The Palace Guards

by Firepower

Too Bad The Actual Master Will Be “D’Vontae”

Caligula was assassinated by his Praetorian Guard. Lots of other scummy Roman Emperors were – even though they were considered Gods. Even more than Obongo or Xlintons. Our HeroSS!™ doesn’t even sack-up the decency to pop out a few juicy chapters (yuck. NO pun intended) in an exposé book about Bill’s Oval Office CumShotz.

History is well-known among the Elite’s lackey class: They know full-well Medieval English Aristocracy used bully boys from the pissant class – so long as they were big and/or killers.

As Murka falls, paramilitary “security forces” will burgeon. If a 3rd World ShitHole like Libibibibya can do it, expect a Manhattan “Penthouse GUARD” to keep you smelly little people far from Chelsea and future Queen President Malia Obama – and restricted from the farms and mines unless you’re reporting for your 2nd shift of the day.

2 Comments to “The Palace Guards”

  1. It is strange to watch. Their pay is not that great; it’s prestigious, but that’s it.

    I would say that the permanent American depression has helped inspire loyalties in their men. The only growth sector in many third world nations is the security field. The rich and powerful are always willing to pay for security.

    [ed note: this is how it was in the Medieval age. Lords had armies of thugs, paid the biggest brutes from low classes. today, it is Feudal Murka]

    As a general rule, police and military do not become revolutionary UNTIL the checks stop clearing. America is not quite there yet.

    [Murkan Elites know this; that’s why the ATF/DHS & SS etc. will still get paid even when the US Navy is sold to pay for welfare babies and each wave of New Miggers]

    When the time came, Hitler was able to buy his own private army, the SA, when the German government at the time stopped paying them. It’ll be like that in the USA also.

  2. The movie People I Know (2002) is what came the closest in showing the Manhattan Jewish elites true faces, make no mistake about them, they will defame and even kill to protect their power, the movie showed that they have Israeli bodyguards.

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