Liberal Media As Worship & Church

by Firepower

I Love Firepower THIS Much!

Liberalism, now accuratley defined as religion, thus has its deities – like  Kennedys, Clinton and Obama etc.

When the Ark of The Covenant comes home from the big tour (after showing itself to the mob as magic totem) there is a requirement for a proper, reverential cathedral in which to worship what we went to all that trouble for.  Gods need temples.  Gods need underling-priests to interpret cryptic terminology and define the riddle of ………..the bones.  Common Greeks ostensibly needed to know why Apollo smiled – or frowned.  When Jesus wisely, deepy-deeply said: “Unto Mine Father’s house are many mansions!”  We have a Dalrock there to Helpy McHelpy-tell us what He really meant by “unto” and “My” – and why it should/shouldn’t be or not be capitalized.  What hidden meaning does “Father” imply?  Does that word “house” mean…what I think it means???  Wow…like, toooootal enlightenment.

Now that Dalcrock has firmly convinced The Flock of the Evil-Evilness of Obongo as Anti-Christ to Gawd, Gawd hath shewn Hizz wrath and smoteth Thine Obongo and The Peace of the Lowrd hath returneth to – oh, wait a minute…

This isn’t too complicated – not much is.  The genius is finding patterns – and truth – in things we take for granted; things, we presume.  Somewhere in a forest or some DNA is a cure for cancer just like America waited eons for Columbus to discover a land.  What is magic/deception but just a play on our assumptions.  Remember that old Marine adage about what “assume” means.

Despite FOXNews dominance, most Americans get their news from priests like Brian Williams, and Yehovah forbid: Jon Stewart.   A dumb nation needs dumb priests to speak the vulgar tongue lest Big Words intimidate.  Shakespeare for that crowd, R Crumb for this one – for yours.

It’s apparent the reverent, worshipful panty-moistening Bill Clinton received.  Who’d believe The Sacred Black Cow could surpass such spiritual devotion.  Imagine what deification the next one gets.  Nothing compares to the God Status Obama is elevated to by the media.  They look upon him not as a god, but God; they’d all fuck him.  “They’d let him slip it in” means he is not Traditional God:  Yayweh does not fuck.  Liberal Media is Pagan Media for they relish the idea of Zeus’ happy ending.

Local TV news and the newspapers are the worst, because they can’t afford the quality talent sophisticated enough to perform the complex rituals.  Priests require extensive Mumbo-Jumbo training at Divinity Schools.  Ritual depends on esoteric symbolism, so your local paper just hasn’t got the chops to hide that rabbit up its sleeve.  For that, I punish them.  Nietzsche said:

God is a thought that makes straight paths crooked.

This is why Chris Matthews attacks Republicans… for objecting to Obama wanting to spend more, even with a $17 Trillion deficit.   Up is down. War, is Peace.  Numbers Lie!

Local papers – especially – then even TV News and The Sacred Scriptures (the New York Times) are bankrupt.  Every “supa-kwlEXtreme-onlinearticle!” they publish is torn to shreds by hundreds (if not, thousands) of anti-liberal posters.  Audiences are vanishing, taking their advertising with them.  Yet, they keep on doing what they do.  Wisdom insists that when you’re in a hole – quit digging.  But, no-o-o.  So…when you’re enemy is burying himself, give him more soil.

When Online Extreme® Bloggin! became fashionable, papers went along to gain audience.  They’ve gone along with every trend that guaranteed money to pay their bills.  Even Sulzbergers have to eat …I mean, “dine.”  Except when it comes to ideology.  Media had the brains to go from print, to radio… but just can’t seem to figure out that putting a Rush Limbaugh-clone on CNN might gain viewers and profit.  You’ll sooner see Anderson Cooper selling anal to the TEA Party to pay his cable bill.

FOXNews came out of nowhere a decade ago, surpassing both CNN and MSNBC in ratings yet the competition keeps grinding away on the extreme liberal gig.  You’d expect MSNBC to try and buy Hannity or a Hannity Clone.

The proof is revealed when you see them sticking to message despite the financial beating they endure:  True Believers and the devout care about The Message while money comes second.  They are willing to sacrifice their money, lives and Sacred Honour for The Cause.   Missionaries braved getting eaten.  Christians accepted being Purina LionChow™, and Muchmmad Al-Jizz-Eerie straps TNT to his tits and flys a plane into a Temple.  Martyrdom is part of the deal.

Liberal mainstream media will sacrifice bankruptcy to spread The Gospel of Liberalism.  They believe it’s worth it because they got ObamaGod elected – and are in Holy Rapture-fapping to moist, giddy wetdreams of what/who they will elect forever, eternally.

You are in angry disbelief.  Why O WHY WON’T they listen and WHY do they keep on doing THAT and..!

It’s because you are dealing with Modern Religion – they are pagan zealot believers.  You can see in your own local town with Christian churches closing.   See them die in your Ubiquitous Colored Urban Shithole central city.  CNN won’t become FOX.  When local churches fail, the pastor doesn’t become a muslim mullah.  When the money runs out, even a diehard won’t betray the Faith.   You couldn’t have stopped Mao, Clinton or Ho Chi Minh with money.

25 Comments to “Liberal Media As Worship & Church”

  1. I’ve long thought, that the liberal MSM, is trashing its reader base, with all there noxious crap. And now you bring news the New York Times is losing readers in droves.
    Maybe when all these cunts are unemployed they can go and live amongst the niggers and spread some enlightenment there.

  2. Now that is interesting FP. I thought they value money more than ideology.

    It’s just that today, they can outsource the costs to whites without incurring any themselves. If minos were being brought into rich hoods, I might believe that. But they don’t. They stick minos anywhere but their own homes.

    We find out how much someone believes when they have to pay for it all themselves. We have not seen that yet from the liberals.

  3. Everytime when FP talks about enchanted isle hookers, you guys can post a pic of these ladies:

    Sex sells as always, and titty square, once a porno district for xxx peep shows, now has live ladies with real tits.

  4. The one surprising thing is how much better the establishment can propagate it’s narrative with a so called “free press” than in a fully controlled media landscape. I guess true liberal believers out-do actual censors!

    [ed note: it is as I’ve said. think of mediaPROP as criminal accessories with BIGov]

    Even behind the iron curtain the media didn’t have such a tight grip on society, because people knew there was a story behind the story, that there is the official front page charade and what really happened, this notion was all present. But if you doubt anything on TV in the present day west, you are considered crazy, or to at least have oppositional defiant disorder. Thank god there are pills for that, but they will have to take your guns.
    [sheep willingly surrender to the butcher if they think they’re free. it’s made easy: murka already was the Land of Pretend]

    Like i always say, whatever goes through the 24-hour news cycle may just as well been brought down the mountain by Moses on stone tablets. There is nothing scarier than going home at night, and see hundreds of telescreens flicker out of the windows down the street…
    [just bc the LN/MMM are tyrants does NOT make its enemies rational; many are indeed nutfucks. just read BreitDULLbart’s commenters. YOU must use wise judgement]

    • It is as I’ve said. think of mediaPROP as criminal accessories with BIGov made complicit from their own luxury version of Bread & Circus provided by the BigFED/MMM: Access to the fabulous jetset lives of Obongo & Bill. Private golf trip audiences with The King, sharing collegial cocktail party jokes while rubbing elbows with Royalty. The White House Press Corps. Dinner.

      Freedom for BigShot LN reporters to cheat on the IRS while writing about how wonderful the IRS is for persecuting the nazi-evil TParty.

      MediaPROP transitioned from “truth-seeking journalism” ethics to complicit accessory to crimes long ago. The same liars who covered up FDR’s legs.

      • I found an interesting story once, FP. It involved maybe using RICO against LAPD. This was right after Rampart. I don’t think this was actually done.

      • Only conserv-0-tards would use The State against a fascist wing of The State. LN’s are too evil and cunning.
        They’ll never use Racist Holder-Lynch and the GESTAPO National State Police FBI to “investigate” Killary or the IRSing of the TParty.

        Nor will whyyyy-tes force such an issue.

      • I have found great profit in nearby ideas.

        The process that the police use to break regular organizations can be used against the USG itself. Turn an informant, catch them in the act, turn them, all the way on up. Then RICO everyone and throw them in a max.

        [ed note:it’s old. Royal Inquisitors tortured the King’s enemies in dungeons, got names then did it all over again. btw; have you promoted Eradica at our ‘old friends’ site? and…who is our old friend?]

      • He used to comment here, FP. You know him. He wouldn’t be my friend if I revealed his name.

        You should be able to guess. Streetcraft. Reading between the lines. Only a certain manner of WN would have such unique tastes.

        [ed note: is it Clark Kent? The B-b-batman?!? you may show your refusal here to your friend as rock solid proof of your loyalty. as for me… anybody who used to comment here and is so chicken they cackle at even their fake internet name being revealed is no friend of mine, and so, I care not to read them and certianly not of their True Secret Identity. but, you must recruit noobs there – before you get banned from every blogg but Eradica lol,]

  5. Hard times at the Guardian – it would appear some people have given up reading their filth (Kikebart London)

    • While it is “good” to see a wing of LN/mediaPROP suffer, do not mistake this for any sort of remote “Conserv-0-Victory”

      LN/Millennials do not read; they PlayStation.
      Their IQ is 83, but conservateens’ is 89: Not a victory.

      LNs, MINOs & Miggers of all color & creed do not read – especially news. They do not require validation from jewPROP to tell them they are winning. They saw off XTian heads.

      It is wytes who need pats on the head from mediaPROP.

      • Quite right too. I just enjoy their suffering and humiliation – a guilty pleasure.

        Shengen Agreement suspended for two years, today. That’s the Europe without borders thing. Maybe this is the beginning of the end for the EU establishment. As the Muzz shit in German swimming pools.

        And yet they will still whine about the inhumanity of Trump’s notion of fencing off Miggerland. .

      • Not only shitting in der poolz, but cherkink-uff in zem too. I wrote a post on it called Masturbatin’ Miggers. Stay tuned.

        The entire Western Establishment (and its puppet governments) desire Miggers as cheap labor. Importing coloreds – and all 3rd World filth – was very profitable for them over the past decades.

        So, they catastrophically “think” this sick dynamic was to last forever. They grew FAT profit off cheap dot-head Docs and tech wogs. They thought “if my Doddy made billion$s in 1966 then I’ll make TRILLIONS in 2016!”

        But, Muzz have a way of killing off Establishments and tossing it all back into the Dark Ages.

  6. Crush Zion has had some good articles about group direct action lately. I think you all might find it encouraging.

  7. Hey Firepower, what is your opinion on the National Kikeview attacking Trump, is the NeoCohen movement finally dead?

    I would like to believe they’re finally dead but the Yid Rats still have Wall Street and Big Media on their side.

    • Trump is the only candidate in 30 years not owned by the Irish of Goldman-Sachs. Even the smallest of diversions – including that hated Free Speech – are a ginormous threat to the jewElite and send them into their beloved neurotic panic attacks. That is Trump defined.

      LN Elites simply want NRA Whites disarmed, browned and/or totally eradicated. NeoCon Elites are more complicated: They want them around to replace their colored pool boys. LNs see gunGunsGUNS! as an immediate threat, while NC’s know “White Guns!” are a paper tiger that won’t get off the couch.

      I’m long aware of the traitorous NR:

      You should be as well.

      Murka, today, is total Bread & Circus – for everybody.
      Wall St. = Bread and Media INC. = Circus.
      Jews are the ruling class of both.

  8. “The entire Western Establishment (and its puppet governments) desire Miggers as cheap labor. Importing coloreds – and all 3rd World filth – was very profitable for them over the past decades”.

    This is what I call the precept of modern day Anglo-Sphere Capitalism, which now extends to Germoney and other Eurot nations.

    “But, Muzz have a way of killing off Establishments and tossing it all back into the Dark Ages”.

    Not at the moment. Muzzy attack elite centers, but no muzzie has actually gotten close to an effete ruler or a NY Jew. The snake, Slitherstein who owns the world trade center, literally made a good killing, when his beloved towers collapsed and the insurance payouts came rollin in.
    [ed note: u forget Mubarak, Gadaffi, Assad and the Shah of Iran. those are the elites I write of. open your mind. not every ruling elite is a jew from NYC. China has elites. Russia has oligarchs. ISIS has caliphs]

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