SpecOps Working for Cartels

by Ryu

It’s Not JUST A JOB! It’s a…Sexy Selfie!

What’s a Super-SEAL to do after he retires from “the service”?

In much of the world, like Mexico and Russia, it’s the norm. Cartels and mobs pay for the skills specops learned on the job.

Life in the third world is tough. There’s no market for SEAL workout videos or consultant gurus. In the US, seals often parlay their experience into seminars or talk shows.

Below are a few interviews. One is an assassin for the Russian mob. Another for the Mex drug cartels. Don’t be shocked – they were mercs when they worked for their govs as well.


2 Comments to “SpecOps Working for Cartels”

  1. Best quote from Misha:
    “The skill of the profession is the plan, before and after. That is truly why I am a professional.”

  2. The latest is the new movie about Ben-gozzie, for which the SuperSEALs likely cashed-in bigtime.

    We should be grateful for their dichotomous blabbing, as we’d never truly see what filth our MMM is up to.
    One HeroSEAL! got blackballed by his former pals; they carved his name in a stone at the seal shop signifying his betrayal.

    Good old reliably stupid Jordie: Who else serves a military that ostracizes you for telling The Truth.

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