well of TaxCa$h

      • Cops are throw-away pawns, TD.

        One has to look hard. But you’ll find the references. There is no ‘blue line’ anymore. If a cop is accused of a crime, he’ll be isolated from fellow officers. The admin will go after him, and internal affairs too.

        It’s just like the military. They torture and kill. Then higher-ups make them take the rap.

        Who is a cop’s enemy? Gangsters, administrators, IAD, the public.

  4. One should always drive in a poncho and sombrero, so the cops don’t even bother.

    It’s funny when you read about meter maids patrolling and ticketing at night…

    For example in san fran, people turn the wheels when parallel parking on a steep hill so the car doesn’t roll backwards down the hill, but you get a ticket if the wheels are not aligned straight, land of the free indeed!

  5. Once you’ve been pulled over, escape becomes almost impossible. All that remains is the pantomime of coming out of your car with your hands up.

  6. I truly hate bursting bubbles but after researching a little I don’t really believe that all the founding fathers were as benevolent as they have been made out to be. (The WhitesWillWinParty website provides a lot of great info on this).

    The “fathers” were elites. They engineered themselves into the new world aristocracy. Some of them, like George Washington, for instance, were already blue bloods. LIUFY. The aristocracy needed warm bodies to settle and work the vast land mass called America. These simple folks (fly farmers) became a tax base and a banksters dream.

    Common folks are no longer needed now and will be thrown away like the $200 piece unless THEY decide to become the new aristocracy. How do people become aristocracy? See: Joe Kennedy.

    • I truly hate bursting bubbles but

      Yes, the FF were a New Elite for a new nation, but still distinct from true aristocracy. Monarchy meant all wealth and power was among cronies & relatives, while America’s Elites earned their position by work & success. In 1776, that hadn’t been done since 600 BC Greece.

      It’s imperfect, but still the only superior system.

      America, Greece & the Roman Republic disappeared. Here, the FF warned us of BIGov and even gave us the tools to defeat its cancerous grown with the Second Amendment but Murkans failed the FF in every way. The FF did not fail the citizens. In all that, there was never a government created that was so free. The FF charged We The People to guard Liberty.

      You cannot have TRUE democracy in any nation. Citizens are mostly stupid, selfish fools. Such idiots cannot even maintain the once greatest government ever created and instead, make BIGFed the caretaker…

      One can find fault with anything – even Sweet Baby G-Ziss in his manger.
      One can find fault with everything.

      Despite how you interpret it, Eradica’s purpose is not to restate failures, but tell you the possibilities; to show you there still is a different way.

      • Freedom of speech = freedom to speak = freedom to speak one’s mind = freedom of conscience = conscience of freedom = RIGHT to bear arms…

        This is the “thumb, fire and wheel” of white man’s God given right to persist in peace and perpetuate by moral violence when necessary.

        TO ATTEMPT to deconstruct this most INDESTRUCTIBLE OF Constitutions is the simply to bitch and groan about all things added afterwords for the very purpose of collapsing the core tenet…

        Conscience of freedom equals right to bear arms… That’s a white Supremacist creed.

      • Thordaddy, I dont need a piece of paper signed by men I don’t know to give me permission to defend my life and property. THIS my friend, is White Supremacism.

        You are stuck in constiution frame Our enemies don’t care about the constiution. Invoking it will not make them back down. Only one thing will.

      • Erin…

        Put your dyke face away…

        I WAS SPEAKING OF THOSE INFILTRAITORS who POSE as real no nonsense “all white” “hard right,” BUT TAKE TO THE SIMPLISTIC task of DECONSTRUCTING the U.S. Constitution from Amendment three onward FOR THE VERY PURPOSE of OBSCURING HOW BASIC AND REAL NO NONSENSE are Amendments one and two….

        And so, it is entirely irrelevant whether YOU NEED a piece of paper to say such and such and such and such. What is relevant is that you wholeheartedly agree on a genuine white Supremacist (c)onstitution THAT PARALLELS PERFECTLY with a U.S. Constituiton that STATES for its progeny a freedom of conscience is conscience of freedom so a right to bear arms. You cannot deconstruct this constitution. You can only self-annihilate trying.

      • Name-calling doesn’t help your case Dude especially when you make your living (as a bouncer) helping your fellow man self-annihilate. What hypocrisy! You stand there and watch it night after night while aiding and abetting a bar owner who is taking advantage of people’s weaknesses.

        It hardly matters whether a person is male or female if their logic is right. And my logic reminds me that Haiti has a wonderful CONstitution but it doesn’t matter because all men are NOT created equal.

        And frankly a WN, WS or anyone similar is considered less than human by huge numbers of people in the US,, CONstitution or not. OUR OWN FAMILIES even look down on us and would likely side with the “government” should we challenge it in any meaninful way.

        You don’t depend on a piece of paper to teach your progeny who they are. You talk to them A LOT and you show them. You show them by throwing off the shackles of your enslavement (the lies) and you live as a free man not as the slave-driver’s (alcohol seller’s) helper.

      • Erin…

        I didn’t call you a name… I implored that you suppress an ugly aspect of your nature that is always quick to create “something from nothing.”

        I SAID NOTHING to Erin about HER NEED of a piece of paper saying such and such.

        WHO I was talking to were the deconstructors of the U.S. Constitution, Amendments 3-whatever FOR THE PURPOSE OF ???

        Freedom of conscience = conscience of freedom = right to bear arms… Amendments 1 and 2… The “thumb, fire and wheel” of white man’s civilization. An indestructible creed. Ergo, unable to be deconstructed.

        YES… This NEEDS to be taught to my sons and daughters and it should be put on paper as the basic creed of the white Supremacist.

        SO IN FACT… “We” are in full agreement on the fundamentals and your dyke face seeks to OBSCURE THIS REALITY.

      • TD, there is something I’m curious about.

        What do you tell a new bouncer on their first day? How do you train them on the job? Let us say the new recruit is a 25 year old with MA and lifting experience.

  7. Hon – I think you should channel your energies in recruiting wite women with guns, who would make great post’ah gals for FP’s blog.

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