Niggerspicking Has Uses

by Ryu

Beginner and intermediate WNs MUST be able to use these words. It indicates a revolutionary attitude and independent spirit.

Someone who can’t write NIGGER or KIKE certainly cannot shoot a redcoat, lynch the corrupt, or resist tyranny. No revolution on Earth has ever been legal.

If WNs want to BS or lie to convince the masses that we are moderate or reasonable, that’s permissible. The masses are accustomed to lies, and even desire them. No American thinks their politicians are “honest”, yet year after year they turn to the polls for the new savior speaking the old lines.

The Americans have very convenient definitions of bullying:

– It is good for Murka to invade Vietnam, Iraq or the Stan.
– It is bad for China to patrol the South China Sea and bully the US Navy.

– It is good black revolutionaries to resist a racist America.
– It is bad for whites to resist a racist America.

Americans offer a false diverity, equality and tolerance. In their system, the only invalid POV is the racist one. True diversity allows all points of view valued equally.

I suggest using nigger as a test. If someone can’t say it, or is scared by this mere word, beware. They probably don’t have what it takes.

24 Comments to “Niggerspicking Has Uses”

  1. The psychological test is a precision versus gratuitous application… The aim of taking these anti-white Supremacist archetypes from our lips, off our tongues and out of our minds is self-evident… The aim is the radical autonomy of these archetypes… A literal invisible operator against the interests of white Supremacy. And with this socio-political taboo set against the use of these labels by whites is the inevitable gratuitous reaction that only serves to reinforce the taboo. In short, “they” say that “we” cannot not say nigger Jew and “we” say Jew nigger Jew, nigger Jew nigger… NO PRECISION. No pinpoint accusation that right there is a white Supremacist-hating nigger.. See there, that’s a Jewish anti-white Supremacist…

    Of course, there is also a taboo against whites appropriating the label of white Supremacist for themselves as a precise indication that one vehemently opposes the vile anti-white Supremacist… But in polar opposite effect, this only means that white Supremacists are invisible and not operating at all.

    Radical autonomy provides the pretext to change all this.

  2. Niggerspickiking is as useful in winning a fight as yelling.

    Unless accompanied by action, it is hollow.

    • It all starts in the mind though FP. If a man is worried about offending Niggers, how in the world can he do what needs to be done. If a man is worried about being seen as uncouth, again, how can he take care of the very important business of securing a homeland for his kin?

      Oh but I forgot, you like Niggers. You think some of them are like Bill Cosby but it turns out even Bill Cosby isn’t like Bill Cosby huh? What about that other Nog we were supposed to worship, gawd, I have forgotten his name, the high up military guy that couldn’t keep his mind off his penis and was harrassing females in the job. It’s only a matter of time before “Do you know who I am?” Ben Carson outs himself as a true nigger. It’s already known that he quit “doctoring” because he was getting sued right and left for his sloppy work.

      • We must train ourselves to say the words they don’t want us to say.

        Guess my comment was too complicated for you.

        Niggerspickiking is as integral in winning an MMA match as yelling.

        Never heard your Idol Dolfi Hitler use the word nigger or kike. He seemed to do fine…for a short time. Go back and re-re-re-read:

        Using “nigger” around wites has no effect. Um, the word was intended for use against coloreds. Use it against a colored bitch and get in a fight with her. It’s all that Big Talk you queef about: Empty.

        FP. If a man is worried about offending Niggers

        WHERE in the fuck do you infer from my compiled writings any worry about offending anybody. Are you some troublemaking bitch?

        Too many TrailerparkNAZIS have no worry how uncouth they sound – or appear; the white version of colored ghetto trash; targets ripe for mockery that relegate Wise Whites to their People of Wal-MART World.

        Oh but I forgot, you like Niggers!!!

        LOL, now youre just being a dumb bitch

      • How trailer park nazis appear is more important. And not just any appearance, but “the right one” for the right purpose. Perception is reality.

        I don’t recruit en masse. I recruit one on one. If I say “nigger” with a comrade, it’s like sharing a secret. The ultimate taboo in Murka. It makes me trustworthy, because I give them something on me.

        All groups demonize other groups. A specialized jargon is part of this. US military call Muzz “moo-je”. Like mujahadeed. They called the Vietnamese gooks. We can develop our own language for our own purpose. I use what works for my methods.

      • As I said, Dolfi didn’t use “kike” or even “kiketty-kikey-jew-kike”

        He just called them jews.
        That way, when eradicating them, there was no distinction between eradicating “good jews” and kike-jews.

        Moojeys and gooks as a slur campaign of De-senstization failed, for the mujjies and gookeez won.
        The only way muzzing/gooking and Niggerspickiking functions is when you have triggers behind the words to eradicate the hated targets.

        All else is hot air that even lord adolf avoided.
        There is a reason Goebbels avoided using slurs.
        To reach his success you must learn why.

      • How trailer park nazis appear is more important

        Al Sharpton in his suits, without saying a single “honky-ass cracka muthafucka” in a speech, is more effective than a streetful of colored Baltimore looters. Sharpton does far more harm to whites.

      • Al is pretty effective. I suspect he appeals primarily to the intellectual brothers and the middle/upper class blacks. He uses the poor blacks as pawns. I’d bet anyhting he changes his language around them to more ebonics.

        Those who lead in the field use different methods. I’m closer to the field than the suits. My men won’t have confidence in me if I’m a hipster intellectual. My specialist as a WN is not the intellectual classes. That’s for Amren.

        It’s no different than an officer commanding his men in the bush, or being in cublicle land.

      • Those who lead in the field use different methods.

        I suppose field action would support NSK, but even that is hardly necessary if, like ww2 usmc, they actually were eradicating japs by the thousand and digging out their gold teeth.

        If you have field command irl, do what works. But no WN Combat action appears happening. All I see are Confederate flagwavers who remove them and run away when five BLM protesters shout them down.

        Noncoms use NSK, but officers typically do not. They issue orders and expect them executed. And for Errin’: they neither pick up a Garand to engage in CQB with japs.

        I know the Gen. MacArthur GI Joe Action Figure your daddy gave you had Kung-FU Grip, but it’s just a toy, babe.

    • ANYTHING unaccompanied by action is hollow, FP. Especially if the action happens in a vaccuum, with no one to appreciate it.

      There are many hollow things about today. WN and conservatism. The MRM. Video games. TV and music. Sport fandom, new year resolutions, etc etc.

      Action is preceded by a number of predictable steps. Radicalization is part of that. One has to be able to say nigger, spic or jihadi.

      • Just read the comments of the Lion of the Blogosphere, written by some of his followers, specifically those who complain about coloreds in the liberal centers. Without niggers, beaners, muzzers and gookers, there will be no Manhattan feast & fuck. White and wite depend on 3rd world servants to lick their genitalia and buttocks after a roll in the hay in Eden.

        The reason why I bring up the colored issue in NYC on this blog, is to address the pathologies coming from all sides. However, I believe an eradication program for MINOs and their LN masters (and also the pleasure induced witey sheep that follow them).

  3. Agree Ryu. We must train ourselves to say the words they don’t want us to say. Also, when speaking to people about massive immigration into ONLY White countries, I tell them I am a racist. When they protest I tell them we musn’t be afraid of that word. A White racist is a person that is honest about racial differences and concerned with the future of his/her race.

    I think David Dook (spelled incorrectly to trick search engines) has tapped into the fact that Murkans prefer to be lied to. He offers a softer plan where all races benefit. I doubt it will go down that way.

    • All of the WN movements do not target the source of the problem, just the outcome. Vermin do not enter your home, if it is enclosed tightly and the offender is called out. It is obvious that the elites, many of whom are capitalists, invite 3rd world minions to cut costs.

    • Erin…

      How does it make sense to call yourself a white racist, but not a white Supremacist OR AT LEAST a white supremacist? How is this prohibition of yours not just an equal conditioning? IN FACT, your REFUSAL is IN EFFECT a belief that the white Supremacist is less than the white racist. You are a “white racist” anti-white Supremacist. Ergo, you are radically autonomous… A mad female liberationist equal to all the “movements” you condemn and/or praise.

      • How does it make sense to call yourself a white racist, but not a

        wites are mired in Slave Mentality.
        In 1850, coloreds grumbled in their slave shacks about
        “eebill Massa whitey bin beddin’ down wif muh daughtas!”
        and “massa bin beatin po’ ol’ Elijah wif a stick ageen!”
        then subsequently…did nothing.

        They lamented, “ain’t somebody gwan hep us sweet Lawd!”
        And awaited salvation from Honest Abe – oh, and his Union Army.

        Whites doze to dreams of the RED Army taking over Murka when it falls – like that StormCunt idiot yesterday:
        The same way Errin’ dreams of a resurrected SS Army – or WormWrancher – saving her.

  4. Diversity by mandate, which grows out of the barrel of a gun, it is coerced!
    If AA laws were repealed, the country would part like the sea before Moses.

    The public is conditioned, that’s the roadblock, you have to talk to them like to baby deer
    it’s almost Pavlovian, niggerspicking will immediately spook them away…
    you may just as well draw a swastika on your forehead at that point.

    Lucky for us, there is no need to lead with W, that’s for the advanced class.
    Mere N offers plenty to work with, mere standing up, mere freedom of association…

    Fun fact, everyone employing more than half a dozen dindus
    will statistically be sued for discrimination at some point in time.

    Dindu is good because it sounds insulting out of the box
    even if you don’t know what it means, it’s also funny, win win

    • It’s disheartening how conditioned people are. Some of the racists (not WNs) make statements like “Mexicans aren’t that bad” and I say, “you’re missing the point”. If that are allowed to live among us they will breed with us which results in still LESS White people being born.

      I AM careful who I use the word Nigger around, naturally. Like Ryu said, it’s like a codeword to see where someone is, in their understanding. It is only failed so-called conservatives and thier first cousins the liberals who are disturbed by naughty words. Oh yeah and filthy kikes like “firepower”.

  5. I NSK on occasion when I want a flourish or need a funny word, the way Richard Pryor turned humor into a white-bitch balling fiesta.

    When I’m angry, I usually see it as a mistake, uncorking the Commentin’ Little Devils around here the way I’d feel if I swore some juicy ones in front of my kids.

    Despite my articles on NSK’s ineffectiveness when combined with inaction, unloading it when I get angry merely gives tacit permish for everybody else to orgiastically vent into an online kleenex.

    It’s like Mystery’s warning about jacking-off too much lest it sap your will to Sarge.

    Avoiding NSK is like Ryu’s lessons on the superiority of calm planning and execution of action instead of rash, living-room bunker fantasies battling MRAP SWATZIs.

    NSK is inferior. If that’s what it takes to finally motivate today’s WITEBrandon – despite the bombardment of colored outrages – then perhaps they are hopeless and deserving of slavery to the MMM.

    • Many WITEBrandon are lazy do nothins, at least the ones who are my neighbors when I was living in the enchanted isle long term.

      Did you hear the story about one who killed his daddy in Manhattan, because he decided to cut his son’s feast & fuck allowance?

  6. Employing the labels given to various anti-white Supremacist archetypes REQUIRES PRECISION and in their gratuitous application is the red flag of a “crypto-Jew.” In the former there is a need for discipline of mind while the latter seeks to induce self-destructive action. The default assumption of any “white” guilty of NSK is useful idiot or subversive liberationist. It is irrational to see nigger and Jew everywhere when they only REALLY occupy particular “places.” But an even more fruitful endeavor is the re-establishing of these anti-white Supremacist archetypes in the mind of the white mass for the very purpose of forcing particular blacks and Jews within individual white circles to the position of either embracing or rejecting these archetypes thus “showing face” and operating openly and not invisibly.

    • It is irrational to see nigger and Jew everywhere when they only REALLY occupy particular “places

      Jews and their nigga minions, or Liberal Nazis and their nigga followers, occupy centers that are deemed “elite”, that set the tone as to what is “Kosher” for the rest of the country.

      New York City is the consummate Hymietown, which also attracts well to do “self-annihilating” Whites, who feast & fuck in the land of Babylonian Wall St.

      In the grander scheme of things, these petty places mean nothing…..but they do to many Murkans, who are obsessed with money, status, and frivolous consumption.

      • Yes… But these centers of “elite” equal “default elite.” “Elite” BY THE FACT that they do nothing truly elite. “Our” “default elite” EXISTS by manner of a mass of self-annihilators… A mass of anti-white Supremacists… Slaves. A nation with a large slave class is a powerful nation from the POV of the few masters moving the masses.

  7. Self Annihilators indeed, when you have a mass movement that props the most useless biped: the nigga.

    But TD, you’re optimistic enough to say otherwise!

    • There is a certain despair In a natural born leader upon realization that he leads mostly zombies with raw porkchop… Yet, despair is its own sinful self-annihilation and to alleviate it one must reevaluate the scope of his leadership. I cannot willingly profit off the self-annihilation of the masses although I prophet it. And to sell white Supremacy, I must break even to obtain perpetuation. What this means is the desire for a certain self-sufficiency in an “advance economy,” ie., outside “break even” and in the realm of exponential growth and black market. This operational paradigm. One can sell self-annihilation to great profit or one can sell white Supremacy and be great prophet.

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