Murkan Cancer: Liberal Nazis Also Eat Themselves

by Firepower

The Artistic Genius of Liz Phair

Don’t lose heart. Do not think it is all LN victory. Still, they do win the majority battles because they are The Establishment now. If you lose heart so easily because you’ve been shown the truth, then the future will be misery for you – and your descendants: Grow the fuck up.

It’s not just goppers*, RINOs & Republicunts that die in the miasma of confused sociological suicides. The Murkan Cancer has metastasized to the extent that the LN does also.

One bellwether of the FFOL is the grandest …..…..canary in a coalmine – the Hollywood Propaganda Machine. LN elites of the Manhattan type love traipsing around the artsy-fartsy locale of “cinema” in the grande facade of critiquing movies. From the movie makers to those in the biz to those critics – all immerse themselves in the emptiness: That in itself is a true indicator of decay in a thing.

Think Lady Goo-Goo. One second The It Grrl, the next second – a piece of discarded, washed-up shit gets Oscar nominated. Art Critique means nothing but a true sign of one mere moment’s definition of a society and its culture. In that, it has value but it is gone as an ephemeral tour book of a country you no longer visit. It is both incredibly important but equally fleeting.

Hollywood, by its nature, exists on pretension. When an institution’s faults and excesses become so obvious even its worshipers cringe, it begins to fail in those awkward, early signs of decay, like the fall of a Godlike Guru found diddling the disciples’ kiddies. Like the MMM American Government.

Variety is a trade paper read by everyone in the Propaganda Dream Biz and is an important tool for them. Thus, when even the fancy parade of insiders start perceiving the emperor has no clothes it begins the precarious slide. Beware: Often it also is the fix that alerts astute members of the club that it needs repairs to continue serving them. The problem gets neutralized (or fixed) and things go on as before.

But, in a nation as structurally depleted as Murka, a Hollywood revival is only predicated on money and their love of it.

Farrakhan “warns” of Trump making Murka the abyss of Hell; I certainly hope the fuck so. Any Hell to Farakaka is a place I want a pitchfork.

The text drips with appalled embarrassment of the manifestation of the LN Hollywood dream of Diversity, feminists and faggots. Kind of like George Lucas waking up and finding the mansion next door was bought by HUD for a tenement of niggers and King Geo has new neighbors.

Ride on, Thugnificent.

* see glossary

14 Comments to “Murkan Cancer: Liberal Nazis Also Eat Themselves”

  1. Cancer requires chemotherapy.
    I’m pro-abortion for those with lesser genes.
    Only high IQ or competent minorities should reproduce instead of the biggest thug.
    Let the severely handicapped and decrepit elderly perish calmly.
    Evolution isn’t about suffering or conflict but mass eradication.
    What remains had been exalted.

    • High IQ “white” MALES ARE THE “premier” self-annihilators… The very “brains” behind UncleBeast’s Profiling State… Your pro-abortion stance being exhibit A of an inherent desire for self-annihilation. Niggers AIN’T listening to your views on abortion nor are Jewish anti-supremacists or miggers or jihadists or homodykes… And IF THEY WERE, it would be MUSIC TO THEIR EARS!!! Because as far as they are concerned, it is just your call for “white” self-annihilation. A high IQ ONE AT THAT.

  2. I love “The Boondocks”. It’s one of the funniest things out there.

  3. Good stuff. I have not watched any modern movies. It’s all shit. They don’t even put hot chicks like Shannon Tweed in the bad ones anymore.

    I watched a docu once on an artist who pranked the art world. He got rich producing nothing. This pissed off all the real artists.

    There was a great scene in the beginning where a kid running form some pigs jumped up a building. You can see it at one minute in.

    • The full version of that is also on youtube!

      • Have you watched it?

        The beginning is about street artists who paint walls, a docu. Then the filmer becomes one himself, and makes a fortune. He cons the art-world hard and makes millions.

      • That’s almost an oxymoron, because the art world itself is a con, half of all circulating artwork is believed to be fake… Art is half a tax evasion/money laundering scam, like charities, and half grand standing for Yuppies, where would they go to sip vino without art gallery openings? Real art plays a marginal role.

        But back to the movie, i think it’s even better if it is a hoax, applaud worthy even.

        That guy ripped off hipsters even before the movie: “Records show Guetta launched a series of businesses with names such as Vintage Supermarket and Rugsaver: The Vintage Shop, his store on La Brea. Guetta said he imported cheap used clothes from France and repackaged them as designer vintage, occasionally selling them as templates to high-end designers like Ralph Lauren. Buy for $2, sell it for $200,” he recalled. “We turn trash to gold, and I start making a lot of money.”

        Just like in the art world, a perfect fit!

      • “Experts of Geneva Fine Art Expert Institute (FAEI) estimate that half of the works in circulation are fakes – a number hard to confirm but probably it is an underestimate, says Yann Walther, head of the Institute. Indeed, among 70 and 90 percent of the artworks analyzed by FAEI is a fake.”

        It’s almost as big a scam as the diamond market.

        A lesson from that is to never steal diamonds, you get very little for them on the 2nd hand market, diamond heists are again pure Hollywood, no real master thief goes after them, except for the exercise maybe.

  4. …and Lo, hath Firepower predicted-eth!

    When the BIGov MoneyPOT gets so big even the ruling monkeys fight over it, you will see colored going after feminist after Migger after Handi-Capable-Empowered-African-American-Lesbians and so on.

    Crazy Combos of Entitled-MINOAmericans will start to splinter as all decadent empires do. SP whites, versus WNs versus wns versus Erin the Beotch, etc.

    • Good prediction. In a way, white weakness is a good thing. It has lowered our visibility. They think we are defeated already, and they are largely right.

      The American pie is no longer growing, so everyone has to fight harder for what they’ve got.

      • Moving to a next step seems necessary earlier than I imagined.

        I think it is premature, given the level of help we have – the level of Men, Honor and Duty. They’re gone.
        ManhattaNiggerSpiKiking and Erin’s World – where Mighty Viking Power RangerLORDS summon Odin’s Bolts – is the odd refuse of a fallen society. Fallen as in gone. Not waking up. Dead.

        They are just the common combo of human nature: venting out of frustration and dream-wishies out of frustrated desires.

        The Next Step is to show people This New Way, but I suspect even disciples won’t, nor will there be anyone to hear.

      • Do you have some ideas then? I wish to see them on this New Way.

        [ed note: lol. the entire Eradica Library is the New Way]

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