Little Tricks of the American Police State

by Ryu

There’s alot of them. If you keep your eyes open, you’ll spot more.

In the past, many raids went to the wrong house. Criminals would tear down street signs and post fake numbers on their home. These tricks would work.

The system tries to get around this. They now paint addresses on the curb, near one’s driveway on the street. Look around and you’ll probably see this near you.

New homebuilders and apartment managers now put large, conspicuous numbers on the front. This way, mistake is less likely.

America does have a truly invisible and untrackable class of citizens. They have no fixed address. It makes them impossible to raid – a major advantage.

24 Comments to “Little Tricks of the American Police State”


    The Jewish Establishment won’t let Trump and Sanders get power, I honestly see a Civil War by the end of this year.

    • 2 indravaruna

      I honestly see a Civil War by the end of this year.

      you are dreaming. PeterPanzering: a civil war requires two opposing sides.
      Kindly point me to a sufficient number of whites ready to burn – the way Baltimore coloreds did – and kill coloreds in mass numbers.

      Wites won’t even dare tell their slob neighbor to stfu his barking dog at 3am.

      • There are plenty of videos online where some blacks pummel a helpless whitey…
        while other, good whites, just stare awkward to the side, they don’t even dare to look!

        People are literally stabbed & killed on subways, without any other passenger intervening.

      • wites were tamed, then neutered by first the ConserviTard Regimes (Ike & Nixon) then completely subjugated by the LN regimes.

        Wites are so scared of LN/MMM SWATZIs, King George III would be delighted how easily they obey their masters.

        There are approx 100,000 Whites willing to war against the LN – and that’s more than enough to conquer the entire stinking toilet of fatsos, coloreds and sexting Dillennial gameboys…but each member of The Legion lives 74 miles away from the nearest member…on the internet.

        All over.

        Remember Epic Beard Man & “amberlamps?”
        My, how folks rallied around EBM…until they found out he was a homeless schizo.
        fyi: those fans of his that prematurely ejaculated over his “stand” make up 1/3 of The Legion. Another third blog about SP crap, Niggerspickiking their PeterPanzer lives away…in cock-deflating online venting.

        After they shoot their load, they roll over and go to sleep on their fat bitch.

  2. Reminded me of this trick from Australia:

    “The National Measurement Institute, an agency tasked with monitoring lamb chop portions, is one of 61 agencies seeking to be classed as a ‘criminal law-enforcement agency’ in order to gain warrantless access to phone and web data. If you are in the business of selling lamb chops, make sure you are weighing them properly.”

    Hungry SWAT teams are standing by!

    Poof, and the hassle with warrants is gone, just like that.

    What they do in the US is to simply reclassify everything as trrorsm
    now the patriot act is mostly used for catching tax evaders, or animal rights activists…

    Filming some chicken farm is an act of trrro! Look up “Ag-gag”:

    “Ag-gag is a term used to describe a class of anti-whistleblower laws that apply within the agriculture industry. Coined by Mark Bittman in an April 2011 New York Times column, the term “ag-gag” typically refers to state laws that forbid the act of undercover filming or photography of activity on farms without the consent of their owner.”

  3. The “If you give me six sentences written by the most innocent of men, I will find something in them with which to hang them.” quote by Cardinal Richelieu comes to mind, this is even more true if you have someones complete browser history.

    Anyone who has ever been a network administrator can attest to that…

    Technically you could jail people just for simple copyright stuff, nothing nasty, if you really threw the book at them.

    • The number of laws in the USA today makes everyone a criminal. A baby freshly born is a criminal.

      That’s the intention. The gov can’t chase down innocent people. There are none left in the US.

      • The SuperSecret POLICE MUST use scare tactics against WN – like sowing “informer” dissent. Same with building suspicion where everybody is labeled a “jew sympathizer” etc.

        It only works bc most wns are not WNs – they are ignorant.

        UncleBEAST KNOWS it MUST nip it in the bud bc if it goes just a little bit further, armed revolution comes and the $$$$jew gravytrain for Manhattan and District ONE’s Ivy Elite is finished.

      • I’ve seen some interesting things, FP. Small details scattered over many books.

        They say the golden age of undercover work is over. It peaked in the 70s and 80s. There are so many rules and liability issues that its no longer popular with local PDs. Federally, I think it still occurs and I know state cops like the pedophilia-fake girl scams.

        Local cops used to do some incredible things. They might have paid a CI in drugs. You keep some from a bust and use it for that purpose, faking the numbers. Or stop it from being incinerated.

      • the golden age of undercover work is over.

        SWATZIS today only persecute PC targets. Perhaps they relented on Miggers because the drug trade is now theirs.

        They may still target WN, but they’ve lost a lot of experienced help.

        This would give hardcore WN a shot at at the fallen Police State of infiltrators and show even little wn that Infiltratoritis is over exaggerated.

        Your research on the decline of CI would be an interesting post.

      • You wanna hear about a really hard task? Find a textbook on undercover work.

        The new ones are shit. One has to go all the way back to the 1970s.

        Modern police have a problem. All they are getting is college-educated kids, who’ve never been in a fight or in the ghetto. They over-rely on technology and electronics. They’ve lost the human skills cops used to have.

      • Yes, but the world trade tower bombings proved once again, our LNs/Jewlords are still untouchable and even more powerful. Reason: Their power dissipates only when they are directly eradicated.

      • And it appears WN or any white demographic in Murka will not initiate any armed revolution for a long time. The current occupying Portlanders with their wildlife guns has proved just that.

      • I don’t think they want to yet. But the minute they take it seriously, they’ll change forever.

      • Ryu: None of those guys even put up a good fight. One was already shot dead when the authorities encroached them, and the others were arrested without any hard resistance. Their defense attorneys said they were well-behaved guys? Revs do not need any attorneys. They fight and fuck their enemies. Another failure and another passive submission to Uncle Beast.

      • Someone who spends $1000 on a gun is not going to use it, JS. Few can afford that.

        Cops and soldiers can keep their weapons. For the rest of us, it has to be destroyed. Not sold, not buried, destroyed. I know the SP movement well.

        The REAL survivalists of America live on the streets. Not wearing uniforms or doing protests.

      • The reality is that for any individual white to violently strike at UncleBeast = Zero benefit AND potential death by prison nigger rape. And along this same line is the idea of a true survivalist who must then decide lest he be recognized as total fool or complete madman? By definition, to be truly surviving is to be facing death. And to be facing death perpetually as though one IS a true survivalist is to choose to be on the brink of annihilation… Always! Doesn’t this read awfully familiar? Doesn’t this read like the enemies of white Supremacy? ALWAYS MAINTAINING the frame that “white supremacy” KEEPS them in survival mode… On the brink of annihilation… GENOCIDE!!!

        “Must use any means necessary!”

        At SOME POINT the true survivalist EITHER GETS HIS ACT TOGETHER or he is a mere self-annihilator… One on the brink of annihilation BECAUSE HE DEMANDS annihilation in the very means of his “survival.”

      • It’s not fitting for a WS to live in fear. We are all at the threshold of death all the time. No one is safe.

        Some WNs choose action as a means of overcoming fear. I doubt they intended or believed that the masses would awaken.

      • Most people in Murka see life as too valuable for revolutionary purposes. Even old rotting farts want to collect their social security checks and retire, with their days numbered, instead of worrying about their descendants” future, where they have to take it out on the streets.

      • Ryu…

        Exactly… It is unbecoming for a white Supremacist to scream “genocide” when that which afflicts all race of men is self-annihilation… It is uncouth to set one’s psyche to the belief that one is always on the brink of annihilation… And not just uncouth, but MADDENING to a true believer. And it takes a high IQ to become a true believer. Low IQ self-annihilators are just uncouth… Exhibitionistly-proud of their degenerate ways… Only a high IQ can rhetorically justify total degeneracy and to be successful is, by definition, to go completely mad.

      • In my experience TD, it is better to place the enemy outside rather than inside. People need someone to blame, preferably not themselves. I’m often that way also.

        That’s why I promote genocide versus self annihilation.

  4. Voltaire said there is no honesty, only fear of the police.

    bc America was free – the freest nation ever – it became necessary for BIGov to turn it into Murka, a land where government illegalized enough to create fear in once fearless citizens. Everyone is subject to illegal search and seizure by SWATZIs – even little old white grannies searched by colored TSA dykes are fingerfucked.

    The brave folks on our side who exposed Planned Parenthood and provided video proof are getting hauled to court by the Liberal nazi MMM and citizens dgaf. I dgaf bc it seems most wombburger is colored. The less of the black, the better – by any means necessary. The issue is PP lies about their making billions off of Peyton Manning Babyneck Fetus Injections.

    The majority of international tyrannies all followed the same path and are very similar because of their disarmed, helpless citizens.

    It’s simply because we have the 2ammendment, no more.

  5. If there’s anything the Right Honorable Reverend Mr Doctor Sir St Martin Luther King Junior The Second II has taught us it’s that only the content of our character matters, not the content of our hard drives or social media friends lists.

  6. I read and heard alot of stories about hillbilly wiggers doing that to avoid utility shut offs ,sold foreclosed houses,evictions ect. and one lady returned home to find the city demolished her house and the city never compensates for it

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