Chinese Democracy

by Firepower

As Murka becomes murky with less clear White water, and more brown, this emerging non-white mass will increasingly disavow 1776 and all NRA/Bundy Ranch-Gadsden Flag* issues.

MINOs have no history, save for Stonewall* and Sacred MLK Marches. Give them food and a place to breed and they are content.

Murka will decay much further and rapidly under Brown Rulership; there will never be a colored Renaissance*  because there never was a colored Renaissance. Colored rulers here will be totally susceptible to ……..foreign colonization as in 1716. Powers that kept colored and MINOs out of their borders will be the new rulers. China will use Murka to grow its food and dig its metal. The jew will attempt to profit from this decay as they always have, but their insatiable greed will make it go too far. This is seen in Murka’s once-invincible navy, now retreating from Chinese junks: Murka can not spend money on both pacifying Negroes and supplying a tax-gobbling military. Especially a navy. Since this was written, two usnavy PT boats wandered into Iranian waters smack dab onto an island… used as the main offshore Iranian PT Boat base.

This cabal is already selling itself out – for they’ve depleted selling-out whites. A jew will sell its own children to live one more hour of luxury.  America was so wealthy, it is like a whale carcass on the ocean floor: The greatest source that ever was and so, taking years to completely consume.

ChiComs learned propaganda and subsequent total media control from the jew. They will then use it “Hollywood Style” – to do to the 2066 Brown MurkanMob what the jew did to all of post-1950’s White America.

They will placate the Brown, MINO-ized Mass of combination coloreds and Miggers after eradicating faggots, feminists – and the jew.

Liberal Nazism morphs into ChiCommunism far easier than it does 1776 White American Democracy.

I wrote this Jan 5, but truth will out:


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  1. Sorry to go off topic, i just noticed “Jame LaFon” on the blogroll missing the D, as in “LaFond”
    and it’s linking to
    instead of the main page:

    The blogroll really needs some cleaning up, nobody cares about ForneyGate…

    While you’re at it, you could add Aryan Skynet, which can almost pass as Eradicas sister site. Ryu comments there all the time, it’s really worth linking to. I would also add the Power Hour podcast, because it sounds like FP writes, it’s eery in a way. Maybe also add Hipster Racist, i like his summary of the whole Roof thing:

    “Come on, this story is totally believable.

    Trailer park boy drops out of tenth grade, buys drugs from the money he earns mowing lawns, and lives in his car.

    Then he goes online and becomes “radicalized” by Internet Racist Hates sites – just like this one, presumably – and decides he’s going to start a Civil War.

    So, he whips out his American Express card and goes to town buying flag patches from obscure historical regimes and even registers and hosts his own website. He then travels around the state, posing in front of Confederate memorials with a scowl on his face and takes selfies brandishing a gun.

    He writes a two-thousand word Manifesto – name dropping the Council of Conservative Citizens – and puts it online.

    He get arrested at the mall for drugs – twice – then decides to go into action.

    He walks into a church and shoots old black women – old black women like his best friend’s mom, his best friend being a black guy – because he’s really racist and wants to start the Civil War. And what better way to do that then shoot little old black ladies at church?

    The fact that a state Senator was there meeting with the top levels of the Democratic party and the federal government was just pure happenstance and coincidence. To suggest that it was anything other than a coincidence is, of course, a “conspiracy theory.”

    Then, the federal government and large corporations give millions of dollars to the victim’s families, even though this is a purely state matter, because … um … racism I guess.

    It’s like that old X-Files TV show: I WANT TO BELIEVE.”

    • A little Eradica History may be the tonic I need:

      i just noticed “Jame LaFon” on the blogroll missing the D, as in “LaFond”

      I leave off the “d” – as in “d” for – deliberately, for you’ll note LaFon carelessly links to what he calles a site named “Eradic” – and has never corrected his mistake. That’s some really whacky, kookoo stuff, Jim..!

      I am aware nobody cares about Forneygate. It’s a twisted joke of mine: I leave the reference up to show nobody cares. If he still is a BloGGod, despite his drama and lies, then I suppose I’ve found another answer to the question “are readers worth saving?”

      I don’t even know if Mattt Foney is The Man anymore bc I ain’t read him in years. From past experience it is likely all the sheep follow him from sucking up to Rooshi. Sheep follow them both, which explains why the “quality of the audience” determines why nothing has changed since Barack ’08

  2. FP: What’s your opinion on Aryan Skynet? I bring it up because it reads like a sister site to Eradica.
    But if i actually link to it here, the comment gets eaten, very strange… Ryu comments there as well.

    Definitely something for the blogroll!

    • I keep the blogroll short on purpose; there’s really little to read anymore when it’s either Republican’ts aping Rush and TParty nuts copying Ann Coulter – with both demanding we “invade Iran!” to “finally save Amurrika!!!”

      Aryan Skynet appears a sister site of Eradica because it pilfers Eradican concepts.

      Hipster Racist once wrote for Eradica, but his irrationality and nutty behavior caused his leave: He hated a commenter here called “Laguna Beach Fogey” and actually got in a flame war with him and published his IP addy deliberately – to expose his identity to BIGFed. Such a traitorous act deserves worse punishment.

      FYI: Your comments are eaten at AS because of HR who went nuts after I fired him. He operates under several alias names and avatars usually to fake responses to his own posts. He did this also on his own, original site that I forget the name of. Do not trust him. Why Ryu does, and ignores LFB’s outing, is puzzling, for he scrupulously guards his own privacy.

      • All roads lead back to Eradica, but pilfers is so harsh, you plant seeds of WN
        like Bill from the Might is Right Power Hour, again paraphrased:

        “During this podcast i will fulfill my Aryan duty to spread hate for our racial enemies, which especially includes internal enemies, yes the enemies within, the serious White race traitors. Yes i do spread, or promote, hatred. I plant seeds of hate, that hopefully will blossom into orchids of hate. If you don’t hate the White genocide agenda, and our internal and external enemies, who carry out the White genocide agenda, then you are a pervert, you are dishonorable, immoral, unmanly and certainly not Aryan, or noble. We can’t defeat our enemies and fend of White genocide without hate. Let’s face that, if we do not hate our enemies, and their anti White agenda, we will fail.”

        AS (a collaborative blog) can be seen as one such FP orchid, it remains worth linking…
        if for no other reason than pure fan service, because Eradica readers will def like AS(S)!
        (i hear that’s why ryu hangs out there, ass!) And nice pun with LaFon… while were at it.

      • All roads lead back to Eradica, but pilfers is so harsh

        I appreciate and value your loyalty.

        Still, the proper way for these sites you read to join forces with a site you admire (Eradica) is for them to acknowledge my original concepts – Ryu’s also, no matter his tolerance of the ingratitude of copying.

        It is other sites’ responsibility to link to Eradica, not the other way around. I link to those who link to me. If they are so careless and forget to request it, then they are unworthy.

        Ryu is free to express himself as he sees fit – even if it includes ignoring others stealing from him then labeling it something else.

        To label oneself “aryan skynet” is ridiculous: It ignores the creator of “skynet” – James Cameron – who is NOT aryan. He is Scottish. They are not aryan. Might as well use David Bowie as the poster boy for the SS ideal.

        As for that oddball Mrs. Aryan Skynut, I refuse to limit myself as only an Aryan and alienate all other True Whites from my cause. I am the Irish, Welsh, French, Swedish, Finnish, Russian, Czech, Turk, American, Scottish etc. and whatever White component is required for victory.

      • He hated a commenter here called “Laguna Beach Fogey” and actually got in a flame war with him and published his IP addy deliberately – to expose his identity to BIGFed. Such a traitorous act deserves worse punishment.

        What a bizarre lie.

      • So it’s all good then, water under the bridge, yesterdays snow… good to hear!
        Maybe reconcile by adding each-other to your respective blogrolls and that’s that…

        [ed note: you imagine too much goodwill exists. just bc Ben Roethlisbergergergger is your qb, does NOT mean happy times ahead if only you think positive]

      • I’m sure it appears “a bizarre lie” to one with mental illness.

        Anyone needing proof of your traitorous outing behavior must look here and follow throughout the latter comments of the entire post*. It starts about here:
        Then deteriorates further:
        *Entire Post:

        You cannot join an IRL organization bc you are insane and unstable, calling everyone who disagrees with you an “FBI informant and communist plant”, or else you publish dangerous background info on them to the Feds.
        You cannot join an IRL organization so you flail about online.
        You cannot join an IRL organization for once they learned you do shit like this, they’d wisely use a scrubbed piece on you in a dark alley with no cameras and put two in your brain.

      • Nuthin matters until coloreds are eradicated from witey domain. Trump is another capitalist who only cares about money above all else.

        WN and capitalism mix like oil and water. The same with all of our politicos – Rhinos and LNs: they care nothing about trailer park Nazi and his wite survival.

      • Trump is another capitalist who only cares about money above all else.

        Perhaps, be he also hates MINOs more than any candidate since Jefferson Davis. In that, you must see a useful ally.
        Even unions ignored Bill Clinton’s fucking them over NAFTA and feminists didn’t mind Rated X Bill using Paula Jones and Monica as Presidential Kleenex.

        It’s time for Conservaginas to deploy useful semi-allies – as the FFOL does.

        Besides, there’s nobody left to vote for anymore.

      • Trump’s heirs are all NYC Liberals- Jews, Migga panderers. Trump is a semi-weak link to the Clintons. Every Murkan Elitey hate Trailer Park Trash, including RHINOs. They only find them useful during election time.

        [ed note. again, your tendency to exaggerate undermines your own case and is your own worst enemy: Trump is hardly a Clinton]

      • A pic is 1000K words:

        Jewberg, Clinton, Trump, and the Goombalani…..

      • Jesus. Like FP used to say, a rich liberal would rather hang with a rich conservative than a poor dude.

      • 99% of the Elitey did not die in NYC during 9-11. Their front end employees in the burning towers and the working class chumps rescuing them, are now gone.

      • Yes, Roosh Lumbug would hang out with Slick Willy any day over any poor dude.

      • And it’s the same fucking Manhattan Country Club with their $300 steaks and $3K bottle wines.

      • Elites exist only to preserve Their Establishment. Politics matter little, which is why Goldman Sachs contributes almost equally to BOTH democrat & repubby.

        Trump said he associated with the Xlintons to suck up to their Imperial Presidency. Be warned.

        the peasant’s problem is now there really is nobody deserving of their vote and so, they will keep getting buttfucked by the 1%

      • This is the class struggle which many WNs cannot see. The rich always want things to stay the same, the poor want things to change, and the middle want to become the rich.

      • Teddy Cruz decries the social values of the goose that lays his golden eggs. It was only a minor slip. GoldenMoney Sacks will continue to fund him from NYC.

      • it’s the same fucking Manhattan Country Club

        Yet… the Elite see Trump as an outsider; they hate him. They say they fear him. They hate him more than they hate you. What does that say to you?

        His personality makes him different than Bloomberg and other Elites.

      • It’s only petty bickering between the Elitey, as to who gets the bigger piece of the Kobe Steak, while they pour their 3K bottle wine, in their Manhattan restaurant.

        Goombalani screwed his proles in NYC, and so did Jewberg …..which is why they elected Dumbio like their colored enemies…who know only buys favors from other wealthy elitey.

        [ed note. yes. they all eat Kobe Beef. But you again neglect the reasons The Real Elite hate Trump and what he “stands” for. Sorry amigo: He’s as good as there is.]

      • Voting fro Trump doesn’t start the eradication process..Rushie Lumbering has been providing momentum with his radio show for many years to all the nigkikespicing wites, who hasn’t budge an inch.

      • Who are the real Elites that hate him?
        [ed note: i supplied a LINK. for you. to read……..]

        The status quo has already destroyed this country for what it was, and any Trumpster remedy is a bandaid covering up a scar.

  3. The Might is Right Power Hour podcast is link worthy too, because it sounds like FP writes, it’s eery in a way. I like his sense of humor, the description from the last episode:

    “In this podcast I prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that violence has never worked to accomplish anything. No matter the question violence is NEVER the answer. Peace, understanding, tolerance & love is always the proper approach. I also prove that memes, rallies, marches & votes for Trump will definitely fend off the White genocide agenda.”

    • To paraphrase from the podcast episode on Trump:

      “Trump would be the worst president for, out of those running, for the White race, he would be like a pressure release valve for white anger, he would be able to trick the White mases, he already is, into thinking he is on their side. He would likely be able to better manage some of the federal agencies, tho White genocide agenda would be more efficient, and the beast would become stronger, or at least the weakening of the beast would be slowed, he would fool the yokels into feeling that the immigration issue, and other issues, are being sensibly dealt with.”

      White people will go back to eating their apple pie if Trump is nominated. That’s why i mockingly call him “Barry White”, as in the white Obama. Remember, more dindus voted for Obama the second time around, even after black unemployment nearly doubled during his first term. So why not pull the same stunt with Trump and whitey?

      • One must use caution in accepting a Contrarian attitude purely because it is contrarian.

        Murka is ripe for this now, for it gives the appearance of making complicated decisions easy.

        In these confusing times, we seek serious answers to serious problems, so we demand these answers be fast because of the urgency; the lifeboat is sinking now, too. But…during the end times in an empire, confusion is what reigns – not truth.

        The simplest explanation is often correct.
        Trump is who he is because of being raised in a sheltered penthouse courtesy of his rich family.
        Mankind loves only three things: Money, Fame & Power.
        Trump has won all of these throughout many different enterprises.

        And now, he seeks the ultimate in the US Presidency.
        It is the only greater path he sees in response to his demand of “more!”

  4. 1. There’s no way I would know what LBF’s IP address is, as he’s never posted on my site.

    2. One of Eradica’s people were sending me emails threatening to dox and “hack” me, using their “multiple avatar wordpress aliases.”

    Quoth their email to me:

    That little fuck that hacked and crashed “The Apricity” forum, would be more then happy to help me, he still hates you. You probably don’t even know his multiple avatar wordpress aliases, yet he’s been right in front of you for years. Come on man, I know you’re just worried I was going to ruin your blogging work, you’ve put in many hours. You always were very self centred.

    See I told you, you’d get more out of me, posting and info wise, if you were just honest with me.

    3. FP should get a clue and realize his new commenter “guest” didn’t “just happen” to discover Eradica and AryanSkynet, then cross post and start drama.

    Whoever he is, you can have him, FP. We has no interest in that type.

    • There really was no intent to start anything, except for FP to update his blogroll…
      and i mentioned AS specifically because it reminds me of eradica in tone (which is good).
      and The Might is Right power hour, because that guy talks like FP writes (which is also good).

      That’s it.

      I only posted one comment on your site HR, about Lemmy, the singer from Motorhead
      and i also posted that trump comment on AS, how i call him Barry White, the white Obama
      who went by Barry Soetoro, so Barry White from that, i thought it was and still is clever 🙂

      And white Obama, because just like how blacks went back to eating chicken when one of them was elected
      Trump would placate whites, whitey would go back to eating their apple pie if he is elected president.

      >commenter “guest” didn’t “just happen” to discover Eradica
      I initially “discovered” Eradica on the Lion of the Blogosphere blogroll of all places
      because Lion is a liberal from New Yorker, who has a thing for Sarah Palin…

      Who i also bothered about his blogroll:
      It’s time to clean up your blogroll Lion, but let me help

      Like you see, that’s my thing, nagging people about their blogrolls.

      • Besides, quoting and linking to someone is usually seen as a compliment… something good!

        Here is another HR classic:

        “You know, it’s funny. When I say that TV news is fictional and dare suggest anything about crisis actors people call me a conspiracy theorist. Yet they are literally supporting Donald Trump – a reality TV show actor – for President.

        I mean, I have to ask, do people realize that The Apprentice is scripted?
        It’s fake. It’s like professional wrestling. It isn’t real.

        Oops there I go again with my conspiracy theories. /eyeroll”

        Eyeroll, that just cracks me up 🙂

        But it’s funny how people believe anything on TV, whatever goes thru the 24h news cycle, could have been just as well been brought down the mountain on stone tablets by Moses… People get angry if you doubt anything.

        I listen to the Adam Carolla podcast, who was on The Apprentice, and he would tell how they filmed one scene a whole day, dozens of takes, and then there’s heavy editing on top of that. It’s almost as bad as Obamas press conferences or interviews…

    • 1. There’s no way I would know what LBF’s IP address is, as he’s never posted on my site.

      Ryu corroborates your using multiple aliases – all from the same IP. One of which was “Blad the Rayciss” that published LBF’s real name and home IP. What intent you had in doing so was never explained beyond shrill shouts.

      2. One of Eradica’s people were sending me emails threatening to dox and “hack” me, using their “multiple avatar wordpress aliases.”

      Not once did you send this information to me (when you were still here) to help you fight this “evil threat” – which makes it more likely you fabricated it now.

      3. FP should get a clue and realize his new commenter “guest” didn’t “just happen” to discover Eradica and AryanSkynet, then cross post and start drama.

      I fear few. “guest” causes me no problems.

  5. Ugh Internet drama. HR is that you?

    Disturbing when people publish IP addresses though. I will say one thing for FP, there hasn’t been a hint of that with him, at least not yet.

    Where’s Thordaddy? Here’s my definition of a White Suprrmacist. He lives in a cave in a very remote location, living off the land and evading pretty much everyone. He probably had to kidnap a wife. He definitely doesn’t pay taxes. Hopefully he has a lot of kids and eventually they are a tribe.

    My vision of a White Natiionalist is a guy banding together with like-minded guys to secretly, in plain site build a White community. Some of these White communities might have to be built in under the radar countries btw and strangely enough they may not be particularly White countries. They have a lot of kids, train em right etc.

    • 2e-rin:

      Ugh Internet drama. HR is that you?

      Disturbing when people publish IP addresses though.

      Exposing the culprit who publishes sensitive ID data is necessary on teh interwebz – where fools forget where the bodies are buried, because of the mountain of worthless shit pubbed daily. The internet is history’s greatest elephant herd. Reminding the forgetful of the dangerous grenade in the midst is necessary.

      I will say one thing for FP, there hasn’t been a hint of that with him, at least not yet.

      Gee thanks. 4 years on Eradica and more on roisshi’s… and I’m still on probation.

      Where’s Thordaddy?

      He is practicing as Non-Jewish-Jesus, giving sermons on mounts expounding on something called “radical autonomomommy”

    • Erin…

      Why is “objective Supremacy” so hard for the average person to conceive of as Perfection?

      How come when people think Perfection that they only envision a tidy living room or a flawless female, BUT NEVER a “will to do all right?”

      How come all these “gamers” cannot conceive that the path to victory is execution of all the right moves? The path of success is being Perfect?

      The reality is that Erin STILL REJECTS the perfect white man… The white Supremacist… So he lives in a cave and kidnapped his wife instead of living in the zeitgeist, but not being of the zeitgeist.

      A wS in MRKA 2016 is a “radical autonomist” who will not give any of his self-annihilating tendencies public face. A wS is one who embraces self-sufficiency in principle, but recognizes the monolith that is the advanced economy and meticulously works within that milieu. A wS rejects all sexual degeneracy because, by definition, sexual degeneracy is degradation and the wS seeks regeneration and ascension as first principle. A wS has no fear in doing the right thing… Has no fear of righting wrong wherever it manifests. A wS has no fear in identifying evil and asking whether such evil demands annihilation. A wS has no fear in annihilating evil where it has exposed itself unequivocally. And lastly, a wS is driven to impress these ideas on the white male masses.

      • It is because there are two worlds, TD. That’s why people can’t see an objective perfection.

        One is the absolute world: nature without people. There 2+2=4. Gravity holds. The lion eats the gazelle. Very few people live there, most of them would be farmers.

        The other is the human world. Everything’s negotiable. Perception is reality. If I tell whites everything is fine, and the TV tells them this, then it is so…to them.

      • Ryu…

        Yes… And these “two worlds” being ABSOLUTELY ANTITHETICAL to each other cannot coexist and must separate… But because these “two worlds” are of one mind then there is no separation that does not then reduce to a self-annihilation. But this self-annihilation is then a passive-aggressive process… Because YOU are killing your father… Your brother… Your son… Your Self… You are killing either that “world” that embraces white Supremacy or that “world” that embraces radical autonomy.

        Most embrace radical autonomy and clearly have killed almost all genuine white Supremacy.

  6. They may not be ***IN particularly White countries.

    Obviously my WS model and my WN model require the ability to defend oneself and one’s family from enemies.

    Interestingly the ranchers are still holding out in that gov building in Oregon although that are pretty weak sauce as things go. Seems USGov DOES have a concern about the Mountain of Guns and the people who own them. I find that encouraging.

    I mean, people are sneaking onto the White House grounds. THAT must be a little disconcerting huh? To some extent USGOV has to mind its Ps and Qs.

  7. Back to the OP topic:

    China will face great competition from the others who’ve cashed-in on color. Miggers and coloreds will strike first, because they were here first.

    Humor is the most effective weapon against tyranny. Few humor sites were effective in mocking The Establishment. Effective meaning more than 5 people read it.
    The Estab is no longer “white guys” but the LN/FFOL. The Onion, College Humor and Funny or Die were marginally effective – The Onion being the “biggest.”

    The Onion was first bought by a jew.

    Now, the jew sold it to Miggers: UniVisione.
    MiggPROP will now spew from The Onion as it did from NewsWeek and still does from the NYT & WaPo.

    Zuckerberg the jew runs FaceBook like Goebbel’s NAZI Ministry of Propaganda: The jew steals from success. This is jewish promotion of MuzzPROP.
    JewPROP now takes its newest form in FaceJew banning any criticism of MuzzMiggers flooding Europe – especially criticisms from those “whites” being slaughtered and displaced. These whites are branded ExtreeeeemyRaycisssEXTREMISTS!!! by JewPROP.

    The jew runs the FFOL and seeks to eradicate Whites by any means necessary. Now, it figures the best way is to Brownize whites with miscegenation before they awaken and ignite MOG.

    The jew and its FFOL must establish itself before China lays claim to Murka’s natural resources of food and coal.

    • Given the lack of attractiveness of colored women, most witey men will not miscegenate with browns and blacks. The entire jew propaganda of race mixing means only the nig dick should impregnate witey slut.

      • When white men do like mino women, they favor the hybrid types. Very few white men like the pure negro or indian type. It’s then like a white woman with a tan basically.

        You’ve seen Princess Rania of Jordan, haven’t you JS?

      • FP: You and Ryu need to instill a MINO eradication program, and that should be the only thing that is important.

        Why should witey men create more mulattoos???

        Beaners in Compton aren’t dicking around about black women, when they’re killing their men!

        [ed note: ryu wrote that post. fucking colored women is fine; muzz do it to white girls as “rape conquest” and nobody says you have to keep the pickanininny fruit. but, look up Janissary and Mameluke. they could have a purpose]

      • In all honesty – for at Eradica I am honest – an eradication is far-fetched in a wite wurld where wytes don’t even glare at the niggers moving into their burbs. How then, would they ever eradicate them?

        It’s as realistic as expecting a Yorkie to snatch an Elk leg from a pack of wolves.

      • Perhaps what I call baby steps. Most novice divers don’t jump into shark infested waters. Daredevils aren’t an overnight process for the less emboldened.

        [ed note: you didn’t research Janissary and Mameluke…]

      • I support that, JS. But where are our soldiers? And who can get away with it?

      • If only retirees would sacrifice themselves for a better future. Plenty of NRA oldies could make good use of that ammo and rev for their kids and their heirs.

        For young WNs, the best thing at the moment is to come clean and think like a 2 faced Jew or LN. How can we accelerate the decline of this country where all our enemies rot to their core, and we profit from it?

        [ed note: again, you cannot envision 1938 ϟϟ recruiting posters as Invincible Warriors – from BABYBrandons & old men – simply because you are afraid]

      • And this current water crisis in Flint Michigan where coloreds are suffering, is a good boiler plate for eradication. I once said, you disrupt the food and water supply of the FFOL, and they will panic. The quite surprising fact is the water poisoning was executed by a RHINO governor.

      • The “vision” of SP types fail. Militiaites are Teh Ultimate SP – if they can spell ‘ultimate’.

        They do not truly see the colored as their sworn blood enemy…the way the colored – and every MINO falange – sees them. Thus, they are stupid. Lost.

        Coloreds and their LN Bosses now hate the BiGOV they so fervently constructed.

        They now suddenly demand efficiency, decency and competence from the MMM they created.
        This delusion – from an MMM staffed with Affirmative Action MINOs. All empowered with their Ya’ll Can’t Be Firin’, ME Whitey! ‘tude.

        This is the same deluded fantasy they promote when creating DHS, TSA and ObamaCARE. As if BIGov can responsibly police Muzz, vet Miggers, vaccinate niggers and NSA spy – on everyone.

      • Then Murka will rot to the wayside. It will take a form of push comes to shove, for any action in witey’s part.

        The scenario is this:

        WNs are happy to know that BigGovMerica will be on due course in the fate of Detroit, with a few isolated pockets of opulent LA-La-land. The feral coloreds will then riot and lawlessness will ensue. Eradication will take place, and the NRA can make good use of that collectible gun they’ve been hoarding up all these years.

      • JS, have you looked into the Quebec Seperatists? If so, what did you find?

      • A lot of old rancid farts among the Quebecois Separatists, but a significant population of young GenBrandons/Britneys, who want their province to remain Gallic. It’s a language issue for now with the young ones, not so much pushing the coloreds away. Coloreds are found in Montreal in large numbers, but seemingly less when compared to any Murkan metropolis. The capital of Quebec city, however, is not very colored friendly. Quebec is actually very “White” in demographics like one finds in Iowa. The only major nuisance in Canuckland are the Gookers. Chineytowns however are not a thing of the French Speaking province, because they are more cultural, and less money oriented than Anglo Canada.

        [ed note: Murka has its coloreds – and by any MINOs necessary shall your prettyboi LN PM colorize your Canuckistan]

      • Interesting, that kids would feel such passion for language and culture. My instinct tells me they must be conservative-ish. It must be a benign and somewhat muted movement.

      • In a 21st century universe, there is no rape booty in conquering coloreds. You only eradicate them. It’s only a one street process at this point. 3rd world cessmiggas and primitives would trade up for witey world and his women in a heartbeat.

      • I agree and add: Sterilization of colored sex slaves is ideal.

        but in reality…
        whimpeewhites can’t even glare
        at a homeless colored
        shitting in their driveway…

        I suspect it’s the Dawn of the Colored
        and twilight of
        The White

      • Niggas are just plain dumb and undisciplined. Muzzy, Dots, SPICs and Gookers hate them more witey — there is no love lost between Migga and Nigga.

        Once witey stops becoming the warm reception to the black plaque, I expect a Compton eradication process. It’s quite fascinating to see a beaner turn hostile, when he sees a black face, otherwise greeted nicely by his witey boss at an eatery.

        [ed note: i see NO white animosity toward coloreds. just more submission. youre peterpanzering]

  8. Classic examples of jewPROP abound. There is no more sacred jewPROP than Manhattan jewPROP. There are so many – daily, even – that they are laughable.

    We know Anthony The Weiner. His wife is a MINO two-fer: A muzz femininist.

    A new “documentary” about his trickery comes from…another jew. It is so blatant, they do not even disguise the lie:

    Weenah & Hoo,me? live in a…Penthouse on Park Avenue. The most exclusive addy in Manhattan. The bigger documentary would be “how did they afford that?” Nope. Not gonna get it.

    The doc centers around Huma’s role in MINO two-fer Hillary’s feminist/lez campaign against Boiny Sandaz. Guess what he is. Yep. Scottish.

    “Weiner,” is a 90-minute independently produced film, directed by Josh Kriegman. Guess what he is. Yep. Scottish.
    The “film” has three directors. One is Elyse Steinberg, known for her PC/LN PBS documentaries. Real objective.
    The other director? Julie Goldman. Another two-fer.

    The cherry on top is: CNN clamored to throw money at the filmmakers for the rights.

    • OMG, FP. I leave a day or two and this place blows up. What is this guest HR thingie?

      • I stepped into it unaware there was some history…

        At least it’s a lesson to not go off topic in the future.
        And to not bother people about their blogrolls.

        Done and done!

        [ed note: suggestions do not bother me. but, if HR’s exposing personal contact info on an ally does not bother you, well…]

      • What is this guest HR thingie?

        guest was making suggestions for Eradica and your pal HR showed up thinking I’d forgot his outing Laguna Beach Fogey.

        truth will out

  9. More gooker news: One of them recently slashed a nigga on his face here in NYC, on what he calls retribution.

    GenBrandons as stated by FP, feel sorry for the poor soul, despite his bros being the main culprits…..of witey victims

    [ed note: the veekteem was a colored. social. worker… from nyc. my heart bleeds for his bloody face]

  10. I think a certain…detachment is necessary in WN.

    One learns in life that nothing really ends or is original either. Problems create their own solutions, then solutions create new problems again.

    Either the white race will save themselves or not. They learn in their own time. I can no more shove WN down their throat than a math teacher than teach students by osmosis. One man’s learning doesn’t automatically help others, except maybe providing a good example.

    • Wn is growing by leaps and bounds and as our enemies get more desperate and pour on the refugees, so will WNs become more radical. Also, pleas keep in mind that the jewstream media doesn’t allow every story to be publicized. They want people to think they are alone and on the fringe with their beliefs.

      [ed note: then, ummm – it is UP TO YOU to provide links and proof to Eradica and publicize this “great growth of wn”]

      • WN is growing FP. There are many new WNs about, especially at ROK. New and younger ones, which is what we need.

        [ed note: then YOU NEED to get over there, link to Eradica w/ a gravatar and spread your writing – and recruit these new WNs]

        As the MMM becomes more powerful, whites either submit or fight. And most won’t collect that big paycheck the LNs try to promise them. I would say that there are more WNs today than at any other time in the US.

        Link and Source…me!

  11. published LBF’s real name and home IP.

    I must be psychic or something. Maybe my Mossad contacts sent me LBF’s “real name and home IP.”

    Not once did you send this information to me (when you were still here) to help you fight this “evil threat” – which makes it more likely you fabricated it now.

    I wasn’t still here, and considering you are making up fantastic stories – that I somehow have access to LBF’s “real name and home IP” – and considering your minions were threatening to “hack” me – why the hell would I do that?

    Ugh Internet drama. HR is that you?

    No, Erin – that was eradica, “guest” and Firepower – I haven’t posted here in over three years, but I guess some people will do anything for attention. After all, it’s Eradica that is posting links to my site. I just showed up to explain FP’s bizarre fairy tales about my Secret Psychic Powers.

    your pal HR showed up thinking I’d forgot his outing Laguna Beach Fogey.

    Eradica linked to my site, not the other way around.

    I was perfectly happy ignoring eradica, but y’all had to start some drama … I don’t involve myself in websites that constantly post about illegal stuff (“arson” as in your previous thread) or people who talk tough online about violence. That’s what the FBI does.

    Anyway, we’ve banned “guest” and “thordaddy” – y’all have them. We’re going for something different.

    Have a nice day.

    • Lol… You “banned” me? For calling the “hipster racist” a “white supremacist” where hipster = white and racist = supremacist. The irony.

      [ed note: WHO banned you? pls clarify]

      • I was put on moderation and informed that a decision was to be made amongst the writers at AS as to whether I could continue to post… I never bothered to ask for the final outcome. I guess I was banned. Must be that “crypto-Jew” syndrome that HR suffers from?

      • aha. you are saying Aryan Skynut (aka Hipstard Ray) banned you.

        Your first statement was murky and made the implication that I or Ryu banned you…

        Here’s a helpful tip for ALL readers: Often, the first sign a nut cannot defend its argument is its proclivity to ACCUSE the winning adversary as being a “fed” or “jew” or worse, a fedjew. wtf that even means to the nut.

        The final proof lies in the rabid witch-hunt feel to “root out” heretics – as political dogma (esp. WN) has a religiosity to it and shares many, maaaaaaaaaaany faults with religion.

        For if the jut-knobs reallyReallyRILLY hate the jewjew because of their threat, there are plenty of them accessible enough to accost, but they prefer online rants.

        And so, nutjobs like Mrs. Aryan Skynut are the last to acknowledge it.
        This is why they are to be avoided – and eradicated if accessible.

      • I would not ban you, TD. I think probably WNs are the only modern believers in free speech. Only heretics need it.

      • Well, as FP insinuated and many others have done the exact same thing… And I will attest to the correctness of their certain hesitation… HR felt as though I am “crypto-Jew” and littering his blog with “white supremacy” so as to draw greater scrutiny from the “tribe.” IT IS COHERENT, but only because it is the ESTABLISHED PARADIGM… If one is at the “top” of the “wn” movement then he is AUTOMATIC SUSPECT crypto-Jew… This aligns with an acceptance of a radically autonomous society where “wn” can be “led” by anti-white Supremacists. And this is indeed my counter to the unspoken charge. HR is an anti-wS (jewhite) and EVEN THOUGH he spots the Jew very well (he does good work in this regard), he nonetheless is slave to the Narrative… He co-authors a “Jewish Supremacy” narrative and DENIES being a “white supremacist” FULLY KNOWLEDGEABLE that the “tribe” has the “white supremacist” as enemy number one for all eternity. So you throw in the name hipster (whjte) + racist (supremacist) = white supremacist… All red-flags for crypto-Jew at “top” of “wn.” Now, I PERPETUATE the established paradigm… Round and round we go…

      • HR felt as though I am “crypto-Jew” and littering his blog with “white supremacy” so as to draw greater scrutiny from the “tribe.”

        lmao. The ultimate internet tuffguy scared of his enemy – the jews. You can’t make this stuff up. That’s the most tame, inane sort of non-active-activist there is. How do you fight a hated enemy you’re too scared to even write about. Ridiculous.

      • As I’ve said before, “our” intellects pen the most elaborate of “Jewish supremacy” narrative WHICH IS TRUE AS FAR AS IT GOES, yet so infused with such a finely-worded resignation that what is missed is the not just the unwillingness to name the enemy (Jewish ANTI-Supremacy), but the sheer cowardice of not self-identifying as wS… The PUBLICLY NAMED NUMBER ONE ENEMY of “The Chosen Ones…” The nigger… The homodyke… The jihadist… The migger… And the “white” liberationist… Not to mention the alt-rite…. The pagans… The national socialists… And the modern “Christian.”

        Genuine white Supremacy is the logic to the self-annihilation of the anti-white Supremacist. ALL OF THEM… And only one wants to apply the logic AS FAR AS IT GOES.

    • No, not you – just commenters “Vlad” & “Blad the Rayciss” – and your other sockpuppet accounts with an IDENTICAL IP.

      You are a liar. A liar and traitor to Whites – and The Cause.

      The links I posted of your traitorous actions are proof.
      If you join an IRL group, someday you will trip over your lies, because you are a shameless self-promoter with a fatal habit of talking – and betrayal. They probably will have a “close friend” you trust from this group take you “out to the woods” for a friendly “hunting trip” and cut your throat with a disposable box-cutter, and toss it – and your corpse – into a prepared, deep grave and you will disappear.

  12. i see NO white animosity toward coloreds. just more submission. youre peterpanzering

    Correct, this is true. Once witey leaves miggas to their own devices, expect a Compton fest.

    I just told you my observation: witey boss gives a warm reception to a nigga at the restaurant. His beaner busie gives the dark face a hostile stare.

  13. And in response to the comment about Halley Berry — it’s not what wites need more of — another mulattoo spawn to add to the fecal pit. nigga traits are repulsive, primitive and obsolete. the chineymen humanely dump their dregs into africa so they can mix with its savages.

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