America WAS the White Ethnostate

by Ryu

Many WNs dream of what an ethnostate might look like. There’s no need. There was such a nation, not so long ago: the USA.

A surface reading reveals it, despite promises of equality. For most of our history:

– women couldn’t vote and worked in the home
– we enslaved the negros
– we stole half of Mexico’s land
– we killed the indians and stole their land

We have a story to tell. This is not how modern Americans tell it, but it is the WN POV.

Things began to fall apart after the Civil War. The white man eliminated the indian threat but failed to…..….. deport the slaves to Liberia. Then something worse happened. Jews smelled money and flooded in.

WW2 was an absolute disaster for the Americans. They lost in every way but militarily. America lost its soul.

By the mid-60s, the coup was complete. The LNs or liberal nazi generation began to rule the USA and would enact changes which would permanently change the demographics.

This was a disaster. The LNs were losing control from the late 70s into the 80s. Gangs, drugs, prostitution, poverty were taking over the streets.

Luckily for them, the computer became popular and offered a solution: the American police/surveillance state. The best example is what Guiliani did to NYC in the 90s. This became the template for every large city.

Whites were beginning to wake up. The LN-run USG tried a hard crackdown. Waco and Ruby Ridge were the start. They discovered this would not work.

The USA was too fragile for real domestic turrism to take place here, even in the 90s. It’s bad for business. Men like Kaz, Rudolph and Tim stopped the USG in its tracks, all using the same tool. Soon, the Muslim would use the same to great effect in Iraq and the Stan.

They changed their tactics. The LNs decided to entertain the people while breeding out the white. They cement their control with the electonic surveillance state while providing a wide variety of distractions, from TV and porn to mainstream politics.

The waiting game continues.

America is a cautionary tale. No battle and no security is final. EVEN IF modern WN succeeds in its goals, the victory will not be permenant. The Founders were right about one thing: eternal vigilance.

14 Comments to “America WAS the White Ethnostate”

  1. The failure of the American ethnostate began at that point in which the white male majority rejected an evolution towards The Land of white Supremacy. And of course, a lot of “our” intellectuals facilitated in the authoring of various origin myths for that exact point THUS ALWAYS OBSCURING the radically altered mindset of mass white male. One day he desired Supremacy and the next day he desires degeneracy. With the truly wretched equating the two desires and bringing about total chaos.

  2. Eternal vigilance, or to quote from Game of Thrones:
    “Only the ladder is real. The climb is all there is.”

    Check this graph showing where each U.S. state’s largest immigration population was born.

    It compares years 1910 and 2013, in 1910 it was still from mostly white countries, Germany, the UK, Italy…
    In Pennsylvania for example, most immigrant were from Austria in 1910, now in 2013 most are from China!
    1910 in South Dakota it was Swedes, today it’s Ethiopians, and so on… the full article can be read here.

    And apparently Mexican immigration has peaked and is falling:

    “China was the country of origin for 147,000 recent U.S. immigrants in 2013, while Mexico sent just 125,000, according to a Census Bureau study by researcher Eric Jensen and others presented Friday. India, with 129,000 immigrants, also beat Mexico, though the two countries’ results weren’t statistically different from each other.”

    Another article: More Mexicans Leaving Than Coming to the U.S.

    So perfect timing for Trump to build the wall!

    It’s funny really, the establishment is even moving Somalis into places like Baltimore.
    Because everyone knows, if it’s one thing Baltimore needs more of, it’s aggressive blacks!

    Canadians with DUIs can’t cross the border but tens of thousands Somalis are flown in…

    • Please note your comments sometimes get held up in mod bc of 2+ links. Feel free to post as many links as you need and I’ll ok them later. Or, just string together comments in segments.

      Do note, that Miggers migrate fluctuates – like wild animals. Often, jewPROP points to a seasonal downturn as “proof God-0-Bama” is wise and good.

      It is prevalent. Take your pick:
      50% of KIDS Minorities by 2020
      White Minority Eradication:
      It IS intentional. they want YOU browned:How Illegals Will KILL You:
      It IS intentional. they want YOU browned: White vs black vs mex vs White
      Illegal Amnesty 9.0! – Simple Explanations

      • Oh it’s the links, ok, i thought it was the formating, so i sometimes rearranged stuff and re-sent…

        The amount of Chinese and Indian immigration is scarier because someone has to rubber stamp it
        they can’t just sneak across the southern border, someone along the line is expediting the process.

        Because if they had to jump through the same hoops as we Europeans, to enter the US
        they could not come in such high numbers, to the amount of hundreds of thousands yearly.
        Does anyone really believe that every Somalian entering has a biometric passport?

        But why not, every hundreds immigrant, or welfare recipient, creates a new gov job! Growing the beast…

        “States like Florida have hired food stamp recruiters, who have a quota of signing up 150 new recipients each month. Rhode Island hosts SNAP-themed (Food Stamps) bingo games and the USDA tells its field offices to throw parties to get MORE people on their rolls.” via

      • That’s why the phrase “it’s not the immigration I don’t like, it’s the ILLEGAL immigration” is so naive. They’ve been slamming us for years.

        I had occasion to visit a higher tier university around graduation time last year with a non-racial acquantance of mine. She had graduated from the university years ago and I kind of enjoyed(in a morbid way) her shock at the fact that at least 90% of the grads were chinks.

        The chinks will have the good jobs and the wites will live in the ghettos unless we do something about it.

      • Twofer LN jew female/feminists run Murka. They eradicated the White Ethnostate. I’ve said it all along, now ProjectVeritas proves it – and WHY I blogroll them:

        b-b-but, what Buttbart does not – and will not – say is the Constitution, Guns and Xtianity are exclusively the Triad of Whites: The FFOL hates all three and targets the Avatar of this Triad: White Men. Gals, too – but they are a minority.

      • Commie core is only the tip of the iceberg, see:
        The Secret History Of Western Education

        And she even blogs!

        For some reason i think WN when i look at miss Iserbyt, she has the look.
        (the link goes to the full pdf ebook)

        By a gal named Charlotte Iserbyt, for being in her eighties she is a remarkably sharp lady, as seen in this two hours long interview where she talks about how the socialist-collectivist state of education came to be, must see!

      • The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America

        Yes. I’ve said this for years, observing TDDDA is truly-actually-REALLY deliberate and the plan of what I labeled the LN/FFOL/MMM.

        This problem becomes sharper when realizing lil’ w whites are the greatest enemy of Whites: There are more Xlintons, Bidens & Chris Matthews than WNs – or even wns.

        Couple this with the sad fact that most whites are indeed as stupid as colored MINOs dis-educated by the same BIG Government Skoolz and the problem becomes insurmountable with today’s stock of dull Brandons.

        Tomorrow’s Justins will be…MOAR STOOPID

      • The dumbing down of America may be good, or may be bad. The liberals are getting stupider. But who is getting stupider faster – us or them?

        Only when the white race is gone, will WN be truly possible. This is the great paradox of WN.

        FP, you’ve seen this too. Our greatest enemies are other whites. Welmer and Ferd were opposed to WN, even though they knew about what was occurring.

        America without whites is already third world. Revolution is certain possible in third world nations. It is white who prop up the USG. When they disappear, we’ve got a shot.

        In many ways, minos and jews do not concern me. I see it as a great race between the rate of loss of white LNs and the gain of WNs. When will the threshold be passed? And will there be enough WNs left at that time to do anything about it.

      • Only when the white race is gone, will WN be truly possible. This is the great paradox of WN.

        It’s so much a paradox as to appear… crazy. That’s like the last 1945 Nazis insisting that Germany must die to be reborn – but reborn as what? Once Murka is truly fallen, it’s over. Something new arises. Read The Fate of Empires again. It won’t be White Explorers in wooden ships.

        I do not care for I won’t be alive and Today’sBrandons! deserve enslavement and death.

        Glubb stated:

        The life-expectation of a great nation…ends in a lowering of moral standards, cynicism, pessimism and frivolity

        That means it ends. It does not resurrect in a glorious nick-of-time salvation; that’s Hollywood and the false siren’s song of jewPROP.

        We’ve seen what the best – Eradica – has accomplished.
        ps – whatever happened to you – any of you – Eradicalizing rooishi’s gang of commenting mouthbreathers?

      • I’m not allowed to comment on Roosh’s site anymore, FP. And I really do not want to.

        Sites can get too big. One just gets lost in a 300+ comment section. It’s just like a big and overpopulated country being hard to manage and losing its freedoms. Europe gets that part right. Their countries are the size of one murkan state.

        [ed note: meh. Sour Grapes. you could’ve been an effective recruiter with all that meat commenting. All that meat just rotting at Rooishi’s. There really is no way for you to use another IP? Aryan Skynut had several, you could* too]

      • The dumbing down of America may be good, or may be bad

        You must not fence-sit…

        You’ll have to decide. Leaders make decisions.

        All you need do is read Breitbart to see the level of stupidity displayed by Conservitards. It’s identical to liberals’ own blindness regarding their own pet biases.

        Breitbart is what tweeeeturd has long been: clowns. Goofy old ladies who were never even aware of politics until menopause yapping insanely under their puppy and kitty avatars. Old farts proud to have suffered in ‘Nam for Nixon spouting their ridiculous philosophies behind Screaming Eagle-Snarly Wolf avs.

        No wonder both Obongo and Bushi shat on Murka.

      • She’s good, but she is wrong about something.

        Communism is not all bad, and Americanism/capitalism is not all good. Soviet education has many achievements that the American system couldn’t match – they put a man into space first, sputnik, and so on.

  3. Still dreaming of shiatbiatch merkel getting her just deserts. Figure the odds are about 10,000 to one unfortunately.

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