Rap Queen

by Firepower

eminemAs I suspected, the drivers of the money side of rap are from a specific race: Give ya one guess which.

The purveyors of filth to white kids are… distinct. But, they really aren’t, are they?

Of course, Mizz Schmergargy would never let her kids date a colored – much less a Compton colored with a mandate to….….. defile white minds – and dat pussy.

A three-fer is a safe bet: jewish, female – and from Manhattan. Now, jewPROP in its “entertainment” form reveals itself. You can’t make this stuff up.

So, in a 5th Avenue Manhattan luxury penthouse, a feminist tick has her bloodsucking parties twenty miles safely away from the nearest dangerous nigger.

And wite kidz blindly worship the colored filth that promotes their extinction, oblivious to the bleak~black future awaiting them.

19 Comments to “Rap Queen”

  1. “Woman” fighting “sexism” in the rap game, boldly dissing any nigger or wigger in her path. They’re all stooges.

  2. Is that Eminem? Thought he grew up in a trailer park.

    • mr. eemie-neemies did grow up in a trailerpark. a white trailerpark.

      ever hear of a black trailerpark? There are none. The relatively flimsy structures don’t withstand ghetto nigger abuse like actual single-family dwellings. The owners bolt the wheels back on and move to another white trailerpark – anything to escape black mold.

      Abandoned white trailerparks on the outskirts of a any rapidly niggerizing “urban environment” are the first locales to swiftly resemble what coloreds ultimately do to every place they live: Turn it back into Prairie – albeit prairie strewn with rubble, bricks, stolen rusty car parts and broken glass.

      Plus, even a scumbag white hillbilly trailerpark is not even close to the danger of a “black ghetto”

      It’s FakeCRED – and you’ve been duped again.

      • No I havent. You are the one who thinks this shit even matters. And you have only JUST discovered the extent of Jewish influence and control. Now you’re JewSpicking like the rest of us. Stay humble and there’s no telling what you might learn.

        [ed note: sorry honey, dont see where i kiked-out in my post. if u think Eradica is like your worm~wrancher SuperSP FRIENDZ! at StormCunt – or even rooshi’s KommentKlan, you might have exposed me to them via links so ya’ll could gang up on me]

      • Uh… Erin… m&m CONVERTING hundreds of thousands of “white” males into anti-white Supremacists MATTERS A LOT… That said m&m OBTAINS IN PART his lucre under the management of a “woman” fighting “sexism” within the rap game… Well, as FP stated… You couldn’t make this stuff up as m&m is KNOWN for his notorious “woman”-hate and Jew-homodyke incitement.

        So the conclusion one can draw is that under the management of this “woman” fighting “sexism” in the rap game, m&m perpetuated the very sexism that made this “woman” her name. So it was a mutual desire for degeneracy and propagation of anti-white Supremacy that fueled this lucrative relationship.

      • The jew does not care if anti-jew rap “lyrics” are publicized because it is safe in its skyscraper penthouse lairs while wytes on the street bear the brunt of anti-jew/wyte hate.

        These real jews are inaccessible to coloreds, most have never laid eyes on one in person. And never will.

        The most that poor people ever come in irl contact with the jew is…their boss. Coloreds don’t have jobs.

      • One of our old friends found a very interesting story, FP. Training muzz immigrants to shoot.

        [ed note: old pal? who? Khrist, now THERE’S a site you must infiltrate and mine…if you haven’t gotten yourself expelled lol]

      • He probably went to be mixed school and became a wigger to survive. Fun early song of his. (Easy Google search)

        I don’t know the websites you alluded to FP.

        Thordaddy these things no longer matter actually. They are old news.

        Things are going in our direction really fast now. Take heart and strap in my Brothers.

      • mr. eemy-neemy grew up in a white anti-black suburb and went to anti-black skoolz. His lyrics are fabricated. Some black channel did a “biography” of him that was deliberately made to make him appear ‘cred.’

        He willingly sought out the coloreds of Detroit from his safe haven and returned to sleep in peace.

        He was phony then and he’s a greater phony now.

  3. Nah – this is par for the course hypocrisy.
    She can pretend to her feminist friends that she’s making Murica nicer by helping turn white kids onto nigger shit.
    They all do this. You won’t find any BBC luvie living in a Paki slum, but they fucking love the muzz on telly. And can’t see why they shouldn’t be allowed to rape white school girls. (helps integration like).

  4. It is hard to grow up poor in Murka. If he grew up in a trailer, he will understand at least that.

    It would have been a great danger for Eminem to grow up in a mino hood. He would have had to either submit, or start shooting. In one case a living hell, in another a prison.

    I can say that many young WNs owe their enlightenment to growing up with minos. They learn quick.

    • And wite kidz blindly worship the colored filth that promotes their extinction, oblivious to the bleak~black future awaiting them.

      Luxury and leisure do not make one physically strong and mentally acumen. Today, witeys are all about play like their colored counterparts.

      • No, I have a different opinion about white kids. I like what I see.

        They are of course stupider than past generations, as my generation was stupider than the one before, and so on.

        But this is good! It was a white conceit that we were “above” racism. Only minos do that ugly thing. We allowed the minos to be racist while we just focused on cashing in.

        All whites today are part whigger. It’s virtually impossible to ignore today. This is the reason for my more controversial posts, including allowing mixing. I’ve got a lot of gangsta in myself as well. They have given me much.

      • The accumulation of luxury eradicates the quest for Honor because it places value on material wealth over Integrity.
        So, you will never see it again.
        Money eradicates values – except the acquisition of MOAR MUNNY.

        Men do not make money for their country.

      • Hence, all the problems in the West stems from the lust of moar munny.

        I’m trying to figure out the reason why cities balkanized with a witey demographic against a colored backdrop are not only more dysfunctional, but more expensive to live. I guess more taxes are needed to keep them at bay.

      • Money supplanted Honor & Duty. The latter two creates Great Men, the first – greed machines.

        Balkanized cities are expensive because the $$$ attracts both White, wite – and all manner of colored.
        The expense lies in police – the most expensive civil servants there are – and the runners-up, HEROFiremen! Standing armies are expensive.

        Giant budgets are thrown at Police to keep the economic Gravy Train going. Budgets for gear – and plus they continually hire more to grasp ever more Budget Bux.
        They justify this (somewhat honestly) as necessary to protect a wimpy wite econ/tech class from predatory coloreds who are also drawn to the wimpy-wite sheep made for the pickin’s.

        This does not happen to Lost Cities like Ferguson, Baltimo’ and Deeetroit.

        Guess which Murkan city exemplifies this?

      • Yes, Gotham exemplifies everything you’ve mentioned.

        Stormcunts are happy to know that nigkikespic isn’t the source of the problum.

        21st century White only loves money and status, not honor & duty. wite is a petty imitator.

      • JS, is there anywhere to stay or in or near NYC without getting jewed? It should be cheap. Minos don’t bug me.

      • Staten Island might be a place for you. You just take a boat to Manhattan, and it’s free of charge. Takes 30 minutes each way. The rents there are cheaper. There are MINOs, but most of the residents there, are working class Italian types. 1 bdroom 1/k. Then there is Brooklyn, in the southern end for about the same price without many MINO residents.

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