The Geriatric Unit

by Ryu

Prisons are not filled with only young men. What happens to the old ones?

16 Comments to “The Geriatric Unit”

  1. I once heard a true account of how old lifers – once tough – break down in their 60s and 70s after years of confinement. Many go crazy. They know they can get away with much. Masturbating is forbidden, but many just turn around in their rooms, face the window away from the guards and jerk off for hours.

    Better a bullet in the head. But Murka likes to think itself “civilized” – and the fact it merely thinks of itself as civilized is what killed it.

    too bad nobody commented on this but me

    • It’s early yet

    • The USA has the longest prison sentences in the entire world.

      What I have seen is that past 55yo, a man “ages out” of crime. He can’t do the time any longer. The body breaks down, testosterone levels plummet.

      Not everyone can be a criminal. It is not that easy. The fear factor is beyond anything cops or soldiers feel. At least they have gov protection and coverage afterward. A criminal has nothing but himself.

      [ed note: this is why The State has won. the only remedy to The State is bold action. Anyone can kill a giant if willing to die themselves. This age of sacrifice has passed]

      • And he might even be in there for a 1974 second-degree murder conviction stemming from drunken knife fight with some other degenerate he bumped into at some bar and gave his lady the eye (premeditation).

        [ed note: newsflash: most murders = with sooperExtreem LIFE SENTENCES!!! = screamed over TeeVeeNooz for benefit of The Herd are out in 9 years. tv never shows you their parole once the bloodlust ratings are grabbed]

  2. I imagine a lot of “white” old-timers get nigger raped… Better to go on a murder spree to retain that last ounce of dignity if at all possible?

    • Well, well! What has happened to you, TD? You can’t promote murder or violence at Eradica, that’s illegal…unless you’re a American soldier.

      America loves murder. We’ve killed 2 million civilians in Iraq and another million in the Stan. Not a tear shed. In fact, the more a soldier kills, the greater the hero. And we’ve got wars in Syria, Oman, Yemen and Libya going if those slow down.

      Death Row is a seg unit. Those guys are locked up most of the time, rarely leaving their cells. They eat there, sleep there, everything.

      • Ryu…

        Perhaps I should have used quotes in that instance to signify that “murder” AS PERCEIVED from the eye of the zeitgeist.

        If one “white” male is nigger raped and then said “white” male kills nigger it is just to any healthy-minded white man and ONLY “murder” in the eyes of the zeitgeist and its degenerate minions who could also be justly put down in cases of institutionalized nigger rape.

      • I have learned that a knowledge of the absolute and the relative go together. The strongest WSs will have been the more relative formerly.

      • Ryu…

        If there is a real epidemic of niggers raping “white” males in the prison system, what does that say about “white supremacy” in the prison system? What does it say about white Supremacy outside the prison system? Those are the only questions I care to ask… I already feel the hot breath of a zeitgeist desirous of my death by nigger rape. Operating above and outside, piercing through… Perhaps lingering within the zeitgeist STILL IN PRINCIPLE says, “Do not ever find yourself inside the pen.”

        A racially segregated prison system could solve the rape epidemic AND accelerate the self-annihilation of the prison nigger.

        [ed note: The System = The Establishment. Neither want prison niggers gone. They want them occasionally released to reduce white numbers and warehoused as an excuse to collect higher taxes]

      • Once, prisons were segregated. This changed around WW2 if I remember right. Obviously, ones intiuition says there are more blacks raping white men than white man raping blacks.

        I have learned many things about the American penal system. There was a time, during the radical 70s when the blacks and mex attacked white guards, that many guards were actually somewhat pro-white.

        [ed note: it appears whites need coloreds to attack them to get them to fight back. whites are foolishly not proactive, but weakly reactive]

      • Ryu…

        “Integration” at this stage equals the falsification of “white supremacy” within and white Supremacy without the prison system WHERE there is an LN institutionalized pattern of “hate-rape” involving faggot niggers and a minority “white” population in concurrence with a sadistic media blackout.

        To reassert white Supremacy necessitates segregation KNOWING that the “white supremacy” within has no immunity in retaliation ALONG with their drastically reduced manpower as compared to the nigger population. Furthermore, experience tells “us” that segregated niggers will ACCELERATE their rate of self-annihilation. In other words, “integration” is the manner is which the LN SLOWS DOWN the prison nigger’s penchant to self-annihilate. Ergo, prison “whites” were integrated to perpetuate the COLLECTIVE existence of the nigger. And the “hate-rape” is also a mechanism of perpetuating the individual nigger’s self-annihilation.

        [ed note: i’d certainly like to know where there is a shred of ‘white supremacy’ among the wretched ass-raped wite remnants you describe. you describe Black Supremacy]

      • There is an interesting new author at Rooshy’s site, TD. You may be interested.

        So you are saying that in a way, integration saves mino lives. And I agree with that.

      • I must say you are extraordinary calm and level-headed for a force professional. How many threats made, beatings, injuries and slashed tires did that take? How many years?

      • Editor…

        That’s almost exactly what I said… No “white supremacy” within and no white Supremacy without EXACTLY because the prison system is integrated and the minority “white” population whom are undoubtedly “hate-raped” IN ORDER to perpertuate the self-annihilation of the nigger… In other words, nigger-on-whitey “hate-rape” SLOWS DOWN THE RATE OF nigger self-annihilation as compared to completely segregated niggers. But this should not be mistaken for black Supremacy. A true black Supremacist SHOULD BE FIRST IN LINE to annihilate the nigger (if he only had “white” liberal immunity) and would also agree to a segregated prison system where niggers left amonsgt themselves will UNDOUBTEDLY self-annihilate at an accelerared rate.

      • Ryu…

        Over twenty years, it all just dissipates. But if were put into a 120 page script… Sheeeesh. It would be some good stuff. And I could probably star in it myself!

  3. We need two things made widely available: better killing methods and better suicide methods.

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