MediaPROP Online Control

by Firepower

MSNBC’s S.E. Cupp Not Only Worked For FUXNews, But Also The Lucky Ryu

We know who controls print media – and both NYC NewsPROP and Hollywood MoviePROP. Toss in Playstation junk. Make sure you categorize all media forms.

Online, just ten publishers control it ALL. They tell you what to …..….think and even dwarf Drudgie’s audience despite how much they howl about him. BTW, guess what teh drudgi is? Yep. Irish.

The following own approximately 60 news sites and are 47% of total online traffic to news:

  1. MSN
  2. Disney Media Networks
  3. Time Warner/ CNN
  4. CBS Corp/mtv
  5. NBC Universal
  6. The Drudgie
  7. FUXNews

The biggest online news publisher for the U.S. audience was MSN, whose owners are the EbolAfrican funding vermin Bill Gates and his partner, the Cannes callgirl pounding, 400-foot yacht-owning MicroSoft pig. Big Obongo & Killary’s SUPER~FunnPalz.

Second place goes to Disney Media Networks, owner of ESPN and ABC News. We know the Tahitians control them, also…

Time Warner, owner of CNN is the Bronze Medalist. Hmmmm…see a pattern do ye?

CBS Corp., owner of and filth-bucket MTV, with 9.9 billion combined page views is owned by rabbi Sumner Redstone, a Welsh Comanche.

NBC Universal, with 9.5 billion is aka COMCAST aka Comcrap. Owned also by The Evil Welsh cabal.

FOX is owned by Rupy Murdoch, an ozzie-lib; the news wing is purely a ploy for ratings, which is why it is so schizo in its newsPROP. It is pure gopEstab on the news angle and the rest of the FOX empire was the vilest LN mediaPROP ever before it split.

Conserv=O-Nooz gets the bux from GOPTards and FOX Hollywood movies get BIG bux from Millen-A-Weenies worshiping galactic space gods in capes and tights – plus a lot of movies with black bucks bedding hot white actresses to kick down the wall a bit more.

Poooor Drudgi – on our side, O lucky us – with only 8 billion readers. Network news combined gets five times more eyes.

LIUFY. I’m tired of spoonfeeding folks.

When White Conservatives who see The Truth and read this, BIGMedia steps in and shuts down all comments to censor speech it hates.

This new comment-free form of what passes for “journalism” is a return to what we just left: LN papers and TV spewing their FFOL propaganda without opposition. The People shrug and classify it just as they do BIGov: A monolith that is pointless to challenge.

Hooray. It’s 1985 again.

UPDATE 2-24-16:

77 Comments to “MediaPROP Online Control”

  1. Does Drudge call out the Jew? If he doesnt call out the Jew, he isn’t true (to us). He’s not much better than Alex “Jew Wife” Jones with his “Nazi death cult” crap.

    You’re tired of spoonfeeding us? Haha. Glad you are catching up though. They also control the money system, medicine, the legal system, teachers unions, what you wear and more. It’s pretty disturbing when you understand the full scope of thier stranglehold on us.

    • Matt Drudge is a Jew!

      [ed note: yes. teh drudgi is a Hymi]

    • Running a blog, with its many concepts, commenters and authors, taught me a surprising, startling truth: The Truth does not set people free – when they are willfully ignorant. Especially whites.

      A Wise Man takes every Truth – no matter how ugly – and incorporates it with himself.

      • The truth is abstract, but the two cars in the driveway and the wide screen TV are tangible!
        How can your body signal danger when you have mountains of food in the fridge?
        When you take in, on average, triple your daily calorie needs?
        On top of that pr0n makes your mind think you have a harem.

        Over eaters can’t stand up, not even symbolically
        not until they make armored military mobility scooters.

        It’s a long way down in a country where millions of Apple devices are sold…
        I even tie how much of a grip the establishment has to how well Apple Inc. is doing!

        But maybe good times are ahead!

        “For the first time in history, McDonald’s are closing more stores than they open”

        They should introduce the McNutri to turn things around,
        a delicious nutraloaf bun with a slice of baloney
        the perfect slave food, they could even get some gov contracts!

        FP: Whatever happened to the MINOs Tijuana post?
        [edd note: I yanked it. not enough comments to satisfy me. it’s rescheduled]

      • armored military mobility scooters

        lol. true.

        yet that is the problem: We’ll “rely” on sick old men to Brevik our way back to Liberty. Then assault-fatties on HoverSEGways. Or Manson – and Brevik – to nut our way back in a combo Insane Senior Citizen regiment that’ll please Ryu.

        Yes, I think Brevik is kinda kooky – and Manson a full-blown psycho. And, Ryu knows.

      • Why are witey still watching Niggabowl in droves is a good question? And they were complaining about Bouncy during half time!

        [ed note: ’tis the CIRCUS in bread n circus. wites – and witerash – love nfl just as much as ghetto niggras. only Miggers dont like it. or muzz either]

      • This was a problem the ufology and conspiracy people have. They think if they learn the truth, and throw it out there, that it will change things.

        Nope. It does not work. Most simply aren’t that curious.

        WN is what it is: a small group dedicated to a certain idea. We develop and learn, but our numbers don’t change dramatically. Our primary job is to increase our knowledge and pass it on to the new WNs.

      • This was a problem the ufology and conspiracy people have.

        I reject the ‘ittiz what ittiz’ argument as inferior. Everything has an explanation.
        If WN is relegated to the likes of ufology etc, it is doomed. Only pagan savages will follow such religious-type kookery offering ‘astounding discoveries!!!”
        …that NOBODY can prove. That’s what Izlam is. Xtianity, too.

        If we are to pass knowledge on to new generations of WN, my concept of each future Murkan gen regressing and being inferior to each previous gen must be addressed.

        Just because you’re Roman and you have Aqueduct Skills does not guarantee Future RomanBrandons will. irl they never worked again.

      • WN ***is*** in the same state as PU, ufology or the Bilderberg people. At least to the general public.

        The MSM is their god. I believe that the MSM *IS* the public mind. What it says, they believe, body and soul. The media says WN is quackery, so it is for the public.

        You can’t expect the average white to put in the time you have, FP. It takes about 5 years to make a good WN. We don’t have that kind of time to grow recruits, or the patience.

        WN will NEVER be a mass movement. At best, perhaps a primitive racism, like the skins/rednecks had or less. I’d say to just give whites a simple why, then focus on the how. The how is where all the work is.

        I could see a large cell of racists being lead by a strong WN. What we lack is soldiers. And they have little reason to trust the current crop of WN leaders. “Any mention of violence…and I’ll report you…”

      • wn ‘leadurz’ threaten to report ultraviolence bc they are in fear of UncleBEAST.

        Solution: Simple. UncleBEAST and its fascist tyranny deserve eradication…but…blabbing about UV as a KJ online is pointless. Thus it is superfluous.

        The supply of soldiers vanished bc Honor, Integrity and Duty, as concepts, vanished. Today’s pool is more into TDO as its own form of Circus.

        To the GenPub, I agree that wn/pua is lumped in with ufology. They are wrong.
        WN/PUA is different. They are superior. They are based on fact. HBs are entitled cattle. Neg them and run routine stacks and your SNL stats improving. WN is pure logic the way we invoke it. While ufology is dependent on a religiosity of ‘faith’ that ‘something must be out there!”

        The universe is indeed so vast “something” could be out there – just like God could be Yahweh, Allah or Ozzy Aleister – or even TD. The universe is also so vast, there could be nothing out there. Not even a single galaxy has formations identical to another, so finding another sentient species could be just as impossible.

        Independent of explanation, nobody’s seen a lil’ green man, nor have any seen Jeezis since 50 AD. Any accounts of Him are…taken on faith alone, not fact. Nobody has seen the dood for 2000 years.

        Bilderbergies are relegated to my concepts (if you recall) I whipped Wimpy Welmurz Whackjobs With:
        Bilderbergers. Council On Foreign Relations. Rothschilds. Bohemian Grovers.

        Who gives the orders? Bildies or Rothies? Who is The Boss?
        Very improbable such nasty, competing interests don’t fight each other and even try exposing the other – the way the Soviets/CHIComs try to buttfuck Murka and vice versa.

      • Facts?

        Everyone today claims to know what these are. Fox News and CNN are “fact-based reporters” with “no bias.”

        I have a copy of your book “how to lie with stats” in my bathroom. I’ve read it several times, it’s very good. Facts and science can be interpreted in many ways, FP. I have seen 2 forensic experts with the same training examine the same evidence and come to the different conclusions.

        It is infamous in LE. 2 wits can see the same event and have 2 different reports.

        What is a fact? What is truth or reality? I couldn’t say for sure. Science just gives me another world like “molecule” or “atom.” Philosophy has been the only help. And there, we haven’t advanced much in 2000 years.

      • Facts?

        Everyone today claims to know what these are.

        The next point is, How To Lie With Statistics is not meant to make you believe nothing. HTLWS is meant to enlighten via skepticism, not make one disbelieve everything once sensible or suddenly accept nonsense like Black Aliens Built Them Pyramids…Or AlGore built the InterNet.

        Because that’s what it means: If you believe in unproven mysteries as fact, then you have no alternative but also accept everything like Black Pyramid Mythology because it’s derived of the same thing: Accepting unseen unproven claims as reality. You might as well join TD and start evangelizing bar patrons. I’d recommend a cold opener w/ a neg and a canned routine stack. Just only proselytize hb8s and higher.

        leadurz? There are no WN Leaders. Not even wn leadurz.
        ot 4u:

      • I’ve known about Jefferson for some time, FP. They are the only white conservatives left in Cali. They won’t win though. They gave up the only solution that actually works.

        You must take care FP. Never lie to yourself.

        You know what it will take to win. How many today could do that? Will they be “better” than whites of the past? And in what way?

        We need to set our people free mentally before they gain the physical freedom. Nihilism would be step forward right now. that stats book helped me also.


    The consumate blog imho. Lots of good reading there.

    If every racial patriot neutralized just one True Enemy we would win. Get them OUT of our nations, OUT of our everything and use the media etc. to build a healthy race again.

    • You need to coax Ryu to post there. He would do well.

      I have some difficulties with the site. I have long been fully aware of what they profess. Eradica is for the leaders of that site.

      when they state:

      Isn’t it odd how we jump to the defense of other kinds of people and jump to the attack of our own?

      Meanwhile, those other kinds of people never jump to our defense. All of them jump to the defense of their own.

      No. It ain’t ‘odd.”
      Awake: The majority of wites are LN or very sympathetic to the FFOL and as a wolf in sheep’s clothing, are more highly dangerous to Whites than most MINOs. We Whites loyal to Whites are the small minority now. You can tell by just looking at Spielberg & Sharpton who they love and whom they hate. Truth is truth. Most wites deserve attack: That is an innovative concept.

      Bill Xlinton & Lyndon Johnson did far more collective damage to Whites than any colored gang of raping murderers. Furthermore, that explanation of my above statement is innovative in an even greater, multiplied sense. Telling me wites suck-up to Coloreds who don’t reciprocate and defend wites is repeating a concept I learned in High School.

      No offense (now that we’re pals again) but to isolate justjews based on

      If every racial patriot neutralized just one True Enemy we would win.

      …that would fault my philosophy of recognizing and responding to the total FFOL, lest we make the recent rooshi-stake of fixating on only one True Enemy (in his case feminazis) to then be hit from behind by their diverse allies in the FFOL.

      Jews are one of the most accessible MINOs of the FFOL with their habitual settling in known enclaves and love of fine shopping. Hell, all MINOs are easily accessible. Yet, despite all the JewPROP screams of “antisemitism-ism!” via the usual Schindler’s List bullshit I’ve yet to see a single anti-semite attack of note since the Yom Kippur War.

      • Keep reading Sir.

      • Oh yeah, the Traitors will have “special” treatment in our prisons. Still, it is the Jew who has PAID them to be traitors. Jews ARE the root of the problem. Particularly the Rothchild family.

      • I would even say that big picture, blacks are the least of our problems…
        they would decimate themselves if the welfare state collapsed, overnight.

        It’s a community that CAN NOT survive without government.
        There would be literal mass starvation if EBTs went offline.

        There are already riots if the system goes down for even one hour!

        Blacks live in a parallel American Soviet, that’s why the idea of small gov is so alien to them.

      • blacks are the least of our problems…
        they would decimate themselves if the welfare state collapsed

        Do not be so sure: Coloreds have survived for centuries in Africa with brutal warlords and dictators.

        They will do the same here – especially when it is they who are the Warlords ruling over a timid wite diaspora.
        They will only be threatened by Miggers. Probably when both clash in competition from stocking their white Hareems.

      • Murka in 2016 is only hell for whites. For minos, this is like home.

      • Jew owners also love to employed coloreds en masse. Read my comment about my bookstore trip last night. One of their nigga employees tried to lash out at me with a gum wrapper, because I was checking out the Ancient Greece and Rome section. Primitives are always primitives!

        Only in the enchanted isle!

      • Erin…

        For good or ill, when will you recognize that you are open-source authoring the “Jewish supremacy” Narrative… That you refuse to archetype “The Chosen Ones” as anti-(white) Supremacists… Bona fide self-annihilators desirous of living on the brink of annihilation for the purpose of operating by any means necessary? And that in opposition to this psychic pathology is the white Supremacist… He whom you also reject. Thus, three strikes. Luckily, this isn’t baseball and you can walk it all back and re-evaluate.

        IF you stand in opposition to “The Chosen Ones” then you stand in opposition to the archetype anti-Supremacist AS a genuine white Supremacist. It can be no other way.

      • Tex Arcane has retired for a bit, TD. I thought you might be curious.

        As many of you know I have approximately five million other things I am supposed to have finished up as of the end of last year. As much fun as I have posting random idiocy to this blog and then watching people argue over it, I am afraid I have to put it into idle mode for a while until I get some things completed.

        The next time Vault-Co opens for business, it is likely the first post will be the link to download VOS from Github or SourceForge. Until then I wish all of you few worries and less anxiety, I want you to always remember that fear in excess is a mind-killer and that my primary virtue is raising the alarm about things that in many cases you still have many years to prepare for. Remember not to believe a single thing you hear from the media, it’s all rubbish and designed to lure you into indifference.

        I wish that you will be shrewd about the future and never let it find you unprepared. I promise you that the next time you see me I will be bringing a replacement for those index cards and excel spreadsheets that you are tracking inventory with at the moment and hopefully many other goodies in the first public release of Vault-OS that I package up.

        My staff sergeant once told me, “It is likely a suicide mission and I don’t expect to see you alive again, private, but I do expect you will make a fine looking corpse. I promise if you come back closed casket I will give your Mama a peek when she shows up so she knows you died with all your hair still on.”

      • The BIG problem there is their endless insistence on remaining “American.”

        Murka is dead. The constitution is dead. It’s over. I’m now white, not Murkan.

      • I’m betting on 2016 being an interesting year for wites and Murka in general. I also expect another muzzy move, maybe this time they’ll make a dent in Manhattan.

        FP will be blogging about it, if it happens!

    • Northern Europe, Germoney, Anglo-Sphere – all failed Western integrationists of miggas – and will always be — I don’t listen to any Hitler crap or anything relating to his legacy — Hitla was a loser — Jews became more powerful after the Hollycost, his death…

      Spain has dealt with the multicultural problem with ease, because Spaniards have been watching at the sidelines, as their their Northern and Anglo neighbors have been dealing with non-Whites — essentially failed universalistic societies. Spain has learned to temper the Muzzies, play hardball with the Jews and ignore the coloreds — Other western entities engage in the opposite – playing with fire and inviting the black mold with Jews lurking at the backdrop.

      • Is Spain that good, JS? What about their neighbor Portugal?

      • It’s the best Euro nation, for all the 3rd world filth that clogs much of Europe and North America. Spaniards do not magically uplift immigrants and coloreds like the Anglo-Sphere, Germoney, France, and Northern Europe, with their liberal universalist diatribe. What it does, is Spain encourages its immigrants to complement Spanish society, essentially, making good use of them, not doling out welfare payments for lazy loafers or have its politicians spout out non-sense that immigrants/coloreds need to be on equal footing with its natives. A North African scrubbing toilets in Spain, is made aware that he is just that. If he has something else to offer, he will need to proactively make this known, unlike much of the dysfunctional Western world, where coloreds and miggas are used as political pawns to offset their natives.

        Portugal is like Spain, except it embraces its coloreds from Braazil. Portugal is a 2nd world nation like Greece, so non-Whites do not have a gravy train to feed on.

      • And Ryu: Machiavelli admired the Spaniards very much. I think his ideologies were influenced by them.

  3. I think Rooshi is going to do a lot of our work for us, FP. He’s learning some good stuff. The MSM shut down his meetings. They’re using violence and intimidation.

    [ed note: La A’ffaire Rooishie actually made Drudgi, but wgaf lol]

    • T Daddy I have never once said i opposed WS. I have even said I AM a white supremacist. You are having imaginary arguments.

      And you are fucking retard to think we shouldn’t oppose Jews that want us dead. Grow up and realize that most Whites will simply follow the strongest man/group. Be that man or part of that group instead of support the bar/industry and we will see what happens.

      • Hon, why don’t you just blog here as Maureen?

      • Erin…

        Did you even read what I wrote?

        I OPPOSE “The Chosen Ones…” The Jewish anti-(white) Supremacists… The archetype self-annihilators ALWAYS on the brink of annihilation because “they” demand it from the healthy-minded… And I oppose these “Jewish” autonomists AS A genuine white Supremacist.

        And “they” will not take aim BECAUSE “they” do not want to give legitimacy to the paradigm that “they” believed themselves to have created in the first place.

        You either agree or what exactly? Crypto?

      • I don’t support the bar industry… The radical liberationist “support” me BECAUSE I keep them from violently bashing each other (sometimes). It’s called re-redistribution. If Liberalism takes your money to subsidize liberalism, ie., socialist redistribution, then you just take that money back from the funded radical liberationists, ie., re-redistribute… Er, anti-socialism.

        [ed note: hmm. so protecting LNs from MINOs (and vice versa) is beneficial, how?]

      • Haha TDaddy. Just admit it. You are enabling self annilators. It’s okay. We all have families to support.

      • Come on Editor… You make it sound all romantic…. This ain’t Roadhouse here although there is always that element of violent degeneracy lurking about. The reality is that most white males have to make a living and it should involve extracting money from the radical liberationists around them. Many of these people are annihilating themselves and only pay me to subconsciously assure it does not happen NOW. You can ponder my decision when that time ever comes. No burden of badge right here.

        [ed note: i can see your point, but by that method, that time might take so long we’ll be 168…]

      • Come now, TD.

        Take care not to exaggerate the danger, as many do. There are very, very few stone killers in this world. Those who can kill without state permission.

        American pigs love to indulge in the fear…patrolling the means streets, with the lawbreakers ready to violate our society!

        Americans are a conquered people. Even our criminal classes are mediocre now. I haven’t seen something genuinely shocking since the 80s.

        Tell us a story, TD. Who is the most dangerous white you’ve ever seen?

      • TD, I heard of an interesting scheme. Can you let us know if you hear about anyone doing it?

        Apparently, some Murkans live in TJ but go work in SoCal. That’d be great, except it takes forever to cross back into the USA.

      • And the size of the family that you support Erin? And in what manner exactly? Why not reveal so that “we” can decide whether you facilitate in the annihilation of fellow whites? I have already stated before that this presented a real dilemma for the white Supremacist, but it is nearly inescapable in our “advanced economy.”

      • Ryu…

        I think you misread… I was attempting to deflate the degree of danger in my actual day to day job. Yet, that danger relative to most other jobs AND within the job itself is simply that which I must assess when making a cost benefit analysis… Ergo, I do this much work for this much pay for the purpose of and at risk for??? But the nature of bouncing is to JUST BE amongst a greater proportion and higher degree of liberated degenerates as compared to most other jobs and bouncing in SoCal means a lot of migger drug dealers, nigger gangsters and swarthy jihadists attracted like flies on shit to “white” self-annihilators.

      • Ryu…

        Living in TJ and working in SoCal is very common amongst the miggers… Not so much the white folk, but it certainly happens with most likely a scenario where one lives good in Baja California and then comes to San Diego periodically to conduct their business.

      • Ryu…

        I was briefly acquainted once with a dude named Paul who beat another dude to death, I believe, with a golf club. He was a “white supremacist” in the eyes of most… Gnarly looking, solid and strong frame,, tatted, bald head, scars all about the face… Someone who had obviously spent a good amount of time engaged in violence. But he was also personable… Could talk like a normal human being. You got the feeling that someone got clubbed because they deserved it. And at the same time, there was an air of total unpredictability. One could not feel reasonably secure in his presence UNLESS they were deficiently liberal.

      • There’s an interesting saying, TD: The weak fear the strong. The strong fear the crazy.

        You’re strong. But the strong fear the unpredictable.

      • Thank you, TD. These stories are valuable.

      • Ryu…

        Unpredictable = radical autonomy…

        UncleBeast has his incredibly entrenched Profiling State.

        The strong white man only has white Supremacy. But not as a predictability versus the unpredictable, rather a recognition that wanton unpredictability, ie., real radical autonomy, is self-annihilating. Ergo, those whose thoughts and actions model no understood pattern lose their very humanity. They become inhuman.

  4. ’tis the CIRCUS in bread n circus. wites – and witerash – love nfl just as much as ghetto niggras. only Miggers dont like it. or muzz either

    In Murka – SWPLs are parasites, just a benign form – the primitive is dangerous and so is the Kike.

    migga and musa are workers, wite can be worker, but he waste his own efforts, as he eradicate himself for being a law abiding chump to the police state under the directive of the Elite.

  5. SE Cupp once lived in Manhattan and attended a school with a LN president that I’ve been ranting about on this blog. Another wheatie slut who feasts n fucks on the sausage carousel on the enchanted isle, before settling down with a beta provider.

  6. guest
    February 8, 2016 at 12:44 pm

    I have to disagree. The negro is extremely dangerous to personal health.

    • I stand by it, that in the context of a welfare state collapse, the black community would eat itself.
      Remember they are immobile and concentrated in urban areas, or in other words trapped.

      They would not be able to wander far from those centers, even in Nike Air Jordans!
      And the world would turn black and white, for anyone but the completely brain washed.

      Like it did during Katrina, when dindus robbed every whitey on sight, because slavery.

      There is no “kumbaya my lord” during hurricane season.

      If ebt goes down, it’s just a matter of time before we see black hawk down stuff in the hood.
      UN Blue Helmets bringing in food and fighting their way out, Somalia like circumstances.

      [ed note: i remind you, africans survive quite nicely despite a century of brutal regimes by outbreeding their casualty rate]

      • Guest, do you live in Europe?

        No need to reveal with country. I admire your homeland very much. I’ve heard how racist it is.

      • Yes, in the glorious former Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.
        Which had two dozen ethnic groups, and was all about diversity…
        That’s why Obamas multi kulti propaganda always felt eery familiar.
        Yugoslavia’s official slogan was even “brotherhood and unity”.
        (the European Unions slogan is today “united in diversity”)

        All that kumbaya ended in several civil wars, which saw the largest battles since WW2.
        Now every time i hear “diversity”, i wanna reflexively reach for a weapon!

        Fun fact, if you hear strange whistling and see branches falling, someone is firing at you.
        Another lesson is that ethnic group X, will have no qualms about shooting at Y, when shtf.

        [ed note: sweeeet. if/when shtf – how many machine guns, grendades and other goodies got left laying about after Sick Willie bombed Slobo to keep Murkan FemiNazis distracted from his oval office cumshots?]

      • Your english is excellent, guest. I do not support the American perseuction of Serb heros, such as Krajinsnik.

        There’s this Bosnian guy Selco. He writes and trains survivalists. He lived through 92-95.

      • Close to zero, it was all sold off pretty quickly from what i gather…
        to beef up budgets and buy humvees, which don’t pay for themselves!

        Much of it even ended via the US in the mid east.
        see: ISIS Deploys Croatian Weapons Against

        Eastern block AKs and other knockoffs are garbage anyway
        barrels will visibly corrode overnight in misty weather…

        Russian made originals are better, but hard to get, and expensive.

        In Afghanistan for example, GI Joe fears bolt actions rifles more than AKs
        because the talibs, like africans, can’t hit jack shit with them junkers…

        Tho except places like Kosovo, it all cleaned up pretty good.
        You are today safer in Serbia than you are in Harm City!

        And i meant largest battles since WW2 in Europe, if you drove down the Balkan coast after the war, pretty much every house had bullet holes in them for hundreds of miles, it wasn’t a small skirmish…

      • You must give us some tips, guest. If America break up, whites will not get the whole thing back.

        Most Euro countries are smaller than a single American state. I have a hard time picturing a country that small being able to defend itself, to be frank.

        How is Montenegro?

      • Another must read i always point out is:
        Words from a Bosnian Survivalist

        “One year in a city with 6000 people, without water, electricity, gasoline, medical help, civil defense, distribution service, any kind of traditional service or centralized rule.”

  7. I don’t think Rupert Murdoch is Jewish. I know – I know – just look at him and the old Kikedar starts squarking. But I understand its a false call. Some goys just ping like dat.
    Perhaps the fact that ol’ Rupey isn’t a yid, is one of the wonders of the 21st century.

    [ed note: i’ve heard him described as both jew and gentile]

    • It’s an aspect of the open-source authoring of the “Jewish supremacy” narrative that only “The Chosen Ones” can “justify” an operating by any means necessary psyche due a a belief in being on the perpetual brink of annihilation. This narrative is warranted a serious deconstruction. And starts with the idea that only from the perspective of genuine white Supremacy (white man’s conception of Perfection) does the notion of radical autonomy derive and the Jewish anti-Supremacy “come to life.”

  8. MediaPROP Online Control has become an ‘issue’ since I wrote this.

    “Our side” can will not publicly name the FaceJew nor even one tiny member of his cabal: When even DullBart fails you in its silence, there’s not much else.

    Now you see the stealth operations commence.

    Organized censorship programs indicate Leftist jewPROP orgs like Twatta now feel the heat of The AntiLef.

    Secretary Kerry The Fairy now implores Hollywood jewPROP to ramp up the indoctrination wars.

    HMMM…IMAGINE HOW MANY SUCH PAST MEETINGS OCCURRED …over WN and its McVeigh/Katzyncski SuperFUNPal types?

    • Things are bad, FP. I never thought a police state would look and feel like this. Many WNs report being dumped by youtube regularly.

      I hear that Hollywood is now taking money from the military to plug the stories they USM wants run.

      I doubt the USG is worried about WN very much. It reminds me of 1984: in the face of the thought police, they cannot act collectively.

      • Yes, MediaPROP is total Orwellian NewSpeak come to life. <– [How many times have we heard that…]

        I never thought it would get this bad either. I actually once believed: Americans Will Arise!™ – like an ignorant child’s fantasy. Riiight.

        I expected the FFOL/MMM to crush The SO76 Revolution with guns, but there was NoRev; the MMM cunningly implemented Bread & Circus to great success – complete success.

        MediaPROP uses JordiPROP as a win/win: They keep Fido dimly siccing whomever is the TDO Enemy of The Moment – as well as keeping the TriggerGoon allotment filled.

      • But you know, this has happened many times before.

        ..and when America rebelled in 1776, did the English serfs also rebel? Did they awaken?

        Nope. I suspect the pilgrims who left England were like us. They tried. They eventually found that escape was the only option. You do not belive as I do in the Solutrean Hypothesis or in the Thal. But they too had to escape, and they were white also.

        So, where to? I like the third world. It is a more honest and clear place. They KNOW the police exist to protect and serve…the elite.

        I like that common criminals can still operate there, without the electronic surveillance state we have here. A free society needs criminals, and many of them. Whites today are not criminal.

      • White criminals need extraordinary skills to operate in a colored environment. Criminals prey on each other. Especially in a lawless colored nation where the top gang – the criminal government apparatus – views whites with hatred equal to the criminals’.

        You do not belive as I do in the …

        This is not a matter of disbelief; it just does not matter.

        Eradicating MINOs is the forward progression, looking backward to pre-history is almost pointless.
        It is equally immaterial for coloreds’ “belief” that they built the Pyramids. What matters is they conquered the greatest, wealthiest nation in history without forming an army or firing a shot. Leaders gave ideas to meatheaded muscle and action took place – and results.

      • I think prehistory is important FP.

        People don’t really change. The technology around us does not matter. Human nature and human responses have not altered in 10,000 years. You like Rome, which was only 2000 bce.

        The story from prehistory is exactly like today. Thals vastly outnumbered by saps. They did not have the numbers to win, so they had to flee. The women were raped and the babies became jannisaries.

      • The theory you mentioned…is not precisely prehistory. It’s not even validated.

        So, you don’t need compare thas v saps – when you have Turks N’ Janissaries as an extant example.

        I learn much more from Rome (and use it) because it’s perhaps the prime example of a vastly superior civilized society falling to scum – MINOs. Barbarians.

        Prehistoric Man is best used to explain why epidemic diabetes and debilitating arthritis result from living past our designed 40-year lifespan.

      • Well FP, just give me a million dollar grant. I shall validate it for you.

        [ed note: ok, Egyptians were black and they built the pyramids]

        Then I will “study it” for a few years as a “objective scientific professional.” We’ll publish in a major journal like Science or Nature.

        Alakazam! The truth appears. Science today is as corrupt as the medieval priesthood was. “The truth” can be engineered in any manner one wishes. There were scientists who swore that smoking and asbestos did not cause cancer. We work for money too.

        You must note that the American scientists contest that race has a genetic basis. They too are corrupt, satisfying their paymasters. Funny how I can tell a man’s race by his blood, but they claim race has no genetic basis. A contradiction…or not one at all.

        [then you accept no science as fact, so its “perfection” also falls as Religion’s did. This Ultimate Failure of both means you are free to believe what you, as an individual, feel you want – thus liberating you back to the primitive state]

  9. I wouldn’t say coloreds conquered Murka — the LN establishment keeps their castles fortified, and allow feral animals (coloreds) run afoul in witey camp (trailer trash) to keep them at bay. It’s also import miggas to keep tabs on them. Miggas are worthy of emulation, but not coloreds.

    I just spoke to a Mexican pizza kneader in NYC about Compton, California. It turns out this guy was a pizza dough boy out in the Golden State, before arriving to the enchanted isle, serving feast n fuck Brandons. The guy’s damn proud of his fellow beaners, who have cleansed the black toxin from the city. His assertion – that money whether illegal or legit, is a reason why niggas are to be eradicated. primitives are completely useless, and a strain to a society, even to miggas.

    • And to elaborate my point — Miggas are a combo, resourceful criminals, organized, with a singular intent of guarding their possessions/money. coloreds — welfare parasites, and are petty criminals at best. — and why Murka is doomed and why GenBrandon and witey in general, their love for the black mold only. Liberal diatribe in Murka is all about Kanye West, not Gonzo, Musa or Gooka.

    • I wouldn’t say coloreds conquered Murka

      …And I wouldn’t say Salma Hayek swallows my loads too much.

      Coloreds move onto any street they want. Whites do not.
      Whites flee from coloreds. Coloreds confront wites.
      Coloreds kill the christfuck out of whites. Whites do not beat even one darkie.
      Beyonce goes all Black Pantha on the Super-Fucking Bowl.
      The KKK is a forgotten stain on Rev. Jesse’s $700 shoes.

      Miggers are the only race to eradicate Black Mold; they are like Spaniards who were the only ones successful in totally erasing Medieval Muzz.

      • Told ya so!

        Miggers not only eradicate coloreds, they are taking their jobs — by no means, I’m a sympathizer of them. GenBrandon could only kiss up to Tyrone.

        Now would do you want Salma Hayek to deliver your mail packages, or a 300 pounder picnanny?

      • Although way OT, you mistake Miggers as a sort of savior-race bc they eradicate coloreds.

        that’s like White Settlers hopping into bed w/ Comanches bc they keep Apaches out.

        You can not – ever – rely upon old white guys w/ cancer suicide runs, Muzz wtc bombers and especially Miggers to do wites’ dirty work and eradicate coloreds.

      • Beaners are not saviors, but pragmatists, ruthless and realistic.

        Their sole purpose in Murka – to take and invade. wtfBrandon is a lazy fuck, clueless and hedonistic – the same with the colored, but Tyrone is violent, always drum beating to kill witey with his incessant ebony jive.

        [ed note: so why elevate Miggers as some savior-race, via their eradicating of coloreds…]

  10. ed note: so why elevate Miggers as some savior-race, via their eradicating of coloreds…]

    Miggas are not saviors, just realistic and pragmatic invaders — they want Murka, they’ll come here and take it, and will stop those who impede them. Most important, they don’t care for our liberal nonsense– they go take what is left of the pie.

    wites want “White privilege” to work for them, and colored wants continuous redress for all the “oppression” inflicted. then they’ll follow the political circus and elect clowns who will walk over them again…rinse and repeat.

  11. While twatter can – and does because it can fuck oh-s0 fuckable Conservaginas – ban RightSpeech…

    Isisisis shows the only way to fight Liberal nazism is by violence, blood and death. Something John Adams would even understand.
    When twatta bans Republican’ts, they cry in forums.

    But, Isis plans to reallyReallyREALLY KILL The Zuckerjew:

  12. I searched for something on facebook and zuckerberg comment on and this is what I got .
    Mark Zuckerberg Facebook founder and grandson of David Rockefeller

  13. sorry wrong link for above comment
    and for your further reading enjoyment

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