The World’s Biggest Terrorist Group: America

by Ryu

Which country is at war with the most other countries?

Which country killed the most civilians over the last 20 years?

Which country has the most torture camps?

It’s the USA.

The “War on Terror” cannot be won until the biggest terrorist of them all is destroyed. The USA is now the biggest sponsor and promoter on terrorism on planet Earth.

The center of world terrorism is not in Kabul, Tehran or Damascus. It is Manhattan and Washington DC.

America has a sort of absolute hubris. They feel they can…..…… slaughter millions abroad, and declare war on any country or group they want, with no consequences.

Then, when the other country declares back, America is outraged. How could this happen? We’re so nice! Our drones drop lollipops and candy. Our soldiers shoot rainbows.

Unfortunately, the US won’t die alone.

They know a collapse is inevitable. They’ve done, and continue to do, every trick to put it off. They also know the longer until it happens, the more different things will be afterward.

The rest of the West, our “allies”/servants, like England, Germany, Australia will also fall when the US falls. It is necessary. Like the foolish American people, they trusted someone else with their security. It don’t work, nor will it ever.

6 Comments to “The World’s Biggest Terrorist Group: America”

  1. The government’s will fall. The people will rebuild. The zombies will die. I hope.

  2. The Hussein Soetoro regime didn’t take long to get with the program after being handed the the baton by Dubya.
    Had to be some interesting secret briefings there.
    Hillary will take care of any unfinished business in her first month in the Oval.

  3. We must ask, why has the usa been the main international terrorist for 70 years?

    • I blame the American ruling class. There was a coup in Murka around WW2, and the USA became the Great Whore. The US became a tool for the enemies of the white race.

    • IF… There is NO DESIRE for white Supremacy amongst the high IQ “white” male mass…

      THEN… You get MRKA circa 2016… A mass of de facto homos… Bona fide self-annihilators… Hyping, exaggerating and overestimating the prowess of the “enemy” for that very purpose of diving deeper into a nihilistic ending… Final Liberation… An uploaded consciousness in orgasmic symbiosis with a virtual sexbot subject to an industry secret al-gore-rhythm.

      [ed note: supremacy IS defined by the wite LN Ruling Class as material splendor – and they really do have enough to spare to buy Bread & Circus for the Dim Diverse Mob. you better accept the facts]

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