FFOL Plot to Grow MINOs & Eradicate Whites

by Firepower


Pay coloreds to not have jobs THEN pay white girls to get BaconFaced in Iran 4.0.

The LN gets to eradicate witey twice as fast with twice as many future Arlington Cemetery boxes.

Then the MMM increases coloreds, Miggers and Muzz by paying them to stay home, PlayStation and fuck white girls into pregnancies, thus further increasing colored spawn with zero history or ties to 1776.

Obongo and his Black Jeh respond with what during Migger Invasion XXI?

Why, cutting border monitoring. When Manhattan or DC District ONE is threatened by terrorists, why Maobama pulls the FBI out of Times Square and the Capitol.

I’m sure the Capital ConserVaginas will “hold hearings” on it in DC.

But I’m unsure if paying furious White Men not to target locally accessible LN bastions of the FFOL or their LN/MMM Congressfilth would work if dwindling money is diverted from crucial funding of Colored Welfare Sows with their nine baby and free air-conditioned bus rides for the latest wave of Miggers, to the US Sanctuary City of their choice.

43 Comments to “FFOL Plot to Grow MINOs & Eradicate Whites”

  1. “DC bill would pay people stipends not to commit crimes”

    This would only make it official, because welfare is already a form of danegeld…
    a tax raised to pay tribute to the Vikings to prevent the land from being ravaged.
    [ed note: yes. Rome did so with Huns – and hundreds other tribes]

    States like Florida even have “food stamp recruiters”, sales promoters for welfare, with quotas of signing up a certain amount of new recipients each month. Rhode Island hosts “SNAP-themed bingo games” and the USDA tells its field offices to throw parties to get more people on their rolls.

    Fun fact, welfare is now the best paying entry level job in 35 US states, and since 2013 welfare payments amount to more than the minimum wage after taxes. Your average dindu mothership with her broodlings would need to work 2-3 jobs to just sustain the same lifestyle. Talk about market perversions, when getting a job will reduce your standard.

    That’s where the Mexicans come into play, to fill that systemic job market distortion.
    [plus, to co-eradicate coloreds in mutual MMM Population “Control”. this Triad – combined w/ wite hix will be the fighting, divided Murka the Elites can control]

    It’s the same here in Europe, if not worse, you have gypsies with their litters living in actual villas for free, because every additional little monkey qualifies them for a bigger house, and more direct financial aid, it’s like winning the jackpot. You couldn’t afford rent for that very same property if you had five jobs, let alone one miserly minimum wage job.

    [this “Welfare State Philosophy” is an invention of both jew and Ivys]

  2. A good summary from the americanthinker on the border thing:

    “Let me get this straight. We have a new surge of illegal aliens from Central America crossing the border with the addition of Cubans trying to enter the country illegally. And rather than increasing surveillance, DHS wants to cut it by 50%?

    With a little less than a year left in office, it appears that President Obama wants to allow as many “refugees” as possible to present themselves for entry into the U.S., with all the associated costs and turmoil in towns across America who will be forced to take care of them.

    The president is very generous with taxpayer funds when it comes to resettling illegal immigrants his policies have encouraged. And even when the policy is reversed, it will take years to repair the damage done to our immigration enforcement efforts.”

    Or just in January:
    JFK allowed passengers arriving from Mexico to exit without going through Customs

    While people from flyover countries or the EU are double checked front and back.

    That’s the coyote-in-chief at work.

    I guess they have to focus on the real threat, the Canadian border…
    A DUI Mr. Canuck? Sorry but you can’t enter the US, rules are rules!

    As we speak they are already retraining police dogs to go for poutine instead of drugs.

  3. More good stuff, FP. I’m past outrage at this stuff. It seems to be as natural today as the air.

    [ed note: thanks. we’ve conquered Impotent Outrage and even mastered the very difficult What To DO Next, but we have failed to lead others to our enlightenment. I suspect it’s because the Peeple only listen to bloggers pre-2005 – and so, we are too late. That, and most readers are stupid and grew even dumber]

  4. From the Washington Examiner, 2/4/16:

    “In a shocking reversal of policy, U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents are being told to release illegal immigrants and no longer order them to appear at deportation hearings, essentially a license to stay in the United States, a key agent testified Thursday. What’s more, the stand down order includes a requirement that the whereabouts of illegals released are not to be tracked.”

    Reminds me also of last years story, when the Obama administration ordered federal agents responsible for protecting one of the nation’s busiest and most crime-infested regions near Mexico to stop apprehending drunk drivers, according to an internal government memo, you know, allow them to go on their merry way, but that’s OK, since we are all amigos!

    • I don’t find it “shocking.” I think that the Mino Media Machine is reality for most who watch it. They create a sort of new reality, and viewers change their minds in order to see reality that way.

      It’ll be interesting if true. Maybe we could die our hair black and get a tan.

    • We presume Our Historic Black President is a MINO Racist who virulently hates wites.
      Do you have any theories why wites still submit to his rule, despite these examples you provided?

      • witey from liberal towns are either oblivious or delusional, because they are (1) insulated by wealth or (2) too focused with feast & fuck as to see him as a danger to their survival.

        witey from hickston have their own bread and circuses fun n games.

        And proles of hickston are enablers of the police state, enticed by the fat salaries, pensions, and other perks. The smarter ones enroll themselves in the multibillion $$$ industry of counterterrorism technology.

      • I don’t think whites see much beyond their jobs today FP.

        One has to have “space” in his life to see and to think. A working man in Murka today is putting down 50 hours a week, driving to and from, dressing and bathing even more. He’s got 2 days off a week, one day for errands, which leaves only one day for possible study.

        It is only after a crisis passes on one’s life that one becomes a racist. Most WNs know what that’s like, I believe.

        Probably only the rich and the poor truly know what’s going on. The middle class is too long working to see it. But they’ll lose their spots soon enough.

        [ed note: yes. then what of whites massively unemployed by REDChina and Affirmative Action. 25 year old Brandons livin in ma’s basement etc. idleness is the Firepower’s Workshop]

      • Ryu: It’s really Bread n Circuses (Feast n Fuck), which distracts them, not really their jobs. A salary via a job provides that outlet of pleasure, which is what many people want.

        How many people amongst you, sound like the folks who comment on blogs such as this?

        Elites live in a different world, and many of them harbor prejudices and hatred towards the lower classes.

      • Upon determining it is only “our 1%” which are wise and the real 99% embrace their distracting diversions, one must take the next step and assess the math:

        If such a vast majority does not want to drink – or even be lead to water – they are not worth saving. Worse, they are not even good soldiers who can be persuaded by even the most perfect of arguments.

        Then…what do you do.

      • Furthermore, I was at a bookstore, I really wanted to assault a colored who threw a gum wrapper at me for no apparent reason. Goes to show you to insanity in this country: books on nigga studies is right next to the section on Ancient Greece and Rome (which I was checking out). Unsurprisingly, the store is owned by a Jew!

        [ed note: whites won’t even yell-A-Negro over a gum wrapper. or burn a cross on a newnegro lawn. so…i do not see Whermacht 2.0 marching down Times Sq. singing the Horst Wessel Lied w niggaz in chainz]

      • Individualusm. If it isn’t affecting a man personally he dgafs.

        My own mother doesn’t even care about the future she has voted in that her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren will have deal with. She said she is glad she won’t be around to see it. Monstrous isn’t it? We have been trained by the jewmedia and education complex to care more about strangers than our own blood! I feel your pain, I really do.

      • Yes, it is monstrous to face such revelations from a parent.

        When you unravel it, it becomes apparent that is why we’ve finally arrived to a Murka. Whites are susceptible to Over-Positive Thinking and end up living in a sludge pit singing happy tunes about that “rainbow around the bend.” That leads to niggers taking over your street, thinking “it’ll all work out!”

        Not always. Not even most of the time…

        I assume your mother voted Obama – ask her why she did so.
        btw lovely 2cu acting like a lady.

  5. It almost appears as if there is a consolidated effort… not sure
    i’ll un-follow the DHS on twitter right now, DA baby, that’ll show em!

  6. Regarding the bookshelf incident, I did called out the nigga for what he did. However, I did not punch him for it.

    A bookstore that puts nigga studies next to Ancient Greece and Rome is intentionally nefarious.

    • You must not be intimidating enough, JS. Shave your head and get a swastika tattoo. That’ll keep them running and will keep you free of bubble gum wrappers. The glare from a shaven head strikes fear into nigger hearts.

      • I just need to be on the defensive, and perhaps attack when needed, but it’ll be a hate crime in NY, when a wite defends himself from the primitive, where he gets injured.

        I told the nigga to pick up the gum wrapper and he did, and I said to him, I will report you to your boss, who happens to be a Jew. Of course, I will not report him. It would be a waste of time. Kikes love their colored workers like pets. Sometimes animals just don’t obey their owners.

        This incident of course is reminiscence of the cognitive dissonance in Murka. A bookshop own by a Jew, who stacks his inventory of nigga studies next to glorious dead White men, and employing coloreds to look over them!!!

      • You don’t have to actually attack. You can intimidate with your eyes and bearing. This is Murka. No one is going to attack you, especially in NYC.

      • Despite Manhattan as stated by FP as being wealthy, wite, White — many of its institutions are infested with coloreds, and poor, resentful, disenfranchised coloreds, under the guise of liberal well being. Wait and see Ryu, Elite Whites might see a dose of race reality. When you try to promote this vision of a racial utopia with primitives and evolved civilians — it fails. Jews never learn, because of their nigga pandering and their hatred of wite gentile, niggas love to prey on Jews as much as wites.

      • Alright. We shall see.

      • LNs use primitives to eradicate their wite enemies. In turn, they import Miggas to render many of these savages obsolete, and then store them in the jailhouses as a result. They’ll release some of them in order to promote a political agenda. Sadistic minded pet owners occasionally allow their rabid animals to bite others. In NYC, many repeated felons get released into the streets and they become a danger to society. LNs then call on the police to step up their game, and the vicious cycle starts again.

        Our police commissioner now wants to ban all career criminals from riding the subway. He probably has political ambitions and believe he can get votes by telling the masses of this milestone achievement.

      • We’re all repeat felons, JS. There’s a famous book called “3 Felonies a Day”, which is what the average American commits.

        We’re all criminals too. In a country with 100,000 laws, no one can obey them all. WN needs more criminals.

      • True, but most coloreds are completely useless in Murka. They’re dumb savages by nature. Have you ever worked with black people? Elites are offsetting them with Miggas. LNs throw coloreds at their wite enemies, and have Miggas replace or kill them afterwards, when their sole purpose has run its course. Other than that, they make good niggaball fumblahs for our Bread n Circus.

      • The danger for LNs now, essentially a demise of their own making, is that they’ve been letting too many wild dogs running loose in their own backyard, where wite and Migga are nowhere to be found as a buffer zone.

      • This the LN vision of Murka and it’s a reality:

        Half time bouncy and the black mold with witey sheep and assortment of miggas, at the niggabowl.

        [ed note: kindly tell Jordie – forever – that THIS IS the Murka he dies for…]

      • I have worked with blacks, JS.

        I like it. They are much smarter than many whites. Negros KNOW what the USA is about. Whites act like idiots with their “superior IQ.”

        In many ways, I now like minos better than most whites. White idealism makes them the perfect marks. If I were a ruler, I’d probably do the same thing. Whites today only have one hope of winning, and they hate those who do it.

      • They are much smarter than many whites. Negros KNOW what the USA is about. Whites act like idiots with their “superior IQ.”

        I agree. My experience with them proves them huge haters of authority, always plotting to “get over” on BIGov aka The Man – and rightly so. Wimpywites meekly mewl, “whaddyagonnadoo!” then quickly bend over and pay their taxes despite reading daily news stories of BIGov fascism.

        If only coloreds weren’t so tribal and would spare me when I’m old & feeble. I could tolerate them, for I understand them. Which assures me they’ll roast me over a fire like Zulus the first chance they get.

      • It’s good stuff. I admire these things endlessly. They’ve taught me some tricks on HUD and food stamps.

        If I was a colored, I could be a great revolutionary leader. Soldiers don’t need to be smart. They just need to obey and be angry.

        Your show Boondocks showed this well.

      • Negros are actually very dumb and tribal. Negros hate the USA, because they do not have the brains to take advantage of what the system offers. Other MINO groups steal money from the gov’t, but blacks only steal from the average citizen.

      • Negros hate the USA

        Don’t you hate the usa? I hate it.

        What usa do you hate? What is the difference between that usa and the one coloreds hate? Murka can’t be a nation where both Insta-Success for wites exists but so does a PC rulership by a vast Police State MMM.

        I’ve seen the videos of wite HEROCops shooting coloreds in the back at traffic stops. Coloreds have a right to fight back and they’re stupid if they don’t – just like wite Brandons are even stupider for accepting their sheep collars.

        Killing useless parolee coloreds just because they fled a pullover is merely HEROCops doing what Megyny and bill0 want: Showing ’em that “something” is being done. Allaying their Manhattan fears because a bum glared at them.

        Even a raggedy-ass colored would take a $76 an hour General Motors job – but they’re gone. Even if they wanted a job slaughtering hogs now, at $7 an hour, they’re ensnared as Google Felons like our old murdered pal Mindweapon.

        Coloreds hate the Elite more than you, even; they just don’t read about them and stoke their anger.

      • I hate the USA, solely because of the colored problem. Again, coloreds are inherently stupid with low impulse control, hence the problem they create for the more intelligent species.

      • yep. we get that.

        I hate the USA, solely because of the colored problem.

        You hate it for one reason and coloreds hate Murka for another. Miggers, yet another – not to mention the muzz.

        So which Murka is it?

      • coloreds are the sole problem in Murka that deserves immediate attention – eradication. house cleaning procedures would treat toxic mold as 1st priority over dirt particles.

        [coloreds are NOT the sole problem. Californians, Texans and LA would tell you miggers are. you need to see issues from more than a Manhattan-centric viewpoint. in such biases, nyc cons & libs are the same]

      • In NYC, Miggas work off the books, steal welfare from Uncle Beast, and open up supermarkets with that money, while the nigga is just a loser who blames everything on witey. Hispanics have put blacks out of service.

        [ed note: oddly, you describe an ambitious people w more drive than a wite Brandon. who will thus inherit the Earth?]

      • I don’t know that brownies are a threat to the system. They seem like they just want to work, as if they still believe in the Murkan dream. It’s not good for whites, but I doubt the USG cares. Most Mex I know work 2 jobs.

      • Miggas are a threat to niggas, as they usurp most of the resources doled by the LNs. Primitives are dumb, completely lacking in insight and discipline. LNs outsource the black problem to immigrants and witey sheep. Immigrants are a real competitor and witey sheep is a distraction.

  7. There was a cross burning in 2014 in Johnson County Indianna.

  8. oddly, you describe an ambitious people w more drive than a wite Brandon. who will thus inherit the Earth?

    Not really, but the witeBrandon on the enchanted isle just feast n fucks. At best, he does fake make work for a jew financed industry. A lot of them also live on their parents’ dole until it holds out.

    Miggas are not more ambitious, just more industrious and cunning. witey sheep and coloreds shared a similar fate of much ado about nuthin as they listen to LN masters. coloreds are just dumber, lacking in control, and they’ll spend their all the money in a lightening flash.

    [ed note: “not ambitious” but “more industrious” is contradictory]

    • more industrious = I would say for a better word, more realistic or pragmatic. delusional witey sheep and coloreds circle jerk around idealistic principles along the lines of their LNs.

  9. [coloreds are NOT the sole problem. Californians, Texans and LA would tell you miggers are. you need to see issues from more than a Manhattan-centric viewpoint. in such biases, nyc cons & libs are the same]

    coloreds are also threatened by SPICs and Miggas in general, who are more sneaky and resourceful.

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