Skid Row 2015

by Ryu

Police State Murka and Third World Murka. It’s here…now…today.

What? You didn’t think there was such a thing anymore?

America has exceptional poverty. It’s just that the TV channels and newspapers don’t cover it. Kind of embarrassing that real poverty exists in the “land of the free.”

Your nearest big city has one too. It is easy to recognize if…..…… you know what to look for:

– gates on the windows
– check cashing businesses
– “we accept EBT” signs
– bus stops with actual people waiting
– people riding bikes…cheap ones, not 10K hipster style ones with spandex.

Nothing is solved. We’ve got drunks, crack addicts, heroin addicts, pushers, whores, young tuffs, robbers all on the streets. It has been pushed out of view, which for Americans, means it does not exist.

This is how it is in the third world also. Poverty scares the capitalists and tourists. It’s not good for business. The deal is, the poor stay out of the rich areas and the rich stay out of the poor areas. The cops enforce the first and the robbers enforce the second.

47 Comments to “Skid Row 2015”

  1. There is also hipster poverty, a manifestation of that are ride sharing services ala uber
    it’s better for earth, suuure, I’m totally not sharing a ride because i can’t afford a car…

    People truly don’t see sharing rides as a depression era phenomena.

    Or take the fascination with micro apartments or houses, sorry but again no
    living in a converted shipping container is almost like living in a dumpster.

    You have dumpster diving vegetarians who don’t consider them self poor.
    Scooore, only a half rotten box of discarded fruit, take that capitalism!

    • Ha, good stuff Ryu and Guest. You need a handle Guest so you can get credit for you good comments. Wouldn’t want to mix you up with another guest.

      • He can stay anonymous, if he likes. It’s a good practice. We’ll be able to tell who it is.

        There is a field called “forensic linguistics.” How a person uses words and grammar can ID him. Kaz was caught by the simple phrase “cool-headed logician.” I have seen other caught by how they use contractions.

    • Good stuff. Sometimes, poverty can serve a purpose.

      In Murka, one has either time and no money, or money and no time. The rich and middle classes have no “space” in their lives for revolution.

      The poor do. If one minimizes his life, he can generate the time to study and train. Man needs very little of modern comforts to be happy. One merely has to avoid the vices of the poor: fast food, laziness, television, and porn.

      • Another is self imposed poverty, example: eating with plastic forks and drinking from plastic cups.
        It’s not only low class, hot food dissolves estrogen mimicking chemicals from the plastic as well! win win

        [ed note: awaken: do robbing, raping, white-killing BLM coloreds LOOK like they’re suddenly watching DWTS in droves?]

        Fun fact, a social worker once commented somewhere how she didn’t see one book in the 20 years she worked the ghetto, cutlery was of course also a rare sight, it’s all finger food, fast food all day every day.

        People don’t realize how gone places like Baltimore City already are, where half the population is functionally illiterate, speaks in barely recognizable ebonics, and doesn’t know how to hold a knife, you can’t stab a steak Jamal!

        When James LaFond (you gotta have the big F!) wanders into the wilderness, he stands out more than Christopher Columbus did among the god damned Tainos in the Bahamas…

      • I love Baltimore! That is a city where WN could really work. Baltimore is my fav mino infested city.

      • >do BLM coloreds LOOK like they’re suddenly watching DWTS in droves?

        Hormonal imbalance is more of a white problem, blacks on the other hand, have already higher testosterone levels, even their females, why do you think Michelle O looks like a dude? So chemicals leeching from packaging, or soy with it’s hormone disrupting, manboobz causing, properties, don’t have the same effect on the black population.

        But on the other hand they are disproportionately harmed by fluoridated water, because of the different physiology and all that, Asian can’t break down alcohol, some people are lactose intolerant…

        There wasn’t always a market for The Bro!

  2. And how the hell do they eat candy bars, without forks? Class it up people!

  3. TV channels and newspapers don’t cover poverty because first, they want it swept under the rug and hidden; class disparity fosters Revolutionary tension.

    Secondly, the Murkan Peepul don’t want to see it; they want high times – Kardashians. Murkans love money and love temptation by its graven image entertainments.

    There are many sights of decay. Worse hoods have no bikes and only coloreds on foot. Eventually every bike is stolen from the rider and sold for crack. There are niggerciddys where each remaining bike had 300 owners.

    Coloreds on foot are atavistic throwbacks to their time on the African plains with a spear. Coloreds revert to savagery in most aspects.
    On streets, the prime pedestrian view gives them time to case future burglaries, i.e. which houses have no bars and look easy. Where the good cars be at. Where the young pussy lives.

    • Here is the 3rd world enchanted isle all caught on camera for you. 2 niggas robbed 3 witey at a T-Moahbull store in a well to do neighborhood. The same fucking neighborhood which I comment here over and over again.

      Easier said than done — but witey deserve eradication, if these 2 bumbling coloreds can rob them in broad daylight like a walk in the park.

      Who cares? GenBrandons in Manhattan only care about money and play.

      • And the recent news of this incident — the wite residents in the neighborhood could care less. As long as it doesn’t affect them personally. They’re busy thinking of their jobs, paying their $3,500/month apt, and the next bar hop.

        [ed note: bc your wite neighbors are insulated by wealth, they ignore colored crime]

      • Yes, but a few of the residents of this neighborhood have been assaulted by coloreds these past few years. More importantly, LEOs are nearby, watching downtime porn and munching donuts to pay any attention. The precinct is only a stones throw away.

    • These are virtues for them, and virtues for us.

      The white man is too civilized and ordered today. He’s an easy mark. I have learned much of my WN from Manson, leftists, and minos. I find WN from the left is much stronger and revolutionary than traditional WN.

      If only white men knew how to case a building, plan crimes and get the young pussy.

      • Many whites have lost all honor, discipline and courage, when required, unless it was a Jordie/LEO position with nice perks. Other than that, they’re too busy thinking of the next ticket to feast & fuck.

        I was almost in a situation like the guys above. The managers at the top didn’t care at all. It was only their paycheck and the bottomline that concerned them, not the safety of their employees.

      • Are honor, discipline and courage good things to have? Do they help us or hurt us?

        The most “honorable” whites today are the biggest traitors – cops and soldiers. Honor be hanged.

        There is no legal revolution. Minos are much closer to this truth than us. Mino criminality is their greatest virtue. It is beautiful to behold. I like how whites expect “justice” to magically appear from the heavens.

        They haven’t lost enough yet!

      • Jordy LEO don’t die for a cause, only for immediate money. There is nothing to steal from our coloreds. They’re only a serious problem.

        Islamic Jihad promises warriors the heavens, not immediate perks. The Spanish Reconquest was launched into full assault, when religion was the main catalyst, not gold or pussy.

      • Traditional WN is too attached to traditionalism and conservatism. Traditionalism is not inherently anti-population, but it’s often used that way. Conservatism- of the more gentle type of Edmund Burke or the openly hostile and contemptuous kind of Thomas Carlyle- usually is. The other major influence on traditional WN is German National Socialism, which is inappropriate for a variety of reasons.

        Marxist socialism has made whites allergic to the idea of pooled resources and mutual assistance, although these are the essence of life. “Success” as defined by capitalism and materialism, and social status as defined by obedience to and enforcement for the system, are very recent things and passing away quickly. People will learn the old form of community one way or another.

      • White and witey have lost it completely. Murka deserves to rot!

        When you have high income inequality and stark racial differences in many of our major metropolises, and they are kept that way, because LNs enforce the idea of diversity and universalism, it’s playing with fire. Manhattan is a great example of this, where wite makes $1 million year in his penthouse, is across the street from a homeless shelter housed with dangerous colored vagrants. Or better yet, the countless well to do GenBrandons shopping at WholeFoods, where the entire store is staffed by disenfranchised coloreds, who resent the fact that they are serving these wealthy witeys and could never live their opulent lifestyle.

      • White and witey have lost it completely.

        Whites did not lose it, they gave it. Gave it away, even, to the worst humans in history: the black.

        Rich manhattanintes are totally safe and they know it. A few might suffer, but the vast majority is protected by LN/SWATZIs who will choke a nigga on Staten Is. even if it’s over single cigarettes.

        The LN Police State exists for one reason: To protect docile ca$h-generating wite cows from colored coyotes willing to kill. This is what cowboys and vaqueros did to keep cattle safe from rustlers & wild animals.

        Because LN SWATZIs exist for one purpose and are paid well, they are very successful at this One Thing.

      • FP: The question begs to be asked: So why should anyone eradicate coloreds in a liberal center? I would be doing a great service for witey cow, who would outsource the problem to SWATZIs and the trailer parks.

        A missing point:

        You do have to understand that the NYPD is increasingly staffed by tribal coloreds, and also the entire backbone civilization is increasingly employed by colored serfs, especially in Manhattan. All the money in the world cannot stave off a life threatening situation when it really counts.

        My idea of witey losing it is that they are a dying cause now. Whatever they do is to their demise.

      • Gave it away, even, to the worst humans in history: the black.

        The entire LN paradigm is about making the primitives happy.

      • FFOL and LN political ideology is impossible fantasy, so they only appeal and ally with illiterates – MINOs with IQs of children.

        Thus they are manipulable to attack witey until he is eradicated.
        MINOs are the ultimate Untermensch for LNs.

      • I’m waiting for the day that the LN machine stops running, and wite is unable to grease it.

        Colored vermin will die off when subsistence is nowhere to be found.

        One of the enchanted isle’s gentrification cleanup program was the jewlord forcing supermarkets to close, essentially cutting off the food supply for coloreds, where he then brings on the Genwitey and his pricey WholeFoods. As you know, the jewlord is a 2 faced devil, because he is the consummate opportuni$$$t. WNs can learn a lot from him!!!

      • If it ever stops running, there is anarchy.

        Colored vermin will do what they’ve done – but en masse: They will attack you in large gangs. Wites will do what they’ve done – stay inside and wring their hands. Most will whimper about their non-active-activism while they watch you die next door.

        your jewlords will be safely ensconced in their penthouse fortresses celebrating the Ultimate Fall of Whites.

        That is what will happen. All you were taught was Mad Max apocalyptic fantasy…made by the very wites and jews who wanted wites to sleeeeeeep.
        If the coloreds made apocalypse movies you’d surely see a different supposition.

      • WLNs and Jewlords will sow what they reap. Primitives have already degraded and defaced Murka. The guy who shits on your stoop will be coming inside to do the same, when no one is looking. It’s only a matter of time!

      • Most whites will be totally unprepared. Then, many who today imagine themselves as “prepared” will be wrong and die.

        Most whites will die – a majority. Many of those will get eradicated – by other Whites. Less than half of all coloreds die.

        Then, much of the killing will happen between colored urban raiders and suburban Whites fighting over Pajama Boy’s hot sister and their fridge of bacon.

        No White Hunter-Killer/Raider worth his salt ventures into colored urban areas to kill for a can of Spahetti-0s when he has plenty of LN-loving PC whitebread Obama-Voting yuppie suburbanites next door and across the street.

      • Coloreds will kill LN witeys, when time is up. Such hatred is outsourced to trailerpark trash for now.
        [ed note: LNs protect themselves with bufferzones of “lesser” whites. LNs live far, far away from coloreds]

        LNs also import Miggas as an additional buffer zone to outsource the problem. obsolete niggas hate hispanics, gookers and muzzies, and just about any other replacement group, while elites sit at their castles watching the bloody spectacle.

      • Eradicating coloreds in NYC is a question I asked you — it begs to be answered — that’s correct, it’s a great disservice, and not worth it. We have LEOs for that. However, now LN and his yuppy followers have another problem at their watch. Their mercenaries are beginning to look like the colored problem in the first place. Medieval Romano sissies were killed by their Germanic henchmen, because savages are slighted by the slightest offense.

      • Manhattan will humanely bus its 8,000 coloreds off the island to Brooklyn.

        better Vote Trump. The fact the GOPElite hates him is enough reason:

        All this because they want another Billion in their Goldman-Sachs account. It was all true. OWS, MSNBC and even the NYT were correct when they shrieked how GOPPERS only cared about money and didn’t care if poor people died like pigs. Even wites.

      • Manhattan’s mercenaries are increasingly colored, its backbone is increasingly under the directive of coloreds. They will not be unseated easily, once they are placed. If Obongo and Rice represents the colored takeover on a grand scale, Manhattan is the smaller one.

        Epic fail, if you ask me!!!

      • It’s good news, JS. Mino cops can’t police a first world nation, on the average. But I’d bet that on the streets, its still mostly whites. Minos and women tend to like the office jobs.

      • The NYPD force will become a MINO majority in the next 10 years, our firefighters are increasingly MINO, our busboys are all MINO, our waste management is becoming all MINO….the dillenials who shop at WholeFoods — their servers are all coloreds. wite is so clueless and perhaps lazy not to realize their demise. wealth only buys more time, not immortality.

      • The NYPD force will become a MINO majority in the next 10 years

        I agree partly because as MINOs become MGMT, they hire more of their tribal colors. But, HEROCops and NYPD/A-OK-FU! is the most lucrative paycheck for low class white whops n’ pollocks: Even stupid, corrupted wites will fight for cushy government jobs.

        More likely is NYC becomes a typical microcosm of BIGFed-District ONE: A colored, ruling “Harvard Class” (combined with feminazis) commanding legions of servile, EXMIL white triggermen hungry for badges n’ bux.

        Today’s FBI has long been ruled by coloreds & feminists: Eric Holder, Janet Reno and Loretta Lyncher. All their deputy assistant managers and assistant to the deputy assistants are coloreds – MINOs, feminists and Miggers and every assorted combo imaginable.

      • wealthy White will begin to see their own demise, once white is gone. money only buys time, not invincibility.

  4. Exceptional poverty? Most of the “homeless” I see are fat as are the “poor.” And the nigs? Sheet, dey dun getz it allz, dawg! I just wish they’d get more ammo so they could be a bit more effective in killing each other.

    • Yeah, but they run this shit now. You’re their slave, and I am too.

      Its best to imitate success, rather than failure. Whites failed, minos won.

      • Skinheads are on track but FP doesn’t like their tattoos so they are ignored. Many skins are quite violent. You don’t always hear about it in the press. Do you ever get out of the house FP? Explore anything that’s not on the internet? No offense but there’s a whole world out there.

      • just bc you see an “Aryan Wulf LORDS” irl gig and get a good feelin’ does not mean white national aryanism is on the verge of taking over Murka.

        ur skin pals have run StormCUNT for decades with many thousands of readers yet all they have to show for it – all – is another fbi wiretap

        ps wtf is up w/ teh tat stuff lol? they are the best indicator of idiocy. 9 out of 10 that have them are morons – every time. plus, the more tats usually meansthe more stupid

        I’m starting to think writing for wns – and you, definitively – is like herding gnats.

      • I don’t need herding Hon. Prove yourself and perhaps the real men will find you. As far as I can tell you are guilty of tweetz and other faggot shot you accuse everyone else of. Prove you are worthy of herding me.

        Most skins don’t read stormfront. Stormfront is for writers not fighters. People like you. Those are YOUR people Hon

      • You are the stupidest cunt in the world.

        “real men”? ya mean the kinds i see in the news every day eradicating MINOs by the score? Moving into colored hoods and clearing them out? Maybe they won’t take my calls bc they use AKs and all I have are M4s.

        You are the kind of white that idolized John Wayne’s “patriotism” and St. Reagan’s “renewing” of America – but they were the epitome of the Man you despise. Both stayed home in WW2, ate caviar and fucked starlets.

        No doubt, you only would follow Georgi Washington in 1776 and despise Jefferson because he “only wrote” the Declaration of Independence. John Adams and James Madison would not be worthy to lead you while you suckled nonstop from Uncle Georgie’s cock.

        What losers. They “shoulda*” dragged their old asses into the woods with a musket where they would better serve their country.

      • “Prove yourself…” — Erin

        This is key for a number of reasons the first of which is that lack of real concrete ideation on the part of mass “white” female AS IT pertains to genuine white Supremacy. With this in mind, the above then serves at a memetic device equivalent to the “man up” meme TOUTED* so heavily by the “manosphere” AND USED AT A mechanism to deflect from striving towards white Supremacy. And it is in the striving towards white Supremacy that “man up” and “prove yourself” look like petty little jibes BY THOSE VERY FEARFUL of the white man seeking Perfection throughout.

        If one of those skinheads put a fist right down the center of your face and FP and thordaddy just stood and observed, wouldn’t “we” have just “proved ourselves” by “manning up?” Or not? “We” would have to put a skinhead down? Which one, Erin?

        * I’ve never had any chick say “man up,” but “prove yourself” I’ve heard many times.

      • * I’ve never had any chick say “man up,” but “prove yourself” I’ve heard many times.

        Erin could only vote for Bushi One – because he flew in ww2, or Kennedy with his PT 109. We see mighty combat vetz make the best leaders.

        On the interwebz, anybody is anyone; for all Ms. Stupid knows I’m a DSC winner kicked out of the USMC bc I whipped a nigger Major.

        I know! We need SEAL Team Six for the Cabinet – for The Man Who Killed Usama to lead us. Some meatbags on Benghazi rooftops. We’re saved…

      • It’s not the ROLE of the white female nationalist to bring her dyke face to the war… That very face that needs to be shamefully isolated, hidden and closeted in white Supremacist circles.

      • You are such nuts! LOL!

    • 2 Mobutu

      Exceptional poverty?

      Poverty is relative. In Murka, it means a dilapidated shack and no car.

      Not poor = savings enough to move 20 miles from the nearest Negro as many times whenever necessary, $300 a week at WholeFOODS and a gym membership.

      Obesity has nothing to do with it. It is the rich who are svelte.

  5. witey becomes a stabbing victim to his colored roommate at homeless shelter in NYC.

    And LNs are now trying to force all witey vagrants into them.

    [ed note: EVERY white loser and bum rejected by a colored to produce Mulattoes is dead wood to the LN/MMM and is targeted for eradication]

  6. I’ll kill myself before I end up like that and that’s not all.

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