Murka’s Soylent Future: Nutriloaf

by Ryu

Nutriloaf is what they feed inmates in seg. Many inmates say that it constitutes cruel and unusual punishment.

10 Comments to “Murka’s Soylent Future: Nutriloaf”

  1. In a year, nutriloaf will be a non-GMO, gluten free food for those trying to be fit. You heard it here first.

  2. Was in solitary confinement in county jail for a week. They usually strip you butt nacked and give you a blanket to walk around in. The only water you will get is from the sink witch functions as a water fountain also. A good way to pass time is they give you 2 hotel size bars of soap. Wet one and you can use it to graffiti the non cinderblock walls. I graffited advice to future inmates on how to stay sane.

    I read an interesting British special forces book when I was younger. They had a chapter dedicated to imprisonment and solitary confinement. The advice they gave is of course plan for the future. Write a story and-or movie in your head. Or like the niggers do bang on your door, make a beat, and rap.

    Solitary cells are not really solitary. You will have a 3 inch wide by 12 inch tall window. The lights will constantly be on and humming to monitor you for suicide and to disorient your sense of time.

  3. Furthermore,

    Because you have this window and you are in a cell block with other solitary confinement cells you can communicate with other inmates through the window. 99 percent of other inmates will be happy to talk with you. Encourage them to keep their head up and be positive. Listen to their story, tell jokes, talk pussy etc etc. Time morphs into one continuous flow the only thing that breaks it up is the 3 meals a day.

    Furthermore, a common psychological effect of solitary is the literal feeling of the walls closing in on you. Just be cognizant that it is all in your head, this helps to mitigate the fear it instills in you.

  4. Lastly,

    By all means avoid asking guards, nurses, or psycholigists to take thorazine or anti-anxiety medications. Taking these medications will prolong your stay in solitary confinement. Also, interacting with prison psycholigists runs the gamet from sadists who get off on keeping you in the hole, sexual perverts, and the people who geniunely care about helping you. When they ask you a questionnaire. Do not admit to studying martial arts, say you maybe have 2 beers on the weekend occasionally, and do not admit to any drug use in your past. Do not admit to having an interest in guns or owning them.

  5. UncleBEAST spouts one lie in place of another. Their public stance is “prison be rehabilitation” but the reality is they’re just nigger storage. They certainly cannot admit that, neither to LN-wites and especially not LN Coloreds.

    Thus, in a fallen nation with dwindling tax funds – and growing colored troublemakers – the cheapest solution is found.

    Consider prison nutriloaf an experimental “program” intended for economically sating the future Brown Mass Majorities: Soylent Green.

    Not for Wild 70s Hollywood Jew entertainment bucks, but simply a way to prevent the soon-to-be dominant Colored Mass revolting from starvation. It is merely subsistence meals in an declining Subsistence Mentality Nation. It’s a way to save cash to spend on a Navy, Italian marble tile for the dog’s bathroom and a few different concubines.

  6. Lesson to be learned from the above documentary and Oogaboogaman’s first hand reports: do not allow yourself to be caught alive for anything serious.

    • Except in Sweden, where guards aren’t armed even at Breviks new “holiday resort”!

      And the irony is that nutriloafs are technically more nutritious than actual mcd buns.

      That’s why i joked how McDonald’s (which for first time in history, closed more stores than they opened) could turn things around by introducing the 50c McNutri, add a slice of baloney to the nutril-bun, and you have a winner, the perfect slave food for the average Joe shitizen, they could even get some sweet gov prison complex contracts, win win!

  7. Ryu, do that still add salt peter to prison food?

    • I’m not sure. I did find this in a ROK article:

      Most importantly (saved the best for last), if you do end up behind bars for a while, do not by ANY means drink the clear kool-aid they serve. It’s addictive and delicious. But it has a secret ingredient that keeps your dick limp. I’m dead serious. I guess that’s how they cut down on gay behavior. I was drinking it like beer when I was in there (for less than a week) and didn’t notice anything. But when I got out a buddy of mine told me what it does, and I noticed that my dick wouldn’t get up for a full week after I got out! And when it did rise up a little bit, it was only a semi. Scary shit.

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