Masturbatin’ Miggers

by Firepower

Germany – das Holy Land to niggerspickiking PeterPanzers in traileparks everywhere – LETS filthy MuzzMiggers defile its Vaterland. Big tough aryan Krauts. Fuck ’em. THAT is the destiny of loudmouthed, ϟϟ lightning bolt-tatted niggerspickiking PeterPanzers in trailerparks everywhere.

If an entire nation of blue-eyed blonds speaking one language can’t do it, how do a bunch of unemployed Bud-drinkin’ roofers that fight over fat bitches do it? They don’t.

Go mewl some more about the Confederate Flag to Sir Loretta Lynch, bitch.

In Murka, whites let Miggers rape and slaughter whites and they still don’t do shit. That is the sign of End Times; the Fall of The Empire.

To me, it’s the sign it has fallen – long ago.

Here’s my favorite Firepower anger-exploding statement made to…..….. PC Pimps & Lying LNs at bars, clubs etc. when they say “we can never el deporto all dos meelyeenz las Mexxxes!!”

Put a $500 bounty on Migger heads, then all are gone in seven months.

But, ain’t gonna hoppen in a wyte murka where:

  • hicks argue over whether to enlist in the USMC to invade Iran
  • or enlist in our hillbilly Army to storm Iraq 3.0;
  • or whether Paul Lyin’ Ryan is cooler than John Boner;
  • or a nation that can’t build a rocket or fix a freeway because it throws its treasure at colored welfare sows with 13 keeez,
  • or the latest MiggerWAVE to spill over the Rio Grande needing FREE air-conditioned GUMMIN bus rides to Dallas.

7 Comments to “Masturbatin’ Miggers”

  1. I see trends in young WNs I like, FP. LN propaganda has less effect on them. WW2 was ancient history.

    One does have to make allowances though. Many listen to negro rap. Some like mixlet women.

    I have found a most interesting lead, FP.

    • There is no need to propagandize millennials. They are born into a LN World accepting the PC Estab’s dogma.

      It’s the other way around: They must be propagandized to WN – not to accept whether Martin Luther King Jr.s shit smelled like roses.

      Whoever among them cares not for politics dgaf; they have PlayStation.

  2. Germoney should have 1 million niggas (including mulattoo types) by now. It was near the 1 million mark in 2008. Their women may not like the advances of Muzzie filth, but certainly miscegenation with afro-savage has been a surging trend.

    • You’re jokin right? – they got 1.1m last year – and that’s what they’re tellin the meeja. They’re just waking up to the fact that they shat in the pool big time (and blaming everyone else). Pretty soon they’ll be taking their vacays in Africa – to take a break from the niggers.
      2016 is going to be a fun year.

      [ed note: i’ve long told you, it is not only the usa collapse, but the entire nations of western civilizations]

      • @Ed – Yes but I have come to the conclusion, that the melt down will be different in each case. Whilst the main driving force in both cases will be cultural Marxism.The fuckers started shifting their propaganda program in Europe as of yesterday. The reality is that’s all they are changing.
        There will be different attempts at propping up collapsing bubbles – some will be more successful, some less. The wild card in Europe is (at the moment) Merkel’s madness.
        In the US, I was expecting some sort of nigger trigger. Trump is the emerging wild card here.
        The antipodeans will be the least scathed.
        The collapse of financial systems will also at some stage kick in.

      • Germanes previously elected a Gooker to lead them out of a paperbag, as if that is relevant, like afro-apes fucking their bunny women in droves, and calling it success!

      • There are hopeful changes in Germany.

        In this vid, a 16 yo German girl wants white men to protect her. She is naturally still a feminist, and she does not like violence or racism. That is her error – she will learn that women either submit to white men, or miggers.

        Human selfishness larger than human sympathy. I have faith in this.

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