A New, Scary Type of Evidence

by Ryu

Hail The Staat! Or else…

No – not DNA.

“Digital” evidence. It comes from the home computer, credit cards, cell phones, iphones, licence plate readers.

There is no magic in these techniques. This is the American police state in action.

Sometimes, you’ll read about a robbery where the cops just virtually drive right to the right suspect’s house, with no investigation. That’s license plater readers and traffic cameras being used.

They want to develop facial recognition better. That’s why they…..….. hound you now for new licence pictures and for your not to smile. Then they can get a “hit” each time you pass a camera. This tech was originally from casinos.

It is hard to find good textbooks in this area. The technology is rapidly advancing. Many areas are filled with cameras. I’ve seen them in city parks, near schools and government buildings. Private businesses are now allowing the police to “wire in” to their cameras.

All cameras, no matter the size, need two things: a power cord and a video out cord. Look for these and you will find them.

WN had a real shot until the early 1980s. Today, the American police has raised the threshold for getting away with it. To go clear, without getting lucky, is “nearly” beyond human ability.

This is why serial killers have vanished. There’s less direct action. But you’re not safer….because the real criminals today work for the government. Just like the third world, the people find themselves between uniformed criminals and non-uniformed ones.

The one saving grace is that the money can’t last forever. There is not enough cash around to wire up the entire US.

33 Comments to “A New, Scary Type of Evidence”

  1. Cameras can be blinded with infrared leds, people put them on hats to disappear.

    I know someone who actually wired a strip of those ir leds around his license plates.
    You can even get plastic to cover it up which is transparent to ir, but solid to the eyes.
    (like that small black/redish piece of plastic in front of your remote control for example)

    But the magic part is again with people, who think digital forensics is like DNA times two cyber!
    Although final nail in the coffin will not be total information awareness, but the ban of cash.
    Imagine the future, when the gov can block you from even purchasing a stinking burger.

    We are no longer citizens, we are perfect marks.

    • Look to Hollywood for ways to disguise your face.

    • There will always be black markets and systems for barter. Don’t let Christian scare tactics get to you. That LED thing sounds interesting.

      • “Christian scare tactics???”

        If it weren’t for the scarce amount of actual Christians still extant, how would one even know anything was wrong in the first place?

        What is your actual FIRST PRINCIPLE, Erin? What gets you out of bed to LIVE? Seriously, your anti-Christianity?

      • This is the problem Erin… And not just with you, but with all the anti-white Christians (anti-white Supremacists) at Eradica.

        YOU SPEND a great deal of your time DUCKING and DODGING the consequences of DENYING that The Perfect Man exists as empirical fact. And the reason for this IS THAT IT CAN BE NO OTHER WAY!!!

        When one MENTALLY DENIES Perfection as empirical fact, HE IS DESTINED to duck and dodge through life in relentless struggle with self-annihilation.

        A mass of “whites” with no identity IS AS GOOD AS DEAD… They need not be TOTALLY ANNIHILATED.

        And CLEARLY, a mass of “whites” CANNOT COALESCE around mere “whiteness.” This FACT OF REALITY is why “we” are here NOW!

        So those whites whose FIRST PRINCIPLE is Perfection… Whose operating paradigm is perfect will… Just represent.

        And because “we” are not blank slaters or HBDers, “we” attest to ethos as a racial fact. “We” attest to this FIRST PRINCIPLE as that of our fathers’.

        Quit lying to yourself about Christianity “mandating” your racial self-annihilation. This is the radical liberationist LIE that YOU CONSCIOUSLY swallow FOR THE PURPOSE of denying the greatest white spiritual warriors the top spot in the hierarchy of power. And when it’s all said and done, you deny the white Supremacist BECAUSE you desire “equality” as “first principle.” It’s why you are here… To seek “equality.” It’s why you deny The Perfect Man as empirical fact. A dyke “nature” within that you will not destroy.

  2. Look to Hollywood for ways to disguise your face.

  3. Ryu…

    You are authoring the “police state” into the Narrative effectively BRINGING IT TO REALITY to some degree in the minds of those who embrace your words.

    Is this your INTENDED DESIRE?

    The “police state” CAN PROJECT… But its TRUE FORCE is ALWAYS local. Must be local. Cannot be anything but local. In other words, “police states” CANNOT BE all-encompassing.

    What you are doing is EQUAL TO (so that you are, in fact, mimicking) what radical “black” liberationists DO WITH “white supremacy.” Just as you are doing with the “police state,” they do with “white supremacy..” Authoring into the Narrative an all-encompassing paradigm JUSTIFYING “any means necessary.” So high IQ “blacks” author into the Narrative the sovereign “right” of savage nigger.

    BUT IT IS STILL A FABRICATION of reality… A fabrication USED, propagated and maintained for one’s personal benefit.

    The cameras and Internet and social media, etc… Are the mechanics of a “profiling state.” The NECESSARY infrastructure for a society of radical liberationists and radical autonomists. Within this profiling infrastructure is a “roving” and arbitrarily enforced police + nanny “state” to which the profiling mechanisms are put to great use. For most, it’s like fish and water… For a few, it is a battle for the sovereignty of one’s soul.

    • Yes! I do intend on bringing it into existence. And I do act in my own benefit.

      When WN comes to power, that will be our system TD. Whites have lost their right to freedom. They must be dominated and ruled. And only one strong enough to overcome the current police state can enact their own.

      WN does not come for peace or freedom. We are increasing violence and instability. Once, God brought about a great flood to cleanse the Earth. Today, we are that flood.

      You have a role to play, TD. Now, you are paid to watch over the drinkers and partiers. You must learn how to prey upon them, to herd them.

      • I believe, more honestly, I have a paradigm to impose. The machinations of which I keep to myself, but which are nonetheless, extremely intricate. I seek human “assets” who can bring this business infrastructure to life. There is nothing criminal about it. It is a creation of total free will, God-ordained… The makings of a white Supremacist… And no man seeking power (the act of moving mass man) should expect to solidly obtain it until early 50’s. And a re-redistribution is in order… But it must be truly innovative. And yet not disconnected from actual reality.

        Maximizing a white man’s moral autonomy is the first principle… Striving towards Supremacy is the first principle… The only unifying principle.

        If you LIVE “by any means necessary,” well?

        You are NOT LOYAL TO ANYONE OR ANYTHING BY FIRST PRINCIPLE… In old school America, it’s called NIGGER!

      • Everyone acts in his own interest TD. That’s the first rule of people. Even Jesus; he valued the lives of his people over his own.

        God needs enforcers too. You’ve heard of Gabriel, Michael and Raphael. Those who serve Him operate under a different set of laws than the American legal system.

        The greatest white supremacist must have the greatest automony.

      • ot:
        proof of dishonor among our Bessen-Brahtiss:

        As the case unfolded in federal court, prosecutors described in astonishing detail how Francis had bribed Navy officers with prostitutes, cash-stuffed envelopes, lavish hotel stays, spa treatments, and epicurean dinners featuring champagne, Cuban cigars, Kobe beef and Spanish suckling pigs.



        The incredible fact are proof of the insanity

      • Ryu…

        But you are leaving “wiggle” room that you simply redefine with certainty.

        Everyone acts in their own interest… Sure. But not always first AND MOST CERTAINLY “in the interest” of the “other.”

        But this is a wholly different reality IN RELATION to the “manner” in which “everyone” acts in their own interest?

        You have, in effect, banished the REAL COLLECTIVE.

        And I entirely agree… There IS NO “white nationalism” BECAUSE the “movement” comprised ONLY OF INDIVIDUALS OUT FOR THEIR OWN INTERESTS makes “it” a “white” male liberationist “movement” that denies the white Supremacist his leadership role and is effectively a “collective” of “white” anti-white Supremacists.

        When you say, “the greatest white supremacist must have the greatest autonomy,” you are NOT SAYING that, “The Greatest white Supremacist possesses the Greatest of freedom… The desire for objective Supremacy.”

        YOU ARE ONLY SAYING the most powerful “white” males must operate by “any means necessary.”

        There is a schismatic difference.

        The “freedom” to do anything IS NOT EQUAL to the freedom FELT IN THE DESIRE for Perfection.

        “…white supremacy” is not equal to white Supremacy. Words shape reality. This is a given.

      • 1974-present: Never served Uncle Beast.

        “The Resume” by white Supremacist.

  4. The establishment is getting desperate, the National Kikeview attack on Trump is a sign of things to come.

    • Don’t trust the establishment, and Trump isn’t even anything of a former Giuliani type. And now the goomba is pandering to coloreds. Perhaps there is money to be made. Coloreds are quite lucrative to both the LN and Cuckservative elites.

    • Do not fret, little soldier.
      The NR is read by nobody of influence. Even Bushi didn’t read them.
      Only Bill Kristol and Rich Lowry’s mom do.

      • “The GOP is no longer the party of National Review. It is the party of The Weekly Standard.”

        “In the last quarter century, the Republicans have held the White House once and members of The Weekly Standard held key jobs in that administration. No man is more important to the Republican Party today than Bill Kristol, who was a Bush consigliere. He has selected their last two nominees and their running mates.”

        “Long before the 2008 election, he “predicted” McCain would beat Romney and the others and then he “predicted” McCain would take an unknown governor from Alaska as his running mate. The next cycle he “predicted” that Romney would win and select Paul Ryan as his second. Kristol is really good at “predicting” these things.”


      • “The GOP is no longer the party of National Review

        all well and good, as information of that sort is still preferable over knowledge of CoD or Yoda quotes. But, it’s all been done many, many times before. The next step must be written. Only the blind dwell on old news 2008 ConserVaginas. That’s almost a decade ago and to act like “exposing” McSame is a lighting bolt newsflash revelation is backward thinking.

        The Wise knew of McLame long ago. In fact, we saw the same shit a decade before that – in Bushi The Pantload. The ConserVagina who brought you the NSA, TSA and DHS, sent you to Iraq to avenge daddi, then retarred to theh 10,000 sq.ft ranch, partner. Sieg Heil.

        One could go back to CNN’s Crossfire with RepubEstab/elitist Robert Novak and his chummy, $400 dinners with Bill Press.

        The key Firepowerian Maxim I promote is: Learn & internalize a True Concept, then you can apply it to new data and not get tricked.

        It’s the teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime concept.
        For instance, RepubliCrats are not the party of lower taxes and limited government. That should* be obvious.

        BIGov means ever more power for whatever ruling class is in power at the time, until the phony Musical Chairs Game ends.

        Democrat LNs want all whites turned brown to eradicate the threat of their inherent SO76.
        Republicans want a few whites around as poolboys & servants so their daughters don’t fuck the colored help.
        Hot, teen white co-ed callgirls servicing rich goppers is a plus.

        When enough of the peasantry is browned, the once-reverential national history of 1776 & NRA Values is eradicated, replaced by a Congo-Bananna Republic mob of colored animals pacified by whatever Ruling Junta Strongman tosses them a welfare scrap.


        LOOK for an email I or Ryu will send.

    • The first thing they did after the Rotherham rape story in England was also to raid a few twitter users.

      Reminds me of Loretta Lynch, which FP just mentioned in another post, who one day after the San Bernardino shooting said that she “Stands with muslims” and how the Justice Department will take aggressive action against people using anti-muslim rhetoric… Or Hillary Clinton, who mere days after the Paris attacks said “Let’s be clear, muslims are peaceful and tolerant people”. This religion of peace talk is truly Orwellian, one of those “who are you going to believe, me or your lying eyes” things.

      Women get in more trouble for defending themselves than the wannabe rapists, it’s hilarious.

      A girl in Denmark used Pepper spray against her attacker recently, and when she went to the police to report the incident, they fined her 500 kroner ($72).

      Well the official slogan of the EU is “United in diversity” after all, by hook or by crook, so bend over shitizen!

  5. Regarding the scandal embroiling with the Navy and Fatso Lenny…this is a glaring example of the machinations that have turned America into a cesspool Murka, run by oily tyrants, either accepting bribes and payoffs or taking them, in order to achieve a bigger bottom line of moah munny.

    • Erin — And regarding 9-11 and Muzzy terrorism…the irony of this tragedy, is that it has made the elites wealthier, and Manhattan, the eminent isle of opulence.

      • Great examples of immense wealth accumulated post 9-11 by our elites —

        Cheney’s Halitosis-Burton finds a lucrative niche in Iraq, after this event was pretext for war profiteering.

        Mayor Goombalani is hailed as Murka’s foremost mayor – now worth millions and millions from book deals, shows etc…

        Jewberg, the subsequent mayor, turns Manhatty into the consummate playground for the elite.

        Slitherstein, the owner of the fallen World Trade Towers, cashes in with big insurance payouts.

        Fellow Jewlords, becoming even bigger parasites, over-inflate the real estate market so GenBrandon can feast & fuck in NYC at a heavy price tag.

    • That is excellent news!

      The US military and police effectiveness must fall for us to succeed. I’d like it to fall to about where they were in the early 70s.

      I am not unopposed to the third world. I have visited it and enjoyed it more than the first world. Money can buy anything, and bribery is routine. A little corruption makes things go smoother.

      • Murka is about $$$ now. witey is not even part of the equation. walmarty waltons have enough pennies to throw at their colored staff in a perpetual serfdom arrangement.

  6. Ryu: O/T but LEO related.

    I feel sorry for this Canadian Mounty (Canuck’s Wilderness Police, which is an all White force patrolling other Whites), who was paying tribute to 2 of NYPD’s fallen — A SPIC and his Gooker comrade. He does not fully understand the 3rd world, colored insanity coming from miggatown NYC.

    Dumbo fuck wonder bread from Canada, pays tribute to a sludge pie fest.


    [ed note: so whats so good about canuckistan. they’re Murka circa 1994, headed toward the same fate]

    • The cop-bond is strong, JS.

      …so strong, that nigger cops long ago enforced segregation and Jim Crow laws against their own people. Don’t underestimate it.

    • Canuckistan has a few White majority cities (such as Winnipeg, where this vanilla simpleton hails, — a great place to increase the wite population). Smart wites love elite cities that are infested with coloreds, because they appear more exciting and conducive to their babylonian sophisticate.

      [ed note: sigh. please RESEARCH Canada’s census from 1950 to today and report the percentage of MINOs from each decade.]

  7. It will get worse.
    By 2040, the world’s strongest air force will have over 100,000 hunter/killer drones.
    They will be networked but capable of autonomous operation, and can be equipped with nerve agents for distributed lethality.

    • I don’t think the US will be able to maintain that edge. Brazil is not a major military power. Without whites, the US is already third world.

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